Killzone 2: Battle the Dev Team

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Why hello there, Killzone fans! Glad you could make it!

Many of you have been asking when we would have a ‘Snipe the dev’ event again like we had with Killzone 1 and Killzone: Liberation, and let me tell you that time is NOW!

Killzone 2 Steel & Titanium Pack

Well, tomorrow anyway. Close enough. At 10:00AM Pacific on Tuesday, May 5 we are holding a “Guerrilla Warfare” event on the US servers to celebrate the release of our first DLC Pack: “Steel & Titanium,” and to generally kick some ass. I have assembled the most battle-hardened and skillful developers at Guerrilla Games to go onto the servers and take you through our two newest maps: “Wasteland Bullet” and “Vekta Cruiser,” now available on the Playstation Store.

The developers at Guerrilla Games will be hosting some “Official games,” which some of you will be able to join with passwords provided by the staff here at PlayStation.Blog. If you join those games, we’ll take you on a tour of the new levels, talk about their development and generally hang out. To receive the password and find out the room names, you’ll have to follow the PlayStation.Blog Twitter account: There will be plenty of Guerrillas roaming the servers too, picking fights and generally acting as target practice. Also, we will be holding a similar event on the EU servers very shortly after, so no need to all flood over.

So, to recap:

WHAT: Play two of the newest Killzone 2 maps online with Guerrilla Games.

WHEN: Games start at 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern tomorrow, May 5.

WHERE: “Official” Guerrilla-hosted Killzone 2 games (US only)

HOW: Check at 9:30AM Pacific / 12:30PM Eastern for passwords to the official games.

So see you tomorrow, and if you see a [GG] tag in front of the name of a passing enemy, say hi to him before blowing his brains out and tea-bagging him. He’ll appreciate it more that way.

Seb “motherh” Downie

PS: Voting for the Golden Joysticks has opened and us being a bunch of attention-seeking media-whores, we always like to see our names in lights, so take a minute and vote for Killzone 2 for the ‘Multiplayer Game of the Year,’ Playstation GOTY, Soundtrack OTY and Ultimate GOTY here. Thanks a lot!

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