SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3 Announces 4 Player Co-op

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Last month we announced the upcoming release of SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3 and today we’re proud to unveil a brand new game feature. Not only as the SEAL Commander will you be supported by 3 AI teammates executing the very latest SOCOM team-based tactical, stealth and action maneuvers, but now you can call your friends to duty with a new 4-player co-op mode throughout the single-player campaign.

Available in both Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure mode, cooperative play allows for 2-4 player co-ops including co-op orders, quick join and spectator system. With all campaign missions accessible, players can choose which missions to attempt and tackle with tactical teamwork and firepower.

Go to for an exclusive sneak-peak and hands-on preview of the new co-op gameplay.

Fireteam Bravo 3 shot 1

Fireteam Bravo 3 cool helo shot

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  • 1st..and why the F couldn’t they make this happen on the PS3..SERIOUSLY!!..ITS SO NOT FAIR!

  • Sounds cool, too bad Socom Confrontation turned out to be complete garbage and still doesn’t have the features advertised on the box and in the manual and it came out 7 months ago.

    On a side note, this PSP game has graphics as good as it’s PS3 counterpart, another great job from Slant Six screwing up the PS3 version.

  • You have my attention. Now just tell me more!

  • So NIce!! im getin this.

  • I am so f’in sick of /6 its not even funny. Another delay of patch 1.5

    Can’t wait to read the’s weekly SOCOM update. You know, since its jam packed full of info and all.

  • Great! Now just let us know if you’ll be using PSN. ;)

  • I am interested in this, but SOCOM is more the type of game I’m interested in playing on my PS3 on the big screen. Preferably in single-player or campaign co-op.

  • Sorry if you’ve said this before, but will we be able to use our PSN account?


  • Thanks for allowing Coop over infrastructure. Ad-hoc just doesn’t cut it anymore.

    Thanks! :-)

  • Will Socom bring Trophies to the PSP ?
    would be a great PSP experiance then.

  • How about yall announce a Patch Release Date and some damn DLC. Maybe a map fly through or two. I didnt know DLC was like this top secret squirrel operation.

  • i might get it , hey Jeff you know why i cant sign in using my ps3 on this webite ?

  • Can’t wait to try it out on the PSBlog meetup!

  • Good news, now why don’t you bring AD-HOC Party to the rest of the world.

  • Is this the first co-op online game on a portable console? If so, congratulations Sony. You’re the best! :)

  • Will there be voice chat for the online co-op?

  • that’s awesome!!!! I’ll be getting this game for sure.

  • weird i wonder how this will work infrastructure without any communication

  • This is – awesome! Hope the game will be digitally distributed!

  • I hate myself for selling my PSP. I hope they make a GOOD socom game for PS3. I miss Socom…

  • Sounds cool!
    Just need some trophies and PSN login and we are in business!

  • Looks like this really is the year of the PSP.

    4-Player Co-Op looks to be a cool feature.

  • Yea for co-op! My bro and I will have another co-op psp game to play

  • Four player co-op?

    Tentatively thinking, “YES YES YES!” in my mind…

    Confirming it’s also in infrastructure mode = instant purchase.

  • i dont care about socom no more
    because socom confrontation left a bad taste

  • Will it also have a 16 player competitive mode also? Like the previous Fire Team Bravos’?


    It comes out in november. You can All ready pre-order it on new egg. It is on th second to last page

  • Sorry but I will not waste my money on this. Slant Six screwed us over on Confrontation, so I refuse to waste my money on any more of there products.


    Wow so this is where all your time has gone, how about that call back? I just won’t be buying this till at least Confrontation gets it’s overdue patch and some dlc.

    Myself and a Large number of players plan to BOYCOTT this game in solidarity of the lack of support for the Main Console Title.

  • Looks really cool.

  • holy puck, a PSP online co-op shooter? do want!

  • Yes !!!

    co-op on PSP, extra !

  • For those who are whining about Confrontation: THIS IS NOT ABOUT CONFRONTATION. Shut up about the patch in a post not related to it!

    That being said, I liked FTB2, as long as the controls are more PSP-friendly this time round, I’d consider this. Four-player co-op? I can dig it.

  • Awesome, never knew something like this would be ever annaunced for PSP.

    Nice job!

  • come on people, suck six made this game and it is going to suck and not work.

  • and also you people that think it will be like FTB2, remember that suck six made tactical strike not FTB2.

  • ill give it a shot( no pun intended )

  • I’m only posting hear to remind /6 and Sony that you wronged me and the community with the poor release of Socom which is still incomplete. There is no well in hell I’m purchasing this for my PSP.

    Shame on you.

  • I’m glad i avoided SOCOM on the PS3.. Funny how they are putting more effort into this one on the PSP!

  • Alex_Assassin_08

    god this just makes Confrontation look EVEN MORE pathetic.

    /6 REALLY f’ed up :/ Was lookin forward 2 it so much, ended up gettin it for the headset.

  • /6 Socom Killer

    Fix the dam game!

  • I wish this was on the PS3..

    Sucks that ZIPPER abandoned SOCOM and now a studio with much less resources(apparently) have taken it over.

    SOCOM was the biggest(best) franchise for PS2 in my eyes. Oh well, at least we still got Modern warfare 2 and hopefully Uncharted 2 has some great smaller based multiplayer..

    5v5 brings something totally different to multiplayer, and its great to have a balance of all types of shooters. Small and big.

  • Yeah I wouldn’t believe anything Slant Six said was in the game until I had about 10 people verify it.

    Screw you Slant Six.

  • Co-op Infrastructure mode FTW! Nice feature to have indeed.

  • @1 cause Slant Six is making it. Remember what happened with the last Socom.If this game isn’t as bad I might look back into you Slant but as of now you have no respect from me. If Killzone can release patches so quickly why does it take you a good 3 to 5 months to release one.

  • Pffft… /6 can’t even make the trophies for Confrontation work in Unranked games so I can stop playing (that is, if I WAS playing) the buggy mess that they released on the PS3. Why the hell would I give them another chance?

  • What about PSN integration with the PSP? Trophies, friends, etc.

    They already have the PSN ID for the PS Store, so why not bring over your friend’s list, messaging, and trophies. That would be big. Maybe they could disable trophies on pirated games and that could cut down on the pirating.

  • Sony.. I think it’s time you integrated PSP games with PSN.

    I dont have my PSP anymore for sad reasons :(

    But i really can’t afford to buy another one. but i would buy this game if it were playable on PSN as well.

  • VanilaGorila-x-

    Can’t wait for 4 Player Co-op…


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