Puzzle Quest: Galactrix hits PSN this Thursday, May 7th

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What’s up puzzle fans? Are you the kind of gamer that yearns to explore the wide expanses of space and wage epic, puzzle-based, ship-to-ship battles along the way? Then look no further than Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, coming out for PLAYSTATION 3 via PlayStation Network this Thursday May 7th, 2009.

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is a rich new addition to the beloved Puzzle Quest universe. The game incorporates a powerful blend of casual and hardcore gameplay elements, similar to those adored by fans of the critically acclaimed Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, into an all-new futuristic, science-fiction setting. An innovative hexagonal puzzle board allows for a wide range of strategic depth if a player chooses, allowing for both casual and hardcore players to enjoy the game on their own terms. A rich and detailed storyline and fresh gameplay elements make the world of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix a captivating new adventure to explore and conquer.

Puzzle Quest Galactrix screenshot 2

Puzzle Quest Galactrix screenshot 1

List of features:

  • Three Gameplay Modes—Single-player, Multiplayer, and Instant Action
  • 100+ Missions – You’ll be the busiest space pilot ever as you explore the galaxy uncovering a major plot to destroy mankind!
  • 80 Solar Systems – Explore each unique system and obtain new quests, shop for items and meet the various races that populate the galaxy!
  • 30 Upgradeable Ships – Shuttles, Cruisers, Ships and Capital Ships—allow players to create, develop and customize their ultimate fleet of attack and exploration vehicles!
  • 150 Ship Items – Upgrade your ship with Weapons, CPU systems, Engine Modifications, Shield Powers and become the most bad-ass pilot in the Galaxy!
  • 5 Replayable Mini-Games – Haggle for better prices at shops, Mine for precious cargo and Craft your own items and ships!
  • Awesome Online Features – Multiplayer, matchmaking, leaderboards, voice chat and more for a full-spectrum online play experience!

Check out what the press had to say about Puzzle Quest: Galactrix:


“as addictive and as awesome as the original”
“Deep, addictive gameplay; worthy sequel”
“the formula’s been improved”


“addictive and varied gameplay”
“an absorbing experience”
“if you are a fan of PQ, Galactrix will hook you all over again”

And here are some tips to have the best experience possible:


    1. You control how pieces on a the battle board refresh! So select a piece to make a match. Whichever direction you move that piece will dictate how all new pieces come onto the board for that turn. This also works in all of the mini-games.
    2. Think about how your moves could benefit an enemy ship before you make them. Try not to help your opponent by leaving them a costly mine or shield match.
    3. A great way to defeat your opponent faster is to always think about how you can do the most damage every turn. Try to think:
    a. How can I do the most damage using what is on the battle board?
    b. If there are no Mine matches, how can I use my items to damage my opponent?
    4. Enemy ships will do anything they can to protect themselves. Don’t leave shield gem matches on the board for your opponent to use. Use them first!
    5. USE YOUR ITEMS!!! Some of these ships are tough; proper use of items will make you considerably more powerful.


    1. Every time you enter a new system, make sure you check what the system has to offer before you go right onto your next quest. Each system in Puzzle Quest Galactrix is unique and has special shops, asteroids and moons for you to explore.
    2. There are 150 items in Puzzle Quest Galactrix and the main way to get them is to buy them at shops. Shops have different names in different systems such as Erebus Shipyard, Gemini Engines and Emporium of Keck. Each shop sells different items so you have to go every shop in the galaxy to make sure that you have every item to use!
    3. If you are short on credits, go mine an asteroid. You get to keep anything you mine and if clear the quotas of cargo required, you’ll get a sizable bonus. Once you’ve got some cargo, you can sell them at any system in the galaxy.


    1. You have three ship slots in Puzzle Quest: Galactrix. You should always try to have balance amongst your three ships. It’s good to have one ship that can equip powerful Gunnery items, a second ship that can hold a lot of cargo and a third ship that can move fast.


    1. When you are mining, make sure that you remember that you control how new pieces come on the board by how you move a piece when making a match. So try to use this to move pieces closer together.
    2. You should always try to go after the lowest quota cargo material first, as it’s generally the hardest to clear.


    1. You are under time pressure, so make sure you match time gems whenever they appear because they will give you an extra 10 seconds.
    2. If you find that there are no gems on the board that are the next color gem that you need to match, just make random matches to start clearing space on the board. The more space you can clear, the better your chance to get the next color gem that you need.

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  • better late than never i guess. now, all we need is Bomberman Ultra that was supposed to be released in “Winter ’09” then “Spring ’09” and i’ll be a happy panda.

  • Will it also hit the EU store (or UK store) on 7 may? :)

  • Sweet! Been looking forward to this one for a long time.

  • What are the Trophies?

    Also the original PS3 PQ suffered from a nasty Music bug. Hopefully they’ll be nothing of that sort.

  • Also price?? I’m assuming $14.99 like the first PQ.

  • i was so eager to play this during the last two months as i waited for all the awesome retail releases coming up in the next two months – now you all have taken too long and I wouldn’t have time to play this anyway. it will have to wait til the next dry-spell, if at all. Boo to months of pointless delay

  • Cool! I played the first one on PSP & it was awesome, it was a very unique puzzle game compared to others, but I’m wondering why Galactrix isn’t available for the PSP?

