Killzone 2: Battle the Dev Team

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Why hello there, Killzone fans! Glad you could make it!

Many of you have been asking when we would have a ‘Snipe the dev’ event again like we had with Killzone 1 and Killzone: Liberation, and let me tell you that time is NOW!

Killzone 2 Steel & Titanium Pack

Well, tomorrow anyway. Close enough. At 10:00AM Pacific on Tuesday, May 5 we are holding a “Guerrilla Warfare” event on the US servers to celebrate the release of our first DLC Pack: “Steel & Titanium,” and to generally kick some ass. I have assembled the most battle-hardened and skillful developers at Guerrilla Games to go onto the servers and take you through our two newest maps: “Wasteland Bullet” and “Vekta Cruiser,” now available on the Playstation Store.

The developers at Guerrilla Games will be hosting some “Official games,” which some of you will be able to join with passwords provided by the staff here at PlayStation.Blog. If you join those games, we’ll take you on a tour of the new levels, talk about their development and generally hang out. To receive the password and find out the room names, you’ll have to follow the PlayStation.Blog Twitter account: There will be plenty of Guerrillas roaming the servers too, picking fights and generally acting as target practice. Also, we will be holding a similar event on the EU servers very shortly after, so no need to all flood over.

So, to recap:

WHAT: Play two of the newest Killzone 2 maps online with Guerrilla Games.

WHEN: Games start at 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern tomorrow, May 5.

WHERE: “Official” Guerrilla-hosted Killzone 2 games (US only)

HOW: Check at 9:30AM Pacific / 12:30PM Eastern for passwords to the official games.

So see you tomorrow, and if you see a [GG] tag in front of the name of a passing enemy, say hi to him before blowing his brains out and tea-bagging him. He’ll appreciate it more that way.

Seb “motherh” Downie

PS: Voting for the Golden Joysticks has opened and us being a bunch of attention-seeking media-whores, we always like to see our names in lights, so take a minute and vote for Killzone 2 for the ‘Multiplayer Game of the Year,’ Playstation GOTY, Soundtrack OTY and Ultimate GOTY here. Thanks a lot!

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  • Sweet I can’t wait!!!!

  • Got mix and match for Sab, Soldier and Sniper.

    Wanted Tactician ability.

    But please listen, 4 air support kills in one round is RIDICULOUS. Please don’t make my unlocks based on luck. If I can’t control it, then it shouldn’t be a basis of a perk.

    Thats why I gave up anyway.

  • Oh bummer I wish I could but tomorrow is my 25 Birthday yup Cinco De Mayo im gonna be a Quarter Century old are you guys going to hold another at a later date maybe with another map pack? Im gonna be busy tomorrow!

  • I’m pretty busy So I will have to shoot up the dev team the next time around ):

  • but i might have to work……..hmm sick day eh? Is this going to be accessible to us Canadians?

  • That’s a couple of hours before I have to go to class, so I’ll definitely be able to play for a little bit. I’ll get up around 11:30 here in Dallas to get that password :D

  • Aww bad time. Oh well, we can’t satisfy the need of everyone.

    Also thanks again GG for really being interactive with the community. It seems that a lot of Developers, Insomniac and MM come to mind, are using the Blog as a great way to interact with the community.

  • Those devs don’t know what they are getting their selves into :)

  • Any chance you’ll be giving away any map pack codes on twitter tomorrow, leading up to the event?

  • Can’t wait to play you Seb! And everyone else for the team!

    Will you guys be playing after 1 pm? Most of us are at work/school.

    • Sebastian Downie

      Well we\’ve only got those two hours booked in, otherwise it starts getting a little late over here in Amsterdam. I am sure a bunch will hang on for longer.

  • FYI people, central time is an hour before eastern. that being said, I’m read to killzown some devs lol mahahahaha

  • Sorry I voted for Little Big Planet for best soundtrack, but yeah killzone 2 FTW

  • Awesome.

    Twitter is like micro-blogs, right?

  • gotta work during the day. couldnt have done this on a weekend?

  • have to work during the day too. start this event at 7pm centeral

  • Weird timing. Those of us that, you know, have to work during the week have no way of attending a 10pst / 1est gaming session.

    Thanks anyway… I guess.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      It\’s actually 8pm in the Netherlands, where Guerrilla is located. Thanks to them for staying at work well after \’quitting time.\’

  • Guerrilla Games should start twittering

  • those maps are nice! but please GG fix the death delay it makes the online very unfair especially when your opponent is using a shotgun. it just results in lucky last second headshots that really start to get annoying.and IMO new weapons would greatly be appreciated for the next DLC along with more great maps.

