The Battlefield Like You Have Never Seen Before!

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This is Gordon Van Dyke, Producer on the online multiplayer, first-person-shooter title, Battlefield 1943. This downloadable title for the PSN will take you back to the WWII Pacific Theater in a way never before seen, this June on the PLAYSTATION 3 for only $15! You’ll enjoy three amazing locations with Iwo Jima, Wake Island, and Guadalcanal letting you pilot and drive a variety of airplanes, tanks, and transport vehicles to help you win the battle.

Battlefield 1943

Today is a really exciting day, first it’s Walpurgis Night here in Sweden celebrating the start of summer’s approach with bonfires, yes I said bonfires, and this is done all over the country. It is quite the sight to see from atop the DICE studio. Another really exciting thing for me today is the release of the Battlefield 1943 trailer for the first time on PSN (later today) and seeing it in full glory on my PS3.

Now before you watch the video, imagine with me flying your Corsair airplane over the tropical Wake Island engaged in a dogfight with a Japanese Zero, you take him down and notice your squad mate’s tank about to be flanked by the enemy in another tank. You quickly bank to the left, swoop down, and drop two bombs perfectly on the enemy, saving your friend and helping him capture a critical control point.

Battlefield 1943 Battlefield 1943

After watching the video, I’m sure you will have a lot of questions about the game so instead of guessing, fire away! I’ll be around for as long as I can to answer them in the comment section. Thanks for taking the time to read this, now write your questions or just give a shout out! :-)

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  • looks awesome for a PSN game

  • amazing. cant wait for this game! gonna be so sweet to have a shooter on my hdd…
    my question is; does BF1943 use the same engine as BFBC? and are there any improvements or anything like that in this new game that we can look forward to?

    • Yep, it uses a slightly improved version of the BFBC1 engine with houses that can be destroyed down to the foundation! :-)

  • Whoa this looks KILLER, can’t wait have been a big fan of Authentic War Battles, My Father was a Military social worker so I expect this to be accurate. DAY ONE BUY! oh and FIRST!

    • That is awesome about you dad, interestingly enough both my Grandfathers served in the Pacific Theater during WWII. One a pilot and one on a submarine and was in Pearl Harbor during the attack.

  • Cool stuff. I have BF2 and BF2142 for PC. This looks pretty good on console. Will it have mouse/keyboard support for those of us used to PC controls?

  • this game sounds really good, and really cheap…. my type of game lol

  • hm seems pretty kool but one major question….. is gonna be offline and online multiplayer??? PLZ say yes!

  • Man I loved this game on the PC, I clocked hundreds of hours into the BF series. too bad you won’t be supporting as many players as the PC version. I will still probably pick this up.

  • looks cool

  • looks amazing

  • Is it only a downloadable title? Because in Holland (were i live) not many people own a credit card and we don’t have Pre-Paid cards over here (Sony do somethings about it!) so we can’t buy the game. Thats a mayor income loss! So maybe you can talk to Sony and make sure the Pre-paid cards come out here, I would really appriciate that. Hope you’ll ask. :)

  • hey i got a ? will it have in game music /trophies / how many online players? and will there be a single camp

  • Sounds like loads of fun. Can’t wait. Will there be any type of party system implemented so we can stay connected to our friends from one game to the next?

  • I love the battlefield series! I really like the variation the game offers and the scope of the battles.

    Will several people dig it out dog fighting style or will it be like in Battlefield:BC where only 2 people can do dog fighting (helicopter style)?

    Ha en bra valborgsmässoafton och en trevlig helg!

    • Solo planes they th ones they are modeled after, but you\’ll get 5 planes in the sky fighting it out and Bombers to attack! :-D

  • Might try this out, not really sure what is has to offer that I haven’t seen before except for the bombing run. That is pretty awesome, I must admit.

  • lol…beat up on Ashton?? good stuff…lol

  • It looks great! So you guys being in Sweden and all, have you secured a timely release in Europe as well?

  • Bow… The waiting :(

  • That screenshot looks pretty!

  • Will the new Battlefield game have trophies that are actually achievable?

    I’ve put so many hours in to Bad Company, that I’ve lost count. It’s simply too hard to get the platinum, you’d need to work on it full-time for about 4 months solid to start unlocking the harder in-game patches.

  • Hi just a little question if you do not mind.

    Will it be available for Europe to on its release?


  • DICE you rock. All the battlefield content is fantastic. The frostbite engine rocks. This game is a must buy. It will be the hottest thing on PSN.

  • Will the game support Keyboard and Mouse? Also, what type of tools are there for facilitating squad/team play? Voice Chat etc?


    P.S. Work on BF3 and release it already, we’re dying here!!

