PAINalympics – Going for Gold

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Hi folks, In May, we will be releasing the Sore Spots add-on for PAIN. Check out a preview:

Not only does Sore Spots continue the rich tradition of the silly fun that is PAIN, Sore Spots also includes a new multiplayer Mode that I’d like to introduce. It’s called “PAINalympics”, and it’s where two to four players can compete in the following events:

Horseshoes – There are four giant horseshoes floating in front of the launcher, and your task is to snatch them and try for a ringer. You have four launches.Whatcha gon’ do?

Bull Ride – Imagine a large group of mechanical bulls, each atop a large column. Launch, grab, and hold on to as many bulls as you can. Ready to ride, cowboys and cowgirls?

Rope Kick – Test your Ooching skills by launching and grabbing a rope that you have to hold onto and swing on, knocking down as many of the characters in the area as you can in 30 seconds.

Balloony Bin
– You have 45 seconds to push, pull, drag, or otherwise force balloons into trash bins. Extra points for the red ones!

Stack Whacker – All you have to do here is knock down a wall of boxes in as few launches as possible. If you’re good, you can probably use some exploding objects to help do the job more quickly.

Anvil Toss – Snatch an anvil out of the air and chuck it as far as you can. Watch out for the cherry bombs and exploding chemicals on the floor, though!

Relay Race – Keep your Pimp Slap Hand strong and smack, smack, smack your way to the finish line in the best time…and don’t forget the baby powder!

Punt Ball – Knocking a ball through a goal is sometimes a lot harder than it seems. Extra points if you hit the characters who are dancing between the goal posts.

Swing N’ Dunk – Grab the ring, swing, release…wait for it…wait for it…Oooch your character through the basketball hoop. Harder rings grant a higher reward.

Sore Spots is headed your way on Thursday, May 14th, and we’ll be releasing Ded Baron, a new launchable character, the following week. At the same time as Sore Spots, though, comes a little bonus – You’ll also be able to get a free download of another beloved PlayStation personality, which you may have just read about. He’s a little shy, but here’s a screenshot that will give you an idea of who we’re talking about.

See you in Sore Spots!


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  • I haven’t played this in a long time. Too many good games to play…. Thanx

  • awesome news, can’t wait for the “PAINalympics” to start hehehe

  • Whoo! Daxter! …In pants! =D

    BTW: The new PAIN Olympics, er, PAINalypics sounds sweet, but is the multiplayer online as well?

    Thanks for the continued support for the game! ;)

  • Sweet. Daxter as a new launchable character. Can’t wait to use him.

  • Gosh, those censor bars make it so tough to figure out :(

  • To the Pain Team:

    EPIC WIN!!!

    see you at E3.

  • lmao brock lee

  • He’s a little shy, but here’s a screenshot that will give you an idea of who we’re talking about.


  • Awesome, when are we hearing about a new game from you guys?

  • MorningWood High? Okay…never a big fan of PAIN, but its good news for the fans

  • Sounds like it is time to play some more Pain again!


  • Great to see y’all still support this title, 1 of the reasons why i stil play it from time to time

  • I loved this game up until they started charging .99 per character. If you add up all the DLC now plus this you probably have a $100 game. Really disappointing every time you boot up a game you bought to be constantly reminded to BUY ME. No thanks ill pass.

  • I’m not sure where the best place to ask is, so I’ll ask here:

    Will there ever be a PSN game that has a platinum? (not including Burnout or Warhawk, an actual PSN game)

  • lol at the trailer

  • This + Warhawk are two fantastic examples of PSN games that have intense & rad developers that continue to support their games.

    And, believe it or not, Pain + Warhawk continue to be two of the best games I’ve played of all of the PSN games I’ve purchased.

    Keep it up! We love it :)

  • FANTASTIC! Can’t go wrong with more pain! Any idea when the update for the movie studio will be released?

  • Cool, Double feature, I’ll probably buy this but you guys really need to make a rush hour highway themed map. I’d buy that in a heartbeat.

  • NICE!!.. thanks for the support Coke..

    @ian-edward – Wipeout HD does..

  • depward said it all.

