inFAMOUS Powers Up Today!

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Well, we checked in you with last week when we had eight days to go. Hopefully, over the long weekend you’ve all been able to get your hands on the PSN inFAMOUS demo. As eight days have come and gone, the wait is now officially over as inFAMOUS launches today in the US.

To celebrate the game’s launch, we have a slew of goodies to share with you.

In case you didn’t have a chance to watch Terminator Salvation this weekend or catch Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals last night, check out the full 30-second commercial for inFAMOUS here:

Also, here’s a new trailer titled, “Duality”, looking at how Cole must choose between fame or infamy:

And, go behind the scenes with the team at Sucker Punch to get the nitty-gritty on developing inFAMOUS in these videos via GameTrailers.

If you want to hear what some of the media have been saying about the game, check out some of the recent reviews from GameSpot and Play.

And, finally, for those of you digging some of the tunes you’ve heard in the demo, the complete inFAMOUS soundtrack can be found on iTunes here.

So, for now that’s a wrap from us as it’s time for your journey with Cole to begin. Enjoy!

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  • Birthday’s coming up soon, was thinking about asking for this or Origins: Wolverine.

    Is there any planned DLC for this game? Also how long is it?

    May end up just getting the PS headset, or maybe the socom bundle since it’s only 10 bucks more. <.<

  • Just picked up my pre ordered copy :)

  • I was fairly excited about this game, but after playing the demo I’m not so sure. The graphics seemed kind of subpar or maybe I’ve just been playing too much killzone 2. Anyway I also didn’t like how the gangs are just all a bunch of guys wearing the same brightly colored hoodies anyway still a cool concept for a cool concept for a game.

    Also, liked the old voice

  • the game looks just great but i wont pay the german price. ill buy the english version 12% cheaper.

    do ingame advertising 4 lower game prices!

    srry 4 my bad english

  • Got my copy already, just gotta get home from work

  • btw any chance of having that 30 s commercial on psn? probably the best commercial I’ve seen so far.

  • YEAH! just picked it up. One question, though. Is it possible to unlock the Gigawatt blades if you didn’t pre-order the game through Gamestop?

  • Just picked up mine!! Gonna play it tonight after I get off work! Can’t wait!

  • I picked up the game this morning and im loving every minute of it . Great job Sucker Punch and Sony

  • The advertisement is so far the best I seen so far for a PS3 exclusive game, very unique and has that cool comic theme. Keep it up.

  • I bought it on my lunch break, im about to start it!
    Congrats on the launch!

  • this is great keep it up guys. I going later today to pick up my copy of the game too bad i can’t play it till thursday

  • WOW, Sony is FINALLY coming out with good commercials like old times! No more crying babies or rolling eggs! Fantastic job!! Just like old times! I’m going to go out right now and buy infamous!! Fantastic job guys!! :D

  • Got my copy with me, So psyched to play after work.

    Great Job Sucker Punch, hats off to thee :)

  • financial crisis!!!!! yaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

  • So if Rick Bobby can piss excellence then what does Cole let out?


    live action electric super power video.

  • Getting it soon! sweet ad ;)

  • VanilaGorila-x-

    I’m a little pissed that I was mislead to believe EVERY retailer would be carrying the game with the UC2 Demo code.

    Apparently, GC did not have the copies with Beta codes. Lucky for me I got one through Qore, but still a little pissed..


  • This game looks incredible and i will pick it up eventually.

    Unfortunately… the current canadian price tag of $70 is just way too much right now.

    Congrats Sucker Punch! The demo was awesome

  • LOL this is a game that has no future.

  • Picked It up about an hour ago all I can say is this is one amazing games great Work Sucker Punch and Sony!

  • I saw Terminator Salvation Thursday night and we didn’t see the Infamous trailer. I was really looking forward to it and felt kind gipped.

  • not gonna do it!
    to repetitive in my opinion.
    zap bad guys, throw electric bombs and repeat
    prototype seems more appealing to me then infamous
    and another thing, i don’t trust game developers with the name sucker in it.
    i hope there is good news at E3 about some REAL Good games coming to ps3. after killzone 2, it seems like we haven’t had anything exciting come out. well anyway, maybe i’ll rent it. and that’s a big MAYBE ;)

  • One of the best commercial I’ve ever seen!!!

  • Is anyone else having problems with the code for the blades? I got my preorder through ebgames and I have the code but not working. hmm.

  • THE GAME ROCKS!!! :D I’ve had it since yesterday and I just woke up about an hour ago after playing straight through for 20 HOURS, yes I said 20, and I’m just now opening up the third island, the game is addicting and pure fun!!! Do I even have to say it 10/10!!! :D

  • OMG! That is so cool. You guys are back to using kind of an old school logo with the old school PLAY*STAY*SHUN soundbyte. The ad was awesome too! Great job!

  • game is great…only problem i have with knowing sucker punch’s style..why did you get so lazy with the trophy pictures?, generic as hell..i expected some great looking trophy images but instead just ugly half assed ones :(

  • i was going to buy inFAMOUS today but my car was out of gas.why the hell do i have to pay 69’99 for a freakin game in canada how much does a game cost in the u.s 59$

  • Just got home from Gamestop where I preordered my copy, about to put it in. Thanks for the game.

  • thank u sucka punch for creating such an amazing game!

  • going to pick it up now

  • What do you guys at the studio think about the reviews from “GAMESRADAR” and “EUROGAMER?!?!” I think there ridiculous and very out of touch. I bought the game and cant stop playing. GREAT GAME!

  • inFamous is on its way to my house right now!

  • The first clip was epic but Sony still have a long way to go on their marketing I cant remember the last time I saw anything on the ps3 e.g games or features apart from websites.

  • Been playing all day and enjoying it. thanks for making and putting a great game sucker punch and scea. and those electric blades are awesome. i just walk up on reapers and uppercut and its great everytime.

  • and please who ever is marketing the game. find someway to get the new duality trailer in theaters or on tv some how because its epic and more people need to see the great games that are on ps3.

  • Just picked it up!

  • Just got the game, but there was no MP beta key included in my box. I’m a little ticked about that. But i’m sure the game will be great. Are there any other ways to get the UNCHARTED BETA ACCESS?

  • went as saw Salvation on opening night, no advert :(

  • I have been playing inFAMOUS for the past 4 hours and love it. Thank you Sucker Punch for this outstanding game.

    If you have not picked this up yet I strongly recommend that you do so.

  • To put it simply, this game rocks my face off. Empire City thus far is the most entertaining environment I’ve played in. I’ve spent so much time already just climbing jumping around and rail riding. Well done Sucker Punch

  • Will these ads even make it into Canada? I hope so..

  • I just got done playing it for 5 hours… and this game is FANTASTIC!

    Also, whoever does the inFamous trailers needs a raise… Some of the finest trailers I’ve ever seen!

  • got the game a few hours ago and its awesome, instanly hooked, used my code to unlock my gigawatt blades, when do i get them?

  • Just got the game and started playing the prologue. This is a good game. Reminds me of Spider-Man 2. Props to the Sucker Punch guys. They really know their comic book stuff.

  • The game is spinning in my PS Triple. :)

  • great commercial, great game. i picked it up today and from what i’ve got through so far its amazing. great job sucker punch!

    p.s. love the return of “playstation” at the end of the ad

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