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We’ve got another early Monday post hitting tomorrow (hint: It’s about Xi), so we won’t have room for a “This Week” post; know that we’ll continue bringing you more “Your Questions Answered” posts. Look for videos on MAG, Motorstorm: Arctic Edge, SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3, PixelJunk 1-4 (have you entered the naming contest yet?), and inFAMOUS.

The list below contains media views of what we’ve shown, so if you’re looking for more on our announced games, you’ll probably want to take a look. Any stories we missed? Please link out in the comments below.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of April 27, 2009)

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  • Jeff,

    Thanks for the info. Oh Jeff, I found out in Japan, 2K baseball seems to have an audience over there. Why don’t we try releasing MLB 09: the Show in Japan. It may end up getting a sleeper hit over there.

  • Thanks Sony team for always keeping us posted:)

  • Oops, I messed up once again.

    Can we get Square Enix to release Final Fantasy 7 on the PSN? A lot of people has been demanding for it.

  • I’ve got something to add to the list! It’s an article on some speculation for Sony at E3… it’s decently interesting! Makes me excited! :D

  • Hey Jeff, Here is the PC World artical.
    As its a PDF version, I’ve uploaded the screen shots.

  • @10: I’m playing that X-Men Origins: Wolverine game too & am enjoying it very much. I wish that all movie tie-in games were this good.

    @Jeff: I wish that someone would make a decent Iron Man game that is not a movie tie-in. The one that was released as a movie tie-in sucked really bad.

  • Jeff, I put some links up to PDF screen shots, the comment is awaiting moderation.

  • Jeff have you gotten any platinums yet?

  • I love this blog. Wished more company’s would do this. The Walkman sure needs some suggestions lol.

    Thanx for this blog guy’s and thanks alot for listening.

  • cross game voice chat.

  • hey jeff. how bout getting sony to make some horror RPG titles. watching some anime call ghost hunt (not a scary show but got me thinkin) and was readin bout white knight on this site and it made me want to go play a horror rpg but cant think of any. no clue how it would work but hope someone makes one.

    thinkin about it in my head, gameplay wise it sounds stupid but for some reason id like to try one. any know of any horror RPG games.folklore is the closin thing comin to mind but not really horror just has messed up things in it lol

  • can you jump off really high buildings and not die on inFAMOUS?

  • The_Punisher111

    @58 please dude youve been saying since the past 3 weeks now cmon dude. Youve (IMO) been spamming the blog with cross game voice chat ………… go get a 360 plz? Thank you! And dont come agian!

  • The_Punisher111

    Oh and jeff how comes you didnt put something Battlefield 1943 related? Im just asking …… so it can remind others …

  • hey jeff i was wondering whats going on with the psx games on the psn cus alot of us r waiting and hoping they will come this year as this year is almost half way over and an other reason why we r waiting for the psx games is in hope that more rpg games for the psx will come out as the ps3 lacks rpgs all in all as well with alot of us would love to have thoses psx rpg games on our psp’s as well (and me as well when i get my psp fixed which i say 89 bucks is alot btw) so plz jeff do get back and reply to this plz

  • Hey Jeff, I was just wondering if we might be getting any psone games get released to the psn this summer? Also, I was wondering if we might be seeing any new Final Fantasy Versus 13 footage this year from Square Enix. I’m really looking forward to seeing more coverage on that game. Thanks alot man.

  • After months of waiting and after reading an encouraging comment in a GI article on the G4 network, I finally got confirmation on G4 programming coming soon to the PSN!

    We will have shows for PSN network in the coming month. Keep checking the PSN store and we will make an announcement here on TheFeed when it’s available.”

    -Joshua Krane, G4- via “The Feed” blog

    Can’t wait to download some AOTS onto my massive 500GB hard drive. Is there anything better than Olivia Munn in HD? Well, aside from Olivia Munn IRL, of course? I think not. Can’t wait to download every single episode. Thanks to everyone who made this happen…

  • Oh, and to celebrate, please download and enjoy the latest version of my Olivia Munn PS3 Theme…

  • Looking at the inFAMOUS countdown banner(?) on the front page makes me wish we could get that on the XMB…the possibility of adding countdown icons for our favourite games or at least for the ones published by SONY.

    Love the “Playstation around the web” weekly posts, I find lots of stuff I missed during the week.

    Thanks for the hardwork and this awesome comunication channel!

  • I am Looking forward to seeing new footage on motorstorm: artic edge, infamous, MAG etc.
    Was wondering when are we going to see some more info and footage on Jak and Daxter the lost frontier. really looking forward to this game. is is possible to find out.

  • Hello! Just wanted to say that I really want to have Video Playlists!
    Voice chat between friends.
    Not as important but fun:
    MKV support.
    A place (Maybe Home)were you can log in and write, read review about game and movies. Maybe also upload videos from the games that support it.
    I know that we have pulse and Qore, but how about Sony Blog? A little video thats realest every month. Were you talk about whats happened on the blog, show some videos and pictures :D
    Have some fun use fot tropes. Like unlocking new mini games and cloths in home, get new profile pictures for every level you get or something like that.

  • yess, new avatars please, heres a link for someone who wants somebody from playstation to look at.

  • Wheres cross game VOICE chat anyways?

    And why have we not gotten new avatars in like 5 years.

