Killzone 2: Battle the Dev Team

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Why hello there, Killzone fans! Glad you could make it!

Many of you have been asking when we would have a ‘Snipe the dev’ event again like we had with Killzone 1 and Killzone: Liberation, and let me tell you that time is NOW!

Killzone 2 Steel & Titanium Pack

Well, tomorrow anyway. Close enough. At 10:00AM Pacific on Tuesday, May 5 we are holding a “Guerrilla Warfare” event on the US servers to celebrate the release of our first DLC Pack: “Steel & Titanium,” and to generally kick some ass. I have assembled the most battle-hardened and skillful developers at Guerrilla Games to go onto the servers and take you through our two newest maps: “Wasteland Bullet” and “Vekta Cruiser,” now available on the Playstation Store.

The developers at Guerrilla Games will be hosting some “Official games,” which some of you will be able to join with passwords provided by the staff here at PlayStation.Blog. If you join those games, we’ll take you on a tour of the new levels, talk about their development and generally hang out. To receive the password and find out the room names, you’ll have to follow the PlayStation.Blog Twitter account: There will be plenty of Guerrillas roaming the servers too, picking fights and generally acting as target practice. Also, we will be holding a similar event on the EU servers very shortly after, so no need to all flood over.

So, to recap:

WHAT: Play two of the newest Killzone 2 maps online with Guerrilla Games.

WHEN: Games start at 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern tomorrow, May 5.

WHERE: “Official” Guerrilla-hosted Killzone 2 games (US only)

HOW: Check at 9:30AM Pacific / 12:30PM Eastern for passwords to the official games.

So see you tomorrow, and if you see a [GG] tag in front of the name of a passing enemy, say hi to him before blowing his brains out and tea-bagging him. He’ll appreciate it more that way.

Seb “motherh” Downie

PS: Voting for the Golden Joysticks has opened and us being a bunch of attention-seeking media-whores, we always like to see our names in lights, so take a minute and vote for Killzone 2 for the ‘Multiplayer Game of the Year,’ Playstation GOTY, Soundtrack OTY and Ultimate GOTY here. Thanks a lot!

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  • guess i should brush up on my english aswell.

  • and when will we be able to edit comments Mr. Rubenstein? (i know i know your sleeping right now)

  • Mr Downie, May I jump up and down (not sure how you jump down unless your previsouly elevated) while Im waiving and screaming like said girl? If so that would be awesome……on a more serious note Im sure you guys dont have the time/staff to dedicate to a studio tour but will there ever be an open house? (hopefully in the second half of april as thats usually when Im in your lovely city although I only seem to make it every other year or so) Bascially I would love to see a working game studio and how they develope such great games and seeing as how I love your games I was really hoping it would be you guys, However Im in Seattle washington usa now so maybe Titan or Sucker punch will hold an event like I have described.

    Now that I’ve begged and botherd enough I hope to see all you fine GG employees on line in T-Minus % hours and counting…..Thanks for the answer Mr. Downie I DO NOT expect a reply to any of this and I am honored to suck….oh oh sorry. But you guys do rule. Thanks Again!

    • Sebastian Downie

      Nah sorry man. We don\’t let strangers into our home usually. They might uncover our secret plans for world domination or stumble accross our ninja training centre and we would be forced to silence them less this information reaches the authorities.

  • oh and how could I forget ol’ Zipper Interactive those guys are also cool….

  • I noticed you guys not under the online game section I have notified the site (future i think) via email maybe we can get you guys another catagory.

  • I’m so excited, bring it on GG.

  • Right on Thank you for the candid and refreshing answers as i suckle on oh oh yeah nevermind the last bit….c you guys in a few hours motherh oh and get some dinner before yall play Id hate for you gg guys to have an excuse…..

  • @ 53 (Downie)

    I bet my ninjas could beat your ninjas. And my command center probably smells better than yours, too. (An air-freshener in EVERY corner and a night cleaning staff every other day.)

  • i can’t join!

  • JohnnyJohnJohns

    I’ll try and jump on for this, it sounds like good fun!

    Seb- congrats to to you and the entire dev team at Guerilla, Killzone 2 is an amazing technical masterpiece and a really great game to play! I’m looking forward to future content and releases from you guys!

    As an aspiring level designer I really like the flow and feel of the levels with both single player and multiplayer having a great intensity- I’ll be playing Killzone for a long time to come!

  • If you held the event at 8AM Netherlands time, then it’d be 11PM PST and I could make it. Just go ahead and reschedule that event, okay?

  • I can’t get on. This is easily one my favorite games and I look forward to playing with you guys. I hope whoever took my spot got a pounding from GG.

  • looked*

  • Well I played a couple of games in the first game room. It was fun, but like a lot of time, many people had low quality mics and basically ruined any communication if they were on your team. I don’t get how they don’t notice their mic is constantly on. Oh well, still had fun! Thanks GG!

