Sack it to Me – “The Patch” Edition

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We are kicking off the week with some fun news bytes as well as introducing a great new program we are launching this week called “the patch”. Great week to all!

LBP Originals on THE PATCH

LBP Patches logo

As most of you know, we’ve been spending the past few months touring and showing LittleBigPlanet at various promotional events. We’ve had the pleasure to meet a wide variety of great personalities from artists, to athletes, to musicians and allowed them to get their hands on LBP Create tools. Some provided great inspiration, some were extremely hands on, and in the end we came up with some great creations together, levels that in one way or another say something about what they are about. This Friday, you’ll be able to go online in LittleBigPlanet and check out a new hot spot destination on called “the patch”.


On “the patch” you’ll find LBP Original levels created by inspiring individuals and interesting personalities. For our first showcase, we are spotlighting Joe Vaux, Sarah Burke, and Nathan Cabrera. Throughout the week, you’ll hear from several of them and their own experiences creating their LBP Original, so stay tuned the rest of the week and find out what other personalities you’ll find on “the patch”.


LittleBigPlanet Sackboy poster

Judge Dredd is getting closer to LBP and to celebrate Media Molecule is hooking you up with some cool wallpaper for your computer.



We found this online and we thought it was a photoshop job, but this is an actual spider. We couldn’t help but be reminded about our favorite character. As much as we love Sackboy, not sure if I want to catch this guy in my kitchen…or anywhere.



For those of you who want to have a SackBoy fashion show, be sure to visit LBP fan, Takorii and make your own LBP outfit on the fly.


Monsters are invading LBP this week with a new Creation Kit plus new spooky costumes (check out this video!).

May 21st : Monsters Kit : $3.99


The Monsters Kit arrives and is the first of a new kind of content pack we’ve got heading your way in the coming months. Described broadly as a Medium pack, the Monsters Kit contains a large amount of creative goodness for you to use in your own level designs. It also includes a gallery level showing off the contents of the kit.

  • Ready made pieces : Rotary Saw, Mannequin Head, Mannequin Legs, Mannequin Torso
  • Primative material : Orange fabric, fish scales, reptile skin, eggshell, Chesterfield
  • 26 Monster decorations including witch nose, tentacles, splat, rusty nail and much more
  • 96 Monster theme stickers
  • Horror sounds : A goodly number of suitably grim sounds to help with your creations.
  • Music : “Party Ghouls’ Music” (interactive track)

May 21st : Monster Costume Pack : $2.99

To accompany the Monsters Kit come four fangtastic costumes that are sure to entertain. These costumes are also available individually for $0.99 each.

LittleBigPlanet_AddOn-VampireCostume_thumb_US LittleBigPlanet_AddOn-BrideofSackulaCostume_thumb_US

  • Sackula costume : Count Sackula hair, Count Sackula legs, Count Sackula jacket and cloak
  • Bride of Sackula costume : Bride of Sackula hair, Bride of Sackula legs, Bride of Sackula dress, Bride of Sackula cloak
  • Werewolf : Werewolf head, Werewolf torso, Werewolf tail, Werewolf trousers
  • Zombie : Zombie torso, Zombie legs, Zombie skin

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  • I’m waiting for a new level pack like the mgs4 one to play LBP again

  • LittleBigPlanet has some of the beast DLC ever.

    I’m still waiting for the online create patch, though!

  • (sigh) This is pretty lame actually

  • Well that was an extremely disappointing announcement. Very underwhelming. I understand why it’s called “the patch” but it should have been clearer that it’s not “a patch” as in a feature update/bug fix. I stopped playing LBP for about 5 months because of MM not giving us online cooperative create mode…

  • Can we have more lvl packs like the MGS one? also,whens the next creator pack comming?

  • @42 Yes

    Considering that “The Patch” was first teased earlier today, I cannot say that it is a big deal for it to “finally” be revealed as not a patch. Otherwise, I find the idea neat and appreciate the continued support, even though the only thing I’ve paid for is the MGS Pack. While I think the costumes are cool, I am just too stingy to justify $3-5 for a few new costumes and stickers (which I have a hard time scrolling through already). However, I do agree that the Play, Create, Share numbers really need to be fixed since they did seem to work during beta. Also, I am still very upset about the fact that there is not way to get the Heavenly Sword pack without Nariko since I already have her.