    You guys rock!

  • ItsNymo – PAINalympics wil only be an offline multiplayer Mode when we release Sore Spots, but Idol Minds is already working on getting it to work as an online multiplayer Mode for a future patch.

    Xaos – We tried to make it a challenge for you… ;-)

    Zakupilot – Looking forward to seeing you.

    Darkos87 – Brock Lee is the Truth. I’m currently looking a way to make a real-world clone of a video game character so that he can teach the secret of his awesome.

    Skynidas – We’re working on prototypes now, and when something clicks (which it’s beginning to), we’re going to be letting you all know more. Idol Minds is a killer developer, and needless to say, they’re going to come through with something that will knock you on your butt.

    Ryanc08 – THAT is an attitude I can appreciate. I have no problem with people not digging PAIN. Not every game is for everybody. However, some people seem to think that if they don’t like a game, they have to rip it to shreds, which is pretty silly (although occasionally amusing). I appreciate your comment, man. That seriously makes my day.

  • Zeropm – We’ve had 99 cent characters since the week the game launched. The “Buy Me” icon shows that a character is available, but it’s not like we’re sending someone to your house and twisting your arm until you buy a character. I support you 100% on your choice, yo – If you don’t like something don’t buy it. We certainly won’t force you.

    Depward – Thanks,cat. If I ever feel like I’m getting a little too much self-esteem, I jump into PAIN or Warhawk online to get my ego checked because you guys are so good. Incog and Idol Minds are both amazing Developers. Maybe one of these days, we’ll try to get them together and make PAINHawk!

    Voodoo_Lou – The Movie Studio changes will be part of the patch that comes out the same day as Sore Spots. Just fire up PAIN on May 14th, and you’ll get the updated version of Movie Studio (assuming that you’ve already downloaded it).

    Ghost_Shrimp – Awesome idea. Car collisions in PAIN still make me wince.

    ThEosSiE – Good to see you over here!

    Pinhead_x – Thanks for the support. By the way, your name’s a bit misleading. You’re actually quite anti-pinhead in my book (“pinhead” DOES still have a negative connotation, doesn’t it?).

  • There are so many things wrong with this trailer… But it feels sooooooooooo right!

  • Aren’t developer responses usually in red?

    But otherwise great video, hello hot scientist npc. Oh, for the new character that’s coming, did you get the original VA to do the voice?

  • There’s only one thing PAIN needs now. The ability to create our own painlabs! Using just the little stuff like how we get every week.

    Sounds impossible, but hey you guys did the impossible by adding online.

    Anyway, Can’t wait to see what’s next!!

  • Alee634 – I’m not sure why I’m not in red, but to answer your question, yes! That’s the one and only Max Casella. Very cool guy.

    JKthree – An editor is something we’ve wrestled with for a long time. You’re right about us doing (or at least ATTEMPTING) the impossible. It’s never left our minds and it never will, but I’d be a fool to make any promises about doing it. We’ll continue to try and work some magic, though.

  • Do you guys plan t have a space in HOME? It could be sweet to throw our avatar in there!!!

  • No thanks. PAIN was deleted off my PS3 a long time ago.

  • PAIN is awesome, and all the content is fantastic. Keep up the awesome work. :)

  • DAXTER!!!!!

    You’ve officially just re-fueled my interest in this game!

    Daxter + humorous game concerning explosions and slapstick = WIN!

    Now, if only there were more free DLC for Pain…

  • If Daxter is in it im buying it for sure

  • Still needs this game

  • @32
    I think Daxter is separate. “A free download”. Unless it’s a typo like when they released the LBP Valentines pack.

    By the way I have shunned PAIN! because of how bad the movie studio was. MorningWood High looks just as bad in that combos will be impossible to set off. I like the game and all, but the execution of the Studio compared to the Abusement park was huge.

    I remember you guys saying that the Movie Studio took you way less time to make because you had ‘experience’. I think that it could have been in development longer.

