The Battlefield Like You Have Never Seen Before!

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This is Gordon Van Dyke, Producer on the online multiplayer, first-person-shooter title, Battlefield 1943. This downloadable title for the PSN will take you back to the WWII Pacific Theater in a way never before seen, this June on the PLAYSTATION 3 for only $15! You’ll enjoy three amazing locations with Iwo Jima, Wake Island, and Guadalcanal letting you pilot and drive a variety of airplanes, tanks, and transport vehicles to help you win the battle.

Battlefield 1943

Today is a really exciting day, first it’s Walpurgis Night here in Sweden celebrating the start of summer’s approach with bonfires, yes I said bonfires, and this is done all over the country. It is quite the sight to see from atop the DICE studio. Another really exciting thing for me today is the release of the Battlefield 1943 trailer for the first time on PSN (later today) and seeing it in full glory on my PS3.

Now before you watch the video, imagine with me flying your Corsair airplane over the tropical Wake Island engaged in a dogfight with a Japanese Zero, you take him down and notice your squad mate’s tank about to be flanked by the enemy in another tank. You quickly bank to the left, swoop down, and drop two bombs perfectly on the enemy, saving your friend and helping him capture a critical control point.

Battlefield 1943 Battlefield 1943

After watching the video, I’m sure you will have a lot of questions about the game so instead of guessing, fire away! I’ll be around for as long as I can to answer them in the comment section. Thanks for taking the time to read this, now write your questions or just give a shout out! :-)

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  • Can you comment on any improvement made to the PSN version compared to the Live one? I mean, you are dealing with different size limits here. Did u take any advantage from that with regards to the PSN version?

  • Only 3 Maps?
    > Iwo Jima, Wake Island, and Guadalcanal
    – Will come more maps in the future via DLC?

    – Are a Map-Editor will come for the PS3 Version to create more maps?

    – It is possible to play clan wars? (create a protected room for the war)

    • No DLC planned, but it is possible.
      No map editor.
      Yes, we have a private match system allowing you to host a game on a dedicated server.

  • I gotta hand it to you guys at DICE…perfect price point for a game that looks to make my summer a super fun one! Thanks for keeping fans and players first…you guys haven’t let me down yet and I’ve been a BF crackhead for years!

    Can’t wait to hit Wake again…a DAY ONE buy for me!

    Oh…and love the Frostbite…sweet sweet tech.

  • thanks for that, any hint whether private servers will make there way onto bad company 2? is it just the ability to create private games and thats it?

  • Wow I have been playing BFBC for awhile waiting for the next one from DICE it looks great.. nice work.. cant wait for this and BFBC2!!! keep up the great work and fun games!!! thanks so much.. it makes my ps3 that much better

  • Lookin’ really good, guys – should be some great cheap fun to tie me over the summer, and I can’t wait to level a building Battlefield style!

    I guess there won’t be a demo for this? If there’s only 3 maps in the full game, I suppose a 1 map demo would be like giving a third of the game away free?!

    And any conformation on a UK price yet?

  • It looks very Warhawkish.

    I hope that’s a fair and accurate comparison. I’d be thrilled if it is.

  • No sacrifices uh? Hope PS3 ver is 100% identical to the 360 one. Very rare thing.


    Is there a party system or other easy ways to play with friends?

    • We try to never try and sacrifice on any of our games.

      Yes, will be able to manage a squad to join a game or make one in-game to help you stay with your friends.

  • Added your PSN so i can get pwnt by you when its out ;)

  • I know im getin this game.Hey plz make battlefield 2142 for ps3 my fav pc game if all times.

  • Will there be splitscreen so my family can play together on-line?

  • Oh, want to get technical? Well you will float if there is air still in your lungs upon being shot (say… in the head).

    Also, will we be able to sink ships?

  • hi Gordon, day one purchase for me!

    will there be easy to play with friends in one team, do you plan to implement some kind of party system or such?

    please answer..

  • Will there be a party system where you can easily play with your friends?

    • Yes, will be able to manage a squad to join a game or make one in-game to help you stay with your friends.

