Patapons Invade Retail and PlayStation Home!

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Digital greetings peoples of the Blog! It’s a beautiful Cinco de Pata-yo and as we speak, thousands of magical keys (read: PSN vouchers) are heading towards a destination near you…ready to unlock the internet’s mighty download powers, filling your PSP with Patapon bliss.

In addition to these vouchers hitting the store shelves, on Thursday, May 7th, you will all be able to download Patapon 2 from the PlayStation Network and the Patapon 2 mass consumption can begin. Nom, nom, nom, nom…

But that’s not the only thing happening on May 7th.

We also wanted to announce really exciting Home exclusives (two actually). First: yours truly will be featured in the Home Theater, answering a few of questions posted in the forums by the Home Community.

Second: We’ve decided that this Thursday is also Home avatar makeover day…so we are giving you an exclusive Patapon 2 t-shirt (for boys and girls!). It’s definitely time for you to upgrade your Home look with something more Eyeballish and warrior like.

Patapon 2 shirt in Home white front Patapon 2 shirt in Home green frony Patapon 2 shirt in Home blue front

Patapon 2 Home T-Shirts

Now, be honest…wouldn’t you want to dress up your Home avatar with these fine threads? If so, be sure to head to the Home Mall since they will be flying off those virtual shelves. You know you will look good…in fact, tell us which shirt you think is the best. Maybe we’ll make an actual real-life one. Just hop on over to the official PlayStation Home forums to start-a-votin’ and get-a-wearin’ or just let us know on the comments.

So what else is there to do on these two days between Cinco de Pata-yo and Thursday-download-o day-o? Well, you can hop on over to the Patapon 2 website to download or make your own custom wallpaper:

Patapon 2 Wallpaper 2

Of you could just try your luck at winning a Limited Edition Lilac Purple PSP (to go with the stylish Patapon 2 logo), or some Patapon 2 toys, or a big screen tv.

Patapon 2 Prizes!

There you have it folks! Happy Cinco de Pata-yo!

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8 Author Replies

  • Where’s my giant Patapon Head?

  • Where’s my giant Patapon Head like on LittleBigPlanet?

  • This is great stuff. I’ve got some PSN money burning a hole in my pocket, i’ll try this stuff :)

  • Ohh wait that stuff is free lol. Even better.

  • Sweet. More home support is always good. >.>

  • I can easily download this on the PSN, but by Friday I think I’ll just head out to the stores and buy the voucher out of support AND spite. I’ll even post my used voucher code on this blog for kicks (heck, everyone should)! But here’s the kicker – I won’t even PLAY the game until the first Patapon is released on the PSN too!

  • Good job guys, just entered the sweepstakes, although a lilac psp for a guy just doesn’t go well with me. I’ll just buy a skin if I win. Please let me win, I’ll give you a deluxe choco-chunk cookie. :)

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      Real dudes rock the lilac. It shows that you are sensitive.

      FYI, please to be sending choco-chunk cookie ASAP. Kthnx.

  • Free is always a great idea. Thanks!

  • Hopefully my Patapon 2… er… code ships today. No, I didn’t end up cancelling my pre-order, but I sure as hell thought about it.

    Haven’t even looked at Home since the first day or two it was out… I don’t know what people think is so great about it.

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      Thanks for the support! Trust me, that is one decision you wont regret. And you really should stop by the Home area… I hear there are these really cool Patapon t-shirts they are giving away…

  • @9…

    Xi is interesting if you like puzzles.

    Playing cards for free is nice.

    That’s what I do there.

  • How about a UMD?

  • Stinkinmushroom

    Euhmmm… Huge fan of Patapon here… I would buy a real life t-shirt like this for sure! I like to white t-shirt the most, more simple.

    As to Home, i’ll jump back in there just to parade with my virtual t-shirt.. it looks awesome! More like this please! ( How about a Patapon arcade mini game in Home?)

  • Not into the home clothes but if you come out with them in real life I’ll buy at least 2 of them. They look very nice.

