inFAMOUS – Your Questions Answered (#1)

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With the release of inFAMOUS just a couple weeks away, it’s high time that we get your questions answered. In this first segment (you had a *lot* of questions), Sucker Punch co-Founder/Lead Programmer Bruce Oberg takes on reader queries about the Karma system, melee attacks, and the unusual spelling of “inFAMOUS.”

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow, and for those of you who’ve gotten hands-on time with the demo, what do you think?

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  • ThePerfectMurder

    Jeff! Im interested in just how much you will be doing at E3.
    1)Will you be using twitter?
    2)Who will you be interviewing?
    3)You will be doing any interviews with multiplatform developers?
    4)Will you put these all up in 1 day instead of releasing them gradually after the show?
    5)Will you have extra help to make sure all the developers get annoyed with our questions?

    Of course those are my questions. Tell us what you will!

  • my most anticipated game of the year!! cannot wait! =D

  • Jeff…

    You’re looking much more comfortable with your interview skills…gonna take over PULSE soon?


    • Jeff Rubenstein

      I think someone would kill me if they saw me instead of Christina Lee. And I\’d totally understand.

  • Great interview! I was most excited to hear about the different stories based on good or evil, and that it takes 20 minutes to get across the first island!

    Also impressed with his explanation of the title. Kind of what I assumed, but I’m glad to have it confirmed.

  • Great interview like always Jeff. Can’t wait for inFamous!


  • @53

    Let’s start a nationwide campaign!!!!



    I really can’t stop playing this Demo, I love it. Trying to find new places to jump and climb. Just pure fun. I’m playing right now, should be practicing Socom for the NASL ( North American Socom League) Tournament Saturday but it’s so much Fun. The name Sucker Punch is totally Apt, you sucker punched me with this great addictive game. Right outta nowhere. You’re going to be Rich.

  • This guys seems like he really enjoys his job and life in general. Great interview. Just like trophies this should be a standard for every major PS3 game.

  • Holy [DELETED]… Jeff watches ‘soccer’?


    Was surprised when I was listening to CO-OP and RebelFM and found out Sterling McGarvey does too.

    Arsenal are just paying becuase of the new homeground. There were a lot of awful decisions by Arsene Wenger too.

  • Jeff, buddy, you need more sleep. Those dark bags under your eyes are only going to get worse with the baby. Can’t wait for the game and I loved the demo. (Though I do NOT love pre-ordering the game to see if I like it enough to buy it.)

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      dude, I was super tired, a touch sick, and had been traveling for a week straight. Welcome to pre-E3.

  • inFAMOUS, Uncharted 2, R&CF: A Crack in Time. Man, summer and fall are gonna be sweet!

  • I’ve played the heck out of the demo, and I adore it. The more I play it, the better it gets, keep finding fun new things to see/do all around the island.

    My fave aspects would have to be the grinding rails, the lightning storm attack and the platforming, which is simply brilliant in it’s execution.

    My only complaints at this point would be the awful lip-synch animation on the NPCs and some issues of pop-in.

    Other than those two aspects, I’m in love with it and cannot wait to play the full game, which is crazy, because I had very little interest in it before trying the demo.

  • anyone know if this has the same auto-lockon/aim functionality as GTA4?



    thats the only game store near my housee

  • Played the demo, loved it except when you zap people they always do the same thing. Same movements, smae position on ground. Whats up with that?

  • Great interview Jeff. Thanks man!

  • the demo is AWESOME my only gripe is that there’s a little too much pop in for my liking but i thought maybe that was due to an early build, can you comment on that jeff?

  • I am still not sure how this game will be. I am really looking forward to playing a demo.

  • I want to try the demo so bad but I’m getting the preorder at GSTOP even though I don’t like them just to get the Gigawatt blades!

  • Jeff, can you ask them next time if the Giga watt blades will be available as a DLC(hopefully free DLC) in the future or only as a pre-order at Gamestop? Because those blades looked badA**

  • Would be nice to start seeing more programmers on the blog.

  • lol great interview btw haha “i just made that up! haha that guy’s great :)

  • Loved the demo guys! The missions hade a great variety to them and i also took my time exploring the city for as long as i could. Really looking forward to buy this game when it comes out (first day buy!).

  • Infamous is going to be my GoTY so far. I love Killzone 2, but Infamous is amazing base on the demo.

  • im mad cuz my ps3 is kinda broken and keeps freezing so i cant play games for very long or install demos

  • lol he said he just made that up about the title xD

  • Jeff, were you able to find out if when you finish the game, will you be able to go back into the city just to finish the side missions? Or When you finish the game, will you have to start a new game just to do the side missions you might have missed?

  • Sweet my question got asked!

    Thanks so much guys, great interview.
    (and you did pronounce my username correctly)

  • Awesome! I had been wondering about the good/evil paths as well and wondering whether you get locked into one path or the other. That’s awesome to know you don’t. :)

  • ThePerfectMurder

    Thanks for the answers bud.
    I hate to find GDC interviews posted over a month after GDC. Don’t make us wait!
    Good thing you got extra help for E3 or else everyone on the blog would have sent you energy drinks to keep you going.

  • wow that guy is the man

  • I’d kill to own this game the day it comes out, but I just lost my job, so until I find something again, I’m locked to playing only the demo for time being. However, that being said, the demo is wonderful. I love the game, and can only imagine how great the final product must be.

  • Loving these interviews Jeff! It’s nice that you listen to this community and present our questions to the people who can answer them, and you have a knack for keeping the interviews lively throughout. Thank you. inFAMOUS looks freaking incredible.

  • Haha he’s such a cool guy! I laughed my 455 off at the end of the video where he collapsed :D

  • is there any other basic attacking moves other than melee and the little lightning bolt move?

  • Jeff, have you played the game? If so, how much have you played?

  • IGN will post their inFamous review tomorrow at 9am PDT. i’m guessing high 8, low 9..

  • AT 53 YOU CRAZY MAN , you want Jeff to take over PULSE??? man i really like Jeff interviews but thats where it ends , leave PULSE to the lovely lady, she is one of the reasons i love the show lol

  • VanilaGorila-x-

    Great interview Jeff!!


  • Hey quick question

    Why do you need to be 18 and up to watch the video, I thought it was rated T

  • where can i get this demo like RIGHT NOW?

  • @ Jeff
    Next time you get the chance, could you ask:
    How long is the main story line without playing it a second time?(hopefully 35+ hours *crosses fingers*)

  • lol great end
    hmm i wasnt sure about getting this game but now i want it

  • Hey Jeff, the video was really informative! I can’t wait for the others.

  • you forgot to ask him about the pokemon cards jeff!!!

  • Oh man, I just can’t wait for this game to come out. Then Uncharted 2 beta and also E3!

  • omg! love this game pre-ordered it long time ago just got my demo code! after playing the demo is amazing!

    my hype meets up in this game!

    man idk if i can focus on my test after playing infamous…..

  • I better see some damn DLC for this

  • I wasn’t knocking on you Jeff, despite looking like one of the citizens in inFAMOUS, you held it together and delivered a good interview. Keep up the good work for E3 and get some sleep(but when in doubt, get some red bull injected into your bloodstream).

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