Cross Edge slashes to PS3s today: Trophies await!

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Hi everyone! This is Nao Zook from NIS America. As of today (May 26th), Cross Edge has officially been released! Yes!!

Cross Edge is a dream-come-true RPG for hardcore gamers. It is the first RPG on PLAYSTATION 3 that has 5 different companies collaborating for one incredible adventure! You’ll see some familiar faces from Darkstalkers (Capcom); Disgaea (Nippon Ichi Software); Ar tonelico (Bandai Namco); Atelier Marie and Mana Khemia 2 (Gust); and Spectral Souls (Idea Factory). And all the characters are playable. Isn’t that cool?

You can also collect costumes for all the different characters, and their stats and abilities will change depending on which costume they are wearing. And when you change costumes on female characters, their appearance will also change! It’s really cute! If you are into these characters, Cross Edge is a must-have!

I would also like to talk a bit about the battle system. Cross Edge has a unique hybrid battle system that combines a classic RPG setup with an intuitive grid-based SRPG style. In battle, a square grid will appear beneath the units, and players can move their characters around during their combat phase. Some units are better at close combat and others at ranged combat, so players must strategically move their units to battle enemies. Enemy units will also move around the grid in order to defeat you, so you will have to be alert at all times to fight effectively.

So, many RPG fans have been looking forward to Cross Edge, and I hope you all pick up a copy and start playing today :-) As with many other PS3 games, Cross Edge comes with a slew of awesome trophies. So today, I would like to give you a sneak peek at the requirements to acquire the Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies!

First of all, there are a total of 23 trophies; 5 of them are Bronze, 11 of them are Silver, and 7 of them are Gold. After acquiring them all, you will of course receive the Platinum trophy. So then, I suppose there are actually 24 trophies!

Here is the list of trophies, along with their descriptions! Some of the trophy titles are pretty funny, so I hope you’ll get a laugh, chuckle, or even giggle out of them :-)

Bronze – The Entitled: Unlock any trophy.
Bronze – The Bully: Defeat 100 enemy units.
Bronze – The Newbie: Survive 35 battles.
Bronze – The Badass: Exceed 10,000 points of total damage.
Bronze – The Juggler: Exceed a 50-hit combo!
Silver – The Skywalker: Reach 300 AGI. (Equipment’s effect doesn’t count.)
Silver – The Meat Shield: Reach 300 VIT. (Equipment’s effect doesn’t count.)
Silver – The Juicer: Reach 300 STR. (Equipment’s effect doesn’t count.)
Silver – The Know-It-All: Reach 300 INT. (Equipment’s effect doesn’t count.)
Silver – The Gambler: Reach 300 LCK. (Equipment’s effect doesn’t count.)
Silver – The Stalker: Unlock all character profiles. (Use the % on the upper-right screen)
Silver – The Patron: Unlock all gallery art. (Use the % on the upper-right screen)
Silver – The God of Death: Defeat 3,000 enemy units.
Silver – The Highlander: Survive 900 battles.
Silver – The World Champ: Exceed 1,000,000 points of total damage!
Silver – The Aggressor: Exceed a 400-hit combo.
Gold – The Gun Runner: Collect every type of weapon.
Gold – The Battle Ready: Collect every type of armor.
Gold – The Fashionista: Collect every type of accessory.
Gold – The Packrat: Collect every type of item.
Gold – The Grave Robber: Find 150 hidden items using Search.
Gold – The Dood: Earn the true ending. (Unlocked after the true ending.)
Gold – The Hikikomori: Earn every single title. (Unlocked when all the title are given at the guild. Each title is counted when unlocked, so if you don’t do this task from the beginning, you may not reach the point.)

Let me explain what “Hikikomori” means. In Japan, they call a person who stays at home all the time and never really interacts with other human beings “Hikikomori”. I guess a literal translation would be “a being confined” and “social withdrawal”. You’ll definitely have to stay home for days in order to earn all the in-game titles. So, you’ll certainly earn the title of Hikikomori :-) Thanks in advance for playing Cross Edge that much! Hehe.

Anyway, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you to earn that Platinum trophy! Good luck!