  • Hey Scharnikow, could I borrow $20? I’ll pay you back… “later.” XD

  • Ok cool, but where’s the price tag?

  • Puzzle quest? more like Puzzle crack.

  • Poopookakabumbum

    When’s the disc version coming?

  • any trophies or custom sound tracks

  • is it going to be released in Europe simultaneously?

  • Are we going to get better support for this than the original?
    Hell, you guys put the original up on the PSP store and still didn’t fix the issues with the UMD version. Excuse me while I move on from Puzzle Quest. Thanks for not supporting the consumer.

  • Reminds me of Hexic. Looks fun!

  • any chance on dropping the price of the other Puzzle Quest for PSN, you know a little incentive?

  • Oh no…
    what are you people doing to my wallet??

  • If this is a high-def gaming system, let’s prove it.

    Please, for the love of the children, include decent sounding music and effects this time. At least full bitrate Dolby Digital, though something 24-bit (DTS 96/24) would be even better.

    I love these puzzle games, but they’re not worth more than $10 to me if it’s not a genuine high-def experience. The PS3 has the capabilities an built-in decoding to LPCM — there’s no technical excuse here. The business excuse of wanting to re-use the lower quality assets of the 360/Wii version for a cheaper port is lame, at best.

    Sony — please improve this situation.

  • And only like 2 months late too! Woo!

  • @11
    No disc.It’s a small downloadable PSN game.
    Please don’t start with the no disc no sale stuff.

  • TROPHIES?????

  • Why isn’t this playable on PSP as well?

  • Well, Gamespot said the gameplay was too dependent on blind luck and that the story was a snoozer so hopefully there’s a demo so I can make my own educated decision.

    @#1: I’m very eager for Bomberman Ultra myself and have been pretty bummed that the release date keeps coming and going.

  • Cool!

    Does it support In-Game music?

    Just curious. (Usually puzzle games and in-game music are a PERFECT fit!)

    Thanks for the news Michael!

  • Bug free?

  • if there was a psp version id be interested. this not so much

  • Price and trophy support??

  • @EVERYONE ASKIN FOR TROPIHES: Every game launched since January 2009 is going to have trophies, they’re mandatory now, so stop asking everytime a game is released.

  • @29, wrong! its for every game signed up after January 2009. not released after.

  • So, this was the game coming out on Thursday, awesome!

  • @30
    This man wins the prize! A patch would be nice coming down the road. :)

  • Great, but how much is gonna cost?

  • OK I will buy it.Is patapon 2 being put up today or do I have to wait till thursday

  • Not to be a stickler or anything, but SPOILER ALERT!!!! “100+ Missions – You’ll be the busiest space pilot ever as you explore the galaxy uncovering a major plot to destroy mankind!”

    Now that I know that, I don’t have buy the game!

    jk jk

  • @29
    Red Baron Arcade came out not to long ago and it doesnt have trophies. Anything starting development after january 09 is required to have trophies.

  • considering some of the poop reviews this got, especially compared to Puzzle Quest, I may end up passing.

  • I’m very happy to see additional developers bringing games to the PSN. I also have a definite tilt towards sci-fi games.

    But the PC demo left me thinking there was too much luck, which in classic Puzzle Quest fashion, means the CPU seemed to know what was going to slide in from the side.

    That said if this was coming to PSP I’d consider it. That’s where I spent oodles of hours playing the first Puzzle Quest game until I walked away from the ridiculous final boss.

  • @36

    neither did Afro Samurai.

    Kept me from renting it

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for the comments, keep em coming!

    Here are a few responses:

    Yes we have trophies:)
    The price is $19.99.
    No in-game music support…sorry!

    Good hunting.

  • I heard these games were really addicting.

  • At $19.99 it better have a Platinum trophy.

    That is way to much money for ONE game.

  • I play the first one a lot more on my PSP then I play Galactrix on the DS. Original is worth $15, this ain’t worth $20.

  • @42 Aen’t store shelve games 59.99?

    However I’m dissapointed at the increase in PSN game pricing. I really hope Fat Princess doesn’t start making it 24.99, cause it seems that with every good PSN game that comes out the price increases by 5 making all others think it’s ok to increase the price of theirs. Seriously gusy go back to the days of 9.99 per PSN game.

  • I’ll get this, after they patch the severe music bug in Puzzle Quest. That, would send a message that they care about delivering a working product. The Galactrix Quest for PC was crashing for a lot of users when released (And I have no idea if that’s fixed yet). I simply do not want to take the chance of getting ripped off again.

  • Ouch on the price. No thanks.

  • Not worth $20, especially because it’s not as good as the original Puzzle Quest, which is priced $5 less.

  • @44 katsuo7171

    Yeah but I’ve only bought TWO games at that price which is $59.99, the rest I buy online and get a few bucks off, buy on clearance or discount. About Fat Princess I’m really hoping that Titan Games price it at $14.99 or less if they want great sales.

  • @44 WipEout HD was a PSN game released at $19.99 Platinum included.
    This having one is very doubtful though…little too $$$ :(

  • Im getting it even when is priced at 19.99, I love this type of games and this one have an story and it will take me hours to complete it.

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