Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Your Questions Answered

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Earlier this week you heard Naughty Dog game designer Justin Richmond talk Uncharted 2: Among Thieves multiplayer. This time, you get Lead Game Designer Neil Druckmann. Armed with a heap of your burning questions, I cornered Neil for a juicy 10 minutes of everything from co-op to DLC in Uncharted 2. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Awesome! woo

  • Thanks for the interview.
    I’m getting this game day one for sure!
    Already pre-ordered.

  • Cant wait to get this game :)

  • Nice to see chris appear more and more on videos.

  • I hope you can play the regular single player campaign in co-op as well and not just a special co-op campaign.

  • Sounds better and better with every bit of news.

  • yay engaging cinematic moments and a kick ass soundtrack. but i wonder if co-op is on the couch, i here at the end neil “calling the buddies” to play online?? X/

  • LOVING IT!!!

  • Stinkinmushroom

    Split screen????

  • Great interview, can’t wait

  • nice. did not buy first one, i will for sure pick this one up cuz of the multiplayer online……..great investment for long time return.

  • GREAT INTERVIEW! I really like it when games blend cinematic experience AND awesome gameplay! :D

    • Thanks, same here. Uncharted: DF did an amazing job with it, so good to hear the Dogs are taking it to the next level.

  • StalkingSilence

    Neil Druckman looks young – props to getting in the game industry and making an impact. Pretty psyched up for Uncharted 2.

  • GAME OF THE YEAR…. enough said…

  • Please lets have an option for single player online coop!


  • Is it out yet lol.

  • Uncharted was my favourite ps3 game to date. Uncharted 2 is going to rock, I dont need the mulitplayer but since they did grow their team, it’ll be fun i hope.


    Co-op is worthless unless it’s splitscreen.

    I mean it’s not, but I don’t understand, why they’d do co-op that’s online only. What happened to the dropping of splitscreen!?

    Warhawk is the only cool one :/

    Ofcourse, Uncharted 2 will rock, and I want it for SP anyway.

  • thanks to Neil taking time do the interview

  • Awesome!

    p.s. Beta code for Europe, please!

  • Is it just me, or all I heard was just “combat, combat, combat…”? Naughty Dog was great for its platform games. Why in hell did they move into shooting.

    • Go back and play the first Uncharted if you haven\’t. There\’s plenty of great platforming, and it blends wonderfully with the combat.

  • Not a big fan of co-op or multiplayer but since I don’t have the first one maybe I’ll have to go pick it up as it sounds more like my kind of game.

  • Yeah, I didn’t buy the first one literally until about a month ago and LOVED IT!

  • Awesome interview Chris.

    PSBlog rocks, I don’t need to check out any other gaming sites for PS3 news you guys are doing a great job.

    Chris, did you see if people were able to do split-screen co-op or competative?

    • Thanks!! For now, this is what we know. But keep up with the Blog for any Uncharted 2 doings.

  • For the love of god, stop teasing us with this and get it into our hands already! This is by far the one game I’m most looking forward to. Even more so than LittleBigPlanet, and that was a 3 year wait!!

  • i for one love that they left the story single player

    now i can experience this game in three different ways like Resistance 2

    as a gamer i dont need anyone else to have fun

    im sure they will give u people what u want in uncharted 3

  • @micelasso
    I don’t think they said that they’re going to be taking anything away from the platforming, they just don’t want to always have seperate sections for either combat or platforming. Instead of jumping from ledge to ledge, you might be climbing a wall and stop and shoot some guys while you’re hanging on the wall.

  • I’m kind of disappointed with some of what I heard. His definition of “wide linear” sounds pretty bogus, to me. I want this game to allow solid EXPLORATION. I want huge areas to explore, vistas to experience, etc… That was my one major complaint with Uncharted 1… sooo linear. Sooo nothing to do except run down the path provided to you.

    It’s hard for me to get into a game when I can’t “discover” it.