Before I let you all go, I would also like to share some information about the upcoming downloadable content for Cross Edge. We’re currently working on the DLC, and there will be new costumes for the girls, powerful items, extra dungeons, and lots more! We’ll let you know when it will be available as the DLC release date approaches.

Cross Edge

Thank you again for your support! Have a good day! And I hope you all enjoy Cross Edge!

PS. Please visit the Official Cross Edge website for the gameplay info, character bios, and more!

Kindest regards,


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  • Why not make games like this downloadable, they’re probably quite small with low-res graphics, not more than Burnout Paradise at least. I would buy this game from the PSN.

  • no replies… lame


  • Would it be possible to get all the main Disgaea games in the series one one Blu-ray disc on the PS3 and maybe add Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? in a collectors edition maybe?

    • Hello MUSTANG750R,

      Haha, that\’s an idea! But I don\’t think they all fit in one disc though…

      It would be super cool if we could do that!


  • Will this have all the DLC that the Japanese have access to? Will some of it be bundled into the game (it could get expensive otherwise)?

  • I have never played any of the games related to this except Disgaea. Will I be able to understand the story of it? or will it not make any sense?

    • Hello Wolverine81,

      Cross Edge has its own story, so you don\’t need to know the characters/ stories from the original games. It\’s plus if you know the each game, but you don\’t need to:-)


  • I read this post, did some research and became pretty excited over picking up a copy today… Then I called around and apparently NIS couldn’t get their act together to release in Canada and the states on the same day. I can’t even pick it up tomorrow (the last day of my 3 day weekend)!

    You’ve lost your spot to inFAMOUS. Maybe I’ll buy this second hand… at some point. Weak, NIS, weak.

  • Ewww dubs, but guess theres option to chance them to original Japanese like in Disgaea. Gotta consider this one tough, disgaea was great and heard lot of good things about the other jrpg companies as well (meaning the ones whose characters are in this game)

  • man this game is going to be awesome. i love the Disgaea and Ar Tenellico games. But my only problem is this. It’s may 26th, 2009 and no stores in my town have it. And tons of stores online say it’s not out yet. Why do some games never actually come out on the given release date? *very angry crying surprised sad face*

  • I really hope there is an option for the Japanese voice acting.

  • I would love to get this game right now, but this is Infamous’ week. Maybe in the future when this gets a price cut.

  • @lord_ashour

    Yes, it does have an option for the Japanese voice acting.

  • Fantastic news, but ill have to wait a few weeks to have it in my hands, now, my question is, would you bring RECORD OF AGAREST WARS to the states? please, please, please

  • Really need a demo for this. If the combat is fun, then I’ll pick it up.
    Demo please? (I know Japan got one…)

  • Bought, keep RPGs coming and please patch Disgaea 3 for trophies :)

  • Demo? There was on on Japan PSN but that got pulled.

  • just waiting for my copy to get here from Amazon:)


  • @nisa I just would like to know if the dlc for this game that is free in japan is already included in the game?

    @67 found that the jpapnese demo was slightly confusing when I played it

    • Hello redknight4,

      The free DLC in Japan is not included in this game. But DLC is coming to the US soon, so please look forward to it:-)


  • Iam so freaking excited for this game :). I have all the games that the cross over covers. Thanks a MILLION for bringing this over to the states. And Iam looking forward to more great games NIS. :)

  • Dood, this game will be awesome! I’m waiting for my copy here on Brazil!

  • @Nao Zook

    Will any of the DLC have it’s own trophies?

  • I do have a question: how long will the game be?

    • Hello mckg123456789,

      This game is about… 40 to 50 hours if you play in normal. And it\’ll be about 100 hours (or more?) if you play in hard!


  • Already have it on preorder from RosenQueen. I can’t wait for this, I just finished Ar tonelico and it was one of the best games I’ve played. I’m happy to see a lot of the casts from Ar tonelico are in this game too!

  • @Nao Zook

    A few more questions:

    1) Will Trinity Universe be localized and released in the USA?

    2) When can we get our hands on Last Rebellion?

    3) Are there any more PS3 RPGs coming to the US that haven’t been announced?

    • Hello LokeSTL,

      Here are answers:
      1) If we do, would you all be happy?
      2) Last Rebellion is scheduled to release this Fall. :-)
      3) There will be PS3 titles from NISA in 2010 for sure. But which one? not sure yet.

