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Like many of you, I’m getting really excited about E3. We’re less than a week away from our PlayStation.Blog E3 2009 Meet-up (you RSVP’d, didn’t you Los Angelinos?), which will kick off the biggest week in gaming you’ll see all year.

But you know what? This week ain’t so bad either. In addition to celebrating the launch of the critically acclaimed PS3-exclusive inFAMOUS, here’s some of what you’ll see on PlayStation.Blog over the next few days:

And our on-topic question of the week:

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We’ll see you in the comments!

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3 Author Replies

  • Can’t wait

  • I hope Dylan chose my title!

  • Not a bad week I was expecting less since E3 is right around the corner. I’ve been waiting to hear more about The Punisher: No Mercy so hopefully the post is packed with loads of info.

    “No, I’m electing to pass on the best-reviewed game of the Spring.” Very subtle ;)

  • inFamous is pre-ordered and will be mine tomorrow :)

  • Oh I completely forgot about my idea for Pixel Junk 1-4, I hope they pick my idea of letting anyone who buys it name it what they like. The first nameless game with a million names…That would make for a great slogan for any commercial / vid I thinks.

  • Too many games to get through…will get inFAMOUS later on (but new).

    Jeff, whatever happened to the GPS announced last year for PSP(and discussed on the blog by yourself)?…I thought it was supposed to be in NA by Dec 2008?


  • Yup I’m picking up inFAMOUS tomorrow. Bring it on!!!!

  • Cant wait for InFamous on Friday (damn UK release)

    Any dates on when the EU Blog launches?

  • Picking up inFamous on the first day. It was cool seeing the ad while waiting for the movie Terminator Salvation to start. I just pointed to the screen to my friends saying “That is the game I’m getting Tuesday.”

  • As always, a very important option is missing from the poll: “No, but I wish I could however due to the economic downturn I find myself short on cash among other things.” Come on, Jeff.

    I look forward to hearing from NIS though- I’m STILL playing Disgaea 3 and I’m currently as nearly 180 hours with a team ranging from Lv. 800 to 1500. :D

  • How good is E3 gonna be.

  • inFAMOUS pre-ordered and arriving this week!!!!
    Looking forward to this great game and…the Uncharted 2 Beta!!

  • I have preordered it. Can’t wait until tommorrow. To bad it didn’t come out earlier this weekend would have been a good weekend to play with the rain and all. Also any word on the codes for Uncharted 2 beta for Qore subscribers? thanks keep up the good work!

  • New games have gone up to $70 here which is just outrageous. So I am waiting for a price drop or a used copy of it. Which would make it $60, the price I use to pay. Poor developers are doing to loose more money now, while EB/Gamestop make more.

  • I’ll be picking up my copy of inFAMOUS first thing tomorrow. You should check out the “Day 1 Buyers Club” thread on the PlayStation forum. It has over 200 members picking up inFAMOUS tomorrow. :D

  • No option for “I never pre-order, but I’m buying it on day one” ?

  • I couldnt vote in this poll because Ive had infamous since friday 5/22.

    PSN name: KRUZ8ER

  • @14….just wait….support Sucker Punch and not EB by buying new.

  • @14…actually I just found Zellers is having 20% off all games this week so that’d be $55.99 + tax. Go go go!

  • Thanks. I rather buy them new then support Ebgames. But I refuse to pay $70 plus dollars for a game. If Sony only knew how much money they loose. I buy many many games in a year.

  • Only one more day and I will be able to get rid of my money…….

  • I can’t wait to play inFAMOUS tomorrow, the game looks sweet and the demo was spectacular.

    I just hope Sucker Punch give us some kind of DLC in the future!

  • Pre-ordered and payed in full! =]

  • I loved the demo but I have many unfinished games and haven’t get KZ2 yet, so I’m going to get inFamous in 1 or 2 months

  • QuebecSuperstar

    Yeah! Finally some news on Punisher: No Mercy. I hope we’re not too far off of a release.

  • Genius move by the gaming industry to jack up the price of new games from $59 to $69 at a time when many people are struggling to make ends meet.

