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Bit of a change here on What We Read…

We’ve been using this list for some time to let you know the stories that’ve caught our eye on any given week. Now we’d like to take things a step further, and allow *you* to spread the word even further.

Starting this week, we’ve taken the liberty of Digging each link on the list. When you click on any the posts below, it’ll take you to the Digg page we’ve teed up (or to the page that existed when we found it). At that point you can click through to the story, and if you like it, Digg it up a notch.

For those of you not familiar with Digg – stories that reach a critical mass (somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 Diggs, or “thumbs up” votes), show up on Digg’s Gaming page, exposing it to a new, larger audience. It’s our way of helping our favorite PlayStation/gaming sites reach as many people as possible. Thanks in advance for your help!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of May 11, 2009)

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  • Well, that’s interesting. I’m not sure I like it. But I’ll support you if I can, Playstation Blog!

    I can’t wait for your E3 announcements. Really looking forward to Team ICO’s game (if shown), Heavy Rain, MAG, and etc. So many games you guys have!

    Hum, also, does anyone have an idea why I can’t buy stuff or add funds to my account on Playstation Network? I want to buy Patapon 2!

  • Hey Jeff, I was contacted via email by Veilcorp.(aka Xi) I have to meet them real soon. Is there anyway you could shed more light on what is gonna happen?

  • Demon’s Souls or Quantum Theory news at E3 please.. Also, a Team ICO announcement would be awesome.

    Loved the Uncharted videos this week!

    • We\’ve already set up an appointment to speak with Tecmo (Quantum Theory, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2)!

  • The Socom FTB 3 preview looks real good.

    I’m a huge socom fan. i have all of the socoms:
    Socom 1,2,3,combined assault,FTB1,2, tatical strike and confrontation.

  • New PSN avatars request again please!

    It’s been over a year guys! What the hells the hold up?

  • How about linking to each page via digg short url so that the digg bar (for people who havent disabled it) is displayed at the top of each page, allowing people to easily digg the article if they want, but not interfering with people who don’t want to digg articles.

  • cool, I like the Digg feature

  • Team ICO please please please! :)

  • lol, really Jeff? Veilcorp is part of that Playstation Home ARG, but I’m sure you know that. Come on help a gamer out :)

  • Loved Greg’s inFamous review. I cannot wait to pop that game in and play it myself…been playing the demo every day since I got it.

    When I’m playing the game myself and having the time of my life I’ll get over this, but for right now, Jeff, I’m insanely jealous and hope you both die of leperosy. :-)

  • I don’t want to seem anti-humanitarian, but… does the article from “Loot Ninja” really belong on the Not really a giant issue, but I can’t help imagining three months down the road when we’re reading articles on cervical cancer and AIDS prevention… (To appease the P.C. crowds: I’m not saying these aren’t serious issues, just that it’s not really PlayStation related.)

    /Watches back for the P.C. Police/Assassins.

  • Cool, be sure to put some Eye of judgment news in there if you see it, can’t wait to see more cards

  • How many people read the blog Jeff?

  • Whatever happened to the HUGE EXCLUSIVES announcement ? It has been well beyond 24h !

  • @ jeff

    I was wondering is it true that the patapon contest is only for those who live in US?? i live in Canada,Toronto and i posted my picture on there but then i noticed that its a US thingy is that right or it wouldnt matter that i live in US??
    thanks in advance

  • Any info on the rumoured MGS4 DLC single player missions at E3? Also, please grab hold of Digi-Guys & get War Devil info out of them (are they expected to be at E3?).

  • hi,,i think in psp should we have compatibility to play you tube videos,,xvid all video formats compatibility..jeff..plz i want this all ..

  • At first I wasn’t too excited about this new Digg link posting but, after reading the paragraph, it seems like a neat idea.

    Looking forward to see how far some articles will go!

  • I can’t be bothered to create a Digg account… :(

  • Jeff you know something about the photo contest winners on Motorstorm Pacific Rift ??? they said they were gonna announce the winners the end of this week , well today is sunday last day of the week and still nothing lol , Motorstorm Arctic Edge video interview still coming???


    Sunday is the first day of the week. Staurday being the last. They are late according to your’s and mine’s posts.

  • any news about video store in Canada?

  • Please get rid of this digg thing or at least make it so I don’t have to click through an intermediate page on the way to the article and then go back through it after I read the article and want to get back to the blog’s page to find the next article. It’s really an annoyance

  • Nice to see René Auberjonois back on the video game scene, I loved his work in Soul Reaver 2 and Blood Omen 2. Odo was just uber cool. I’m guessing since Amy Hennigs and other LOK staff members are on the Uncharted team we should expect to see more LOK veterans on Uncharted…. well aside from the elder god, Tony Jay :(

    Also ditch the digg links that is annoying as hell.

