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We’ve got another early Monday post hitting tomorrow (hint: It’s about Xi), so we won’t have room for a “This Week” post; know that we’ll continue bringing you more “Your Questions Answered” posts. Look for videos on MAG, Motorstorm: Arctic Edge, SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3, PixelJunk 1-4 (have you entered the naming contest yet?), and inFAMOUS.

The list below contains media views of what we’ve shown, so if you’re looking for more on our announced games, you’ll probably want to take a look. Any stories we missed? Please link out in the comments below.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of April 27, 2009)

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  • Can we please get an update on new PS3 avatars?

  • Cool week. Jeff, do you know if Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete will have demo for FFXIII in U.S.? Thanks

  • Jeff

    Killzone 2 in Japan sold 41,000 copies and it got on #3 on top 10 selling software.

    Killzone 2 is #3 in Japan. That game sells so good over there. Quite a surprise that Killzone would get Japanese audience.

  • E3 is only a month away! Hopefully this year the E3 fair *Sony Booth* will be virtually available publicly in PlaystationHome. I can’t wait to hear more on Heavy Rain.

  • Good week. I’m definitely looking forward to more White Knight Chronicles info from you (Jeff) and Tsubasa Inaba.

    On a related note, I asked a question in the White Knight Chronicles blog post fairly late, so here it is again. Any word on who’s voicing which characters in the English dub? I somehow get the impression Kari Wahlgren and Yuri Lowenthal will manage to get in the game.

  • Here’s another good link:

    Written by Yours Truly, this details the new programming available to PS3 owners by way of

  • Oh, here’s another thing. Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment is supposedly coming out in August for XBLA and in September for PSN. Since August 31st is a Wednesday and September 1st is a Thursday, does that effectively mean we finally have an exact release date for the game?

    I’m a big fan of the series (Blood Geysers!) and am anticipating VH:FoJ quite a bit…

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      I\’ve seen the game, and if you were a fan of the original, then you\’ll probably like this one. I haven\’t heard a date, but Konami has promised me to talk about the game on the blog down the line.

  • Lots of good reading material there Jeff.
    I little off topic question About a month ago the folks over at Evolution Studios had a Motorstorm contest. Just wondering if you could check in and see whats going on? I know the winners pictures are suppose to be for loading screens for an upcoming patch, I’m just wondering how they are coming along with it. Unless I miss the post where they announced the patch, I’m pretty sure I didn’t though.

  • “Many journalists, including yours truly, have taken Sony to task in recent years for not promoting the PlayStation brand as strongly as the market seems to require. And while we still believe they have a ways to go – why did we see the Resident Evil 5 ad a hundred times an hour but the Killzone 2 ad a mere three times in two weeks? – there’s one source that hasn’t failed the gamer for over a year and a half.”

    Keep up the good work guys, I hadn’t realized until I read this article just how dependent upon the PS Blog I had become for information on PSP/PS3. You really have made this generation feel more personable and honestly have established a connection with the customer in a way I haven’t seen before.

    So great job Jeff and crew and keep it up!

    BTW any info on the Last Remnant for PS3?

  • Hey Jeff, you should try out the Wolverine game. It makes you want to just scream and roar when you’re playing. It’s really fun.



    • Jeff Rubenstein

      I\’ve heard this from a number of people. Also hear it\’s a fairly attainable platinum. Somewhat ironically, I\’m watching the X-Men movie marathon on FX right now.

  • Hey Jeff! Do you ever think the blog will ever be linked to the PSN store? It would be somewhat nifty if I were to click on a particular new release and see a tab linking to any info shared in this blog. I’m sure it’s easier said than done. I still think it would be nice to have :)

    Also, do you think we’ll ever see user reviews on the PSN store like iTunes?

  • Oh man I am so excited for E3.

    Jeff, please tell me there is still quite a large focus on PS3.

    I don’t like portable gaming, so I don’t want to see a PSP focused press conference.

