Trophies Coming to PURE this Wednesday!

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What’s up folks! This is Mitch Powers, senior global brand manager from Disney Interactive Studios. Just wanted to drop a quick note and let everyone know that trophies will be available for PURE on PLAYSTATION 3 this Wednesday, May 6. Whether you’re a hardcore PURE player or you’re just getting started, there are trophies you will be able to earn when you throw down on PURE as you nail the sick tricks and huge aerial jumps in Black Rock’s action sports game. The update includes more than 30 trophies at the Gold, Silver and Bronze levels. There’s also a Platinum Trophy that can be earned only by gathering up all of the other trophies in the game. We are super excited to finally bring this offering to all of you huge PURE fans! So go get the update this Wednesday, and we look forward to seeing you pull off tricks on all the different tracks!

PURE trophies screenshot 4

PURE trophies screenshot 2 PURE trophies screenshot 3

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  • Thats just awesome

  • Ah, Trophy patches, the update pretty much everyone enjoys.

    Thanks for going back and patching your game games, the community know how many could do the same. I’m looking at you, MGS4 :(

    Stay tight.

  • I wish I had this game. I tried to get it on sale at Best Buy but it was sold out every time I went. :(

  • Instead of “games”, I meant “guys”.

    How did I make that mistake? :o

  • Well this came out of nowhere…for me at least.

  • “Trophies coming to’ … my heartbeat accelerated for a millisecond, hoping to see written ‘METAL GEAR SOLID 4’ …good news for racing fans i guess.

  • Actually I made a lot more mistakes n my first comment.

    Jeff, Chris, a grammar freak like me requires an “edit” button for our comments :(

  • Trophies = Sales boost

  • ALRIGHT!!!!

  • This game has been out for how long and you guys are just now adding trophies to it? Wow Sony, you guys need look like a bunch of monkeys trying to hump a football at this point.

  • Wow thats awsome, YOU KNOW US PLAYSTATION 3 GAMERS, WOULD LOVE TO HAVE KINGDOM HEARTS on our system, we would buy it in an instant, what an amazing game KINGDOM HEARTS was on playstation 2, there is no reason for DISNEY not to make another amazing game on the PLAYSTATION 3, because PLAYSTATION owners love kingdom hearts.

    JUst saying =D

    And pure is awsome

  • Wow. Only 6 months late here folks.

    I remember going on their forums right when the game came out, and members of the development team declared there would not be a trophy patch for the PS3 version of the game.

    Don’t you people realize that you lost sales when you did that? Now you want to release a trophy patch, and people aren’t going to bother running out to buy this old game now. People move on, and new and more exciting things come around. You should have done this a long time ago, but what do I know?

  • The Trophy Patch is released in Europe!

  • That’s great! Might pick this up now if I can get it for fairly cheap. :D

  • VanilaGorila-x-

    Better late than never..


  • Great News!

  • Figures, I tried to get the game from Best Buy and couldn’t get ahold of it, and now there’s trophies. :(

  • I really enjoy this game. It’s like SSX on ATV’s.

  • Adding a Trophy patch six months later will guarantee more sales than not doing anything at all, to be honest.

    I’m surprised at the size of “Trophy communities” out there. People really consider them a pretty big deal.

    I also pursue them actively, they allow me to do and try stuff in the game I wouldn’t otherwise have done. Anything that adds replay value to a game is welcome.

  • Mmm…. Maybe picking this game up.

    Does this game support XMB Custom Music?

  • It’s a good thing I didn’t start this yet. I only bought it last week too. Can’t wait.

  • Does the patch do anything other then add trophies?

    @8 Jack-Bauer-89

    Best Buy selling the game for $10 is a guaranteed sales booster.

  • Oh hell yes! I bought this game late last year after falling in love with the demo but it kind of got lost in the flood of games that came out around that time. The lack of trophies was the only thing keeping me from picking it up again. Thanks for adding these!

  • Whoo! Good news for those who picked it up for $10 last week at Best Buy!

    Thanks, Disney, for supporting games on the PlayStation!

  • Whoa this is great news. I will continue to keep playing it now and I can add it to my list of trophies. Beautiful game! With mad crazy tricks!

  • CaribbeanLegend

    looks like its not the same as the 360 achievements. which is even better

  • happy happy joy joy!!

    gives me a great reason to go back & play Pure more/again. Sic!! thanks.

  • Awesome. Was considering picking this game up anyway, but this just sealed the deal.

  • Going to make a little cash with this, way to come back disney!

  • Good cause that game is awesome
    can u tell us the trophies’ names and stuff

  • Mitch Powers. You have a great name… Anyway I don’t have Pures so, the update really doesn’t concern me.

    Just posting cause I like your name. :)

  • COOL! Maybe now I’ll pick it up!

    Thanks for the news Mitch! Also, what’s it like working for Disney?


    Disney IS making a comeback, they just hooked up with HULU, trophies for this game, YES. Do I have it, NO. either way good for those that do.

  • Icarus_Immortal

    Awesome, been waiting for this too long!

    A good reason to dust off my favourite racing game on the PS3!

  • This is awesome… I own this game already and love it. Now I can get my trophy on! Konami, take notes! MGS4 trophies!!! Please!!!!

  • I know it’s silly, but the lack of trophy support was the only thing that kept me from buying this game.

    +1 purchase tomorrow

  • This is great! I just bought the game for $10 and was wishing it had trophy support. The game is great, it’s certainly worth way more than $10 so if you see it don’t hesitate on buying it.

    Thanks for including trophy support…I know it’s a bit of a hassle to include them retroactively and it’s great to see you guys including it.

  • cool ;)

    I would love to see Fatal Inertia Ex, MGS4 and Heavenly Sword getting the same treatment… ^^

  • damn i just sold the game to my friend :(

  • oh, and Silent Hill Homecoming :D

  • I’ve heard good things about this game.

  • Why oh why didn’t you announce this last week when the game was on sale for $9.99!!!! Oh well.

  • Will the trophies be retroactive? Now that we have seen this is possible (ie – Need for Speed Undercover), it seems like you’d make a lot of fans by not making us redo all that we have already accomplished. So…?

  • TheFlyingToaster

    This is awesome. Always nice to see trophies being patched to older games. The pure demo was fun and you can get the game pretty cheap now. Ill probably pick this up at some point.

  • No offense, I’d rather have custom soundtracks!!!

  • I just played the demo and it’s a great game, but I’m not buying a racing game without split-screen multiplayer mode.

  • Nice to see a dev just add trophy support and not promise them and not deliver. cough Capcom cough

  • A VERY WISE DECISION. Now you may have my money.

  • Not sure I’ll get this game after reading some of the reviews and the fact that a trophy update comes out now? Too little, too late for me…sorry.


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