Patapons Invade Retail and PlayStation Home!

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Digital greetings peoples of the Blog! It’s a beautiful Cinco de Pata-yo and as we speak, thousands of magical keys (read: PSN vouchers) are heading towards a destination near you…ready to unlock the internet’s mighty download powers, filling your PSP with Patapon bliss.

In addition to these vouchers hitting the store shelves, on Thursday, May 7th, you will all be able to download Patapon 2 from the PlayStation Network and the Patapon 2 mass consumption can begin. Nom, nom, nom, nom…

But that’s not the only thing happening on May 7th.

We also wanted to announce really exciting Home exclusives (two actually). First: yours truly will be featured in the Home Theater, answering a few of questions posted in the forums by the Home Community.

Second: We’ve decided that this Thursday is also Home avatar makeover day…so we are giving you an exclusive Patapon 2 t-shirt (for boys and girls!). It’s definitely time for you to upgrade your Home look with something more Eyeballish and warrior like.

Patapon 2 shirt in Home white front Patapon 2 shirt in Home green frony Patapon 2 shirt in Home blue front

Patapon 2 Home T-Shirts

Now, be honest…wouldn’t you want to dress up your Home avatar with these fine threads? If so, be sure to head to the Home Mall since they will be flying off those virtual shelves. You know you will look good…in fact, tell us which shirt you think is the best. Maybe we’ll make an actual real-life one. Just hop on over to the official PlayStation Home forums to start-a-votin’ and get-a-wearin’ or just let us know on the comments.

So what else is there to do on these two days between Cinco de Pata-yo and Thursday-download-o day-o? Well, you can hop on over to the Patapon 2 website to download or make your own custom wallpaper:

Patapon 2 Wallpaper 2

Of you could just try your luck at winning a Limited Edition Lilac Purple PSP (to go with the stylish Patapon 2 logo), or some Patapon 2 toys, or a big screen tv.

Patapon 2 Prizes!

There you have it folks! Happy Cinco de Pata-yo!

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8 Author Replies

  • Sony could be applauded for selling retail and download copies of this game simultaneously. It would gauge reactions to downloadable major releases for the PSP and allow a cheaper alternative to buying a UMD. I myself would probably buy the PSN copy because it negates the disc whirring and you don’t have to switch it out for another disc each time. But why sell retail *vouchers* and PSN downloads? Why?

    Traditionally, the point of having games on removable storage media was 1. to reduce piracy, and 2. so you didn’t have to save large files to your hard drive apart from installation. Now that hard drives (and memory sticks) are larger and PSP download games require a verification before use, one might think that such media are useless. For games on Steam, even single-player games like Half-Life 2 or Portal require an online activation and download, even for retail copies. The in-store copies are priced the same, too, so the only advantage to buying such a PC game in-store is that there might be a sale on games. So why have hard copies at all?

  • Because if you don’t have wifi or a PC or PS3 with internet and the appropriate cable, you can’t play the game. You can’t lend the game to a friend. If you want something else on your memory stick, you have to re-download it every time you want to play it. This is true for all DRM-locked downloadable exclusives, but most such games on PSP are either legacy copies of existing UMDs, PS1 games, or smaller games that wouldn’t sell at full retail. Since Patapon 2 doesn’t fall into any of these categories, and there’s clearly a market and shipping capabilities for hard copies of the game, why not sell the hard copy? If the rumors are true and Sony is indeed testing the waters for the “PSP Go!”, then why sell an empty box with a voucher, for $5 more, at all? This is at best an attempt by Sony to sell a game without regard to customers without online access, and at worst a way to sell empty boxes to uninformed people who then realize they can’t use the game.

  • Oooohhh, I love that lilac PSP and I’m a guy! As far as Patapon goes, I’ve been playing the demo for the past several days amassing enough kaching and warriors to make the transition to the real game a lot easier.

  • @darthmilo77: Have you seen the game box for Patapon 2? Says right on it that it doesn’t have a disk in it and access to PSN is required to play the game. Says it right on top of the box. If a person buying it retail doesn’t see it, they have no one to blame save themselves.

  • When the PSP GO! is announced, this is the first game I’ll download. :)

  • “When the PSP GO! is announced, this is the first game I’ll download. :)”

    I’m at this point buying games in anticipation for the PSP Go!, but if I were you I’d avoid buying flash memory for it until after the E3 announcement.

  • @darthmilo77

    They are priced the exactly the same. There is no five dollar difference between them.

  • @EvoAnubis

    Yes, but who’s going to notice it if they’re not expecting it? Especially since the decision was relatively recent and they haven’t changed the box art on and many other sites.


    Odd, I heard it was going to be $15 on PSN, and it’s $20 at GameStop.

  • i like the Home support just wish it went more in depth and more things came at a time. i would like to know why on the Resistance 2 case as well as Killzone 2’s it it states that it supports Playstation Home, yet you cant launch those games from Home and all thats there is one outfit for R2. You guys should really just sell the Helghast one as well. As for Patapon there should be a plushie of one like the sackboy version. come to think of it you should be able to by sackboy plushies.