  • Why oh why do we have to wait til Thursday for the Patapon 2 awesomeness?? :(

  • Yes yes yes. I love that male t-shirt design, couldn’t you make that available for girls in a way? LOVE it! WANT it! :P

  • So when’s the UMD getting released?

    Can’t download it on dial-up.

  • Does the EU get the home content (I know we probably won’t get the psp)

    Anyway, I think I prefer the blue t-shirt!

  • Patapon 2 woo hoo. Wish it was time already.

  • Out of curiosity, is all this patafiesta exclusive to the US ?

  • You guys don’t sound too pumped for patapon 2! I went to see if it had come in yet so I could get my reserved one. Free shirts in home? I think that’s great! Thank you!

  • @ Chris Hinojosa

    I’m confused… Are those Patapon T-shirts going to be *free* in PlayStation Home?

  • Sooo if we dont win……
    Where can we buy this patapon stuff???
    Are there going to be shirts ,dolls, pens,etc…

  • Oh and chris, I was in the video intereiew fir the first patapon along with you :) go watch it if you want to see if I’m right

  • Home and patapon… two things that I could care less about.

  • Stinkinmushroom

    lol just discovered the website, made a wallpaper:

  • Can’t wait!!!

    Put those Patapon toys in stores!

  • Chubbaluphigous

    I am really angry that I can’t download the game today. “cinco de patayo” my tookass. Stores don’t have it. Announcing games with “ship” dates vs. “street” dates is excessively annoying. Especially for a game that is digitally distributed. I know some people have it today, so it is on the network. I however can’t download it. If you are going to pull this kind of BS with all the the digital games, then I won’t be buying the PSP GO. It is there, today is supposed to be the release date, but I can’t get it.

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      Yo Chubba-chubba,
      Unfortunately, science hasn\’t figured out a way to immediately transport physical materials through time and space… so there will always be a bit of a lag between \”announcing\” the ship date and the \”street date.\”

      The ship date announcement is a sort of Facebook poke to get you paying attention that the title you are so anxiously jonesing for (such as Patapon 2) is making its way to ye local game shoppe.

      And I agree, digital only titles shouldn\’t be constrained by these lilliputian time and space constrictions… but the fact is that many stores are going to be carrying Patapon 2 vouchers, and as a courtesy, we are giving them a chance to open up their shipments and stock their shelves. We figure everyone should be up and running by the time we roll out all new PlayStation Network content this Thursday.

      BUT if you happen to live near a store that was extremely close to the Post depot and they stocked their shelves with Patapon 2 goodness the moment it arrived… AND you purchased your voucher code the moment it hit the shelf… well then… you really don\’t have to wait until Thursday to download… just take your hot little voucher code and start downloading the moment you hit any Hotspot. And while your luck is still red-hot I\’d suggest you buy a couple of lottery tickets.

  • I’d like to know what happened to the May 5th release date? Patapon 2 should have been released today according to all other websites and Amazon. Been loggin in all day just to purchase and download. Now we have to wait 2 more days.

    How about giving everyone who replies to this blog post early access to the game? Just email us all a code redeem right now!! I promise to pay on Thursday – Heck I’d pay now if possible.

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      Hi Toms6928… I feel you, trust me. I\’m exactly the same way… but just know that today is almost over and Wednesdays are always a breeze. Soon will come Thursday and you\’ll be able to get your Pata-on.

  • Hell yeah I won!! Thanks!!

  • So the people that want or *need* UMD to play Patapon 2 are being abandoned now.

    Really screwing the fans on this one, in that they can’t play the game now because Sony decided that they’re going to mess around with the standard distribution medium partway through the PSP’s lifetime.

  • Free? That’s incredible. Thank you a million times! We need more customization in Home, seriously! When I’m on Home I just see clones!

  • you know I actually wouldn’t mind one of those shirts for real.

    If they weren’t stupidly expensive and were available in the uk without having to pay twice the price for delivery.

