Critter Crunch! PlayStation Network! Barf!

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Hello, new best friends!

This is Kris. I’m the creative director at Capy, which means I’m by-far the coolest guy at the studio. And Capy is pretty cool, so that’s not just talk. Anyway, who is Capy, right? Well, Capy is an indie studio from the sometimes frozen, other times disgustingly humid Canadian wonderland known as Toronto.

So, um, check this trailer…but only if you’re down with technicolor barf!

Boing! That was me announcing Critter Crunch for PlayStation Network!

Everyone at Capy has been working super-hard creating this crazy little arcade-puzzler (and filling it with humongous doses of love) so we’re very excited to finally announce its existence. Critter Crunch is fueled by an original and award-winning “food chain” puzzle mechanic, which is all about feeding critters into each other until they burst. It’s exactly as cute as it is horrible and sad, just like nature itself!

The game features a bunch of single player modes like adventure & puzzle, as well as online and local multiplayer in versus & co-op flavors, with a plethora of fancy trophies to collect. It also has lots of really pretty 1080p art that should make your HDTV happy.

I hope you like it!

CritterCrunch Single- Player Screen1

If you have any questions, fire away in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them…and check back for more PlayStation.Blog updates soon!


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  • I know its a puzzler, but is there any storyboard? I just wanna see more of that wonderful animation.

  • If you ask me this game looks a lot better than GTA IV.

    • Kris Piotrowski

      Yes, it\’s definitely a better looking hand-animated 2D puzzle game than GTA IV.

      Also, pound-for-pound, Critter Crunch has way more violence, albeit cute violence.

  • BTW – I noticed you mentioned co-op but is this an online thing or does it support local split-screen\VS for those of us who have friends physically come over to hang out? Please say 4x!

    Looks like a fun, simple to pickup, hard to put down game that you can break out when friends are over.

    Something that many games seriously lack nowadays. I call them hermit games :) Still love them but nothing beats smack talking with friends in person after a few drinks!

    Fuzzy Critters are manly!

  • You’ve got me sold on this one, LOVE the artwork (I love 2d games!), and it looks like a lot of fun!

  • Ignore my previous post :)

    Must have missed that reply…

    “main difference is the addition of online and local multiplayer versus modes and a super crazy insane co-op mode”

  • I have the Java-Version of the game since around a year or something on my cell phone – very addicting game.


  • this game makes me want to puke…….rainbows

  • LMAO looks cool!


    Need there be said more? (or whatever that sentence should be)

  • Awesome low price and a game that just looks sweet and very awesome I would love to buy your game but I can’t I live in Europe.

    I am very sorry I can’t help you guys out I love indie-developers

  • But seriously, games like this is why I enjoy my PS3. There is only so many un-inspired high-budget shooters one can stand.

  • Looks awesome! I’m a sucker for puzzle games, will buy day one!

  • Hey I think that is long as they don’t charge $19.99 like the not too bright Galactrix company. ($19.99 for a puzzler with 12 trophies during a major recession is very stupid). Game Looks great Capy keep it up and be smart about your price point. Trust me right now you will loose more money then you would gain charging more.

  • I like the art work, plus it is a new IP and that alone got me sold :D <<< support all kind of new IPs unless they are really really BAD

  • They are so cute, they barf rainbows.

    Is there going to be a demo?

  • I like the looks and I’m getting it….it’s a pitty that the gameplay involves eating small sweet creatures otherwise my daughters would love playing it…I know from this moment that they won’t find it fun to play…

    Do the designers have kids? small kids I mean…at least when it comes to girls, in general, they love games that are fun and no one gets hurt…you could have used fruit or something else…everybody loves a game where everybody is happy, by doing a sweet game a little cruel you lose potential buyers

    …you know…like the designer of Protoype said, some games are for as***les LOL

    but well, I’ll be getting this for ME. Thanks!

  • I WANT THIS… but im in the UK


  • Hey man welcome to the blog love the art style, when’s this coming out?


    Kris they call it “T dot” because on the map of Canada Toronto just has a T and a big DOT. I’m a Newf myself. I have a great game idea but it would require a full BR disc to hold it. Hit me up and lets talk.

  • why did this trailer remind me to 2 g 1 cup

  • isn’t this game on the iphone for 99 cents?

  • Awesome animation, and ridiculously great music/sound-effects. XD @ Technicolor Barf…

  • This game looks awesome. The replies from Kris are also awesome. Keep up the awesomeness.