    Hell, I’m making a very comfortable living…and $69 still feels ridiculously expensive…especially when 90% of the games on the market are dreadful and unworthy of purchase.

    I was once the kind of person who would buy a game if it looked good, but at $69, I’m definitely going to start renting them first.

  • @26…Did the gaming industry raise the price unnecessarily or is it because the CDN dollar is down to .85?

  • Infamous… demo was cool… but i cant afford the game right now… hopefully i can pick it up down the line..
    and definitely looking forward to everything this year’s E3 has in store… i hope to see a colossus fail at Nintendo’s booth, like last year…

  • The demo didn’t do much to differentiate itself from so many other “shooters” on the market…at least not in my eyes.

  • Played the demo, didn’t like it… Sorry :P

  • Can anyone say if the missions in the demo are indicative of the early missions in the full game, or if they are more like the later missions? I ask because I found the demo missions surprisingly difficult. Still considering picking it up tomorrow, but not if the whole game is going to be as frustrating as the demo missions…

  • I’ll make you a deal Sony, you get me a job, and I’ll buy your games. Deal?

    Being laid off sucks. At least I get to hang with my kids more though.

  • @29

    inFAMOUS isn’t a shooter. >.<

  • I’m gonna pass on this and get CROSS EDGE. It’s an RPG developed in cooperation with Capcom, Nippon Ichi, Namco Bandai, Gust and Idea Factory. It has characters from Darkstalkers, Disgaea, Ar Tonelico, Spectral Souls, Atelier Marie and Mana-Khemia 2. Yeah, it’s like that!

    Can’t wait for NIS and Atlus to stop by this week. It seems that the time us RPG fans have been waiting for has finally come. Now if Square-Enix would just get their thumb out of their butt and start releasing on the right console, all will be right in the PS3 world.

  • More PS2 or PSP info from Atlus and NIS? hurrah

  • “Atlus and NIS drop by to talk new PlayStation RPGs”

    Hopefully for the PS3 this time Atlus!

  • I think NiS comes to talk about Cross Edge which is releasing this week in the US and being published by NiS. Atlus maybe has to do with Demon’s Souls? Since they’re gonna publish the game in the US as recently have been announced. Or to talk about Crimson Gem Saga, a PSP game releasing this week as well in the US.

  • Ow I’ve chosen the second option.

  • Pass.

  • i’m still undecided…too difficult at easy for me…

  • Pre-ordered inFAMOUS whoa!

    man finally we get news about the terminator.

    and cant w8 for killzone 2 update!

  • I cant wait for inFamous to get here. I hope Sony hasnt given away all their secrets for E3 though.

  • Infamous is the best game I played on this generation so far. Uncharted: Drake’s fortune was my previous favorite game this generation. Metal Gear Solid 4 is just special and nothing can top it so far. Little Big Planet was unique and fricken fun as hell. Killzone 2 is the best FPS I very played personally. But inFamous is just too good to pass up people. Even if Sandbox type of games isn’t your cup of tea, there is a demo on the PSN store. So just download it and you might fall in love with this baby.
    Game of the Year so far for me.

  • First week of June>Bday. Holding out for Infamous till then.

    And YES YES YES @ the work RPG :D

  • mine is pre ordered and paid in full. I’ll be picking it up tomorrow morning at 10am soon as EB GAMES opens their doors.

  • Can’t wait for the RPGs and Killzone 2 update.

  • Good luck to everyone who sent their entries for PixelJunk 1-4. :D

  • I might get it eventually. Right now I’m on my second Fallout 3 play through, and that might take a while.

  • Sweet. I’m super stoked for E3. inFAMOUS demo was dope; the minor visual stinks n glitches do nothing to deter from the ridiculously fun gameplay. Good job Sucker Punch!

    Excited to hear about the Killzone2 update, hope it brings something worthy to the table! Jeff, do you know at all when and if GG is planning to implement vehicles online? I remember they had announced plans to do so, I just hope its on their DLC priority list.

    Oh, and go Q, name that Pixeljunk madness!

  • Hey Jeff, any news about Trash Panic (Gomibako) this week? I’m really interested in this game.

    Thanks =)

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