Puzzle Quest: Galactrix hits PSN this Thursday, May 7th

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What’s up puzzle fans? Are you the kind of gamer that yearns to explore the wide expanses of space and wage epic, puzzle-based, ship-to-ship battles along the way? Then look no further than Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, coming out for PLAYSTATION 3 via PlayStation Network this Thursday May 7th, 2009.

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is a rich new addition to the beloved Puzzle Quest universe. The game incorporates a powerful blend of casual and hardcore gameplay elements, similar to those adored by fans of the critically acclaimed Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, into an all-new futuristic, science-fiction setting. An innovative hexagonal puzzle board allows for a wide range of strategic depth if a player chooses, allowing for both casual and hardcore players to enjoy the game on their own terms. A rich and detailed storyline and fresh gameplay elements make the world of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix a captivating new adventure to explore and conquer.

Puzzle Quest Galactrix screenshot 2

Puzzle Quest Galactrix screenshot 1

List of features:

  • Three Gameplay Modes—Single-player, Multiplayer, and Instant Action
  • 100+ Missions – You’ll be the busiest space pilot ever as you explore the galaxy uncovering a major plot to destroy mankind!
  • 80 Solar Systems – Explore each unique system and obtain new quests, shop for items and meet the various races that populate the galaxy!
  • 30 Upgradeable Ships – Shuttles, Cruisers, Ships and Capital Ships—allow players to create, develop and customize their ultimate fleet of attack and exploration vehicles!
  • 150 Ship Items – Upgrade your ship with Weapons, CPU systems, Engine Modifications, Shield Powers and become the most bad-ass pilot in the Galaxy!
  • 5 Replayable Mini-Games – Haggle for better prices at shops, Mine for precious cargo and Craft your own items and ships!
  • Awesome Online Features – Multiplayer, matchmaking, leaderboards, voice chat and more for a full-spectrum online play experience!

Check out what the press had to say about Puzzle Quest: Galactrix:


“as addictive and as awesome as the original”
“Deep, addictive gameplay; worthy sequel”
“the formula’s been improved”


“addictive and varied gameplay”
“an absorbing experience”
“if you are a fan of PQ, Galactrix will hook you all over again”

And here are some tips to have the best experience possible:


    1. You control how pieces on a the battle board refresh! So select a piece to make a match. Whichever direction you move that piece will dictate how all new pieces come onto the board for that turn. This also works in all of the mini-games.
    2. Think about how your moves could benefit an enemy ship before you make them. Try not to help your opponent by leaving them a costly mine or shield match.
    3. A great way to defeat your opponent faster is to always think about how you can do the most damage every turn. Try to think:
    a. How can I do the most damage using what is on the battle board?
    b. If there are no Mine matches, how can I use my items to damage my opponent?
    4. Enemy ships will do anything they can to protect themselves. Don’t leave shield gem matches on the board for your opponent to use. Use them first!
    5. USE YOUR ITEMS!!! Some of these ships are tough; proper use of items will make you considerably more powerful.


    1. Every time you enter a new system, make sure you check what the system has to offer before you go right onto your next quest. Each system in Puzzle Quest Galactrix is unique and has special shops, asteroids and moons for you to explore.
    2. There are 150 items in Puzzle Quest Galactrix and the main way to get them is to buy them at shops. Shops have different names in different systems such as Erebus Shipyard, Gemini Engines and Emporium of Keck. Each shop sells different items so you have to go every shop in the galaxy to make sure that you have every item to use!
    3. If you are short on credits, go mine an asteroid. You get to keep anything you mine and if clear the quotas of cargo required, you’ll get a sizable bonus. Once you’ve got some cargo, you can sell them at any system in the galaxy.


    1. You have three ship slots in Puzzle Quest: Galactrix. You should always try to have balance amongst your three ships. It’s good to have one ship that can equip powerful Gunnery items, a second ship that can hold a lot of cargo and a third ship that can move fast.


    1. When you are mining, make sure that you remember that you control how new pieces come on the board by how you move a piece when making a match. So try to use this to move pieces closer together.
    2. You should always try to go after the lowest quota cargo material first, as it’s generally the hardest to clear.


    1. You are under time pressure, so make sure you match time gems whenever they appear because they will give you an extra 10 seconds.
    2. If you find that there are no gems on the board that are the next color gem that you need to match, just make random matches to start clearing space on the board. The more space you can clear, the better your chance to get the next color gem that you need.