  • Wait, so the costumes don’t come with the kit? That makes no sense….that’s like getting a cheeseburger without the meat….wtf?

  • Tuxbooble,Stop complaining. MM has given us the best game ever. Online create mode is comming. If you knew how hard it was to patch such a big thing,you wouldn’t be complaining.

  • cool but holloween isnt here……um ok HAPPY HOLLOWEEN ANYWAY!!!!!!

  • Do not want.

  • its no supprise lbp is in the bargin bin for £10, dont get me wrong twas a beautifull game and idea just, well it runs like crap doesnt it, random freezeing and ps3 reseting, no points or online creation for friends as promised, yet there you are still trying to rinse money out of your supporters


  • Please make custom music available for Single player and online,

    Thats the only thing I want for LBP,
    Makes games less “Stressful” while listening to
    your own music :)

  • That monster pack is a rip off. Why are the costumes seperate from the kit. I was actually going to buy this based on the 3.99 price tag, but there is no way I’m spending seven bucks on it.

  • Also, Where are the Sackboy Plushes for the US. I want to buy one but I can’t. Also please release an expansion pack.

  • Excellent

    I just finished a haunted house level and was about to publish it. I will wait now and add these new items to it.

    Anyway can someone give me some tips to create a lightning flashes.

  • The costumes are not seperate from the kit, in the post it says “or can be purchased seperately”. You get the costumes in the kit or you can buy them without the rest of the ket for 2.99

  • *Kit not ket

  • @66
    Really, If so i will really consider purchasing it.

  • Wait I think they mean you can buy each costume for .99

  • i gotta agree with a lot of people LBP been out for a while now. its time for some new levels i can understand MM maybe working on the PSP version. but give us PS3 owners a bone to chew

  • another huge update. thanks for the continued support MM. i can’t wait for the portable sackboys and i hope it gets as much content as its bigger brother.


  • “The patch” should be online create mode.

    Congrats, LBP isn’t being played unless something like that comes out.

  • dats kool
    cant wait

  • I was hoping they would increase the saved space limit. It’s way too low.

  • looks cool. I am glad there will finally be some more levels, even though its not you guys making them…. hopefully they are good.

    I want you guys to fix up your search engine a bit more, with daily/weekly/monthly/yearly/alltime best levels. Also its been so long since you released Dev levels, what have you guys been up to all this time anyway??

  • nice way to start of the week MM, ill check this lvls out!

  • I just got my San Diego Comic-Con Magazine, and in it it said that it will have an exclusive Comic-Con Sackboy!! I just love this game.

  • @ bravo9zero
    Press start, settings, music player.
    Add me to your psn ask me for the music link,
    I’ll hook you up..
    FREE on PS3. :)

  • It’s a good idea but did you not think calling something The Patch would mislead people? Did you do focus testing on the name at all? Do you know what a patch is in gaming speak? Wow. You really want to get some famous game designers doing some levels, like Kojima. As luckettx said a weekly or monthly MM/IGN/fansite chosen Top 5 would be a better addition since it gives back to the community.

    I was hoping it was a patch that fixed the Play Create Share counters which still don’t work.

    Oh and 5000 free Sackboys were given away in the UK. They were great, very popular. Why haven’t these been made available for sale yet? This is the definition of dropping the ball.

  • Big dissapointment. This isnt going to make me gain interest in LBP again or spend money on it. I need some real game content not some pixel changes that make my character look a little different. Thats boring..I want some real DLC like the MGS 4 patch that added new story levels, gameplay elements, and a set of new trophies. When you do this you will have my money. Otherwise I see no need to return to this game. Especially for something as meaningless as a costume…or a small change in the creation process. I have created my fair share of levels but what I really enjoy is playing the game.