  • This is good news. Good job promoting the new map pack by conditioning our ability to play with the devs on the purchase of Steel and Titanium ;)

    I like the way you write, Seb (talking about “tea-bagging” and being “attention whores.” I like how you say it how you want and don’t alter the meaning of your words to be unnecessarily politically correct.

    I voted for Killzone 2 in every category possible at the Golden Joysticks. Good luck!

    • Sebastian Downie

      Haha, its actually heavily censored. The original was a heavily politicized rant on the state of the economy and the smell of cabbage. Riddled with nonsensical explanative and vitriol.

      Jeff cleaned it up a lot and made it into something half understandable and publishable without various religious and animal protection groups getting upset.

  • Aww… can’t. I have finals dext week so I have to study hard!!!


    i would love to but i dont have think you can hook me up?

  • wow, thats sweet

  • Speaking of the Killzone 2 soundtrack, any plans for a release?

  • I will still be at school :( You guys are lucky, you would have got your butts kicked

  • ill see u guys tomorrow…. heheh

  • Well looks like I won’t joining you tomorrow, because:
    1. I didn’t download the 2 maps to begin with. My money is real tight right now.
    2. I got to work tomorrow, and I’m not using sick time just to play video game. Especially when my job looking dangerous to employees (lay offs).

  • Perfect… my class schedule has me with Tuesdays and Thursdays off. I’ll definitely try to get in a game. Maybe I’ll annoy the Guerrilla devs with rocket boosters so they can get to fixing the Assault class. =P

  • Jeff watches Oprah?!

  • Nice, hopefully they are not that good and I could maybe get a kill.

  • Jeff should play too, and kaz harai, so I can demonstrate how good I am =)

  • Damn you Seb! 1pm. :P

  • Craparoni – I’ll be at work and I don’t do the twitter thing…

  • Twitter is pretty useful. Actually, I was oblivious of its existence until the PS Blog. Then all of a sudden every freaken blog I visited got on Twitter so, thank you PS Blog! :p

  • So will the map rotation just include the two new maps?

    • Sebastian Downie

      For the official games yes, but there will be plenty of guys on the servers, free-playing too. But it is mostly about the DLC yes.

  • I will be in school when it starts but I am hoping it will last long enough for me to get on. That would be about 5PM EST.

  • Already have the DLC, and the timing is bad I mean I have to work in the morning, and some probably have school, couldn’t they change it to another time like in the evening?

  • omg this makes me really angry.why is everything only for US.jeff can u ask guerrilla that question.please man every event is US only it makes me angry you know let them do somting for the EU brothers they are from EU.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      \”Also, we will be holding a similar event on the EU servers very shortly after, so no need to all flood over.\”

  • Cool DLC it is ;P

    + I want to back-up my KillZone 2 save, but it won’t let me :-/ Any chance of changing that via a update please? They did it with MotorStorm 2 a few months back ;)

  • Jeff, Im going to blow your brains out and tea-bagg you!!!!
    I hope you can Play man…it would be cool
    See yall tomorrow

  • I battle the dev team every time I play the last mission on Elite :(

  • aye what if we want to be a spectator

  • Awesome! GG and Killzone 2 are freakin the best!
    off topic but, Jeff, do you know of any announcements for Motorstorm PR DLC, maybe at E3?

  • Aw, sounds fun! Unfortunately, I live in CA, and I’m stuck at work during that time. I love the new maps though! :)

  • Cool. I’m on my weekend anyway, so I’ll def be there!

  • Will there be moments like flying a helicopter full of my troops into a hot war zone and letting them off and as I try to take it down I am hit with an rpg causing a crash which I barely survive, now we are forced to engage in a full scale battle among the wreckage?

  • Wow, this really sounds like a fantastic time. I would absolutely love to play with GG. Unfortunately, I have to work. I still really appreciate the gesture, and I hope you guys do this again some time. I hope everyone who is able to participate has a great time. Thanks, Sony and Guerrilla Games, for organizing this – it really shows your commitment to your fans!

    • Sebastian Downie

      Well there are quite a few of us regularily. Just look out for the [GG] tag infront of the names.

  • SWEET!!!! =P

  • LOLZ Tea-Bagging him on the way past hahahahahahaha hahahaha hahahahaha

  • c you guys in about 6 hours or so…. must be about 1 41 or so in iamsterdamm….god i miss that city…so nice. and good coffee.

  • so wait you guys are checking the blog now wow i wish it was day time for me….ive got to get back to europe……quick question I hope Mr. Downie will answer…..When Im in amsterdamm again will I (or anyone else) be able to take a tour of GG? That would almost be as amazing as the nightwatch. or De Nachtwacht oh and im brushing up on my dutch is der youngen sprecht still mean the boy jumped?…..babysteps, babysteps…

    • Sebastian Downie

      I think the most you can hope for is to wave at us and scream like a girl in excitement when we come out of work.

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