    The blue and white are the way to go. make it happen

  • If I win that big screen tv I’ll love you forever :p

  • Yaaay…not…another US only contest…

  • I haven’t been playing games much on my PS3 lately and haven’t had my PSP out since GOW COO. I have been addicted to my Iphone the last few months. OK, I did put some hours in on RE5, KZ2, and so on but for the most part just playin the IP. BUT when I heard Patapon 2 was on the way I pre-ordered to get the demo early and have been building up my Patapon for the last few weeks.

    I really forgot how much I loved the game and P2 looks even better. I’m hooked again so I cant wait till Thursday. I’m sure Apple isn’t going to be happy about this. But the Iphone has nothing that compares to Patapon 2.

  • I would buy one of those shirts. Along with the plush and figures. I love Patapon as it was my first PSP game.

  • Cool beans!!

  • pay for virtual clothes…hahah F U !!!!!!!

  • lol COOL!

    I think that the blue shirt with the patapon dude looks the best! :D

  • I like the white shirt with the Patapon in the bottom right.

  • Too bad, like almost everyone lol i cant get patapon today, ill be sure ti pick it up tomorrow tho

  • Since this is Avatar Makeover Thursday, will the Star Trek uniform parts be available in time for the new movie, or are they a UK Home exclusive?

    Oh, and I’d order the teal Patapon shirt.

  • Why did I choose the cheapest shipping method for delivery? At least I still have the demo.

  • To be honest, I don’t really understand why this game is so popular… I’ve tried the demo for both Patapon’s and just seems boring. Maybe the demo is hiding something that makes the game enjoyable and satisfying.

    And guys, don’t worry about having a Lilac PSP, I own a Rosy Pink (I hate these item themed colors, why can’t you just say Purple) and everyone I know thinks its kind of cool. Just I have alot of copy protection games so I won’t find a use for a new PSP. Hopefully colors become less bundled so when I upgrade to the new model I can buy something other than Piano Black so I can personalize my system (slightly) without putting a skin on it.

    Maybe I’ll try and find a cheap Patapon 1 and I might be enlightened… though I’ll buy the original if its PSN this week and hold off on the sequel.

  • I too am pretty damned pissed that all this talk of Patapon coming out today, but I still can’t buy it on PSN. When Warhawk came out, it did so on Tuesday in retail, and Tuesday on PSN. I don’t know why the same didn’t apply to this, particularly when this PSN only release for the game was supposed to be such a big deal.

  • It would be a pleasure to be able t walk around as virtual billboard for Patapon 2.

    My PSP screen is broken, so I’ll have to sit this one out. Announce that new PSP at E3 Sony! It’s the only thing holding me back from buying a new one.

  • I’m so excited for Patapon 2 that i’m slightly upset it’s not on the playstation store today. I don’t understand what’s the point of digital distribution if we can’t get it sooner then the guys that have to wait for it to be shipped to them.

    Isn’t a benefit of digital distribution being able to deliver your product to the consumers faster then stores would?

  • ya’ll need to make those shirts real. srsly, wouldn’t you want us to give you 15-$20 rather than a couple dollars for a virtual shirt? i know i would.

  • Sweet Free Virtual Home Shirts! I am gonna buy a PSP when PSP Go! comes out then i will get my Patapon On!

  • I’m sorry, but this is absurd.

    I have been with Sony since the PS1, and I’ve had every console/handheld since. Out of all of the great games that came out last year–Fallout 3, Spore, and Left 4 Dead included–Patapon was one of my favorites. It’s one of the most innovative music games since PaRappa, but also has a deeper level of strategy and resource management.

    After playing the demo for Patapon 2, I was glad to see some of the great features from the first game, such as carrying over demo saves, coupled with improvements like multiplayer (with game sharing, no less) and not having to go through an item swap to play minigames. You still can’t pause, but what can you do. The price is certainly a good model for the industry. However, I’m still unsure whether I’m going to buy this game.

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