  • As long as people continue to purchase these skins/stickers, there’s very little motivation for MM to put effort into meatier level packs like MGS4 (also the only paid DLC I’ve bothered with for LBP). Clearly, the time and expense to create a level pack is much greater than for skins/stickers. At this point the clearest message to MM would be to not purchase skins/stickers

  • @58Booboo

    Don’t give me that response. This is something that was supposed to come out 2 weeks after launch, originally. I’m a computer programmer, so I know it’s a lot of work. But it’s also very unprofessional to NOT meet the demand of the customer. I love LBP, but seriously, some things that are designed to be a part of the game SHOULD BE a part of the game.

    I’m not saying Media Molecule is full of awful, terrible people. I respect them a lot. But they’ve pretty much ignored the issue altogether. They briefly mentioned it way back, and then publicly have said little to nothing about it, as if they’re hoping we forget. And as others have said, Play Create Share numbers should be there too. If they wanted to add it as a “feature” eventually, they should have removed them from existence until they’re ready to go, rather than tease us for 6 months or so with “features” that don’t exist.

    I don’t think it’s unreasonable, considering those factors.

  • PATCH IS A PATCH??? :/

  • @ 82 Wow Bravo Brava! Your sooo right! MediaMolecule suck on his words please..

    You guys are slacking.. I dont wanna play some hobo celebrity.. level.. I wanna create with friends online.. and make better level from Level Packs.. Come on guys stop dropping the ball.. just cause your on PS3..

  • The costumes are cool but I don’t get why it’s not being released to… Um… I don’t know… Halloween?

  • @ Kenshin71

    Those Sackboy plushies are under a UK license, as far as I know- so they won’t be for sale here outside of eBay. If you want to buy some MUCH better Sackboy merch, the 1st series of the Mezco Toyz 4″ figures are available for pre-order from the store at (I’d link it, but by the time it was approved, everyone will have moved on). Check them out, they’re gorgeous. They make that plushie look like trash…

    @ SabbathRider

    The costume package is $2.99 and the monster kit is $3.99. They are seperate. It will cost $6.98 for the whole lot. The costumes can be purchased individually from the costume pack for $.99, but they aren’t included in the kit. Re-read the post.

    @ TRIX_BOL

    Music Player is under the pause menu when creating or in your pod. It doesn’t work like most PS3 game’s custom soundtracks, which is odd. Works well, though…

  • ive been wondering….. u remember the levels that MM introduced to us when the game was first announced… well maybe they could publish the oldies or have a creator make this level nad put it in “thepatch”. does anyone think this is a good idea?

  • @78

    I know you can play music In the Pod and during Create mode,
    But I would like to play too music
    While I’m playing the game.

    Will make aceing levels less stressful :P

  • @65/Lucreto
    If you want to create a flashing light, hook it up to a magnet switch and use a rotating wheel for. Bonus points for having it also use a proximity sensor.

    @Most/in general

    There are likely still bugs with the play/create/share-omiters. Same with online level building(more then likely pertaining to lag/asset sharing).

    Online music sharing can have three issues:
    and the oh so classic 3)Ratings issues
    How offensive can music be?
    Think of it akin to someone switching the music on your radio to something you detest(in my case Rap/R&B). MM just wants to keep it somewhat close to its original rating.

    As for myself, this stuff looks good.

    Content packs should be rated based on what players want. Usually it goes in preference of levels/features(MGS), materials(the xmas pack comes to mind), and (the general) stickers/costumes.

  • -cont’d-

    Level packs are the best though. Although there are a lot of great levels/creators online, the levels with the MGS pack are the best.
    Gonna be interesting to see whats coming along with the Judge Dread pack.

    As for the “celebrity” levels, I’m not gonna fret too much on that. Lets give them a run, maybe it’ll fly. If it doesn’t, we’ll have something different in a few months(This seems to be related to the Kustom Culture event hinted at a fair while back).

  • Fantastic! Can’t wait to get my hands on the pack and maybe even the costumes!

  • awesome dracula design ;-) ima definitely pick that up :-P

  • my fiance is on the patch xD

    LBP better not be on the patch, because I still need to make awesome babies (levels).

    @ at all of you cry babies wanting this and wanting that and demand, blah blah blah: Make some friends and go play some levels.

  • i kinda hav an idea of a sort of sound trak but u can use ure downloaded music on teh ps3

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