Cross Edge slashes to PS3s today: Trophies await!

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Hi everyone! This is Nao Zook from NIS America. As of today (May 26th), Cross Edge has officially been released! Yes!!

Cross Edge is a dream-come-true RPG for hardcore gamers. It is the first RPG on PLAYSTATION 3 that has 5 different companies collaborating for one incredible adventure! You’ll see some familiar faces from Darkstalkers (Capcom); Disgaea (Nippon Ichi Software); Ar tonelico (Bandai Namco); Atelier Marie and Mana Khemia 2 (Gust); and Spectral Souls (Idea Factory). And all the characters are playable. Isn’t that cool?

You can also collect costumes for all the different characters, and their stats and abilities will change depending on which costume they are wearing. And when you change costumes on female characters, their appearance will also change! It’s really cute! If you are into these characters, Cross Edge is a must-have!

I would also like to talk a bit about the battle system. Cross Edge has a unique hybrid battle system that combines a classic RPG setup with an intuitive grid-based SRPG style. In battle, a square grid will appear beneath the units, and players can move their characters around during their combat phase. Some units are better at close combat and others at ranged combat, so players must strategically move their units to battle enemies. Enemy units will also move around the grid in order to defeat you, so you will have to be alert at all times to fight effectively.

So, many RPG fans have been looking forward to Cross Edge, and I hope you all pick up a copy and start playing today :-) As with many other PS3 games, Cross Edge comes with a slew of awesome trophies. So today, I would like to give you a sneak peek at the requirements to acquire the Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies!

First of all, there are a total of 23 trophies; 5 of them are Bronze, 11 of them are Silver, and 7 of them are Gold. After acquiring them all, you will of course receive the Platinum trophy. So then, I suppose there are actually 24 trophies!

Here is the list of trophies, along with their descriptions! Some of the trophy titles are pretty funny, so I hope you’ll get a laugh, chuckle, or even giggle out of them :-)

Bronze – The Entitled: Unlock any trophy.
Bronze – The Bully: Defeat 100 enemy units.
Bronze – The Newbie: Survive 35 battles.
Bronze – The Badass: Exceed 10,000 points of total damage.
Bronze – The Juggler: Exceed a 50-hit combo!
Silver – The Skywalker: Reach 300 AGI. (Equipment’s effect doesn’t count.)
Silver – The Meat Shield: Reach 300 VIT. (Equipment’s effect doesn’t count.)
Silver – The Juicer: Reach 300 STR. (Equipment’s effect doesn’t count.)
Silver – The Know-It-All: Reach 300 INT. (Equipment’s effect doesn’t count.)
Silver – The Gambler: Reach 300 LCK. (Equipment’s effect doesn’t count.)
Silver – The Stalker: Unlock all character profiles. (Use the % on the upper-right screen)
Silver – The Patron: Unlock all gallery art. (Use the % on the upper-right screen)
Silver – The God of Death: Defeat 3,000 enemy units.
Silver – The Highlander: Survive 900 battles.
Silver – The World Champ: Exceed 1,000,000 points of total damage!
Silver – The Aggressor: Exceed a 400-hit combo.
Gold – The Gun Runner: Collect every type of weapon.
Gold – The Battle Ready: Collect every type of armor.
Gold – The Fashionista: Collect every type of accessory.
Gold – The Packrat: Collect every type of item.
Gold – The Grave Robber: Find 150 hidden items using Search.
Gold – The Dood: Earn the true ending. (Unlocked after the true ending.)
Gold – The Hikikomori: Earn every single title. (Unlocked when all the title are given at the guild. Each title is counted when unlocked, so if you don’t do this task from the beginning, you may not reach the point.)

Let me explain what “Hikikomori” means. In Japan, they call a person who stays at home all the time and never really interacts with other human beings “Hikikomori”. I guess a literal translation would be “a being confined” and “social withdrawal”. You’ll definitely have to stay home for days in order to earn all the in-game titles. So, you’ll certainly earn the title of Hikikomori :-) Thanks in advance for playing Cross Edge that much! Hehe.

Anyway, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you to earn that Platinum trophy! Good luck!

Before I let you all go, I would also like to share some information about the upcoming downloadable content for Cross Edge. We’re currently working on the DLC, and there will be new costumes for the girls, powerful items, extra dungeons, and lots more! We’ll let you know when it will be available as the DLC release date approaches.

Cross Edge

Thank you again for your support! Have a good day! And I hope you all enjoy Cross Edge!

PS. Please visit the Official Cross Edge website for the gameplay info, character bios, and more!

Kindest regards,


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  • I will totally picking this up when i can! i’ll be getting infamous AND this within the week. YOU GUYS NEED TO HEAR THIS THOUGH you should really bring some of those awesome jrpgs to the u.s. you’d really be surprised at just how big the market is here for them, please don’t forget about us!

