Sack it to Me – “The Patch” Edition

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We are kicking off the week with some fun news bytes as well as introducing a great new program we are launching this week called “the patch”. Great week to all!

LBP Originals on THE PATCH

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As most of you know, we’ve been spending the past few months touring and showing LittleBigPlanet at various promotional events. We’ve had the pleasure to meet a wide variety of great personalities from artists, to athletes, to musicians and allowed them to get their hands on LBP Create tools. Some provided great inspiration, some were extremely hands on, and in the end we came up with some great creations together, levels that in one way or another say something about what they are about. This Friday, you’ll be able to go online in LittleBigPlanet and check out a new hot spot destination on called “the patch”.


On “the patch” you’ll find LBP Original levels created by inspiring individuals and interesting personalities. For our first showcase, we are spotlighting Joe Vaux, Sarah Burke, and Nathan Cabrera. Throughout the week, you’ll hear from several of them and their own experiences creating their LBP Original, so stay tuned the rest of the week and find out what other personalities you’ll find on “the patch”.


LittleBigPlanet Sackboy poster

Judge Dredd is getting closer to LBP and to celebrate Media Molecule is hooking you up with some cool wallpaper for your computer.



We found this online and we thought it was a photoshop job, but this is an actual spider. We couldn’t help but be reminded about our favorite character. As much as we love Sackboy, not sure if I want to catch this guy in my kitchen…or anywhere.



For those of you who want to have a SackBoy fashion show, be sure to visit LBP fan, Takorii and make your own LBP outfit on the fly.


Monsters are invading LBP this week with a new Creation Kit plus new spooky costumes (check out this video!).

May 21st : Monsters Kit : $3.99


The Monsters Kit arrives and is the first of a new kind of content pack we’ve got heading your way in the coming months. Described broadly as a Medium pack, the Monsters Kit contains a large amount of creative goodness for you to use in your own level designs. It also includes a gallery level showing off the contents of the kit.

  • Ready made pieces : Rotary Saw, Mannequin Head, Mannequin Legs, Mannequin Torso
  • Primative material : Orange fabric, fish scales, reptile skin, eggshell, Chesterfield
  • 26 Monster decorations including witch nose, tentacles, splat, rusty nail and much more
  • 96 Monster theme stickers
  • Horror sounds : A goodly number of suitably grim sounds to help with your creations.
  • Music : “Party Ghouls’ Music” (interactive track)

May 21st : Monster Costume Pack : $2.99

To accompany the Monsters Kit come four fangtastic costumes that are sure to entertain. These costumes are also available individually for $0.99 each.

LittleBigPlanet_AddOn-VampireCostume_thumb_US LittleBigPlanet_AddOn-BrideofSackulaCostume_thumb_US

  • Sackula costume : Count Sackula hair, Count Sackula legs, Count Sackula jacket and cloak
  • Bride of Sackula costume : Bride of Sackula hair, Bride of Sackula legs, Bride of Sackula dress, Bride of Sackula cloak
  • Werewolf : Werewolf head, Werewolf torso, Werewolf tail, Werewolf trousers
  • Zombie : Zombie torso, Zombie legs, Zombie skin

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