SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3 Announces 4 Player Co-op

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Last month we announced the upcoming release of SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3 and today we’re proud to unveil a brand new game feature. Not only as the SEAL Commander will you be supported by 3 AI teammates executing the very latest SOCOM team-based tactical, stealth and action maneuvers, but now you can call your friends to duty with a new 4-player co-op mode throughout the single-player campaign.

Available in both Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure mode, cooperative play allows for 2-4 player co-ops including co-op orders, quick join and spectator system. With all campaign missions accessible, players can choose which missions to attempt and tackle with tactical teamwork and firepower.

Go to for an exclusive sneak-peak and hands-on preview of the new co-op gameplay.

Fireteam Bravo 3 shot 1

Fireteam Bravo 3 cool helo shot

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  • /6 you really screwed up confrontation just glade my ps3 is backward compatible so ill be playing combined assault untill you fix confrontation

  • Hi Mark.
    I was in the SOCOM Confrontation Beta last year, and loved every minute of it, well, except for the errors etc, but will you be doing another one for this game?

  • looks nice

  • Can we ban these cry babies now? Sheesh get a life and go post on the SOCOM Blog. Oh thats right you do all post there and whine in every thread not about your piss ant crappy PS3 game!

    This post is for the PSP game SOCOM: Fire team Bravo 3, not the SOCOM: Confrantation PS3 game! Get it into your heads that we PSP owners love this franchies and will be buying this game!

  • the 4 player co-op sounds cool but will you still be able to play online like ftb2


  • magic_underwear

    wow, now everything is just f#cking great, IF I go out and buy a PSP so I can use that instead of my HDTV and my BlueRay Hi Def. BUT I didn’t buy the PS3 Game because I wanted to see how good you could make the PSP Game. I wanted the PS3 Big Screen Version. /6 has deserted us. They are great at promises and AWOL on producing results for those of us who laid down our $60.00 for the game the PSPers are playing. Screw you guys, like, you know, you screwed us.

  • I just hope they use the syphon filter control scheme rather than the antiquated FTB scheme which was really cheap in online. Resistance: retribution introduced an aim assist that actually worked without the pitfalls of having players tango around each other only to both fall dead. It would be a step backward if they kept that old crappy control setup

  • won’t be getting my money. socom is still screwed up. missing features listed on the booklet. the game also needs a re release on the disc to include the large patches. game loads don’t work. the last patch has been in QA for how long?

    and some how slant six found time to make a psp game? really?

    i blame you sony. do the sony execs even know how big a franchise socom is to its customers? cause if they did they:

    1. would not have approved the release of confrontation.

    2. not allowed slant six to work on a psp game when the ps3 game is not working.

    3. apologize to the gamers by rebooting the game with another developer. hell beg and pay zipper what ever they want to come back after MAG. or give it to naughty dog, their uncharted mulitplayer is leap years ahead of confrontation.

    sorry slant six, you get none of my money until i get an official socom release.

    and yeah, i agree with everyone else, its time for psp games to be psn games as well.


  • I might have thought about getting this, except for the whole Socom Confrontation FAIL thing. Any word on when we might see a FINISHED Socom and also the FIRST DLC for this game?

  • will socom 3 be up for download on the playstation store?

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