  • U bring atelier rorona and Lunar psp in NA!!!!!!!!!!! please, thank you.

  • Hey I heard you guys are bringing Demon Souls to NA, Any word of a release date or when we can expect it to be released?

    And Thanks for bringing Cross Edge to NA! I plan on buying it after finals week.

    Also, what can we expect from nisa during E3? Like Last Rebellion?

    • Hello Dragun619,

      Oh, Demon Souls won\’t be localized by NISA. but sounded like someone else will!

      Last Rebellion, A Witch\’s Tale, Disgaea 2 (PSP), and Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! will be shown at E3. :-)

      Good luck with final!

  • Dood! I want to be a bad ass freakin overlord too dood!

    Dood! I get so tired of being thrown around and exploding because Laharl has to buy so much DLC dood! It was ok for Disgaea 3 dood but I hope this game is half way near as fun and addicting dood! Don’t make the DLC too costly or I am so dead dood!

    *thump thump thump*
    Etna: Are you trying to steal MY airtime?


    *Etna picks up MakaiOokami and throws him into the t.v.*

    Etna: That’s coming out of your paycheck!

    DOOOooooOOOOD not cool dood! *Cough* *spasm* *dead*

  • One of the reason why I bought my PS3 system is just because I wanted to play Disgaea 3! and now another SRPG comes out by NISA and I will buy it in a heart bit.!

    I missed all these old fashion RPGs so pelase please please release more RPG games later on!

    Thanks again!

  • Any plans for an Australian/PAL release?
    I have already pre-ordered Cross Edge from the Rosenqueen store but it won’t arrive for at least a week after shipping :(

    Disgaea 3 was released in AU months after everywhere else, although I did import it because I couldn’t wait. Please continue to release games on PS3 rather than 360 so that I can at least import them if there is a delayed PAL release.

  • I’d like some word from NISA regarding the last batch of updates for Disgaea 3 and the rumored “Complete Privilege” that Japan got for buying all the DLC. I e-mailed NISA before and was told that it had been canceled stateside for technical reasons, and others (such as people on the GameFAQs forums) have received similar e-mails.

    We’ve also been told that we SHOULD have received the Class World Command Attack weeks ago (around the time the Kurtis DLC came), but it never showed up in the PS store. I know a few people have e-mailed you guys about it with no response.

    I’d also like to know why one of the supposed perks for having all the DLC — the costume switch between Raspberyl and Sapphire (which we have buyable save icons for in-game and even premium theme wallpaper of) was told to me would be unavailable here.

    Apparently I wrote too much, so I’ll wrap up on the next post.

  • Lastly, I’d like to address that Gig has no voice in game on the English track. His Japanese voices are fine. Also, if you buy the full Raspberyl episode pack, you get Gig and Revya for free, a good perk for people who bought just that, but a slap in the face to those of us who bought everything.

    It’d be nice to have some confirmation from NISA about the state of the game’s content. Trophies aren’t THAT important and I think most of us would like to have a complete game before we get some cheesy bragging rights.

  • You probably finished replying to posts yesterday, but this is worth a try; I read about the trophies for Disgaea 3 NA version, and how theyre being worked on.. Surely these trophies will be available for us Brits and Europeans too right?

  • “DLC for Cross Edge focuses more on items, dungeons, gears, etc. There will be lots of them.”

    That makes it sound a bit better for me. I hate the character thing. I’m hoping that the dungeons will be what brings the new loot and gear and NOT my paycheck.

  • OnslaughtCometh

    I know we’re not getting a demo for cross edge. Is there any reason Japan did and we didn’t?

    Nice work answering so many questions.

  • Thanks for localizing this, can never have enough prinnies!

    Hoping Trinity Universe gets the chance too!

  • Amazon is selling Cross Edge for only $46.99 with free shipping, in case anyone wants to save some cash! :)

  • Phew! Eternal gratitude for including the original Japanese audio in the game! The dubbed trailer was nothing short of pure torture but thanks to us boring purists being acknowledged as well, here’s another happy European importing Cross Edge on launch day! Keep ’em JRPGs coming just the way you do – it’s MUCH appreciated! ^^

  • hope i get it today, i order it through rosenqueen website ^_^

    playing inFAMOUS while waiting..

  • FYI I just called my gamestop where I work. Even though I asked my boss to call me when it came in, that jerk didn’t. Anyways, it’s in!! Everyone should start to get it shortly ;). Unfortunately for me, I am picking it up on my way into work =(. I won’t get to play it until 10pm tonight. Everyone enjoy the game!!

  • Thanks for the continued support NIS! You are one of the best video game developers out there today!

  • @Letters2Kay

    I canceled my Amazon pre-order. They changed the in stock date to May 29, 2009. This is the 3rd time they have moved the date back in a week.