    Blah, oh well. I liked the first one well enough to buy the sequel anyway. I just really wish they’d expand on their exploration.

    Oh, and lastly…. stealth kills? Is Nathan really that sort of guy? I always thought of him more like an Indiana Jones type… kills when he has to, but if he sneaks up on somebody, he’s not just going to kill them. He’ll knock them out, hold them up, something… I guess we really are going to see Nathan’s “darker” side.

  • Great interview, lots of nice info.

    I hope this game supports In-game XMB music.
    I’m quite sick of Devs (On ps3) ignoring Custom music!

  • Nice – I hope they can answer more questions from us! ;-)

    Can’t wait to pick this up!

  • woohoo now please let us add a face pic of our home avater on our gamercard PLESEEEEE

  • Good interview. Thanks!

  • This was a terrible interview, why didn’t you ask about Elena? If she’s been replaced I’m gonna be upset.

  • The way he answered that last question about replayability sounded like a no.
    Currency to buy unlockables? I bet it’s like Uncharted 1 where you can buy cheats, costumes, etc.
    Extensive battles means it’s going to be extremely hard on Expert again. You may not want to play again lol.

    I’m really curious about how the stealth mechanic is like, considering if you get caught in Uncharted 1, everyone goes after you.

    It looks good though. Can’t wait for it.

  • I can’t wait to buy this game. First day cop for me!

  • nice interview!

    man if this come out by summer it will b awesome!

    by i know it wont…. probably nov

  • Awsome. Uncharted is one of the best ps3 games to date! And bonus points for the Firefly plug! I hope theres some bonus content for those of us who got our platinum in the original Uncharted!

  • They didn’t call my name but they did answer my question.I hope the music in UNCHARTED 2 sounds awesome.

  • His comment about the music made me happy. I don’t like it in-game music, and I’m so sick of all of the whiners that I don’t want them to have it either.

  • this game seems so feature packed. I hope it turns out to be a great experience. I loved the first one. Are they going to have home integration with this one?

  • We are supporting DLC:

    maps + home rewards

    stop asking about custom soundtrack in a singleplayer game, the uncharted music is so awesome.

  • @39

    So because YOU don’t like Custom music,
    Nobody else can have It?
    Pretty selfish.

    Custom music Is a great option to have.
    Can anyone from ND comment on why this isn’t being included in the game?

  • I’m excited about the multi-player addition to Uncharted 2 but,
    Drake’s Fortune is the best single player game on the PS3. I have high expectations that the single player mode of Among Thieves will be more of, and better at, what I enjoyed the most in Drake’s Fortune.

  • pretty stoked about this game, but i have a feeling that it won’t be released in time for me to play it before i leave on my study abroad in September. well at least I know it will be waiting for me june of 2010.

  • @41 I agree the Uncharted Soundtrack Is great.

    Maybe add “Custom music” as a unlock after you complete the game?
    Good idea I think :)

    Everyone will be happy then.

  • I wouldn’t want custom soundtracks for the singleplayer but the multiplayer. I’m sure the singleplayer experience will be perfect music and all, but when it comes to multiplayer, I like to play my own music. Hope Naughty Dog keeps that in mind.

  • @42

    I used to agree with you, that people who wanted it should have the option. But all the complaining changed my mind.

    ND did comment on why it isn’t included. Because they worked hard on the sound track and it’s awesome. You don’t play music over the movies you watch.

  • Great interview Chris. Thanks

  • Good interview. Though I wanted to see some gameplay footage that I hadn’t seen before. Chris is that coming around soon, or are we waiting for E3…

    I’m going through Uncharted 1 right now, cause I had only really watched my friend play it. Holy crap it’s really really good. My excitement level for 2 has shot through the roof. Hope they fix up those fire/explosion effects, they are noticeably bad in the first one. Such a good game though.

  • yes thanks for the interview! we need to rub into the Xbots faces!

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