  • Hey jeff any news on the Tomb Raider Underworld Trophy patch that was announced in February?

  • JEFF!

    Any PSN Games coming out this week?

  • Jeff,

    Killzone 2 in Japan has sold over 41,000 copies since it came out. I wish I had the link but it looks like every time I put the link on a comment, the comment doesn’t show at all.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      We screen the links behind the scenes to prevent spammers. We\’ll go through and approve them soon.

  • Oops, forgot to say that on Kotaku, Killzone has debuted #3 on the top ten selling software in Japan.

    Also the PS3 has been outselling the Wii in Japan for a month. Kotaku would have that information.

  • Keep up all the great work you guys…been a great news week this week.

  • Hm, any news on Heavy Rain coming up, Jeff?
    I’ve been a bit disappointed about the Uncharted news, I mean the interview was great, the update on the multiplayer was great, but I was really looking forward to seeing some new footage of some of this stuff. Ah well, I won’t put my luck. Looking forward to hearing about MAG and hopefully Heavy Rain.

  • @ JEFF: if so can u please implement the feature to delete games off ‘my trophies’ for games that you have no trophies (0%) in.

    and maybe delete games that u have trophies in case you are a trophy completionist and you can’t get all of the trophies.

    For example, when my friend came over we played a game for like 15 minutes and we didnt get any trophies, now i have it on ‘my trophies’ and i can’t get trophies for it.
    Please JEFF, you don’t know how much i would apreciate it.

    I asked chris and he said he would take it into consideration, what about you?

    even if you won’t do it, a reply would be awesome, just to know.

  • – Universal Game Invites and Join Session Button(XMB)
    – Voice Mail and Private Voice Chat in-game
    – Add OPTIONAL sound for notifications(sign on, new messages,etc.)
    – symbols and numbers that show friends online and new messages on the XMB and beside message box
    – Auto Sync Trophies
    – More developed profiles
    – Report feature to report issues and stuff
    – Faster loading in-game XMB and profiles
    – When you receive a message you should be able to push the PS button for it to automatically pop up as long as the notification is still there
    – More Avatars
    ALSO- a different design for the notification messages because the one we have now are ugly and unappealing to the eye.
    Plus show more info on your friends list, not just what game their playing but what mode and what level their playing on.

  • Just noticed the below the inFamous countdown, the .gif header says Playstation Converstation.

    Convers-ation rather than convers-tation.


  • @18
    anything else from the X360 that you want? or perhaps thats it for you?

    Honestly most of those features (outside of trophy syncing and the message notification sound) is either annoying or unnecessary.

    While Voice Chat isn’t half bad, we don’t need voice mail. Seriously to lazy to type? If the controller isn’t your thing they sell USB/Bluetooth keyboards that will work with your systme.

  • I read today that Canada is finally getting PSN cards. I decided to call for myself and the guy at ebgames said they’ll be getting PSN cards early June.

    Can we expect PSN cards anywhere else? Any info.?


  • How about a “What We Hear” section outlining some of the week’s podcasts? Like IGN, PSNation, Sarcastic Gamer, PlayStation Show, etc.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Well, I actually read all of these stories. I don\’t consistently listen to any of the podcasts (well, except for Adam Carolla, so if you\’re volunteering – what should we be listening to?

  • well , its true that it attacked my wallet’s weakpoint for massive damage,and now thanks to the economy i cant find a job. xD

  • Ahh I can finally breathe. This week has been so jam packed I always anticiapted comeing back from college to read the blog. Now it’s over.

    Also Jeff it seems that the blog went back to the issues of last week, you can no longer go to the next page at the bottom of the comments. It seems to happen whenever the recap is posted…

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      It looks fine to me… We haven\’t hit 50 yet on this post, that\’s when it paginates.

  • To MUCH good stuff! :P
    Well done SONY ;)

  • (I should ask here instead)

    Chris or Jeff, will there be a PSBlog meet-up around the E3 timeframe? I am 98.665863484546 % that I will go :) And many others!

