Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Your Questions Answered

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Earlier this week you heard Naughty Dog game designer Justin Richmond talk Uncharted 2: Among Thieves multiplayer. This time, you get Lead Game Designer Neil Druckmann. Armed with a heap of your burning questions, I cornered Neil for a juicy 10 minutes of everything from co-op to DLC in Uncharted 2. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Good interview. Is there anything upcoming about Motorstorm DLC perhaps revealed at E3?

  • This isn’t Uncharted specific but i’m wondering why these kind of vids aren’t on the PSN. That would seem to be the ideal place to release this type of media.

  • LMAO I was here reading and just listening to the video then suddenly “So Dark Vincent wants to know..” I was like “WHAT?!”. Thanks a lot Chris for bringing up my question =)

    Yeah I made the question before co-op and multiplayer were announced. But even if it was just single-play, I loved playing through Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune all 3 times. The game was really engaging and remains as one of my favorite games this generation, if they keep the same quality on the second one I’ll be satisfied =)

  • Ok I understand the single player and xo-op is separate modes, but what about SPLIT-SCREEN in the co-op mode?? You didn’t address it!

  • Ok i want to know what the hell is going on with the DLc thing… Same thing happened to RE5, so let me get this right, we are paying 70€ for a game, and then we still have to pay more to get the complete game like versus mode on RE5 or co-op mode on uncharted 2? But are you guys joking with the fans or what?

    This is an absolute robery to the fans…

    We pay and not cheap for a game to the day you buy it you have to go online and waste more 10$ to get the complete game? Its ridiculous…

  • Why do people want DLC? I hate DLC!
    Just include everything in the game when it ships, if you already have DLC in mind. Makes a $60 game into a $150 one (like LBP or Eye of Judgment). The only games DLC really works for is Rock Band and Warhawk.

  • Honestly those people should be ashamed of themself for wanting to steal from people like this…

    So on XBOX360 wich there is a backup system you can simply buy the DLC’s with the Achievement points.

    And us on PS3 wich we are obligated to buy the game if we want to play since there is no backup system, we get some lousy and crapy Trophie system that doesnt give anything in return, and we still have to pay for the most important DLC’s just like co-op mode in uncharted2, this is just sad and ridiculous.

    You guys who do these stuff on Playstation really should be ashamed of yourself for doing that to the fans that have been supporting you since Playstation 1.

  • Seriously… why do people ask for spoilers? Just play the effin game and find out yourself. Poor questions PS community.

  • @57″So on XBOX360 wich there is a backup system you can simply buy the DLC’s with the Achievement points.”

    You’re out of your mind dude. 360 doesn’t offer DLC purchases from achievement points.

  • mywhitenoise, lol are you sure about that? because i have an XBOX right next to me and i can buy DLC’s with acheviement points…

  • Questions I would have asked (because i already bashed the ones said)

    1. Will you be seeing the setting/maps from the first game involved in the multiplayer (this better happen… even if im sure itll be done DLC style)

    2. Will there be any new weapons

    3. How long will the storymode last, or how long are you striving for?

    4. Will there be some kind of perk/levelling up system in the multiplayer modes

    5. When is it being released ;)

  • @60, you’re full of it. You can’t buy DLC with achievements, tons of people in the PSforums have been suggesting Sony allow discounts for trophies because Microsoft hasn’t done so, and it would be an advantage.

    Also, you’re wrong about this games DLC. Co-op and competitive mode are coming with the game, they’re talking about extra maps and skins. I agree, I hate that we have to pay for DLC when they already have it in mind 6 months before the game is out, but you’re overreacting and giving false information.

  • Or let me explain you right, with the Achievements you complete on XBOX that work exactly like Trophies on Ps3 just a different name, your rewarded with MS Points, and you can exchange those MS points for DLC’s on XBOX…

    I dont think thats a bad thing, what i think it’s bad is us users of PS3, getting a crappy Trophy system that doesnt give us anything in return, and have to pay more for the games , yes because PS3 games are more expensive then XBOX360 games, and then we still have to pay even more to get the complete game, and thats seriously BS…

  • No im not giving bad information.. You are the one who aint informed…

    Everyone knows you can exchange MS points wich you win by achievements, for DLCs…

    Ask anyone who has an XBOX…

    And the most ridiculous thing is that they dont pay for DLC’s, and their games are cheaper.

    Go figure that out.

  • @63, last I checked all new releases are $59.99 for BOTH PS3 and 360 games.

  • This game needs to come out ASAP. O_O

  • I would love to see the coop mode be splitscreen. It is a feature that has unfortunately seemed to go away this generation. It’s like the game developers have forgotten that we have friends that we like to hang out with in person. I’d love to be able to play Uncharted 2 with my friends in the same room. I can’t exactly make my friends just sit and watch whenever I want to play Uncharted and they’re around. Instead, we’ll just play a game where everyone can join in.