  • Poopookakabumbum

    @ 1 & 2

    Where’s my UMD disc?

  • All I have to say to anyone who has dial-up/no access to the Internet:

    GET WITH THE TIMES, PEOPLE! IT’S PATHETIC THAT YOU THINK YOU’RE SOMEHOW SAVING MONEY ON NOT GETTING BROADBAND. IF YOU’RE EVEN USING DIAL-UP FOR WORK, I WOULD CONSIDER IT AS A PART OF WASTING WORK TIME! And for those who think of switching “back” to NetZero or something… DON’T. Hell, I’ve been thinking that 3G Networks and even the average DSL speed is too slow.

  • Pata pata pata pon! God! I love this game! Downloaded the demo, it’s a definite BUY!!!

    I can’t wait to download this game. I was beginning to lose interest in PSP games, but I think these type of games are the best for handhelds. I’ve never really gotten into full games, but I love smaller downloadable games such as Flow, Everday Shooter, Beats, and now Patapon.

  • My favorite is the third one from the top!
    I’m afraid they’d be a bit too expensive, though. Any price estimates?

  • Can you PLEASE give us some info on when Patapon 1 will be released on the store? Really c’mon already :/

  • cool…i will download stuff who not gonna want it??..but some of them kinna expensive…when HOME gonna finish the beta??

  • @61:

    Not everyone lives in areas with any kind of internet. When you direct uninformed rants at people who obviously can’t read them, it doesn’t help your case.

  • So Chris…

    After several weeks of Patapon 2 posts, you’ve answered lots of questions EXCEPT those from people specifically requesting a UMD release… consumers who’ve provided you with many reasons why simultaneous UMD and PSN releases are the most feasible solution. Are you unable to answer (non-disclosure agreement)… don’t know how to answer… too scared to answer… what?

    Please… at least give us UMD folks some sort of reasonable response for our (many) reasonable suggestions…

  • Poopookakabumbum


    In some areas, it’s simply not available.

    And why is it that *anyone* who approves of downloading Patapon 2 can only insult other users instead of coming up with legitimate reasons for defending DDs?

    Oh that’s right, YOU CAN’T!


  • I’ve got to say, I’m really disappointed that Patapon 2 didn’t hit the PSN today, since its download only it should NOT be restricted by the normal PSN Thursday updates, it is complete BS that it has to wait until Thursday, especially since we all know that when E3 rolls around we will be getting daily updates, and since the PSN Video Store can update on days outside of a given day we know its possible, for digital distribution to work the game has to be out ON the day it is announced. If it was never supposed to be released on the PSN today you should have made that very clear, and not have us find out the hard way, also the whole voucher code at the store is very very strange and many people will not like it, it has to be PSN only or UMD only, you can’t have people buy a code at a store, that is borderline ridiculous

    so in closing, Knock off the BS “We gotta wait until Thursday for the PSN weekly update” we know it is possible to update outisde thursday , and while two days may not seem like long, it can be very long

  • Poopookakabumbum

    If it were on disc, we could buy it any day of the week we wanted.

  • Chubbaluphigous

    Thank you for responding. I understand what you are saying. Trying to give the retailers a little bit of a courtesy before sony offers a way around the retailers and most distribution costs. If the rumors about the GO are true then sony will by taking business from them anyway. This little bit of a courtesy isn’t really much of anything to speak of.

    (continued below)

  • @67

    I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a response. It’s been how many blog posts since the rumors of digital download, with countless posts about people like me and you wanting a UMD copy, yet they seem to only want to reply to those posts like “I don’t like lilac” or “I don’t care about Home”.

    It just goes to prove – Sony just doesn’t care about the people who buy their games.

  • Chubbaluphigous

    (continued from above)

    I still don’t see the announcing a “ship” date like that as productive. As a consumer I want to know when it will be available. Giving me an almost date just seems insulting. With the way the shipping industry is, there were wheeles turning before today to get those boxes where they are going. Today isn’t the ship date. My local GS, along with most others in major metropolitan areas, will have the game tomorrow. This is something the those involved in the shipping knew, and it was planned to be so. There is no reason why they couldn’t be straight up with the customer and announced the street date as the 6th. Straightforward honesty is what I ask for. With only some of the big name titles, is the “release” date announced the day it can be purchased. Why can’t there be that sort of continuity with all game releases? Consumers that are jerked around like that may put up with it for a long while, but eventually they stop caring. While I love my games, there are nuances of the industry that are wearing me thin.

    (continued below)

  • Chubbaluphigous

    (continued from above)

    have you ever seen a worry quarter? Where a person keeps that coin and rubs it when they worry or are anxious. Eventually the coin becomes flat with no imprint left.

    In the end this just a small example. I will have the game tomorrow. It really isn’t a big deal, but maybe that is point. People what are treated with honesty and respect will put up with far more than you could expect. But if that wares thin, then you won’t go far.


