inFAMOUS – Your Questions Answered (#1)

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With the release of inFAMOUS just a couple weeks away, it’s high time that we get your questions answered. In this first segment (you had a *lot* of questions), Sucker Punch co-Founder/Lead Programmer Bruce Oberg takes on reader queries about the Karma system, melee attacks, and the unusual spelling of “inFAMOUS.”

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow, and for those of you who’ve gotten hands-on time with the demo, what do you think?

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  • The demo was awesome.

    Will there be any bonuses in the full game for playing the demo?

    Will there be any PSP interactivity?

  • Man, i cant wait to get this game. Go Sucker Punch!

  • i have the game preordered and played the demo… i absolutely love it and can’t almost wait 2 weeks. i hope there are more powers though that you unlock during the course of the game for both hero and infamous Cole.


  • Awesome :)
    inFAMOUS – The oFFicial Thread
    is coming to NeoGAF soon o_O


    I love this game, blowing up cars, stealing peoples lifeforce and being an all around wickedly evil guy. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

    Oh and don’t forget about glitches, I got across the bridge in the demo on the pipes below it….Something KEWL on the other side but I’m not telling. Just let me say you gotta be quick and careful….

  • Wow, Jeff is working late. Looks like he is going to be burning the midnight oil heading into E3.

    Love these segments though. Really gives us further insight into the game. Keep up the good work guys.

  • I want the demo SO MUCH…..but I pre-ordered from Gamestop (for the gigawatt blades)….so I can wait 10 more days.

  • They should make a game about him…. What a badass looking co-founder, and a funny guy too xD

  • Can’t wait! Demo was awesome.

  • damn, i gotta go preorder it… who has the best preorder bonus?

  • the demo is amazing the full game cant come soon enough

  • lol co-programmer… co founder..
    Jeff, you rode that one off very very well!

  • Sweet. Glad to hear about the optional missions kinda scattered around the city. What i’m excited about is being able to freestyle around the city doing my ‘thang’ and having a few city folk approach me and interacting with me, whether to ask me to save a friend of theirs from Reapers or to stone me out of hatred. Well, I hope the optional ‘missions’ (if you can call them that) kind of arise out of that spontaneity that a ruined chaotic city might bring about.

    Hope tomorrow’s questions are a bit more ambitious; i’d like to know more about the technology they’re using to build the inFAMOUS engine or something. Looking forward to tomorrow’s interview!

    Jeff, any upcoming news about Heavy Rain? Presence at E3? Developer interview planned? Sorry i’ve asked this on other sections of the blog but I wasn’t sure if you had seen them.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      We\’ve got a developer interview for you that\’s hitting, I believe, on May 22nd, featuring questions from you readers.

  • LOL, that guy is really funny. Loved the ending.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Hey, he\’s pretty crazy. It\’s nice to have that personality in an interview, I think.

  • I want this game, but I NEED to get Bioshock for the PS3 first and then inFAMOUS. But I can’t get Bioshock until June/July.

  • cannot wait for this game already preordered. probably want this game more than i wanted kz2. but kz2 is still awesome. great job sp & jeff!

  • any1 whos is guna play infamous 24/7 add me

  • @ Jeff

    I am on the East Coast so its just about 8pm here. Usually never see posts on the blog this late though ;)

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Well, we try not to post this late for that very reason, but since this is a 2-parter, I really wanted to get the first one out there tonight.

  • Why didn’t they use motion-capture? I’m sorry, but those animations are really disappointing. They’re jumping animations like crazy.

  • Demo’s fantastic. Played it like 8 times. In fact, you can read my impressions on it; it’s linked down on the What We Read post a few articles down.

    Can’t wait for this game, can’t wait to see more.

  • Good interview! One of the best so far, that guy is great! sorry about the exclamation marks after every statement lol, I fell like Mickey Mouse.

  • *feel like Mickey Mouse* not fell haha!

  • Amazon pre-order all set.

    15 days to finish up Sly 3 to get ready for inFamous.

    And then the wait for Sly 4…

    The reaction to the demo and preview showings has been amazing. Yet another AAA PS3 title.

    Nice try Prototype. But a last gen Hulk game never stood a chance to a 25 gig Sony first party title. Gimping your game to fit on the 360’s stupid 7 gigabyte DVD format and wimpy graphics hardware is a choice you made and have to live with.

  • Hey Jeff! Can I get early access to the demo, a free key or something? I really want to try this! Eh?

  • @23
    The multiplatform guys usually get more money so it ends up being about quantity not quality. The first-party Sony title are usually the most qualitatious games made lol

  • @23
    The multiplatform guys usually get more money so it ends up being about quantity not quality. The first-party Sony title are usually the most qualitatious games made lol

  • The suspense is killing me! I want it so bad!

  • Demo is incredibly awesome, at first I was skeptical for a game that I thought looked like a force unleashed/GTA hybrid, lol, but I love the gameplay and graphics, will definitely be picking it up.

    Just one more thing, how come a good game always gets released the week of finals, lol you guys are trying to keep me in school forever :-P

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Let me tell you something – you will *never* have more gaming time in your life then when you are in school. Enjoy it!

