Attention European Readers!

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You’ve been asking for it, and today we’re happy to announce: Europe now has an official PlayStation Blog.

Europe Blog

This morning, our friends over at SCEE launched their site, bringing you pertinent, region-specific news like local PlayStation Store updates, release dates, prices, and more. Also, they have charming accents.

We encourage you to drop in, subscribe to their feed, and drink in the European flavor (flavour?). Paris in springtime is wonderful, no?

We’ve been more than happy to serve our readers across the pond for the past two years or so (has it really been that long?), and we’ll still be here for you in the future, doing what we do. We hope you’ll still drop in on us from time to time. And, when you do, please bring us Jaffa Cakes.

We love them.

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  • How cool. Thanks SCE, excellent job. I’ll still visit here too!

  • Jippie! Won’t leaf you guys! :p

  • Awesome. Nice job SCEE!

  • I’ll probably read both because I JUST CAN’T QUIT YOU, BABY!

  • It’s looking great! (Scottish PS3 owner here).

    However I’ll still visit you SCEA guys from time to time of course ;)

  • Finally!

  • Jeff can u please explain to me how i can subrscrib to this feed and the one for EU, i got vista and this little thing on the right that says something like RSS so could u please explan to me how i can subscribe to both of them.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      I don\’t have Vista (this is not an accident :-)) and so I can\’t say exactly how that will work, but you\’ll probably click (or right-click) the RSS button and it should offer you the chance to subscribe.

      Personally, I recommend Google reader

  • UK dictionary is correct. US is WRONG.

  • Amazing!

    But we’ll never leave you Jeff and co.

    We just have a new place to go. Sweet :)

  • Everything in eu just looks better. the u.s. blog sucks compared to uk.

  • Now all the whiners can go on the EU blog and whine about why Canada doesn’t have a video store. Hopefully they will leave our us blog alone.

  • it’s bright and shiny!

  • EU blog looks 20x better than the US blog.

    Europe: Leading the world in pretty webdesign.
    Jeff can u please explain to me how i can subrscrib to this feed and the one for EU, i got vista and this little thing on the right that says something like RSS so could u please explan to me how i can subscribe to both of them.

    If it’s like Safari on OS X: Click the RSS icon. You’ll get a new window/look that is the RSS feed. Now save it as a bookmark on your bookmark menu bar (or in a bookmark folder) and whenever the RSS feed updates an (N) (with N being the number of new updates since the last time you looked) should pop-up when it updates.

  • Alex_Assassin_08


    and Jeff, like we’ll ever leave you, I love the US blog! I’ll use both ^^ let’s see some love <3

    also, @11, Canada isn’t in Europe…dumbass.

    And yes, OUR dictionary is the RIGHT one ;)

    rock on…dudes.

  • Jaffa Cakes are on there way Jeff

  • you gotta love jaffa cakes

  • Why does the European site still use the website design the US abandoned nearly six months ago?

    The co-operation between SCEE and SCEA is in dire need of some stronger tires.

    Where is the PlayStation brand continuity? You get a so much cleaner experience here and much better sleek general layout.

  • Great job guys, this certainly makes being a games journalist a whole lot easier – thanks!

  • Awesome! I love the different look, its nice that it has kept the same style and featurs as the us blog but not just copied it!

  • Good! I hope this put an end of Europeans whining and crying here that they get the games 6 months later and that they pay more.
    So Europeans from now on go and whine there please.
    There’s nothing SONY of America can do for you.

  • Jeff! you have been so awesome with all ps3 owners, you did a very good job… I hope there are people as competent and as willing to reply to reader’s comments in the SCEE blog.

    Farewell my friend. All the best.

    P.S. do make some guest appearances on the Eu blog, we’ll WELCOME YOU THERE!!!! :)

  • awesome!
    except that Paris in spring has sh***y weather!

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      The one time I was there was in Spring, and it only rained once in 8 days.

      Then again, they did note that it was unusual…

  • now bring the videostore and other promotion in Canada because Sony thought the Canada isn’t a part of North America.

  • It’s going to be a Jaffa Cakey E3…

  • Yay! Europe gets a blog!

    I’ll add it to my RSS feed reader as well. ThreeSpeech was a good semi-official blog, are those guys still going to be a part of the fun?

  • I’ll read both! :)

  • Congrats to Europe.

    I wish it had a similar layout. My eyes kinda hurt from switching between the two…

  • Now I wish Sony would redirect Canadian users to this site so we can actually discuss things on the forums and read the PS Blog without having to do a Google search or save a link to the US site. Only thing I hate about Sony.

  • Finnaly lol :P Oh well i’ll probably end up reading both or mainly just US one because you seem to get news quicker generally plus i have my mac widget for your one :P

  • Yay for our euro friends…

    Now when is Sony America going to finish web to console integration, you know better gaming cards, the euro’s have a much better gamer cards, and the ability to view friends trophies via web, send/read messages to console friends, etc.

  • Yes! Glad to hear this :)

  • Cool :) I’ll still read and comment on this one to.

  • Great news, finally! Thanks.

  • Canada is not in europe and @ 30 we dont have all those features, only the gamer cards. When you click on them you just get brought to a sign up page for psn and we cant send messages over the site only on ps3.
    Nice that we finally have an eu blog but I will still pop onto the US one from time to time.

  • Already got the RSS feed added and waiting for the first item from the EU blog.

  • Now i can stop bugging you guys!

  • Love all the european references.

    Now, back to my tea and scones

  • Sweet i can complain directly to SCEE now :P

  • Thank you.

  • @34 The only features we don’t have are the web messaging features.

    We have the Gamercard and view your/friend’s trophy history via web options.

  • Wow, im actually in the US but I think I actually like the EU page layout and aesthetic better. I think Ill be visiting both too as I like seeing what goes on over seas and also it will give me another bookmark under my games tab.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      That\’s what I expect many people will do, even in the US. As time goes by, our content will likely become more and more different.

  • hey jeff i just visited the european playstation store and it has an inFAMOUS background on it , can you guys do the same on the U.S. one??? looks pretty neat

  • Will continue visiting both, there are still plenty of Playstation games that take a lot longer to arrive(if they arrive at all) to EU than US so its nice to get some information on these games as well.

    Long live the region free gaming!
    (also thank god for HD-tv:s that seem to nullify all the NTSC PAL problems!)

  • How come theirs looks better than ours? ;)

    Seriously, it does. That is a sexy site. I’m kind of disappointed with SCEA now.

  • Nice to see they got their new Blog now. Happy Bloggin’ SCEE gamers!

  • It looks as if they have a universal login…ahem Jeff where is ours?

  • YAY SCEE stepping it up a notch!

  • This is great news – I picked it up on twitter before I saw it on my RSS feed – so many avenues to get the same information – brilliant! :)

    nice to see SCEE catching up with the US finally! ;)

  • StalkingSilence

    Glad to hear it! Will the feedburner also deliver news in other languages? I only want EU blog info in English.

  • Yay! Looking forward to some EU-based release dates and interviews, not to forget! =] Got a bit confused about the inFamous-date…

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