    That article on FFXIII’s battle engine is kind of scaring me off. I hated FFXII with a passion and I’d rather not have a game that requires me to program my other characters in the party. Sounds like this maybe a bust.

  • I hope some US Youtube thing comes out so we can get a free sackboy as well.

    Also what’s with the digg shenanigans? I’m not familiar with it, why do I have to click two links to get to the original link I wanted? lol.

  • Some good stuff!!!

    A little off topic, but any word on when Star Trek DAC is coming to PSN, lol everywhere says coming soon.

    And Jeff, the answer to your question, was I, but I thought that was obvious :-P

  • does each post in the blog have a diggit link? It would be a nice addition to each blog post.

  • I support your support to other websites through Digging but let’s face it: it’s really annoying having to click one more time to read the full article. It’s like when you post something on the PSBlog main page and you are all excited reading when you encounter a link saying “Continue…” . I prefer scrolling down than clicking. I think I’m too mouse-lazy lately.

    I hope next week the links open a new page so I’m not taken outside the psblog.

  • Jeff you should make the links normal , but include a “Digg This” icon near them , you know? i think that way its easier to do.

  • Looking forward to E3 more than ever!

    I think Team ICO’s games are internationally relevant enough, to warrant being announced at E3, as opposed to TGS.

    It’s like Gran Turismo status (in terms of reception ratehr than sales) now!

  • will we get a sony e3 booth in home this year… i would love that, also how did the star trek party go.. do you have any footage?

  • attention: zen pinball is broken on multiplayer mode.i have been trying to play the game in that mode the last couple of days and my ps3 freezes up when i try to…

    to anyone who cares? please pass the note to the developers,thanks

  • PS3 Slim at E3? TRUE or FALSE Jeff? :D
    [not that i believe 99% of what is said on the internet, unless it is on this site]

  • KOF XII pleaseeeee !!

  • Anyone else camping the Kojima teaser hitting refresh? HURRY UP!

  • *sigh*…i know im going to sound like a broken record but i wish they would make a sequel to Legend of Dragoon….for whatever reasons they didnt, i think they should seriously reconsider…or allow someone else to make it at least.

  • Hey Jeff,
    Are you going to be speaking with Kojima-san?

  • Uncharted 2 SP footage takes the cake for me, I just hope because of the multiplayer the SP version didn’t suffer.

  • @32

    Have you contacted ZEN Studios? *


    If they announce a slim at E3 and were not ready to sell them THAT DAY, PS3 sales would tank until the slim came out. Since there is no PS3 at the FCC right now and that leaked photos logo is not trademarked by SONY I’m thinking no chance on that rumour…but I’d like to be wrong.

    @35 Yes.

  • Digg never heard of it!!! Also I’m to busy playing games and working to be Digging. LOL This is only site I go to for PS news. Rummers are for chumps..

  • im ‘digging’ this idea Jeff! XD sorry i had to but in all seriousness this is a great idea to spread word on all things playstation. great work.


  • digplans digs the Digg plans.

    Hey Jeff, i’ve recently been thinking about Heavy Rain quite a bit. I know you mentioned that there may be some news/coverage about the game nearing May 20something (I forget which day exactly). I’m just so unbelievably stoked for it. Have you seen it? Are you just as excited as I?

    Blast! When there’s so little information on something so anticipated, it becomes like a splinter in my mind. I want you, Heavy Rain, I want you!

  • Don’t tell me you guys missed this one…

    I know, I know, wait till E3.

  • “Real Sackboys Given Away in the UK! – Kotaku”

    If SCE’s marketing division had half a brain they would have followed this up by announcing that Sackboys would be available for sale in a store near you or even a Sackboy/LBP game bundle. Sony should be paying me for my great ideas.

    /secretly wants a Sackboy

    Also, info on Demon’s Souls please. If you talk to Tecmo please tell them the fans want the gratuitous blood kept in NGS2, not that weak purple mist.

  • Do you ever visit

    There are a lot of good articles over there.

  • Hey Jeff,

    Are you gonna interview the NIS guys pretty soon since they announced 2 new RPG’s for PS3.

  • Jeff,

    I also think it would be better going with the digg short url. It makes it less convenient when clicking so many links and then having to click all of them again at the digg page XD

  • When are we going to receive Socom Confrontation news?

Please enter your date of birth.