Critter Crunch! PlayStation Network! Barf!

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Hello, new best friends!

This is Kris. I’m the creative director at Capy, which means I’m by-far the coolest guy at the studio. And Capy is pretty cool, so that’s not just talk. Anyway, who is Capy, right? Well, Capy is an indie studio from the sometimes frozen, other times disgustingly humid Canadian wonderland known as Toronto.

So, um, check this trailer…but only if you’re down with technicolor barf!

Boing! That was me announcing Critter Crunch for PlayStation Network!

Everyone at Capy has been working super-hard creating this crazy little arcade-puzzler (and filling it with humongous doses of love) so we’re very excited to finally announce its existence. Critter Crunch is fueled by an original and award-winning “food chain” puzzle mechanic, which is all about feeding critters into each other until they burst. It’s exactly as cute as it is horrible and sad, just like nature itself!

The game features a bunch of single player modes like adventure & puzzle, as well as online and local multiplayer in versus & co-op flavors, with a plethora of fancy trophies to collect. It also has lots of really pretty 1080p art that should make your HDTV happy.

I hope you like it!

CritterCrunch Single- Player Screen1

If you have any questions, fire away in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them…and check back for more PlayStation.Blog updates soon!


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  • not bash that title, but i dont think i’ll be downloading this game just not my game sorry.

  • so, i’ll pass on this game. does look like a clever idea though :)

  • Does this game include XMB MUSIC SUPPORT?

    Looks great!

  • HAHA this looks great. Cool artwork, too

  • Hey
    Will you guys be making a PSP version?
    In my opinion these type of games are better suited for on the go sessions.
    And I do like the art style of the game and also thought the trailer was funny :)

  • This is too cute! Looks like something that I would play!

  • A psn game made by fellow Torontoian’s.

    Im sold.

    Best of luck, hope its a big hit.


  • Woot so like 5 dollars less woot yeah! 2.99 lol anyway it even has trophies make it cheap and good like you did you make lot of profit then

  • This looks really cool!

    First day purchase, for sure

  • not more that 10 bucks you said? Now, this ring my bell for a instant buy :)

  • Great work again Kris hopefully this will be great and I think I’m going to Toronto this summer.

  • is the title of this post a reference to river city ransom?

  • I really loved Magical Drop (even though you probably dont know that game), and its really good to finally have a game of this type on PSN.

  • I can’t believe people are still asking if a game will have trophies. How does someone that visits this blog not know that every new game on PS3 has trophies from Jan 1, 2009 and onward?

  • brap brap! Toronto!

  • how exactly does the fodd chain system work? i see red being fed toblack, yellow being fed to red, coins gettting eatin, and flies getting owned. whats going on! Ahhhhhh the madness!

    PS-this will be a definite buy.

    • Kris Piotrowski

      Haha! \”Flies getting owned\”… that\’s a perfect description of the gameplay, actually!

      The puzzle mechanic is based on size, not color so big critters eat medium critters, medium critters eat small critters. Feeding critters more than once causes them to explode.

      There\’s a lot more to it than that, but that is the core concept behind it.

  • Gray-Fillabuster

    Woot, Toronto boys in the house….even though I’m from BRAMPTON. Ehh, close enough!

  • Lol, thats a weird concept on a puzzle game. Looks like it’ll be fun.

  • Awesome!!! It will be a day 1 download for me.I hope to hear more of your great company:)

  • Wow …………….. there are no words for this … cept AWESOME aint nothing better than rainbow puke!!

  • I played a demo for this on my cell phone. What’s so unique about that? Well, after it expired, I thought to myself, “That would make a great PSN game.”

  • @116 I also have two young daughters, the eldest of which is a super sensitive preschooler.

    So on her behalf, I ask Kris this: will there be medicine for Biggs?

    @133 Barf for your flame bait!

    Great looking game, nice price point, and online support to boot. Will definitely check out the demo!

  • “Feats of Constipation”
    that sounds like an awesome trophy

  • Any information in regards to a release on the EU PSN?

    This is one of the most interesting titles yet!

  • Thanks for the reply Kris =]

    This is a day one purchase for me, always happy to support fun and creative titles.

    Thanks for supporting us PS3 owners!

  • It’s great to see developers replying so much on the blog, makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside :).

  • how can i purchase this game from Hungary?

  • I was already sold from the HD-2D (hand drawn?) animation style, now I learn through a post below it’s got co-op play?! That’s just phenomenal!

    Plus, it’s like a twisted version of the “Magical Drop” games by SNK/Neo-Geo. Were those games a source of inspiration for “Critter Crunch?”

    I know it might be a bit early to ask, but are you planning on having any other characters to play as other than Biggs and Smalls?

  • Kris,

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to so many questions here. It’s such a simple (and I assume) fun thing to do that will make people instantly fans of your company and want to support you. I wish more companies will figure this out.

    I personally love most things indie on the PS3. In fact, I have a website dedicated to it at, check it out if you have a free moment. We do a weekly podcast, which we are actually going to be recording tonight, and I will be certain to mention this game. Not that we have a million listeners or anything, but I love to try to support indie developers in any way I possibly can.

    Anyway, cool game, will be a day one purchase for me.

    • Kris Piotrowski

      Hey famousmortimer,
      Thanks for the kind words. Replying to all of these comments has been a blast!

      And I totally agree: PSN really does have an incredible roster of beautiful, artistic and otherwise unique games. It\’s amazing.

  • hmmmm.. Mr. Piotrowski,CAPY you have my thumbs up! Especially:

    Biggs + Smalls = Biggie Smalls! lol
    + also not sure whether it was intentional but, the graphics remind me of THUNDERCATS!!!!! Which makes you very cool, indeed.

  • lets hope this game doesnt become the leafs. HO

  • Very nice concept! Can’t wait to play it. Though it reminds of space invaders, but in a really CUTE manner. Hopefully it will come out at the time of when I am done playing with inFAMOUS and Prototype, so somewhere between July or August. And by less then 10 bucks, do you mean 9.99 USD? That is surely, less then 10 USD by a cent, hahaha. Thanks a lot and welcome to PS blog. That’s all for me.

  • dude this the type of game i will bye i havent gottne any puzzle games yet cause they are all just remakes like zuma and what not but but this looks fresh and totally amazing ill pick this up no matter price and definately should have remote play and this would be the one reason i wish i was canadian and i like cute things that are really gross like this so i cant wait as long as there is money in my wallet this will be a first day buy and come back with more info please Kris

  • Man I cant put my finger on it but I know for sure I have played this game online somewhere at a flash game website a little under a year ago…… I think it was under another name though…….

  • After your visit was announced on the blog earlier in the week, I took the time to hunt down who you guys were. After seeing CC receive tons of critical love, I immediately downloaded it on my iPhone. I honestly can’t wait to play it with a d-pad.

    I have a request though. I have a 65 inch tv and can’t wait to see Biggs chainin bursts (food chain boom!), so is there any way we can get that above video released on the Playstation Store in full 1080 HD? Can’t wait to see my girlfriends face as she’s overwhelmed by cute :)

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