  • @Zer0_SP

    Got lucky. My local EB Games got one more copy than they had pre-orders for. GameStop/EB Games seems to be the only store in St. Louis that got them today. Needless to say, they got my money this time. :-)

  • @hecaitomix

    Doubt you’ll get it today. The website says: “Please note that Cross Edge will not be sent out from our warehouse until 5/28/09. We apologize for any inconveniences.” Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you probably won’t get it until next week. :-(

  • Thanks for bringing this game to the US.
    My copies of the game was sent out to me today, looking forward to it very much.
    Guess I’ll be playing this by monday. =)

  • I’m so glad I pre-ordered this game. Only comes out tomorrow at the EB where I live though, but that’s fine. It’s worth the wait. I’m also very happy that there are Japanese voices. I love you, NIS. You guys never let me down.

  • @thefrappman

    Cheesy bragging rights?

    I’d rather people know that I destroyed the Z Pirates and went through 100 floors of LoC without exiting rather than have a “Complete Priviledge Award”

    I mean the only people who will know of my “complete priviledge” will be the 10 people that watch my Youtube Channel (probably more but… you get the idea)

    At least this way people can compare trophies and see that I have done all that on Disgaea and ask me about tips and tricks and all of that. It’s a LOT more fun to have video chat or voice chat via Home talking about strategies, tips, and tricks, then to sit there and have costumes for a couple characters that I already have way too many of. The trophies add added value in giving me more goals to work for. The costume changes are just cheesy fan service.

  • there’s Guile in this game? I’m not going to buy it if he isn’t .

  • thaxs for replying to my message nao! i will be getting this for sure! as soon as it is release for sale in gamestop

  • Does this game feature HDD installation?

    Thanks for all your answers, you’ve been really helping us.I really appreciate that :)

  • Why won’t there be a demo for this game? It would help many people decide weather or not to buy this game based on that, especially since its a different type of game.

  • Thank you NIS and Nao for bringing this RPG to the PlayStation 3. I ordered my copy from Rosenqueen so I could get the bonus postcards. I can’t wait to play the game and I’m sure I will be looking forward to the DLC you guys put out. Please continue to put games on PS3. Thanks!

  • Hello Nao

    I was wondering whether you had any information in regards to a UK/European localization of this title?

    I’m a very big fan of NIS, and Cross Edge looks great, and it’d be a pleasure to continue to support you in making more amazing games.

    Also, I know there’s been quite a few questions about Disgaea 3 getting trophies, but do you know when Europe will recieve this patch too?

    Thanks for your time

  • Here is a nice review I read for those of you waiting to see some reviews before you buy the game:

  • Hey Nao and Jeff, do any of you know how long the game is. I just purchased it Tuesday and I was just wondering how long the fun will last cause usually RPG’s are VERY long which is definitely a plus. Also, are there any cg scenes other than the intro. I see the slots that state there’s 24 but I hope those are not the outfit change scenes. Anyways, great game, you guys definitely delivered!

  • I bought the game yesterday, it’s deep learning curve but I’m enjoying trying out new things as I go. But I’m disappointed to find a glitch in game already, how did it slip into final production? The glitch was error “The access license is not found on file” appears repeatly like 30 times when I try to make it go away by pressing X til it finally loads game. Is there any patch on the way?

  • FYI – The condition for “The Entitled” trophy should be “Unlock any title”.

  • Im glad there are gonna be Japanese voices ! cuz English ones doesnt sound nice

  • I really want this game. Does the length of this game like Disgaea 2? Or Ar tonelico hours.

    Disgea was addicting and obviously can last more than 200 hours if you have the patience and the time. And it is really worth it!

    Getting 100% on this game is hard Nao? (For the trophies)

  • When or Will this arrive in New Zealand Coz I REALLY! want this game badly

  • I just got the game earlier in the week and i love it. different battle system is awesome. and how they bring all the different characters is in cool.

    I was too wondering will the DLC get released some time this month, since the game was released.

    I sorta understand why a majority of the girls have alt. costumes. but i don’t understand why the guys can’t have alt. ones too.

  • @137 The guys do have some alt. costumes but not very many to choose from. There won’t be any dlc costumes for them though. I think when they were making this game in Japan they were just a lot more focused on getting the girls as sexy as possible with many outfits to choose from to unlock or buy from the PSN store.

    I also do wonder how long it will be before we see the DLC for this game. NISA is probably used to putting up the DLC thanks to Disgaea 3 so it shouldn’t take as long but only NISA knows when they will be available.

    Anyways this game is totally awesome and is quite amazing

  • @135 The trophies are pretty challenging to get and honestly like the gold and silver trophies those will take forever to get but, it does make getting the platinum for this game worth it just like trying to obtain the platinum for Disgaea 3.

  • @134 That’s your opinion just like I prefer English language and text but we all have our opinions.

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