Trash Panic Interview with Producer Josh Miller

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You heard about it on Earth Day, but we figured you’d want a little extra info. So, we caught up with U.S. Producer Josh Miller to find out just what the heck Trash Panic for PSN is all about. He gives us the lowdown on play mechanics, its history and just how tricky this PSN puzzle game can be. Hit the video for all the juicy details.

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  • First!!!

    Cool Game

  • Second?

  • Bam.

    The game didn’t appeal to me, but I feel I’m warming up to as I learn more and more about it here on the Blog.

    • Pretty unique, eh? Hopefully my roommates will play this game and learn to actually put trash *in* the trash can. Although I would never see our friendly neighborhood raccoons again…

  • Wow, grammatical trainwreck there, I’m not even bothering to fix it.

    Okay, that’s all I have to say today, I promise.

  • @4
    You Promise?? LOL

  • When’s the release date?

  • No mention of PlayStation C.A.M.P.? It is a phenomenal story about how this game came around in the first place–not to mention Sony could make an even bigger killing embracing indie devs in the USA like they did in Japan and Europe (not saying you aren’t TRYING and I know Lawyers make it hell) but guys, start the grass roots movement first and the lawyers will be easier to push over in light of public demand!

  • sorry there is no sound on my computer so i cant watch the interview.

    is there custom soundtrack? video recording? online multiplayer? leaderboards? trophies (probobly). or anything else interesting?

    and a date?

  • Chris when’s this game gonna be ready? I want to be all set to buy it credit card and all.

  • @8

    they just said the game is coming to 360 now and ps3 version was canned ;(

  • Sounds interesting, but I am not sure how I feel about this title yet. A demo would sure help me make up my mind.

  • I thought it was funny that Chris did a double take to read the sign that popped up @ 2:44


  • Sounds like tetris but with trash. LOL

    Great interview Chris. thanks

  • 14th!


  • I really want this. I remember when they made a post a while back sayin that this will release this summer. I do want to play it.

  • Im excited about this game, Im sure that it will be great, getting it when it comes out May 21st??, May 28th??

  • StalkingSilence

    Curious about the game – think tetris with different objects + physics = cool.

  • Think it looks really good but I heard it was kinda hard…any chance we can see a demo?

  • Any Multilayer!?!?! Even just local although Online would be the best.

  • Stupid auto spell check I meant Multiplayer of course

  • StalkingSilence

    “The game gets difficult fairly early” :(

  • This is the only game I can say looks like garbage and be a good thing.

  • Wasn’t he the guy from Rag Doll Kung Fu?

  • I love how they’re touting this game for Earth Day which was last month. Nice relevancy there. When it gets delayed and comes out in September maybe I’ll have a look. Until then I’ll be playing Peggle and all the great PS1 games, wait a minute…

  • Looking forward to getting this game, and thanks for bringing it to the states!

  • Alright, this looks pretty fun. Hope it’s only a $5.99 title with add-ons later. I’ll have to get it either way I suppose!

  • I won’t buy it if it’s to support this dumb “Green” fad. I’m sick of hearing about how we need to take care of the earth. It’s not us, it’s probably the leaders of the world he threw crap in space and trash the earth with bomb testing that is causing ‘global warming’ and all the load.

  • What the flock is this garbage !?

  • I’ve been following this game since it’s been shown off in Japan, and really glad to see it coming here!

    Fun, quirky, and somewhat Katamari-esq, which is good…

    Can’t wait for it to release here, and can’t wait to see what others think of it!

  • I couldn’t wait for the US release of this game and already purchased it off Japan’s PSN Store. Sorry SCEA!

    This game was great. Needless to say I went the EGO route to beat this game, I made great use of the bombs and fire (specifically the Nuke in Level 4) to get rid of my trash.

    Also, as for where this game came from, I thought this game was the brainchild of that Sony sponsored game development class/camp thing they hosted last summer.

  • pretty unique

  • How about a European release ?!? Please SCEE !!!


  • No recycling!?!?1

  • A cool take on puzzle games. I remember a long time ago there was something like this where you had to pack a suitcase by flipping items around and placing them correctly until everything fit. I think it was for the PC.

    Anyway, this one looks 10 times better, and I love to eco-friendly message.

    Any word on the trophy list, release date, or online capabilities yet?

  • I love the kooky Japanese style. Really glad it’s coming over to the US.

  • I’ve been waiting for this since I heard about Gomibako.

  • Looks cooler and cooler for each time i see it :D

  • Lol Josh say ecological funny. Um how much will this game cost?

  • Poopookakabumbum

    Looks fun.

    When there is a *disc based* version, I’ll buy it.

    You guys at Sony are really keen not to make money eh?

  • from what I know about the jaopanse version known as gomibako(Trash box) it has trophy support and local multiplayer support. from what I found out.

  • <—waits for SCEA and Grace Chen to tell us what crappy update has been placed on the store this week. 3/4ths of it will be themes and trailers and I am sure the only PSP love we will get is Patapon and the rest will be typical Rock Band and Guitar Hero DLC and LBP DLC…I will be shocked if this isn’t the case…

  • It looks great, probably will get it

  • Will the US version also come with Home items, or will that be region exclusive?

  • Stinkinmushroom

    @45>Yes it comes with … trash… for Home.

    just kidding

  • I’ve been curious about this game since I first read about it, I think I’ll pick this up on the first day!

  • @28, ignorant? Are you sure? Last time I checked, the Al Gores that push this bullcrap Green fad (which is all it is… a hippy fad) don’t practice what they preach ($13,000 monthly light bills in TN and his great carbon jet fuel which the companies that be just tell you is safe). Point in case, the green folks that push this refuse to argue with real scientist, unlike Gore who has no flippin’ idea what he’s talking about, that claim the world is not dying and is not ending in 10 years from some global cooling or warming, depending on what the weather is like that month. Foolish people believe foolish things, while companies rake in the profits from it.

    Try searching what I say and then tell me I’m ignorant. Being ignorant is believing everything you’re fed and not doing your own research.

    I forgot that since we have a liberal America now, it’s only free speech if you agree with their agenda.

  • However, given that today’s update totally sucked, this game looks more sweet.

  • Eco or Ego ;)

    I’m gonna get this, looks interesting.

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