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Like many of you, I’m getting really excited about E3. We’re less than a week away from our PlayStation.Blog E3 2009 Meet-up (you RSVP’d, didn’t you Los Angelinos?), which will kick off the biggest week in gaming you’ll see all year.

But you know what? This week ain’t so bad either. In addition to celebrating the launch of the critically acclaimed PS3-exclusive inFAMOUS, here’s some of what you’ll see on PlayStation.Blog over the next few days:

And our on-topic question of the week:

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We’ll see you in the comments!

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  • Hey Jeff,I’M GOIN’ TO E3!!!!!! WiI hope to see some God Of War 3 and Uncharted 2 there !

  • played the infamous demo, didn’t enjoy it *shrug* you can’t please everyone.

  • I was hoping for another basketball question, these playoffs have been awesome, unfortunately, after last night it doesn’t look like we’re gonna get the kobe vs lebron matchup we all want

  • Could you put the inFAMOUS TV Ad or the link on the Blog? Thanks

  • didnt need to preorder. Will be there day 1. I find that most games never sell out day 1. The only game I remember ever selling out day 1 was GTA4

  • I’m sick. I’m getting inFAMOUS tomorrow. This sucks.

  • Jeff the Poll needs an option for people like myself who just picked up inFAMOUS and the Guide (for the art work) and already have it WOOHOO LOL, it’s good to have friends in low places!!! :D

  • Fry’s Electronics will be selling inFamous for $52.99 on Tuesday. So if any of you guys have a Frys close to you (mostly in Texas and California), definitely take advantage of that deal.

  • I just wanted to clarify that when I said I picked up inFAMOUS I meant that I bought it at Full price as well as the Guide!!! I don’t by used games and I don’t trade them in!!! I still have every single one of my games, around 225 of them, they are bought brand new from retail!!! Anyways I just wanted to clear that up, this is one person the Devs don’t have to worry about stiffing them!!! :D

  • There was no Infamous trailer before Terminator Salvation when I saw it Saturday night.

  • Question about the PS.Blog E3 Meet-Up:

    I RSVP’d via email, am I suppose to get a response knowing I’m in?

  • It’s the LAST WEEK OF MAY, where is the socom 1.5 update?

  • Yay, more Atlus and NISA appearances here. Now get Square-Enix to post, they’ve been too quiet!

  • BTw Jeff you could have told us the soundtrack for infamous was already out on itunes… loving silent melody and anything for trish

  • Im renting it from gamefly. If I like it I can keep it from them =]

  • Lol, the problem with option 2 is it says “likely getting soon” and I’m DEFINITELY getting it. Gotta make an option for that ;)

  • I agree with #31. The demo was pretty hard for being thrown into. I know, I suck. I will have to rent it to see how frustrating the actual release is. May get Fuel or Damnation instead, depending on reviews for them.

  • Not really interested… sorry.

  • I’ve already got it, nearly done with my first run.

    Excellent game, although the character animations during cutscenes are extremely wonky. Also, the sidemissions lack any real variety… there’s only like 10 in total, and they’re repeated throughout the 3 islands.

    Those are my only complaints about the game, though. Everything else is awesome. Great job, Sucker Punch!

  • Can’t wait for the new Killzone 2 update! :D

    Jeff, there’s this question that I’m dying to know its answer… umm, is there really a secret PS3 game? Please answer :P

  • Hey Jeff, when are you going to do a cover story for the new space that just launched today called “Presentation podium”? Does it relate to E3?

  • I already have inFAMOUS on per-order, and I can’t wait to receive it in the mail this week!

  • Where’s the InFamous TV spot? :(

    Please upload it to the blog at least!

  • This is great! This poll means that at least 72% of the people that read this blog will buy INfamous. That is alot of people. Go Sucker Punch!

  • Meh @ Atlus. It’s not talking about Demon’s Souls. *sigh*

    No, I’m passing on Infamous. Partially because the demo threw too enemies at me for my liking with the crappy defense you have, and partially because I’m more hyped for Prototype that was hyped before Infamous was around.

  • i had initially pre paid off infamous but just 2 days ago i canceled it and bought SACRED 2 for the ps3 instead.

    100+ hours of diablo ish gameplay with 4 player co op?? much better deal in my eyes.

    Ive already logged close to 20 hours co op with a friend, loving it!

    Not to take anything away from infamous though, i loved the demo, just cant justify spending 60 on a single player only 20 hour game.

  • The movie was not bad at all.

  • If anyone is interested, is offering inFamous with the Uncharted 2 beta voucher.. Price is US$54.99 AND has free shipping.. so only problem is that you’re gonna hafta wait till after Tuesday to pick it up.

    Just sayin.. :)

  • NICE! tahnks jeff for the info about NIS dropping by tomorrow! i cant wait for cross edge & inFAMOUS!! :D

  • I am looking forward for the PSBlog meet-up! hope I get my ticket!

  • i really liked the demo and definitely gettin the game…just dont know if ill have time to go to the store tomorrow or not but i sure hope i can

  • The only reason i am purchasing inFamous for 69.99 is because it has the uncharted 2 beta code, hope u guys do more releases like this!

  • see now if square Inix only looked to a fellow publishers portfolio AKA Konami ( gives exclusive love to the ps3) they would see that keeping games exclusive to the ps3 actually makes a profit unlike they are doing now

  • i want to but i aint got moneys

  • I’m tempted to beg you to spoil Kojima’s announcement the wait is killing me. Sure it will be worth it however.
    I’m not asking you to reveal but do you guys know for sure what it is?

  • Great!

    Too bad i didnt see Infamous ad when i went to watch terminator, i guess it was just in USA and not in Canada
    By the way the movie sucked, well it was nothing special something was missing like the story loll

  • @75 ppbobby

    Even if you are skin, give me your PSN ID so we can play sacred 2

  • Buy Infamous!!! i have it and its Awesome ^^!

  • Played the demo, but it wasn’t really my thing.

    Not enough spells and dragons. Har har.

  • so are you saying if I didnt pre order infamous then I wont be able to get it on opening day? Oh well then but I seriously doubt I wont get a copy….

  • There are so many games right now!!

    With my current financial situation, I preordered Batman and that’s the next game I’m getting.

    Sorry, but I will probably at least rent inFAMOUS sometime soon.

  • I will probably get inFamous at a discount price or rent it.

  • i like it

  • Well why Namco Bandai sit down and talk bout Vesperia! >:( LOL no offense NIS i still gonna buy Cross Edge from day 1

  • poisonedsodapop

    Played the demo of inFAMOUS. Nothing special. So yes I’m in that bottom 13%. :)

  • Picking up my copy tomorrow! =)

  • Nice!

    My local game store got inFAMOUS last week, so I’ve played it and beaten it already. Brilliant game!

    I’ve already sunk over 30+ hours into the game, and I still haven’t played through it as evil. I also have 3 blast shards left to collect before I 100% it.

    Great game, and I can’t wait for the sequel (please lord let there be a sequel! And Sly Cooper 4 too! – sorry, I’m greedy. Get some rest Sucker Punch, you’ve earned it- then get back to work on inFAMOUS 2 and Sly 4!)

  • I had to MAKE myself stop playing the inFAMOUS demo on PSN. So I wouldn’t *ruin* any fun that might be had when I get the real game today. It is a really thorough DEMO for those who haven’t downloaded it. I actually stopped playing *Before* it *Ended* -that almost never happens. PS MW2 is available for pre-order on Amazon

  • Didnt pre-order, didnt play demo, and still undecided..

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