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Bit of a change here on What We Read…

We’ve been using this list for some time to let you know the stories that’ve caught our eye on any given week. Now we’d like to take things a step further, and allow *you* to spread the word even further.

Starting this week, we’ve taken the liberty of Digging each link on the list. When you click on any the posts below, it’ll take you to the Digg page we’ve teed up (or to the page that existed when we found it). At that point you can click through to the story, and if you like it, Digg it up a notch.

For those of you not familiar with Digg – stories that reach a critical mass (somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 Diggs, or “thumbs up” votes), show up on Digg’s Gaming page, exposing it to a new, larger audience. It’s our way of helping our favorite PlayStation/gaming sites reach as many people as possible. Thanks in advance for your help!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of May 11, 2009)

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  • @41 yeah i have been sending them a few e-mails along a few fellow posters at the playstation forums. but, so far no answer from them. i just wish they fix the bugs so that i can compete agaisnt other players online…

  • sry for the double post* but it wouldnt hurt if jeff or chris talk to them about this issue…i think they would listen more to a couple dudes from sony rather than ppl that they dont know if you what i mean?

  • I am waiting for MGS5 ps3 exclusive announcement at e3

    also TRICO will be there for sure along with the biggest game this gen —GT5

    plus we get a glimpse of slim ps3 at e3 and some mammoth ps3 exclusive games

  • Are we going to hear more on Final Fantasy Versus XIII at E3 this year?

  • Fo sho. Great week until I got a speeding ticket from the CHP driving towards LA. Damn they don’t mess around!

  • Invisibleman306

    Are we ever going to get trophies for MGS4????? It’s been almost a year since the games been released.

  • @Jeff when is STAR TREK: DAC coming to PS3? Any hits or leads?

  • @57

    See post 25, LOL I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER
    EITHER :-D all I can find is “coming soon to PSN” everywhere…..

  • This really has nothing to do with this post. It regards the last update for the PS3.

    Please stop blocking Hulu on the PS3. Ever since I updated it I haven’t been able to view videos on It is quite annoying and it needs to stop. Sure, it doesn’t work very good, but its still nice to be able to watch it on a larger screen than my laptop.

  • Great that UK PS3 users got free Sackboy plushies, but it’s kind of a letdown to us North American LBP fans. :(

    To ease the burn of not getting any cool swag, you might want to know that Mezco Toyz has opened preorders for their first series of 4″ LBP figures. I’ve tipped off multiple sites and the MM blog, and no one seems to want to report on it. I guess they only care about promoting cool LBP merch in the UK… ?

  • I retract my last statement. Apparently its only my PS3…

  • Hey Jeff,

    Any word on cross-game voicechat?
    Here’s a tip:

    Include Skype in the next firmware-upgrade. It’s already on PSP.

    Make sure to enable receiving/making voicecalls in-game and let people link their Skype account with their PSP-account (otherwise you’ll have two seperate contactlists, which is confusing). Also enable ‘conference’-call and VOILA: Problem solved. Everybody ‘appy.

  • I have all my hopes Sony gonna hit in the head Sega of America if they don’t give us the Yakuza’s of the playstation 3 and make them enter in reason .

    damn I cant wait to play Infamous I pre ordered today on Gamestop but the guy of the store don’t spoke nothing about the uncharted demo he just give me the exclusive power code =/

  • Do you know when PEGGLE is coming to the PSN?

  • @47..especially if you like fiction.

  • I want Yakuza over here already. All these news posts of another yakuza game makes me sad. I want to play yakuza 3 and Kenzan!

  • e3 in HOME!!!

  • life with playstation is ok. but what i realy would like is like a place for ps3 users to blog and uses that to search for people etc. like facebook cross with littlebigplanet.
    much better than that channel they just added. its boring. also please let us add our own city to the news channel. i need the weather for brisbane/goldcoast not sydney lol.

  • I have only one question:
    Are we going to have 2D acceleration in Linux? We want to thank Sony for adding this great feature to the PS3, but we need more speed to make programs. The whole Linux community is waiting for a response. We would really like to know if Sony has some plans to improve it. Thank you in advance.

  • jeff, plz i want see all videos on you tube,,plz ,makew ANY SOLUTION., I WIL THX FOR THIS,GIV ME3E ANSWER

  • Any plan on a graphical refresh for home? Go shadows of Luclin on that piece. Awww Everquest….I remember the day that came out.

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