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  • Good point skynidas.

    You get a great value for Galactrix at $19.99. It would take a player over 100 hours to do everything there is to do in the game.

    So it’s 20 cents per hour of gameplay! That’s a pretty good deal. I can of a lot of games that cost much more and you get 7-8 hours of gameplay tops.

  • You can’t have a puzzle game on PSN without custom soundtracks, silly rabbit.

  • Why is it only 800points(10 bucks roughly) and 20 on PSN?

  • @53: The PSN version contains an extra music “feature” that is not available on Xbox Live, so naturally you pay extra. ;-)

  • Thanks for answereing are trophy questions!

  • I tried telling all you guys who were defending everything that came out @ $14.99 and add-ons that used to be $5 are now $6 that this was going to happen.

    You all screamed “It’s only $15!” or “It’s only $1 extra get a job losers!”… now look at this crap. Every couple months prices are going to go up again and pretty soon they’ll be asking $40 for PSN titles that would have been $10 a few months ago.


  • $19.99 ahhhh no.

  • for 19.99 does it have a Platinum trophy

  • Played the DS version. Sooooo many leap gates. Kind of took the fun out of it. Not for $20, I’ll wait for a sale. Sorry.

  • @51 Marcus

    lol you cant compare a puzzle game in term of longevity with another kind of game..

  • Not a chance in hell for 20 bucks, a maybe for 10…

  • Thanks for confirming the game has trophies :) This game is a lot of fun btw…and well worth the 20$ for the 100 hrs of gameplay. I purchased it on my xbox but would recommend it to anyone.

  • $20 for a late game? I might pick it up, but stop delaying your releases on PS3, please. That’s bull$hit.

  • Finally! I covered this for PSLS a while back, and liked what I saw. Gonna have to buy this then review it! :)

  • @56: If it’s too much for you, then don’t buy it. That’s what I’m doin.

    I will rarely buy a PSN game for $14.99 and if they want to keep upping the price, then that’s their prerogative but I won’t be buyin unless it’s something like Wipeout HD, which is basically a full retail game.

  • I’ll wait to read the reviews, and then hopefully play a demo.

    The overall reaction seems to be “not as good as the original”. There also does not seem to be a great track record when it comes to a lack of support for bugs, between the music bug with the PS3 version, and the companion character bug with the PSP version. As I recollect, D3’s reaction was to say a) blame someone else, we didn’t do the port, and b) it’s not a game breaking problem.

    Factor in the $20 price tag, and I’m a little leery. There again the first PQ was several shades of awesome, so I could still be won over ;)

  • Flash game convinced me this game is an automatic SKIP… Might as well continue my time attacks on Jumping Flash, much better use of my time.

  • >> Why is it only 800points(10 bucks roughly) and 20 on PSN?

    You’re thinking the original Puzzle Quest… AKA: Challenge of the Warlords.

    This is Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, which is NEW (and crap, compared to the first one). Which is $20.

    The original launched for $15 on PSN like the X-box version, but that’s because the 360 version dropped the base without the expansion/Revenge of the Plague Lord, which was $5-7 extra.

    In effect you get the complete first game on PSN (with a stupid freaking music bug, seriously, D3? Why no patch?) while you have to buy the game for nearly the same price but two different downloads on X360.

  • >> So it’s 20 cents per hour of gameplay! That’s a pretty good deal. I can of a lot of games that cost much more and you get 7-8 hours of gameplay tops.

    And how much of that is spent on the stupid leapgate mini-game that COUNTS DOWN WHILE YOU HAVE NON-REQUIRED CASCADES GOING?

    Seriously, a patch to ALL (well, minus the DS version) versions of Galactrix that stopped the timer while you have a cascade going would make the game FREAKING PLAYABLE. As it is, that mini-game ALONE is stopping me from paying $19.99 on this. I’m someone that loved the first PQ and was waiting for this. The 360 demo turned me off real fast due to that crap.

    Fix it, D3.

  • No custom music support? Sorry, then it’s a no-go for me at that price.

  • Awesome!! Finally! DId that rrod machine have an time contract signed or something? I hate that box….anyway.. thanks for bringing this over to psn!! I’ve been waiting! Damn this week- month is killer for games. Puzzle Quest and Patapon on Thursday then Sacred 2 and Cross edge, bionic commando and rapping the month up —Infamous. Damn good month for games! Puzzle Crack is back!