  • saw the 1st game room and it was full, still haven’t seen the 2nd pop up yet

  • tylerdurden1999

    i cant find the rooms, are you supposed to get to them from the search game screen

  • They’re probably full at the moment guys. The first one was completely full in less than 2 minutes.

  • 2 minutes ?more like 2 seconds…

  • I can’t find the rooms!!

  • tylerdurden1999

    i got in a game and then the old network error 8013 came up

  • none of these flocking passwords work arghhhhhhhhhhh

  • Sebastian Downie

    The games are simply full very quickly. Not seen any network errors at this end.

  • How many lumps would you like with your tea?
    1 or 2?

  • oh ok sebastian well how long will u guys be on , i got in 1 game just too bad no co-op plz bring it listen to us consumers and u should have these sessions more often youll draw more people in to play


  • hey just to let u guys who made kz2 a great game better then cod4 and beyond but when i dled the dlc map pack it now has been kicking me off alot more lately and im not the only one as well also its alot slower now as well

  • i got in a few games where 5/6 devs from Guerrilla were playing i shot one in the head xD

  • Had fun, played a couple games with GG. Though I was surprised and a bit disappointed none of ya’ll had mics – kinda defeats the community aspect of it :S

    Though I did have fun and it was just funny when I killed you guys ^^

    Also noticed you all left after 1 game. Ah well. KZ2 really is a masterpiece, thanks for makin’ it. Oh, and isn’t it ridiculous that the game runs so well on wasteland bullet when so much stuff is going on? You’d expect framerate issues or something, but it runs so smoothly. Gah, still amazes me. Well done!

  • I played 4 games with y’all won 3 of them lost 1 , but I blame it on the GG guy who wouldn’t let anyone join his squad, lol. Don’t you know squad play wins games?

    I did pretty well for myself tied 1st one time and 2nd and 3rd other times.

  • tylerdurden1999

    Played 3 games with GG. The games I was in the devs had mics and it was fun, really cool loyalty to the fans. Cant wait for the new DLC!

  • Good game btw. It was fun and hilarious at times.

    KZ2 is one awesome game. Hope for more good stuff from you guys… cheers..

  • Thanks for doing this, gg GG.

  • I bought the DLC and then proceeded to try to find games utilizing it. Very slim.. I finally found a full one. I was having great fun on Vekta then went to the Wasteland Bullet map. I played for a long time and was ranked first.. then all of a sudden, while manning the machine gun, it just froze.. and froze hard. Nothing worked. There went all the hard work and fun. No wonder why i’m not ranking up. Console gaming is now more and more like PC gaming. UGH.

  • May I request keyboard chat in Killzone 2?

    For me, my console FPS gaming experience is lacking in comparison to my past PC FPS gaming experiences because there is limited to no communication in-game for Klllzone 2. With no LOL or WTF moments because of no simple chat, it’s hard to make friends and find clans. I would be much more immersed in this game with simple keyboard communication, and this would promote a much better sense of community in a really simple way.

    Please take into consideration my request, as this would fulfill the one thing I feel is missing from my Killzone 2 experience. I also feel like the general community overall would benefit from this as well, even though the majority of the community does not yet realize this as something they’re missing out on.

    Thank you very much Sony and Guerrilla Games.

  • @choobies

    You have have an ingame chat room via the in game xmb lol

    But I understand what you mean

  • btw..

    THERE WAS SERIOUS LAG IN THE GAMES, I got randomly killed like 10 times

  • Sebastian Downie

    Hi guys, after a good 3.5 hours, we’re done and tired. The beers are taking their toll and we’re off, for tomorrow is another day. Thanks for all that joined and lets do this again another time soon. Hope you enjoyed it. We sure as frig did. Take care.

  • Dang I got class, oh well.

  • this is so racist, this is all happening on american severs, so no one else from around can play…. so racist and not fair… u should be ashamed of yourselfs….racist americans allways racist and cant share and sony should step and say something about this unfair event….if u read this do something about this sony…or u r just as racist as them

  • My goodness, all the fun passed me by before I even knew it was happening! LOL! Oh well, I’ll keep an eye out for your next event so I can show off my Ninjaneer moves! ;o)

  • Snipe the Dev. on KZ:L?! When was that?! I hope you guys do another on there.

    And how did you to it for KZ? Sorry for being a PSNoob but I didn’t know the PS2 could connect to the internet. =/

    I love the humor you put into everything you say! It’s one of the few things that makes me literally “laugh out loud”.

    • Sebastian Downie

      Yup, even the trusty old PS2 could be set up with a modem. KZ was one of very few FPSs to go online on PS2. There were very few.

  • I tink there were a couple of players lagging, whcih caused the overall game to lag, otherwise its all good, killzone 2 RARELY lags

  • dude before i bought kz2 i played kz1 in celebration for kz2 it was kickA$$ you guys rock and if i see anybody from GG on kz2 dude ill kill yall and say thanks for the sweet memories. peace

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