  • will most definitely buy this game.. love small games like this, especially from small developers… love the art style, its very Studio Ghibli!!!

  • AWESOME!!! This game looks like so much fun! I’m definately digging the character designs, and the artwork! It looks so fresh! :)

    Can’t wait to try this out!

    Thanks SO much Kris for this amazing post!

  • Very cool! Thanks for bring this to PSN.

  • Wow! I’ve seen people being cut in half by huge axes, heads and whole body’s explode into a 1000 pieces in super slow motion, people being eaten alive by insects and so on. But seeing this furry animal puking a rainbow into an other furry animals mouth is by far the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in a video game! I must have it!

  • @ klubjunkee: ”Indie PSN releases are day one purchases for me.”

    Hear hear! I’ll second that.

    Watch out, folks. If my sleepless nights of Magical Drop marathons are any indication, I’m on my way to the top of the leaderboards!

  • Awesome animation. Great character design too.

  • Okay I’m impressed after watching the whole video. I thought it was just going to be another puzzle match *.* and win clone. Seems to have a little extra twist.

    I’m hoping it’s a $6.99 title with possible add-ons later. :) Will buy!

  • Wow! Looks so amazing! Online/Offline Versus/Co-op with leaderboard, 1080p awesome art and UNDER $10? Kris, I’ll personally come over to the studio to pay the price!! :D

  • The whole “Canada” thing gives little hope for this game actually being good. Hopefully credible sites do review it and god pulls off another one of those parting the sea type of things. Good luck to all in Canada.

  • Woah another game for me to enjoy.

  • Is this planned as a simultaneous worldwide release?

  • lol looks good and gross!

  • @JKC31: Overweight Yankee’s who drink light beer make much better games eh?!

    I could probably name a few “good” games from big Canadian Devs like Ubisoft or EA to name a few. Maybe you’ve heard of them or played some of thier games? Maybe you’ve heard of upcoming projects like Radical’s Prototype or Digital Extreme’s involvement with Bioshock 2. How about little guys like Queazy Games (Everyday shooter) and Metanet (N+).

    There’s little hope indeed… For you!

  • ……. Awesome. It’s so cute. ^_^

    But it’s so horrifying at the same time… O_O

    I will definitely buy this! Under $10, cuteness, horror, and puzzles. Yay! :D

  • In the words of Stan Marsh, “This is f**ked up.”

  • Booo Toronto! Montreal Rock! loll
    That said, just kidding

    that puzzle looks to be fun ill wait for release this summer, thanks

  • Biggs and small…biggie smalls

  • Is this a Playstation Network Exclusive game?
    Youtube support?

  • Looks nice. Money Idol Exchanger/Magical Drop clone = auto-buy!

  • Thi looks pretty cool. I’ll definately check this one out.

  • Hey man, nice looking game. I dont normally buy puzzle games, but I will try out the demo. Actually I did buy GO! Puzzle, which I thought the tower game was really well done and quite fun.

    I love the art work though. I am wondering, how does the coop work? Is it split screen against a comp opponent? Or 2 players on 1 big puzzle board?

    Thanks for answering my questions. Hope you have success with your game. You can tell just by looking at it, its not some slapped together [DELETED] project some PSN games turn out to be (*cough* red baron *cough*).

    I also hope you guys can do more PSN exclusives! if this is one? BTW OMG you have a Capy as your icon! I want that icon!

    • Kris Piotrowski

      Hey hey,
      The co-op mode is 2 players on one gigantic puzzle screen, frantically working together to hold back the incoming swarm of critters.

      There\’s also a versus mode which is split screen. Both modes can be played online or with a couch buddy i.e, a buddy on your couch.

      And yup, CC is a PSN exclusive.

  • RGS-14 = Yes, but now we can get it with HD graphics and a new control scheme.

  • supa coo

  • almighty-slayer

    You seem like an unusually cheery person seeing as it’s tuesday. Whatever method you use to be cheerful on such a day, i want to know it! Haha

    Game looks pretty good. Another buy it seems. Stop stealing my money! May aswell just write Sony a blank cheque i think.

  • almighty-slayer

    Kris, any chance you could see if you can get The Playstation Network team to add some PSN avatars like the one you are using for this Blog? Maybe get Jeffy R to have a word with Eric or something?

  • almighty-slayer

    Just to point out, i did mean CC avatars ot just avatars in general…

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