Trash Panic Interview with Producer Josh Miller

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You heard about it on Earth Day, but we figured you’d want a little extra info. So, we caught up with U.S. Producer Josh Miller to find out just what the heck Trash Panic for PSN is all about. He gives us the lowdown on play mechanics, its history and just how tricky this PSN puzzle game can be. Hit the video for all the juicy details.

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  • Sweet! Gonna have to check this title out.

  • Just what the world needs: more greenweenie brainwashing.

  • Very good game. I´m playing it for a preview, and it´s funny.

  • Cool, any news on a possible release date? As well as this will support trophies I assume.

  • While dealing with my refuse-related anxiety is a top priority for me, if there was one thing that would assist my financial worries, it’s a demo of this game. PSN has the tendency to withhold demos from their consumers to discourage educated purchases and encourage impulsive commitment. Times are too tight for such a nefarious practice, so if you could put up a demo, the financially sensible among us would appreciate it.

  • Mr. Morell, you are a cutie! =P

  • @ 56,

    Woah woah, hope you are single for traininvain90 Chris! LOL jaykay :P But trash panic is awesome. Seems like it will cost less than $5

  • Looks very unique, similar to the Katamari series. Especially how you slowly get larger over levels is similar.

    Very cool!

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