      Sorry, I couldn\’t really answer your questions except about Last Rebellion…


  • fullmetalcrusade

    I have a question Nao. Atelier Rorona was recently announced and dated for June 25th in Japan. Is there any chance NISA will be localizing this game for NA?

    • Hello fullmetalcrusade,

      Atelier Rorona looks so pretty, doesn\’t it?
      I cannot say it for sure that we\’ll bring it to NA, but hopefully we can:-)


  • Doesn’t really look like my kind of thing, but nice to see more Japanese games making it to NA — personally, I’m still wishing Way of the Samurai III gets released in the US. That would be fantastic!

  • Sucks that we cant pick it up til tomorrow, but ohh well. At least I pre-ordered the game so I know I will have a copy waiting for me

  • any probs with the shipping? because i was just contacted by gamestop telling me that the game isnt arriving until monday afternoon!

  • will there be a demo for this game?

  • @Nao Zook

    Thank you for stopping by the blog and answering some questions. We appreciate Disgaea 3 and Cross Edge, and look forward to more PS3 RPGs from NISA in the future. Keep them coming and we’ll keep buying them. :)

  • Thanks for your reply jeff and Nao are you guys going to bring atelier rorona to NA?? please! this game looks really good and i played all the last 3 atelier games.
    Thanks and u guys keep on bringing RPG’s to ps3 :)

  • RurouniSaiya-jin

    Thanks for taking the time to post here on the blog. I’ve been really looking forward to this game. I’m going to buy it as soon as I can. I’m going to have a real hard time picking my party though with all these awesome characters

    This is a little off topic and possibly premature but any word on whether NISA will be localizing Trinity Universe after it’s release in Japan? I can’t wait to see Flonne, Prinny and Etna in all their 3D glory ^,^

    • Hello RurouniSaiya-jin,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post! I hope it was helpful even a little bit!

      Trinity Universe… I hope so! I mean, it looks pretty cool. And, having NIS characters in the game, NISA should localize it, right? But I cannot say for sure that we will. I guess we will have to wait and see!

      Mean while, I hope you\’ll enjoy Cross Edge!


  • Just wanna say a big thank you to Nao for coming here and answer ALL of ours questions. We don’t see that often here and we appreciate it! Especially since this game is really awesome! Been playing the japan demo for months now lol I wanna be your new friend :D You too Jeff we really like you here… but Nao is just better than you… at least SHE didn’t got me to eat a cake, post it on facebook… then told me i was too late for some beta on some game name Fat Princess. Of course i am not bitter about it, why should i be…

  • Nao Zook replied on May 26, 2009 at 3:17 pm
    Hello Tredogg14TK,
    Unfortunately, no. :-(

    Probably no sale then. It sucks that Japan got a demo and it got pulled so no one (even if they had no Japanese language experience) can try the game out.

  • I had mild interest in this but Capcom characters??? I am so there!

  • I got extremely excited when I read that a new RPG was coming to PS3 and available NOW, but unfortunately after watching that video, I got turned off by the PS2 graphics…

    Sorry but I’ll have to pass on this one. If I want PS2 – PSP graphics on my games, then I’ll buy them for those consoles/handhelds.

    My PS3 is for “next gen” gaming/graphics.

  • Nao! It was so good seeing you at the Holy Drunken Shenanigans Badman! event last month. Please tell me you’ll be stopping by to share Badman! with everyone here soon…perhaps after we get back from E3?

    • Hello SaeshelYam,

      Hey ya! So, sounded like I saw you at the event last month, but I cannot tell who you are from the name!! But yes, I hope I can visit here again to talk more about Badman;)

      Ahh, E3. Hopefully, before! Yeah, I am going to kill myself by doing this. haha

      Email me so I know who you are:-)

      Good night!

  • THXS for the response NAO:D and @ jedah_PR which im guessing your from puerto rico, que la que! well about the graphics, i was turned ofF by it my self until i saw the REAL gameplay trailers(sorry nisa but you guys need to add a better intro to a game with hd sprits aka: better info trailerS lol) then i started reading what it had to offer and it blew me away! this game has so much combos and gameplay in it im surprise that they put it in HD. go to there main website and read more about it and see the movies. especially the combos of magic and physical attack moves. there awesome and theres so much to do that, like he said 100 hours without DLC with events, making new weapons, mixing over 100 combos, mix different ingrediants to gain new stuff, and ALOT MORE!