  • Hugolce, just get off the blog. You don’t get MS points for achievements, and you have horrible grammar. What the hell is “DLC’s”? haha!

  • Thank you Chris for asking my question. And now to answer the game designer’s question as to why you would want custom soundtrax. The addition of trophies encourages the player to replay the game. No matter how good the game’s soundtrack is, listening to that soundtrack over and over again, even though it may have a high quality, will diminish the quality of the games’s soundtrack on each play-through. So the reason to have custom soundtrax is to enhance all the replays that one would do to hopefully get the platinum trophy. Custom soundtrax are not there to criticize the quality of the original games soundtrack. So I really hope the designer puts custom soundtrax into Uncharted 2. I would love replay the game over and over while listening not only to the soundtrack of Uncharted 2, but perhaps that of Uncharted 1, God of War 1, 2, or 3, Metal Gear Solid, or Zone of Enders: The Second Runner. Moreover, no player is ever forced to use custom soundtrax, so it baffles me as to why someone would want the option taken away from those who want it.

  • thats on your country.. and making fun of gramar when its not my main languange is an expert thing, i just figured out your a kid because only a kid anwsers like that.

    I have an XBOx and a PS3 so i know what im talking about, and you don’t

    And because on your country the games have the same price, doesnt mean they have on other countrys… In my country an XBOX game is 10$ cheaper then a PS3 game…

    Now go talk to ppl of your own age who think its funny to make fun of foregner ppl grammar.

  • The first game was so amazing and is in my top five games ever. This one looks much, much better. I am just sorry for Neil and the Naughty Dog crew since they won’t have the same giddy thrill of playing it for the first time like the rest of us. Occupational hazard I suppose.

  • Great game i want it so hard.
    Thanks Chris for the interview

  • almighty-slayer

    Great interview there Chris. Good to see a lot more of you on the blog these days :)

  • I’m 23. I’m not sure if it’s your horrible grammar, but your arguments come off 10x more childish than anyone that has posted in this blog so far.

    You are absolutely wrong about achievements rewarding MS points…if it were true I’m sure it would be mentioned here http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.php?board=927749&topic=49313037
    or any of the many forum posts regarding achievements.
    As for the price, what country do you live in where PS3 games cost more than 360 ones? Because I’d love to prove you wrong on that one as well.

  • Nice interview! Chris, keep us informed on Uncharted 2 :)

  • And chris sorry i didn’t even give any feedback to your interview wich was exelent, you do an awesome job and i thank you for that. Just really piss’s me off to have to pay for a thing after i payed for the game.

    Thanks for the awesome interview and keep up the good work.

  • Neil is hot.

  • OH I love Chris <33 More of you please.

  • Poopookakabumbum



    1) You cherry picked easy questions so this interview comes off as a whitewash and more of an advertisement, rather than re-assure anyone who has doubts about the game.

    2) Refused to answer questions about why pointless multi-player was added, instead of focusing on single-player like they should have.

    3) You’re including DLC, which means you’re not releasing the full version of the game. The capacity of Blu-Ray precludes the need for DLC. If you’re not going to use the full capacity of a BR disc, what was the point of making the PS3 go Blu-Ray in the first place?

    4) Fans were NOT clamouring for a co-op experience. That is a lie. All we asked for was for the sequel to be longer. We wanted a longer, more immersive game that was a good SINGLE-player experience.

    It’s like you had a check-list of all the things that are wrong with this gen of gaming and checked them off one by one as you developed the game.

    Incredibly frustrating and disappointing to see such potential go to waste.

    Congratulations, you’ve managed to completely turn me off this game.

    You lost what was once a guaranteed sale.

  • what are they talking about? because there are no subtitles on this video. please can anyone write a transcript for us?

  • awesome interview, can’t wait to play this game, such a beautiful and fluid game play experience. Just hope the multiplayer is something worth wile

  • i am wondering if there will be split screen. i hope there will

  • “The internets will be sorry it ever saw the likes of me…”

    From a female perspective, WE WANT MORE!!! *Lol*

    Too bad I missed the Q&A, I had a question or two.

  • @79 “It’s like you had a check-list of all the things that are wrong with this gen of gaming and checked them off one by one as you developed the game.”

    For real! Why does every game need the same boring co-op/competitive modes? Why does every game need planned DLC when we have blu-ray and the game isn’t even out yet? Single player series games don’t need co-op, just look at the turd RE5.

  • thanks Chris, great video as always :)
    can’t wait to buy this game.

  • To Chris, Jeff, Evan Wells, and Neil Druckmann

    I don’t know when you will be talking to Naughty Dog next, but I was wondering what “many cool features” were added to Uncharted 2? Could Naughty Dog provide us with a compilation video of those many cool features?