  • You guys are cheap! Don’t any of you have jobs? Jeesh…$20 isn’t much, puzzle quest games are worth it. It’s always the same bums who complain about the price then they say they only own 2 games and buy the rest 2nd hand, maybe if you buy games they would be cheaper, but with so many cheap people on here it makes me wonder peoples age. Killzone 2 should of sold millions, but you guys don’t buy games…why? I have racked up over 40 ps3 games blu-ray disc games and about 25 psn games…support the devs and we will get more its that simple.

    You complain when there are no games on psn, then complain about the price or something else when there are games. There is no satisfying you people. Again hwow old are a lot of you guys? If the game is worth it buy it. Simple. If you don’t think it’s worth it don’t but the price isn’t bad, you do realize that the psp puzzle quest was more than $20 when it came out. And hell, last we didn’t even have $20 games. Now if this game was small and limited in levels and features etc..then sure $20 would be too much, but not if the content is there.

  • @53

    It is $20 on the Xbox too

  • @72

    Too many people this doesn’t seem like much more than a flash game, for instance…if you want to play a demo of the game you can play it in flash *http://www.playpuzzlequestgalactrix.com/

    To many (including me) I’d rate the value of a game that can be created in flash well below a game such as Wipeout that is $20 which, to my mind, has a much higher level of polish and technical achievement.

    It has nothing to do with how much money I MAKE but how much money I wish to SPEND.

  • @74

    Kudos! Well said.

  • Alot of people making good points, especially about the bugs. I have always loved puzzle quest so hopefully this one is a keeper.

  • @72 Don’t offer comment about other peoples financial circumstances, when you obviously don’t know. (see 74)

  • lol @$20 for a puzzle game and the poeple who think that’s a great price.
    This is truly the generation of publishers raping retarded consumer’s wallets.

    At $10 I’d almost think about it.

    At $20 I keep waiting for you to say “haha, just kidding guys, you should have seen the look on your faces…”, but as long as retards will happily overpay for everything the rest of us get screwed.

    It doesn’t matter that $20 isn’t a lot of money. Would you like to start paying $3 for a candybar? Hey, it’s just $3 man… The fact is, it isn’t worth it, but if you guys keep giving in the price keeps going up.
    Enjoy your $30 PSN downloads next month, suckers.


  • You guys lose out on my money this week. I was waiting for a game that I could buy from the PS Store, but since you never announce anything ahead of time I spent my money elsewhere.

    I got X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Megaman X Collection.

  • $20? No thanks, and certainly not after failing to fix PQ on the PS3 and PSP.

  • No love for Europe … don’t you want our money?

  • Not as good as Warlord, wich was awesome (for me, 10/10). I’m playing the DS version wich have some weird problems, at least for a game for this platform.

    There are a lot of loading screens, and it’s not fast. WTF is that? And there is a lot of problems in the touch mechanic.

    Don’t plan to buy this for PS3.

  • I’d been waiting for this to come out, but didn’t expect it to be $20. $10 or possibly $15, but not $20. I’ll pass until it’s cheaper.

  • “Great” game, I’ve played this for a couple of hours. This thing froze my ps3 7 times (!), crashed it ‘only’ 3 times. Last time while saving, so quess what? – I don’t have a save anymore. Great.

  • I’ve played for several hours and had no loading or crashing issues. However,once earned,the trophies are only showing up on my system trophy list and not on the actual PSN Trophy list @ the right! Am I going to have to start over to get credit for my accomplishments or will a patch add them to my totals?

  • Same here, very addictive game and love it however the trophies are not working and even syncing is now causing an error :(

  • I love this game. And more than the old one for the psp. But I bought it equally for the fun and the trophies. I’m glad to find out that I’m not the only one having trouble syncing my PQ trophies (They show on my system’s trophy list, but not in my online profile, nor in “compare trophies”). Now I’d really like to have a patch to fix the problem. I REFUSE to play any further, as it won’t be fun if when the problem is fixed, I have to start over.

    Please update us on this status now that you guys are aware of it. Thanks!

  • Michael Scharnikow

    Hey all – the trophy problem is not with the game, but is a known server-side issue (not a game bug). Trophies should sync within 24 hours, and I believe this problem is fixed.

  • I like the game and bought it for $19.99. Six days later, they drop the price to $9.99. Kind of feel ripped off and don’t know that I will be as quick to purchase games in the future!

    I have emailed Customer Service, hopefully they will do the right thing.

    All of you waiting for a lower price, I do recommend the game.

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