  • their awesome. sorry typo lol

  • Will this be released on PSN? (my blu-ray drive is busted)

  • Man, have to wait till tomorrow… 2 trips to the gamestore in two days…got infamous, and will get this tomorrow. I hope more ps3 rpgs get released and I hope M$ stops bribing companies — it almost feels like they are bribing them to not release in North America. At least Nisa and Atlus have our back. Thanks Nisa for bringing this over here..Can’t wait to play it!

  • much like post #2, i went to several stores today in hopes of finding it, mostly using the places listed by Sony as “having it” (just because its not listed online doesn’t mean its not there!) so after going to around 60 – 80 stores, i came home empty handed =\ so i hope tomorrow goes better…

    more so on topic, i want to just say, it sounds good as i have come to expect from Nippon ichi (have bought every makai series game so far =3, and bought my ps2/psp/ps3 over them x3) so i really cant wait to try the next one (already beat the psp port of disgaea 2, all the way to pringar x gou, so i hope this one has as much game play as ive come to expect too ^^)… but i do wonder, since a lot of the japanese DLC were free, will some if any of it be free? i only ask because several free ones over there, were not over here (nothing wrong with that, just wondering)

    cant wait to see your reply! =3

    • Hello Admiralvic,

      I\’m sorry that you couldn\’t get Cross Edge today. It was shipped to retailers today, so hopefully you can get it tomorrow!

      As for DLC, I believe there will be free ones. :-)


  • @ 87 Jedah_PR :

    Come on Disgaea 3 was alos sprite based with 3d environments. Don’t knock the game until you try it. There are other rpgs coming that are hyper-realistic, but let me ask you this. Do you want to wait 4 years for each rpg like with ff13? I sure don’t be thankful that games like this and disgaea 3 are being relased! They pack them full of game play and rpg goodness. If you love rpgs you will not care if they use sprites. They can create more games in a shorter time and not have to sell as many so they can try new innovative things in the games.

    I challenge you to give this or Disgaea a try and not just a 10min try either. I am sure after playing for a few hours, if you love rpgs your mind will be changed. PS2 does not look like this either….I just got a ps2 last month and it looks like crap on my hd display, scan-lines, ghosting on motion, blurry graphics, etc… PS3 games == super sharp and vibrant! this game has that,and it has charm and is probably jam packed with rpg items, enemies, and gameplay. I love rpgs and any true rpg lover shouldn’t care too much about the graphics!

  • More RPGS is always good!
    tho i still didnt buy Disgaea 3 =[ im 100% sure thats what im getting next along with this game next time i get my paycheck.

    but i hate you guys for making the disgaea games so addicting >.<, it made me go Hikikomori all the way.

  • Thats great, too bad here where I live the game comes out tomorrow, still nice job NIS! I’m gonna pick up my reservation tomorrow.

    BTW JEF.. please! keep pushing Namco Bandai to bring Tales of Vesperia to USA!

  • Looks very interesting… I would pick it up but I’m to busy playing Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Totaly checking this out also holy invasion of privacy badman!

    And cool/interesting trophie names are a plus! I’m so going to be a Hikikomori.

    PSP! Its like a nut you can take outside.

  • @96: Not forgetting Europe!

  • Awesome. Can’t wait to play this game.

  • I have a few things to say so bare with. First off, Nippon Ichi = pure awesome! Disgaea is the greatest RPG series ever! I have been waiting for this game for so long and can’t wait for tomorrow. I am so excited about this game that I read all the comments. To all these people complaining about it not arriving ’til tomorrow, know what you’re talking about. About 90% of games arrive the day after the release date. Unless a game is “street dated” where the game arrives prior to the release date and is held, then the game ships on the release date and arrives in retailers the next day generally. Don’t be dissing NISA because of this. Don’t worry, Nao. I got your back ;). Just keep bringing awesome games to the states. I can’t wait for Trinity Universe even though I haven’t picked up Cross Edge.

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