PAINalympics – Going for Gold

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Hi folks, In May, we will be releasing the Sore Spots add-on for PAIN. Check out a preview:

Not only does Sore Spots continue the rich tradition of the silly fun that is PAIN, Sore Spots also includes a new multiplayer Mode that I’d like to introduce. It’s called “PAINalympics”, and it’s where two to four players can compete in the following events:

Horseshoes – There are four giant horseshoes floating in front of the launcher, and your task is to snatch them and try for a ringer. You have four launches.Whatcha gon’ do?

Bull Ride – Imagine a large group of mechanical bulls, each atop a large column. Launch, grab, and hold on to as many bulls as you can. Ready to ride, cowboys and cowgirls?

Rope Kick – Test your Ooching skills by launching and grabbing a rope that you have to hold onto and swing on, knocking down as many of the characters in the area as you can in 30 seconds.

Balloony Bin
– You have 45 seconds to push, pull, drag, or otherwise force balloons into trash bins. Extra points for the red ones!

Stack Whacker – All you have to do here is knock down a wall of boxes in as few launches as possible. If you’re good, you can probably use some exploding objects to help do the job more quickly.

Anvil Toss – Snatch an anvil out of the air and chuck it as far as you can. Watch out for the cherry bombs and exploding chemicals on the floor, though!

Relay Race – Keep your Pimp Slap Hand strong and smack, smack, smack your way to the finish line in the best time…and don’t forget the baby powder!

Punt Ball – Knocking a ball through a goal is sometimes a lot harder than it seems. Extra points if you hit the characters who are dancing between the goal posts.

Swing N’ Dunk – Grab the ring, swing, release…wait for it…wait for it…Oooch your character through the basketball hoop. Harder rings grant a higher reward.

Sore Spots is headed your way on Thursday, May 14th, and we’ll be releasing Ded Baron, a new launchable character, the following week. At the same time as Sore Spots, though, comes a little bonus – You’ll also be able to get a free download of another beloved PlayStation personality, which you may have just read about. He’s a little shy, but here’s a screenshot that will give you an idea of who we’re talking about.

See you in Sore Spots!


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  • and for just 5.99? perfect.

  • cant u make pain online?

  • hello, i am just wondering why my pain cant update its game files, it’s always stack in 98% 5/32 game files updated, i reseted the game million times but nothing happened, is it really normal or do i need some serious help?

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