    My question came up when I read Pound_lb003’s comment and Evan Wells reply on the “Uncharted 2 to Include Multiplayer, Beta Starts June 3rd” blog post.

    + Pound_lb003 | April 27th, 2009 at 9:14 am

    Ambient occlusion as he climbs up the wall – really nice!

    Evan Wells replied on April 27, 2009 at 10:26 am

    Wow! I’m so happy you noticed that… but not as happy as our rendering programmers will be! :) Screen space ambient occlusion is one of the many cool new features we added. Thanks for noticing!

  • “why would you want custom soundtracks?”

    pretty simple, because i would WANT them. if there’s one reason i’m thinking about trading in my ps3 for a 360 it’s because xbox owners don’t have to hope and pray on developer’s whims for custom soundtracks, they just have them universally!

    i mean let’s say your an avid greg edmonson fan… with custom soundtracks you can play any of his music during uncharted 2 including the soundtracks from firefly and uncharted 1.

    even great music gets repetitive after so many times. it’s why i have more than nine inch nails in my music library; variety is indeed the spice of life.

    but if you can seriously say to all the innevitable trophy farmers that custom soundtracks aren’t needed when the same music that was once great turns into an audio cerebral bore after hearing the same score for the xth time, i suppose your on a different level than i.

    here’s hoping they put custom soundtracks in the game. *crosses fingers*

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Why didn’t you ask them why no split screen? Some of us have real friends and like playing with them on the same console.

  • I don’t want custom soundtrack, I want the soundtrack of Uncharted 2 and 1 on disc or via PSN!! Seriously, the music in Uncharted is one of the best I’ve ever heard and I hate it I can’t download the soundtrack from Itunes as I’m not from America. CC is being blocked then. The soundtrack isn’t in the EU Itunes store :-(

    It was one of the questions I wanted to ask if there will be a possibility for having both soundtracks on a disc accompanied with the game or being able to download then from the PSN store.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    They’re not including Custom Soundtrack? I can understand not including it for SP, but for MP that’s a must.

  • Uncharted 2 = Game of the year 2009

  • @ Chris on 4,

    LMFAO xD. Thanks for the info Chris!

  • Onna76_NL,

    I hope you understand that if you had custom soundtrax, you wouldn’t have to worry about the developer going through the trouble of trying to get the soundtrack for the 1st game. Also, you can obtain the soundtrack from Uncharted 1 from any number of sources and listen to them at any time during Uncharted 2, if Uncharted 2’s game designer, Justin Richmond, decides to allow custom soundtrax. So you’re plea against custom soundtrax seems to conflict with your plea to listen to the first Uncharted’s soundtrack during the game. I also hope you wouldn’t be so inconsiderate as to wish that other people won’t have the choice of what they wish to listen to when playing Uncharted 2.

  • Poopookakabumbum,

    I suspect the reason why dlc is getting considered at this stage is to discourage the creation of used copies whose sales are not shared with the developer. I guess another way to do that would be to include voucher’s in Uncharted 2 that permit access to special maps. In effect, this would incentivize new purchases since used purchases would most likely not have the voucher.

  • thanks. can’t wait for the game :D

  • You ask for questions than unveil more about the game and than ask the questions?
    The whole list of questions would have changed.

  • I can appreciate a game like Uncharted leaving out custom sound tracks. If you decide at some point over the summer to throw it in just to appease the vocal minority, please, please just implement it directly from the XMB.

  • @chriscowboyd I DON’T want custom soundtrack as I appreciate, respect and honor the work of the composers who do so much work to create the best sound that fits the most into the game. And therefore no music can give the same feeling, experience and connection to the specific game than the original soundtrack, unless you’re talking about a Burnout Paradise for instance.

    And I don’t download from other sources because its stealing and I’d like my PC free from virusses ;-)

  • @ omega 76_NL: Ironic then isn’t it I don’t hear scores of 360 owners complaining about their option to utilize custom soundtracks for ALL their games at ANY time.

    those who want to listen to custom soundtracks can, those who don’t want to simply… don’t have to. it’s an amazing concept i know but try to bear with me.

    but w/o the option even present in the game, there’s no choice.

    i WILL be getting marvel vs capcom 2 for sure because it has custom soundtracks.

    i WILL be getting warhawk eventually because it does have custom soundtracks… i’m still looking for the ideal bluetooth setup to work with my cell as well.

    i HAVE mgs4. it’s a great game and played through it once but it’s gameplay of ‘greatest soldier of all time can’t climb over boxes’ puts me off to no end. but the custom soundtracks via in game virtual ipod is the sole reason i play the game at all anymore.

    custom soundtracks for me would make this game an ideal purchase. but w/o it, can’t say for sure

  • custom soundtracks ftw for the 100th post!

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