  • superb interview as always Jeff , i have played the inFAMOUS demo like 4 times already , i think inFAMOUS will be one of the best games on the ps3 this year , i really like that you guys put more content on pulse too, i like all the video interviews you guys do all the time and Jeff UNITED is in the final as i told you lol

  • @19

    Just wanted to say as an animator that I like when motion capture isn’t used, it actually allows for more fluid movement believe it or not. When motion capture data is imported it’s A LOT of information and it gives a “jumpy” feel in my opinion. I also guess I’m just more of a traditionalist when it comes to animation and I think motion capture is cheating lol.

  • I’m getting the game, just wish I could get my hands on the demo.


    Do you have any demo codes?

  • I would have loved to play the demo if gamestop would get the codes already!!!! been voer 2 weeks since i pre ordered it and still no code to download the demo/get the blades

  • Nice interview. Bruce is one of the co founding head honcho’s but still seemed laid back and pretty cool. Looking forward to inFAMOUS, already got it partly paid off.

  • Ioucetios, the gamestop around my way, Towson, MD, will have the demo’s tomorrow for sure.

  • @ spunnups, i’ll check tomorrow then, happens to be my b day

  • Sucker Punch rocks! I loved the Sly series, Sly Cooper and the Thevius Raccoonus was the first game that I played on my PS2 and I’m still playing Sly 2. (Blasted clue bottles, show yourselves!) Anyway, can’t wait for it, and the beta key with the game? Beta starts on my birthday, so I WILL RECEIVE THIS GAME!

  • Not particularly fond of “sandbox” games but I put up my $5 at Best Buy to get the demo. I will be sure to get inFAMOUS day 1. Empire City is quite an impressive place. I thought, unlike other games, it felt like a real city. None of the buildings are identical and it seemed to have the layout of a realistic city.

    Controls seemed spot on to me. Auto targeting while jumping has an occassional hiccup but with such a massive amount of places to jump to, I can’t imagine it being any better.

    An extremly long and enjoyable demo.

  • P.S.: “Bruce, looks like you need to give someone a Thunder Flop to get the juices flowin’!” -The Murray
    Sorry, had to get a Sly reference in. “Thunder Flop!”

  • I’m disappointed that there is only one ending in the game. It just makes me wonder what kind of ending it will be if it doesn’t factor in how good or evil I am. I’m usually disappointed with the story in open world games so I’m hoping this game will change that

  • Since thre’s going to be part two I wanted to know:
    Why people would buy this instead of prototype which is coming out after inFAMOUS.
    (what features are better, what can you do in inFAMOUS that you can’t in prototype.

    Will inFAMOUS support any type of online (competitive, coop, etc.)

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Well, we\’re looking at maybe doing a live chat on the blog before the game releases. That\’d be a good question to ask.

      I can help you with the 2nd question – inFAMOUS is a single-player experience.

  • Ive been using the infamous theme for a while now cant wait for this game! its gonna be awesome

  • nice thank you jeff.

  • This is great, i’ve played the demo almost everyday since it came out on the 8th. but i was wondering, when u look at the map, its huge. The demo lets u play the main city, but does the map eventually open up, if not its totally cool, im imagining we do. Keep up the great work though, this is going to be an amazing summer!

  • I really enjoyed the inFAMOUS demo and the nod to Sly was awesome but it got me thinking, What unlockable goodies could be present in this game?

    Even if it is merely cosmetic, I hope we get some more Sly love in the full release. The Clank backpack in Resistance 2 comes to mind. I love it even though it doesn’t do anything. Maybe the guys at Sucker Punch can hint at something we will be able to unlock in our quest for inFAMOUS trophies?

  • The most important question still hasn’t been answered, how many powers are their actually?!?!

  • never mind, i should have watched the video first. This game is going to be amazing

  • Hey Jeff, if you do another interview can you ask…

    Can you ask about how long the game will be?

    Will there be DLC?

    When the Uncharted 2 Beta will take place?

    I already pre-ordered, and I’m really looking forward to this game.


    @ 28 jeff’s reply,

    I’m not in school and have more time to game than I did when I was in school. This September I’ll be back in school(Business Marketing) so I’ll have alot less time to play but once I’m finished can I use you Jeff as a personal reference when I apply for some Sony Jobs? Cause if I got one there then I would have lots of time for games, maybe… Either way this game rocks but it seems to have aspects of alot of games I’ve played in the past and some that should be out.

    Does anyone else think that the way he moves on RailRoad tracks reminds you of Ice Man?

  • First off the demo is great! I’ve managed to turn the demo into i think 2 hours of fun by taking my time on all the missions and such.

    i think i managed to get at least 5 (maybe it was more than that) more battery dot thingys added on from the ones we get at the start. i actually had to pull myself away from playing the demo cuz honestly i had played it over 20 times already lol. each time i kept going for more and more battery dots to add to the count.

    i can’t wait for this game to come out. my ONLY hope is that there is going to be some kind of DLC later on after the games release that will expand the game, like branching out from the 3 main islands that the map showed in the demo.

  • Is DLC planned for this game after it releases?

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