  • imma gonna look into this

    14.99 is something i can deal with
    i want to play that demo first tho…

  • Read the comments realaride, he already answered that. lol

  • thanks for answering my question before gordon…

    i have some more questions if ur still online;

    alot of psn games doesnt have platinum trophy cos they are so small, but BF1943 seem bigger than most psn games to date, so will BF1943 have platinum trophy? not a trophy wh***, just nice to know:D

    second question; any chance you gous at dice ever would consider translating ur games into swedish, norwegian and danish,. i mean since u r a swedish company.. killzone2 did that and the norwegian translation was great! offcourse i mean only the text, no voiceover/dubbing…

    • Glad I can clear things up so you have a better understanding of the game. We\’re planning to have the Platinum Trophy.

      But everyone in Scandinavia speaks such great English. ;-)

  • Gordon I am one of the biggest BF fans ever , I bought my first PC to play 1942 and subsequently bought every single expansion , sequel , map-pack , ever made . If it says Battlefield on the cover then yes I own it .
    Its also the only reason I even bought a PS3 as i had to get some Bad Company action .
    I have already stated on several prominent forums that I am more hyped for this game than anything this year even KZ2!
    Please please please get to work on remaking the other levels from 1942 I am begging you , just from this blog alone you can see that 1943 is going to be MASSIVE .
    If you keep churning out the maps I will keep throwing my cash your way ! so lets have em , oh yes and Happy Walpurgis Day to all the Swedes who made BF the best series ever .

    • If my boss said to do it I will, but as of yet there are no plans. Keep your fingers crossed. :-)

  • Gordon u did a good job!!on Bf2142.Or u guys can make a battlefield 2143 for ps3 do it!lol

  • 70 Comments // 49 Replies. Regardless of the game itself, kudos for the feedback. That’s a really impressive ratio…

  • You owning me? That doesn’t sound possible ;)

  • Wow!!! It’s nice to see PSN getting this type of quality game!
    Online, multiplayer, great graphics… and an appropriate price point – perfect!!


  • Oh dear, i’ll make sure i’m always on your side then.

    At least until i get better than you, then you’ll pay.

  • Not getting it, you pissed all over us PC Fans be delaying this till September.

  • Gordon, if you’re still there, any word on the price this will be in Europe? And will it be going live on the same day as it is in the US?

    • It should reflect the same conversion as other games priced the same and we are aiming for a World Wide launch!

  • great great,..

    i have one more;

    f, would you guys ever consider putting soundtracks on psn for current or future games? like the score in BFBC is one of the coolest ive ever heard on my ps3,.. some psn games have put soundtracks up on psn so i guess there is a possibilty… would be awesome..

    • Can\’t promise anything, but I will look into it, in-fact sending an email asking right now! Thanks for the suggestion. :-)

  • I have never gotten into the battlefield games, but for $15 dollars I might give it a try.

    • Play the trial and if you like it then buy it, but try it first and hopefully it is what you\’re looking for. :-)

  • Day 1, but what I really wanted to reply about is to thank you very much on giving your time to answer questions, that’s highly appreciated.

  • I quote:
    hm seems pretty kool but one major question….. is gonna be offline and online multiplayer??? PLZ say yes!
    Gordon Van Dyke’s Avatar
    Gordon Van Dyke replied on April 30, 2009 at 7:13 am

    Since we have to run high-end dedicated servers it is only online

    – Will that be the same for the PC? The Battlefield games for the PC were always great for LAN parties. I surely hope we will still be able to play it ‘offline’ in such situations. And if so, how about special things like unlocks?

    – From another comment from you it sounds we won’t be able to control the big ship(s) like in BF1942 (on the PC)? / Will there still be artillery like from the big warships?

    – Can you tell anything yet about how the PC version will differ from the console versions? I assume more features will mean a price closer to the previous BF titles for the PC?

    • We don\’t have PC details to share yet and this blog is for PS3 only.
      They are Carrier, so AA only.

  • Thank you Gordon Van Dyke!

    Give my regards to Gustav ;) (I visted DICE in feburar and i got the chance to play BF1943. Very very good Game!)

    At last.
    I hope in the future BF2 will come to the PS3. The gameplay and the features are the best of the Battlefield titel’s. (I am looking forward to the 1.50 Patch^^)

  • Awesome. Thanks for that information mate. I’ll leave you to reply to everyone else now instead of chit chat ;)

  • You guys need to stick to BF1943. Stop going off topic asking Gordon about other projects or something completely unrelated to BF1943 on the PS3.

    One last question, can we swim? I mean, long distances without dying. I remember I would always die for no reason if I tried swimming to shore if I had to bail out of a ship in BF1942.