  • I’m glad they brought this back. BF 1942 was the ultime online game and revolutionized online play as we know it. I bought a PC for it because it was that good!

    I’m also glad that they not only upgraded the look and feel but also updated it with a whole new engine! A must buy for me.

    Will more maps come out in the future? More 1942 maps?

  • Can anyone help me out on this:

    I bought Battlefield Bad Company 2 for 10 bucks. Loved it! That it was an extremely fun game. Loved the destructible environments, loved the HUGE scale of the maps. Loved everything about it. Trophies support too!

    Now my question, is that the video doesn’t show anything ingame. I don’t think it did at least. So my question is, will this be an FPS like Bad Company 2? I think the game itself looks great and its on the PSN and I support the network. 15 bucks though is getting ridiculous for the standard pricing. I normally buy every PSN release, but have not been with everything lately toting the $15 price tag.

    • This is a true FPS and nothing else! :-D The video is actually people jut playing and were capture that to make the movies. Nothing was staged.

  • WOW. Battlefield on PSN nice. I will purchase.


    This is a good gameplay video that answered my questions.

    All I can say is SOLD!

  • Is this online only?

    How many can play online?

    How does the ranking system work? (if their is one)

  • Any possibility of more future maps?

  • Sounds like a fun game. Will it support remote play for the PSP?

  • game is looking super slick guys! great work can’t wait for this drop.


    • Thanks, and for all you out there my PSN ID is GordonVanDyke. Add me if you like, I accept all friend request and will play online with everyone launch day.

  • Hey Gordon…thanks for the reply!!! I saw the gameplay I posted and it confirmed it for me!!!

    And tonight, I will make sure to give you MONNNNIEEES!$!$!$!$!$!

  • Is it too late to correct your title? ‘Producer on Battlefield: 194’

    Im sure there were some excellent Battlefields in 194, but probably not aerial.

  • looks good but will there be split screen online play?

  • i might buy this but seriosly sony you guys have to start selling your playstation network cards in canada!

  • Maybe I missed it, but release date?

  • Is there a party system? How many people in each squad?

    Looks great, and I’m getting it while waitibg for BC2

  • Excellent price point. You should consider calling it “Battlefield: 14.99” to drive the message home.

  • i got a few more ?s will ps3 ever get battle field the one thats on 360 i liked it more than bad company i only got a ps3 now but would liked to have the other and also any new games goin be shown at e3 by dice?

  • I may have to pick this up, only Battlefield game I’ve ever played was Bad Company (the demo).

  • Does it have BF2 style classes and unlocks?

    I never picked up BFBC so I don’t know the contrast.

  • This looks very nice.
    Is the weapon damage very realistic? I’m so used to CoD4’s “hardcore” mode (where death happens after one or two shots) I don’t really care for games that take a lot of shots to drop someone.


  • Haha thanks for your time by the way.

    But what I mean is, is there Assault, Engineer, Sniper, etcetera?

  • Y’know, my ancestry is based in Sweden. So, we have something ocmmon- can I have a free game? :D

  • So you are the “Producer of Battlefield 194”? :P

  • I’ll be getting this on release day. Just wondering, though, will we be able to pilot aircraft carriers and battleships? Will we be able to pilot those Higgins boats (with our team mates being able to join in)? How easily are the structures destroyed (I’ve never played BC so I’m not sure how the Frostbyte engine is and all)? Is it like Mercenaries destruction where one RPG can magically level a home or more realistic? Voice chat? How big is the download? What resolution does it run on?

    Sorry for all the questions =O

    • No, yes, they destroy as expected by what you use to damage them with, so more realistic, yes there will be VoIP, around 450MB, 720P.

  • @Gordon

    Thanks for taking the time to stick around and answer all of our questions here on the Blog. Much appreciated.

  • hah your name says “Producer on Battlefield 194” :)

    Game looks like a ton of fun. No doubt i will be buying it. Thanks!

    Also, good to see you commenting on the blog. I like when posters do that, it shows that you care about your fans and the PS community. Kudos!

  • whats the clan support gonna be like for this game? please say there is some, bc was a massive disappointment. also will there be in bc2?

  • I cant see the video??

  • Adding to my comment earlier, will there be ragdoll physics and buoyancy for dead bodies and items? I love realistic physics in games. Will there be any extra maps to be released for it (like coral sea… or whatever that added map on BF1942 was called)?

    Thanks a lot for sticking around to answer our questions, Gordon. I was a huge fan of BF1942 (was one of my first ever online games) and this is looking 100 times better.

    • I thought dead bodies only float after being dead for a long time, otherwise no body would drown. :-)

      This game has great physics, no need to worry. :-)

      No a problem at all. :-D

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