Attention European Readers!

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You’ve been asking for it, and today we’re happy to announce: Europe now has an official PlayStation Blog.

Europe Blog

This morning, our friends over at SCEE launched their site, bringing you pertinent, region-specific news like local PlayStation Store updates, release dates, prices, and more. Also, they have charming accents.

We encourage you to drop in, subscribe to their feed, and drink in the European flavor (flavour?). Paris in springtime is wonderful, no?

We’ve been more than happy to serve our readers across the pond for the past two years or so (has it really been that long?), and we’ll still be here for you in the future, doing what we do. We hope you’ll still drop in on us from time to time. And, when you do, please bring us Jaffa Cakes.

We love them.

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  • Correction, my fair Jeffery: Paris in springtime is wonderful, non?

    See what I did there?

  • Feels like you’re literally kicking us out from here Jeff, haha… kidding. Glad to see we now finally have a place of our own to nag around haha.

    And yes I’ll also continue to visit here, at least read if not post as well ;-)

    @43 indeed, no matter if I’ll buy a game from the US, Japan or Europe at least they all work on one console.

  • Jeff, will you manage that blog as well or is it a new team with a bizarro Jeff and Chris?

  • StalkingSilence

    Hope we cover SingStar more like they’re already doing!

  • Liking the European design better. The comment formatting over here is much cleaner though.

    Good news for Europe, those poor bastards are always the last to get everything it seems.

  • Cool, now I can get on the EU blog and complain about everything that comes to the PAL region that we don’t get in the U.S. LOL

  • So, when do we get a Canadian one so we can enter some contests?

  • Thanks Jeff for serving us from over the pond for all this time! And I love Jaffa Cakes too. :)

    I promise I’ll keep coming back though!!

  • That was just about time. Now, when do we get the prices of BD games fixed to the same value they are in USD? Like 50 euro to be more precise… :p

  • A little Bonjour from Paris, and a big Merci for the new Blog !

    well, in fact, thanks to SCEE for the new blog, but thanks to you for all the news i’ve read here … And, of course, i’ll still read all news from here :D

  • Cool, a place for Europeans to complain besides the SCEA blog. See ya. How about a seperate SCEA blog for Canadians?? ;P

  • Jeff, are you a Mac user? :O

    Anyway, great news. I just subscribed to the EU Blog, like what I did with the US Blog. :)

  • So, Jeff, will there ever be a time when all of Sony’s regional sites becomes identical? I must admit that, although I love the US blog’s design, the EU design is just magnificent. A little uniformity wouldn’t hurt…

  • @23
    maybe after the North American Union.

  • Praise the Playstation gods!
    Now I won’t have to annoy you with silly ‘does this information count for European releases too’ questions!

  • StalkingSilence

    haha I just referred to this as the US PS blog. If people start calling you that, you might see a lot of complaints about lost packages.

  • The bar at the top right of the EuroBlog screen with the PSN status and account link should be on the NA version of this site. Shouldn’t be too hard to add it in.

    I like the layout of the EU Blog myself. Top banner looks sleek and XMB wave like.

  • I sure do like their sleek layout!
    I’ll probably be checking out both as well. :)

  • Hmm, now that there’s a European blog too, any chance there will be a Japanese blog in the future?

  • I actually like the design of the EU blog better.

  • awesome. grats to the guys across teh pond

  • Great but i shall still be gracing you with my prescence, Jeff :) You lot are a friendly bunch :) Those people scare me, they seem to serious :(

  • @72

    Wha..? But they have emoticons!!

  • OMG! The EU layout is so much cooler, not that this one isn’t, but I really like the other layout. I wish they would trade with us. =)

  • I know, but the writer seem serious and scary. And SCEE sounds scarier than SCEA.

    And there’s noone to annoy by calling them Jeffy :(

  • @7

    I’m using FeedReader.

  • Haha I never knew you guys liked Jaffa Cakes so much. I guess it’s just coincidence that it is my name (minus one of the ‘F’s that is – wouldn’t want McVities after me ;) )

  • @7
    You will need to subscribe to both RSS feeds using Internet Explorer (IE) then roll over the RSS feed on the side bar and notice on the top right a little box you can click on this to make changes to how your RSS subscriptions are displayed.

    Alternatively you can also use to explain it in more detail.

  • I didnt realize how many Europeans were members on the U.S. blog. Very cool and congrats. Europe needs some love, they get the shaft more than any other region.

  • holy god, why does the EU one look so much better? I think I may ditch this one and go for that one instead!!

    bah, nah I cant do that I’ll miss Jeff too much.

  • i agree with comment 41. Is it possible to get out PS blog to look more like that? i thought this re-design was cool, but now it seems bad lol.

  • i like this sites layout better. theres is sort of bubbly lol. like everything is flying outta the screen at me. eyes go all over to focus when i first look lol. and its way to white.they should give the option to change background to black.probably make it better for me.

    im a sony US fanboy. oh noooooooooo!!!! (mr.bill)

  • and we have grace for store updates and they have some dude. lol.

  • Thats great, finally we Europeans have our own BLOG!

  • Congrats guys and gals from the old countries! Glad you finally have an official PS Blog instead of ThreeSpeech!

  • You guys are lucky. All we have here in Canada is a Playstation site that is usally late on new, with little promotions and crappy videos. We don’t even have a Playstation Canadian BLOG…

  • Hey Jeff,
    This is off topic but is there going to be a prototype game demo coming to the psn before the game releases?

    PLZ RESPOND!!!!!!

  • Cool, good news for the european readers, its always nice to be able to get up to date info when you want it.

  • what can i say?

  • Nice, the EU PS Blog looks AMAZING in terms of style compared to here. Hopefully the US Blog will convert to that look. :p

  • So now less people will come to the US one? I’ll also check out the EU blog too!

  • Wow the EU blog looks great, a lot better than this place to be honest with you. Very bright and cheery. You guys really to to brighten things up over here cause it’s too dark and miserable. Maybe that’s one reason why people are always in a complaining mood :)

  • The EU blog needs a widget, so I can have one on my dashboard.

  • Poopookakabumbum

    It would be nice for a Canadian blog so we aren’t perpetually shut out of the contests.

  • wow the EU site looks really good. a redesign for the US blog would be nice :-)

  • @41
    You’re right man, the EU site is pretty nice. It’s got an updated feel to it with the rounded corners, gradients, and proper-case text (compared to uppercase in our reader’s comments sidebar). And the black text on white background is definitely easier on the eyes.

    Hopefully the US blog will get a touch-up (not that I hate it now or anything… just saying)

  • jeff I have a small request for something

    You know how on the EU Blog there is a link at the top for the US Blog

    well it would be nice to have the EU Blog link on the US Blog.

    That way users can quickly go between these blogs

    both are awesome, I keep checking both blogs

  • By the way, the link of the US blog is at the top of the screen in the EU blog, so why don’t you guys do the same with an EU blog link on top of here?

  • Thanks so much, Jeff! It’s been a great plesure hearing from the SCEA team regardless. I’ll check in here daily as well – you guys just do such a great job on the Blog! ;)

  • BrotherFilmriss

    Nice work :) Will visit both sites from now on ;)

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