inFAMOUS Powers Up Today!

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Well, we checked in you with last week when we had eight days to go. Hopefully, over the long weekend you’ve all been able to get your hands on the PSN inFAMOUS demo. As eight days have come and gone, the wait is now officially over as inFAMOUS launches today in the US.

To celebrate the game’s launch, we have a slew of goodies to share with you.

In case you didn’t have a chance to watch Terminator Salvation this weekend or catch Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals last night, check out the full 30-second commercial for inFAMOUS here:

Also, here’s a new trailer titled, “Duality”, looking at how Cole must choose between fame or infamy:

And, go behind the scenes with the team at Sucker Punch to get the nitty-gritty on developing inFAMOUS in these videos via GameTrailers.

If you want to hear what some of the media have been saying about the game, check out some of the recent reviews from GameSpot and Play.

And, finally, for those of you digging some of the tunes you’ve heard in the demo, the complete inFAMOUS soundtrack can be found on iTunes here.

So, for now that’s a wrap from us as it’s time for your journey with Cole to begin. Enjoy!

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  • 1st YES!!!!

  • I’m totally loving the comeback of the old “PlayStation” voice at the end of the commercials, but I’m not digging the “PS3” logo so much.

    Either way, I still can’t wait for inFAMOUS. (My local store took my pre-order, and didn’t bother getting the game in on the first day. -_-)

  • Nice they brought back the old ps voice at the end. Buying this today.

  • Hey what’s the deal with the Uncharted 2 beta codes? I just picked up my copy of inFamous from Game Crazy and there was no code in the box…

  • Those commercial spots are pretty sick. I especially loved the first one, though I’m hating the proof of age system you’re using. I’ve taken to just putting in Jan. 1, 1987.

    I also enjoyed the hell out of the demo. Sucker Punch has done a very good thing here. Happy Release Day. :D

    (PS Jeff, might be time to pull out the Banhammer and start smacking “1st!” posters out of here again.)

  • “PlayStation” loved it, memories

  • To bad my Gamestop said they have yet to receive the shipment and there were like 3 others waiting for this game as well.

  • I got a code from Sony to download the demo a week before it got released on the store. I liked it but it felt a little difficult for me the first time I played. I got the hang of it more the second but I’m undecided if I’m going to pick it up.

    Regardless of whether I buy it or not, it looks fantastic and I really hope it sells extremely well.

    I also saw the TV ad and thought that was very well done too.

    Great job Sucker Punch and Sony.

  • Demo was awesome…seeing T4 tonight and grabbing inFamous on my way out! Shibby!

  • On my way to pick this bad boy up. PLATINUM here i come!

  • picking up inFAMOUS later on today! Sucker punch, thank you for constantly putting out
    AAA games. Also, does the movie theater thing mean sly cooper 4 is coming soon?

  • Picking it up today :)

  • picked it up, gamestop said they ran out of codes for the gigabyte blades even though I preordered…

  • I’ll be picking up my copy later on today after work. =)

  • or Tomorrow if your delivery system hates your GameStop/Wal-Mart/Best Buy

  • This game rocks!!!!… gotta try n get this after this thunderstorm settles down outside…

  • Pass…..picking up Cross Edge as soon as someone gets it in stock.

  • Great TV spot by the way. Saw the commercial a few times during the game last night.

  • Finally we would get out hands on Empire City! Thank you *Sucker Punch* for creat an awesome game, and SCE for Publishing some of the best titles of the PS3. Our waits are finally awarded. Also thanks to Jeff R. for annauncing the game SO MUCH. :•)

  • I’m leaving work in 30 minutes and I’m on my way to pick this up and play all night!

    Hopefully some Sly Cooper is on the horizon.

  • I picked up the game earlier and am loving it. Thanks!

  • Getting it about 5 pm EST. Cannot wait. Cheers!

  • Can’t wait to get off work today. Saw the commercial a couple times last night. Very cool, very stylish.

  • Don’t think I forgot you Chris M. Because you also deserve a HUGE Thank you, and the whole PlayStation.Blog Team. ;•)


  • Wow. According to the 2nd trailer, Empire City is ruled by MTV!

    Anyway, getting it on my birthday. Can’t wait.

  • Awesome commercial!

  • Demo was very impressive, looking forward to the full version.

  • Gaining territory from side mission is one of the better types of rewards I’ve seen in a game so far. I’m really loving this title even though I usually don’t like sandbox games. Amazing job Sucker Punch, really!

  • Awesome commercial during the game last night! I can’t wait to get this game now, great work Sucker Punch. Oh and GO NUGGETS!!

  • This game rocks, I f* loved the demo, but I won’t be getting it at launch :( in Mexico games are around $80, and I have many unfinished games, but definitely will pick it down the road.

  • SCE certainlly know how to put trailers together.

  • Big kudos to all the sound engineers at Sucker Punch. The 1st trailer’s sound is damn tight and the soundtrack to the game is awesome.

  • Picked up my copy at Gamestop already and am blown away after playing an hour of it. This game is excellent at just making you feel like an ultimate badass. Thanks to Sucker Punch for making a fantastic product.

  • Bought this game a couple of hours ago, and I haven’t stopped playing since. Such a great game. By the way, any word that the soundtrack will come to the Zune Marketplace?

  • I got this at best buy on my lunch break (also, I think they are the only ones w/ the Uncharted 2 beta keys)(its a sticker on the outside of the package) Can’t wait to get home and start playing this. I’m totally going to go the ‘good’ route first. and yes, the old “playstation” voice is very much appreciated. Keep it up Sony, you’re primed to take over the other 2 if you keep getting top notch titles on your system!

  • You got my money! The place where i pre-ordered it didn’t have it yet!!

  • I may be getting my copy this week!!!…and by the way do all the copies have the Uncharted 2 beta? I have checked in the PS forums and some people have not gotten it.

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    Great to see you put the soundtrack out in iTunes Plus format. Wouldn’t buy it otherwise.

  • After playing the demo several times. I decided to pick up my copy from Wal-Mart at 12:01 last night. Played it until 3:30am, I got up at 7:00am this morning with a fat headache, but it was all worth it. I cant wait to get home from work and play some more!

  • Too bad I have my exams coming… buying that day 1…after my exams :)

    great work sucker punch, you guys absolutely ROCK

  • but I already got some tunes of the soundtrack… anything for trish is sooo awesome!

  • iono what the guy up there is talking about i think the voice AND the new PS3 thing is AMAZING props to whoever did that. And been playing the game since Saturday, amazing as well, first open world game in a while i’m REALLY enjoying. Thank you.

  • PlayStation LifeStyle put up a good review too!

  • @ nYcFrEeWiLL82
    Moron, yes!!!

    This game is nothing short of spectacular. The parkour is out of this world. Just buffed some of my powers to Champion levels, and am about to go blow some Reapers off a roof with Shockwave. With the ad push from Sony, I hope this bad boy sells extremely well.

  • Aww I cant wait 3 days for my copy 0_0 I hate living in the UK! On a sidenot, Chelsea OWN.

  • inFAMOUS! I will get you soon!!

  • I cannot wait for this game! I’ve got it pre-ordered and everything. But when i pre-ordered it the dude at gamestop knew nothing about the vouchers and free superpower, so i had to remind him about the superpower but i didn’t get the Uncharted thingy… :(

  • on my way out to best buy , in 2 hours i’ll be playing it

  • We get it tomorrow here in Norway, but i can’t pick it up till Thursday cus that’s when i have my finals… got the collectors edition pre-ordered though :D so electrifying blades and Uncharted 2 Beta here i come

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