  • Holy Rapid Reply!

    Man, Gordon Van Dyke you are killin’ it with your replies. I just want to say THANK YOU for taking the time to answer all of these questions…even the ones that are duplicates. I wish more of the blog posts were as active with replies. Great Job!!

    Your forwardness is a refreshing change from the posts that have 200+ comments with maybe 3 replies.

    As for your game, it is lookin pretty damn hot. $15 is definitely a fair price in my eyes for all that is offered. You made another sale!

    • LOL, I\’m all about being honest and know I\’d likely come here and not read all post either.

      Add my PSN ID and maube grab a game with me at release.

      PSN ID: GordonVanDyke

  • Crap, another question came to mind. Are there going to be bots in the game for when there aren’t enough players online?

    • Nope, real people only. We have a great match making system to keep servers busy and full of guys for you to own!

  • In the most recent trailer I seen the japanese soldiers carrying the swords and use it as a weapon. Will we be able to go on a banzai like that when the game ships, or was that just for video purposes?

    Thanks for answering the community Gordon.

    • It is the Melee weapon for the Japanese Scout. No Banzai action per say, but you can still drive into the enemy with you\’re plane if you like. I do it often, especially when EA bigwigs are visiting. I love owning them the most! But don\’t tell them I said I do it on purpose! ;-)

  • I hear you are dropping the medic class and going for auto-regenaration. That makes me a sad panda. BF1942 is the best multiplayer I have ever played, to date. Most fun I ever had, and we still get together for a round or two regularly.

    • That system is for this game only, but give it a try in the trial and see if it hurts your experience. I bet it won\’t. :-D

  • How about XMB Custom soundtracks?

    just incase I get tired of that (awesome) BF theme

  • Horrah! Thanks for the reply, this post officially kicked arse.

    I shall be buying this game :)

  • This Battlefield looks great and I look forward to playing it. I’m a little sad though because this release will only take players away from Battlefield Bad Company 1 and I still have not achieved all the medals (and hence trophies) from that game.. it’s near impossible.

  • Hey Gordon, thanks for the info. I’m really looking forward to this. BFBC was one of my favorite games of 2008.

    Sort of off another question, since this is a smaller project, will there be unlockable weapons a la past BF games, what about a leveling system for your character?

    Also I write reviews and do video game news for a site, anyway I could get in touch with you guys at DICE about press stuff? If you can, drop me an email. [DELETED]

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Is definitely a first day purchase, another question if I may.

    Will there be flamethrowers?

  • YES!

    DICE you are awsome. You’re projects are great just like Mirror’s Edge and Battlefield: Bad Compnay. im most looking forward to this.

    Two ques. Will you include custom soundtracks and how much space will it take up on the hard disk?

    Thank you DICE!

  • Is the Health(hit points) in this game gonna be the same as the health BFBC?

  • looks intresting i might pick this up after all

  • Hi, Gordan!

    I’ve got a question when will the trial be available?


  • My last question for today ;):

    It is possible to switch off the auto-regenaration in private games?

    Off topic:
    BF2142 is good, but BF2 is better^^.

  • arrr, why i can’t edit my post -.-

    Can i record a private match and upload this to youtube? (Youtube-Feature)

    It would be very very NICE, if this are possible.

  • Thanks for answering so many questions, Gordon. BF:BC is my favorite game of the current generation so naturally I have a few questions of my own regarding BF1943. ;)

    1. When a soldier gets run over, does their body clip through the vehicle and collapse like in BC or does it bounce off with proper ragdoll physics now?

    2. Given that BF1943 will come out a full year after the release of BF:BC, have you guys managed to tone down (or perhaps even eradicate) the screen-tearing that we’ve seen in the Frostbite engine thus far?

    3. I’ve noticed in both trailers that the aircraft carriers never look like they’re actually floating in the water (they appear to be resting on the surface with nothing submerged), so has the team successfully dealt with that issue since the Wake Island trailer was recorded?

    • Sometimes clips, sometimes not. It really depends on how much is happening and what the server can keep up with. Frostbite games including this one are beast for performance needs.
      Some, but I think you\’ll see better rendering fixes in the bigger budget games.
      It is better, but still can look floaty depending on your angle.

  • @Gordon

    Any chance of getting Battlefield Heroes ported to PSN?

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