Trophies Coming to PURE this Wednesday!

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What’s up folks! This is Mitch Powers, senior global brand manager from Disney Interactive Studios. Just wanted to drop a quick note and let everyone know that trophies will be available for PURE on PLAYSTATION 3 this Wednesday, May 6. Whether you’re a hardcore PURE player or you’re just getting started, there are trophies you will be able to earn when you throw down on PURE as you nail the sick tricks and huge aerial jumps in Black Rock’s action sports game. The update includes more than 30 trophies at the Gold, Silver and Bronze levels. There’s also a Platinum Trophy that can be earned only by gathering up all of the other trophies in the game. We are super excited to finally bring this offering to all of you huge PURE fans! So go get the update this Wednesday, and we look forward to seeing you pull off tricks on all the different tracks!

PURE trophies screenshot 4

PURE trophies screenshot 2 PURE trophies screenshot 3

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  • Though I’m not one who plays for trophies, it’s still nice to know that some pubs/devs don’t ignore their community.

    Thank you for that.

    PURE is a very fun game with or without the trophy patch. I’ve been playing it for months, and I look forward to playing it again in the coming months.

  • Im just still waiting for the post for Hots Shots Golf Trophies!

  • Wish I would have known about this last week. I would of picked up the game at Best Buy’s sale where they had it for $9.99

  • Sweet. I’d pick this one up soon but I haven’t even bought Motorstorm 2 yet.

  • DAMNIT!!! I could’ve bought this game last week for $10 at Best Buy. Damnit, damnit, damnit, DAMNIT! They announced these trophies just a day late.

  • Thank you, I appreciate the update even though I do not own the game.

  • Good job Blackrock! I would hope more companies would go back and do trophy patches for games that lacked them.

  • I heard quite a few people from BlackRock are Ex-Sony.

    What’s some of the game credits the Blackrock Team can boast?

  • wow i really have to get this game i seriously didn’t know this didn’t have trophies. i guess now more of a reason to get it!

  • I’ve been holding off t buy this game too long, i’m getting it this weekend now:)

  • @ Jeff:

    True :(

    But when you let a mistake slip, and you only realize it a second later, the lack of an edit button will cause sorrow that should last for a lifetime… or about two minutes.

  • Excellent.. held off on buying, will definitely pick this up now.

  • Thank you for the Trophy-Patch!

    Thank you for releasing the patch 5 days earlier in europe (germany)!

    Thank you for Pure, one of the best looking Racers in 2008!

    Since the Trophy-Patch I spend more time with the game than before because the Trophies give extra motivation to get the first place in the races.

    Hint for the US-Gamers: Pure is very cheap in UK, I’ve got my copy for 15€ (20$).


  • That’s great news, you guys at Disney Interactive have my respect, good job. Where can we find the trophy list?

    That would be awesome if games like Valkyria Chronicles and Metal Gear 4 have the same treatment from the devs…

  • I recall renting this game and thinking it would be a good buy at the Greatest Hits price but not $60. Last week I went on Sunday morning to three Best Buy stores trying to find a copy for $10 with no luck.

    Now I am really bummed out that I wasn’t able to snag one. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to play some more MotorStorm: Pacific Rift instead!

  • Great! I can scratch off the 360 version of this game from my “to buy” list. Amazing! Thank you PURE team.

    Now if they would only add trophies to the Tools of Destruction, Assassins Creed, Devil May Cry 4 and Metal Gear 4. I may even buy them then.

  • Good to see older games getting trophy support.

  • thats cool

  • Yay, for once the trophy upgrade comes before I have beat the game.

  • AWESOME, however I´ll be very happy if you release the Devil May Cry 4 and Metal Gear Solid 4 trophies, please release them,

  • While the game doesn’t interest me, it’s great to see devs support their game after release.

  • I’d love to see these titles get patch with Trophy support.

    Heavenly Sword****

  • Quite unexpected news.

    This game is truly awesome. With all due respect to the Motorstorm team… this is how you make an offroading game right

  • wow nice one guys, hope other developers take their cues from you :)

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    I want to thank you guys for adding trophies to this game, it’s something a lot of other companies haven’t bothered to do. Good job!

  • BEST BUY trolled me so hard. I was going to get this game for the sale, but not having trophies prevented me from pulling the trigger. I regret it now.

  • PURE was my first PS3 game, and what a great game it is. :D Thanks for the Trophy patch, Disney! :)

  • Funny I was just thinking on getting this game this w-e and I didn’t for some reason. The demo was great.
    I may very well jump on it then next time I go game shopping.

    Thanks guys for the update. Wish all developpers for games developped within the past couple years could do the same.

  • Nice! This game is only 10 bucks at Walmart.

  • It’s hard to believe that Disney made such an awesome and fun game!

  • Are there any plans to include in game custom soundtracks for Pure?
    I’d prefer it if we could just simply select our own music from the PS3 hard drive anyway, instead of relying on developers to include this feature themselves. This would mean we could play our own music in any PS3 game we like. Is this going to come in a future firmware update?

  • aaaaawwwsome now mgs4

  • wow! I just bought this last weekend! Trophies!@!@

  • Lil_Mermaid_Girl

    Thanks for adding trophies.

  • Great and thx for the throphy patch its the best thing to sell more copies.

    I hope the other devs are not so blind and do it the same way .

    Sony must be an Idol and do it with Heavenly Sword Folklore and all other first party titles that were so cool

  • This would be great if I could find the game. :(

    Never saw it on sale at Best Buy a few weeks back (saw Quantum of Solace for $9.99, plus a T-shirt, instead). Can’t find it new at Best Buy or at Target now. Is there any retailer that has it, besides buying it used at GameStop?

  • got this game off ebay the other night, cant wait to get the ttophies when it comes in!!

  • Thats cool man trophies on puer Yeah!

  • What if you’ve finished the game in 1st for all races. Do I need to do it all over again to get the trophies? If so, the patch sucks for me. You know how hard it is to win all races?

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