  • Oh yea one more thing

    -SCEA most important game to be developed

    Legend of Dragoon 2. Serioulsy LOD was the best RPG of it’s time. It was actually a competition with All of the FF. And to date is still being called the best RPG game. give us a LOD 2 SCEA, come on.

  • [thought i’d ask again.]

    ‘You guys are very busy! The very reason we ♡ Playstation®!

    Now, I have two [somewhat controversial] questions:

    a. would SCE [consider any collaboration with NBGI to] update Noby Noby Boy™? namely for Folding@Home, or Google search/news; this would increase use exponentially.
    — and,

    b. will the new PSP have touch-screen? [heard the rumor lol]’

  • Any word on Motorstorm PR DLC announcement at E3 Jeff?

  • @21 AMEN to that alot of these features people want just because the 360 have them. then they don’t take note that it might be legal reason to why the PS3 haven’t been updated with them. if anything TOP-BANDIT need to come up with NEW features that’s not in 360 and stop spamming the Blog every Sunday with 360 back bone.

  • @21 AMEN to that. alot of these features people want just because the 360 have them. then they don’t take note that it might be legal reason to why the PS3 haven’t been updated with them. if anything TOP-BANDIT need to come up with NEW features that’s not in 360 and stop spamming the Blog every Sunday with 360 back bone.

  • I want more MAG and Uncharted 2 news!!!
    and also White Knight CRhonicles!
    cant w8 for E3,
    I also read that Sony is planing to reveal a motion sensing controler on E3, not just an ordinary one according to the article it will be better than the Wii-mote

  • it’s possible that sometime we get a firmware update that fix the compatibilty bacwards with ps2 Gran Turismo 4 and Tekken 5, i want to play it in my ps3… both crush

  • Good week, all the post that I’ve seen of PSExtreme seem to be of analysis, not that is a bad thing. Can’t wait for InFamous, Uncharted 2, and MAG.

    @34: I think they have stopped releasing software for updating BC, sorry.

  • I forgot! (sorry for double posting), I think that PSExtreme is forgeting about Heavy Rain.

  • This blog is a great source of information for gamers that want to stay connected. Keep up the great work!

  • PS1 games…bring them. I dont mean bring the crap ones either

  • Since everyone is using this to adv advertise stuff they want, I guess I can give you some tweaks for the firmware.

    No, i’m not going to say voice chat.

    – Let you press square and have the squares in DVD/BLURAY mode. I love that in downloadable stuff.

  • Also, I was at BESTBUY and they had a Guitar Hero Metallica demo…. ON THE PS3, why isn’t it up on PSN?

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      A lot of times those are on a disc, or specially produced. That\’d be a question for Activision, however.

  • Since there is no “This Week” post,
    Will there be anything about Bomberman ultra this week? and anything about FFVII?

    Looking forward to it.

  • According to PC World, May edition, the xbox 360 does Youtube and the ps3 does not.
    They also go on about the ps3 having less media / browser functions.

    Someone at Sony should put them straight, as being a PS fan, annoys me big time as it could put people off getting one.

  • Thanks for all the news!

    This week, I’ve been VERY happy to hear more about Sony’s plans on refreshing the PSP market! :D

    Thanks Jeff!

  • hey Jeff,

    will we ever get to see the rest of the Spyro PS1 classics on the STORE? I am dying to play those, I haven’t played them since my childhood and I am just waiting to play them again.

  • when are we going to get a PS podcast? i would love one

  • @21 KazeEternal

    Why do you keep on going on and on with the whole, we want what xbox got? You don’t care for it, fine. most of us do. and when i say most, i don’t mean the people posting comments on this blog. the only reason we dont inundate jeff and others with requests for the in-game/x-game invites and voice chat and other stuff is cause we made our point. now we just wait and see if E3 will tell us anything. but to say that we want it cause xbox has it, please, get a clue. i wish there were a thing like a self ban hammer. so everytime you say something stupid u could ban yourself…

  • @23 really?

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