  • question: does the retail box of patapon2 come with an instruction manual? Does the download come with a digital manual? If so, are the two the same? Sometimes these digital manuals only really show what the buttons do and skip on the details of how to actually play the game, so if there’s a physical manual, that would be my preference.

    • The retail version comes with a printed manual and both versions will have a digital manual.

  • I want a real version of the blue/teal t-shirt. But, for now, I’ll download the Home version.

  • I’m in the UK and bought this game when it came out (I chose the PSN version.) I must say its very good fun.

  • RelentlessRolento

    White Tee… anything patapon gets love from me. As always love the Rolito design.

  • Poopookakabumbum


    This isn’t courtesy, this is cowardice.

  • I would absolutely buy one of the two to the left if they were avaiable for purchase. (and shipping to sweden ofcourse)

  • @76

    The pictures show it with an instruction manual, but it’s unknown how much info it has vs. any digital manual.

    Sony: Why not just make a delayed UMD release? That way you could have both a control scenario and the digital-only scenario and compare the results. You’ll never know how well a UMD copy would have sold the current way, making any data all but useless. Also, I hate lilac and Home and will share a portion of the earnings with any editor who asks, as well as potential baked goods I will have between now and then.

    Now they HAVE to respond!

  • Where can I get one of those plushies and toys?!

  • Just so you know Chris. I was going through the blog as I do everyday and I noticed that there was 10 replies to peoples questions and comments.

    I started reading them and well, I like you.

    This game has never really grabbed my attention. But after seeing you mengle witht he common people and so often too, I have decided to actually look into this game.

    Congrats, because you’re awesome, I might get this game :D

  • StalkingSilence

    The three shirts with white collars should probably also have white sleeve tips (or ends of the sleeves or whatever). I like the teal shirt for the guys – though not sure I’d ever really wear a videogame shirt. But the white collar seems out of place.

  • StalkingSilence

    Also, why not offer immediate voucher code distribution through Amazon?

  • I am definitely digging the idea of real-life shirts, and I am quite frankly confused as to why we haven’t seen them before now. Other gaming companies flood the market with shirts and while Sony has been putting their IPs on clothing items they have been very store specific. I should be able to buy these in Wal*Mart or Kohl’s or wherever they sell logo t-shirts. I mean, I even had to find a specialty online store to get my Body By PlayStation shirt.

    All that said, I am really digging the two male/ blue & white shirts. But if I can only choose one I really like the one with the sword-wielding Tatepon.

    I also notice that everything promotional is showing them all wearing iron helms. Mix it up a bit or show some Patapon 1 rarepons. If I recall, Patapon 1 promos at least showed some Pyokola.

  • Dude I would love to have the blue t-shirt…(BTW, wifie likes the green one :P)
    I hope to see those in real store shelves soon!!!

  • UMD please.

    Sony is pathetic.

    Sony: $>customers

  • @89

    How pathetic giving a kneejerk reaction.

    How do you know that sony isnt…

    Sony: giving what customers want> complainers and whiners

  • @90

    “Sony: giving what customers want> complainers and whiners”

    Pfft, ahahaha.

    People were whining for DD, and complaining that it wasn’t available; and customers want UMD.

  • @92

    There is a difference between asking and whining. To you it might have been whining, but then again you might be a poor judge on things that ppl really want.

    We asked for more DD games, and now we are getting them. Maybe if you ask nicely they will give you a umd, but sice Patapon 2 is a test, well i guess your going to have to ether download the game or wait for it to come out on umd or import it.

    Adapt or move on.

  • Poopookakabumbum


    All you seem to be able to do is insult people.

    Shut yer yap and come back when you actually have something worth saying.

  • @94

    If i was insulting ppl i would be insulting ppl. All im doing is telling ppl how things are from a different point of view, and sometimes that point of view is not accepted like how you think what i say is to the point of insulting.

    Stop thinking with emotion and use some common sence and then you will see things from most companies point of view.

  • Look all im saying is the world is not ending. Sony hasnt kicked your puppy, and i know some of you need to take some anger management classes.

    Its not like Sony is going to totaly drop the umd. Just for patapon 2 they are doing a test, a test i know almost all of you can do. But its your choice on getting a DD, if you dont then oh well.

    But if sony finds that DD does batter than umd’s then i guess we will have to live with it.

  • @96

    Why is it that whenever people complain about a business move they feel is poor, then it’s whining and complaining, but when *you* feel a business move is poor, then it’s your civic duty to say something? Comments are for feedback. Many people feel that to Sony, testing a business model > customers, even though testing downloads and selling UMDs aren’t mutually exclusive.

  • Poopookakabumbum


    Pot calling the kettle black.

    Anger management classes?

    “Whiners! Complainers! Luddites! Scared of technology!”

    That’s all you seem to be able to say without offering one single point about why DDs are good for consumers.

    We have facts, you are a hungry troll.

    Nom nom.

  • I got a refund because the game is going to be $5 cheaper on the psn so why not wait two days for a game that you can play forever?

  • Poopookakabumbum

    That’s just it – you won’t be able to play a download for ever.

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