    • Kirkpad – While there’s no way to prove this, I’m quite sure that if we’d taken more time to put the Movie Studio together, the outcry would be that we took way too long to release. The fact is that we intentionally created an environment that required a different style of play. Guess what happened when we found out that people didn’t like it? We decided to fix it. So when Sore Spots gets released, everyone who has PAIN will also get a patch that updates the Movie Studio with improvements to two of the three layouts for those who have it.
      Bottom line – I stand by our previous statement – The Movie Studio took us less time because we had experience. However, we also have a great deal of experience in listening to our Community (with a capital “C”, baby!), and that’s why we’ve gone back and tried to make improvements.
      We’ll never be stupid enough to try and please everyone, but I think we do a decent job of listening to the folks who dig our game and support us (and sometimes the folks who hate on us, too). Give the Movie Studio another shot once Sore Spots is out. There’s no guarantee that you’re going to love it, but at the very least, you’ll see that we listened.
      Oh, and Daxter IS a separate free download.

  • this looks great but on a side not…if Pain can get away with “morningwood” and “probe” how come insomniac cant get away with calling their game ratchet and clank future: clock blockers? that name is awesome!

    • IAmToastMan – I don’t make the rules, I only live by them. Gotta agree, though – that’s one awesome title for an awesome series.

  • *note

  • Daxter as in jak and Daxter right?

  • New spots = New trophies?

  • PAINalympics?

    Thanks for bringing back terrible memories (has nothing to do with the game BTW) >=(

  • love pain, its great how you guys keep adding to this game .clam bake and laugh for hours playing it ty

  • Morningwood High? Seriously?

  • How much?
    would you ever make something that is free of charge?

  • daxter?…u serious..i wouldve LOVED SACKBOY..daxter is …not that surprised he even got his own game..:/..but watever..i guess i would just be looking forward to tha zombie..but yeah keep up the great work!

  • So Sore Spots includes both levels? Very cool. I’m a huge fan of Pain. I really enjoyed the abusement park level, but wasnt a big fan of the movie studio. Its all about having a densely populated level. These levels look like they should be dense enough.

    Can’t wait. Keep up the good work and I’m really looking forward to the next game you guys are working on. Any hints? ;)

    • Try Movie Studio again after Sore Spots releases. We have a patch coming that changes two of the three Movie Studio layouts. You\’re not the only one who didn\’t dig it, so Idol Minds went back and made some improvements. We\’d love to hear your thoughts once you\’ve played it.

  • my copy of PAIN is weirdly corrupted ever since the movie studio came out. i dont hear any outside noises like explosions, cars or anything really other than the character’s ooh’s & aah’s. i dont even get the rattle sound when shaking up my super ooouch.

    I have tried re-installing the movie studio a few times, and even deleting and re-installing my entire PAIN package twice, for no result, and im not doing that again cos including all packages and all game updates it adds up to over 1gb each time.

    its very frustrating to have a problem like this that nobody else seems to have, i cant find a fix anywhere. has anyone here heard of this horrible sound glitch or have any ideas how to fix it? (other than just re-installing)

    • Ozchap, unfortunately, you\’ve already tried what I would\’ve recommended. We\’ve had a few isolated issues with PAIN, but the deletion and re-install always seems to fix it. Not sure if you\’ve contacted Customer Service, but they may be able to help.

  • The title PAINalympics, reminds me of a gross video a friend of mine showed me. :(

  • I’m asuming everyone knows what the pain olympics is right.

  • hey is there any truth to rumors of us getting granny in a swimsuit as a launchable character?

    also coker, did you look into those glitches i mentioned a while ago about all the invisible glass in downtown modes and the frozen bomb in the sewer in “block party” in front of the hotel, it won’t explode when you touch it.

    • kratos1984 – Oh, yes! Granny\’s coming. As for the bugs, Idol Minds is on them. Not sure how soon the fixes will be in, but they\’re already looking.

  • Hey Jason,

    It’s Henry from The Con test crew. Good to see you’re still hard at work at Sony. PAIN is a darn fun game that needs more publicity. Keep the good news coming.

    P.S. Confirm/deny rumors of a sequel to The Con?

  • Bring on the PAIN! I have been a PAIN-a-holic since 2/23/08 and am impressed how far this game has come. Keep it coming!

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