    – ppbobby

  • @ ppbobby

    LOL- It sure seems like 5 years, huh? Actually, I believe the avatars available are the same ones that were up on day one, therefore we’ve NEVER gotten new avatars. Not once.

    Just sayin’…

  • info on MAG and Motorstorm Arctic Edge !!!!! no Heavy Rain??anyways good to see all this info on games that im highly anticipating , hey Jeff do you know if Evolution Studios will bring any DLC to Motorstorm Pacific Rift???

  • Hi there Jeff, thanks for your work.

    I have a question for you, if you arn’t busy and can reply i would apreciate.

    Are you guys going to do any questions awnsered or anything about Fight Night 4 from EA? Because it really looks like its gonna be an awesome game for boxing fans so im wondering if you guys gonna do anything about it.

    Best Regards.

  • @61 The Punisher

    Another one with the whole, go buy an xbox. this is unbelievable. its ok for people to ask for everything else, like ps one games on the psn and final fantasy questions and the like but, when it comes to firmware/software, jeff is tired of seeing the same questions so, lets show him how much of an ass kisser we are and jump on the wagon. really, go get an xbox? is that your one line answer to everything? just die plz…

  • @ safil

    Agreed. You may not like something someone else has to say, but they have every right to say it. Posting hateful or snarky comments just makes you look like an immature child. If it bothers you, don’t read the comments. Don’t lash out at others, it just makes you look like an ass. I’d have to say that telling someone to “just die plz” would also qualify, here. I was totally with you up until that point…

    I’d personally rather read a hundred more feature requests than another one of Punisher111’s angry little rants.

  • Jeff,

    I miss the “Coming this week” posts. Second week in a row, are you stopping it or just not doing it due to scheduling?

  • I wonder if you guys saw the Gametrailers mess over the weekend with the comparison video.


    What did you make of it Jeff?

  • One thing i want to tell you guys is that no one does it better than SONY in any way. You guys always make the PlayStation brand different from all the others out there. Who has the guts to push the boundaries like flower, .detuned, LBP no other company can do it like SONY does and HATS off to you guys keep up the good work and hey this is what kept me with only a PlayStation console ever since i came into this gaming world and i will continue to be forever.

  • yo whats wrong with SOME of you people, i rarely post on the blog and read the comments but i did so this time to see if anyone replied to my message, but I just realized it’s just full of little babies. whats wrong for asking for features that should be the standard in next gen consoles especially when I paid 400 and some dollars for my ps3
    NEJ64, KazeEternal, & punisher i hope your reading this because your some little b%tches, stfu and get a life. 4real

  • Here’s a great late addition to the weekly reading, or an excellent early addition for next week:

    “Capcom preparing to release between 20 and 40 PS1 and PSP titles via PSN” (Joystiq)

    First G4 video content is confirmed and now Capcom will be flooding PSN with PS1 and PSP downloads? Now THAT’S some great news…

    If this is a dream, don’t wake me up. :D

  • @ The_Punisher111 | May 3rd, 2009 at 9:33 pm

    @58 please dude youve been saying since the past 3 weeks now cmon dude. Youve (IMO) been spamming the blog with cross game voice chat ………… go get a 360 plz? Thank you! And dont come agian!”

    Excuse me? I have never asked for cross game chat I could care less about the feature.

  • cross game chat would be freakin awesome, any idea if a game like rogue galaxy will be coming out for the ps3?If so will it be online compatible? Oh by the way, great job on the release of marvel vs. snk an also uncharted 2!

  • sorry ment marvel vs. capcom

  • The_Punisher111

    @safil What? Just die plz? What balls do you have saying to ANYONE on a frickin internet….. I wonder if you have a REAL life. Matter of a fact … how about YOU die.

  • The_Punisher111

    @Top-Bandit Exscuuuuuse me? Who are you calling a whining b!tch? Quite frankly…. your the whiny b!tch asking for the damn features. Seriously dude…. enough with the features ive heard it once and NOONE needs to repeat it.

  • Hi Sony Team,

    I recently heard that the Final Fantasy XIII demo on the Japanese FF7:Advent Children Complete was 5 GB large. Since this is a relatively unheard of size for a demo (at the moment anyway), why can’t Sony convince Square-Enix to package the demo with the US Blu-Ray release of FF7: Advent Children Complete? I don’t think that anyone could blame Sony or Square-Enix for being “unfair” for doing so because it is simply the most practical way of distributing the demo.

    I mean, we already have several games that came out with demos that were exclusive to the Xbox360, so why can’t Sony do the same with the FFXIII demo?

  • I think the whole “we need in game and cross game private voice chat features” thing is getting out of hand. This is a mess that Sony can solve in a heart beat. Just a thumbs up or thumbs down. Thumbs up and EVERY person “spamming” aka “asking” for the feature will jump for joy, call you gods and spend $1000 on more ps3 stuff. Thumbs down, and the 50 percent of us that think its the ONLY feature that needs to be adressed can go to game stop and trade our stuff in for a system that has it. There you go…that simple….thumbs up or thumbs down. I think its beyond childish that bloggers “attack” each others ideas. I’m posting this to Sony and the people who “work” there.

    P.S. Cod4 lags like a star star star is that the sony’s fault or infinity wards???

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