Soulcalibur Making Portable Debut on PSP

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Soulcalibur Broken Destiny PSP screenshot

Big news, fighting fans. As you may have heard via GameSpot yesterday, Soulcalibur is officially coming to the PSP this summer. Called Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, this marks the series’ first foray into handheld consoles…and of course, what better place to debut than the PSP.

Yesterday, Namco Bandai invited us to San Francisco for the unveiling, where a demo of Broken Destiny proved that it is already looking graphically impressive on the PSP. While Namco is remaining relatively tight-lipped on specifics for the time being, I fired off a few questions to Director Noriyuki Hiyama (Unfortunately we were shooting in a loud room speaking through a translator, but I think you’ll get the point) about new characters, multiplayer and the possibility of secret content. Check out the vid for his responses. And drop us a note with your burning questions, as we’ll most likely be getting more time with the game/team at E3 in June!

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  • Question for developers: Will it have online play? If not, are there difficulties in developing online play for PSP?

    Tbh – I’d snap this game up in a heartbeat if it had online play (especially so if it had voice chat too..)

  • Jeff can we expect some “new” exclusives announcements for the ps3?!

    Are something about future firmware updates for ps3(Cross-game invites PLEASE!!) :)

  • hey bravo maybe this will help you

    its a link to a good Playstation site that covers speculation and rumor from time to time.

  • Who in the world was that translator?? The accent + the fast speaking + the ums and slurs + the oversensitive mic really made me have to very actively listen to understand what he was saying….

    I’d suggest you guys do a re-record… or at least clean it up.

  • Awesome.I loved Soul Caliber IV,cant wait for this.Also,when will we get a US release of Vesperia?

  • finally! been waiting for a portable version since the PSP came out. i wish you guys would add some kind of connection to the PS3 version, something to the effect of Resistance Retribution.


  • Question:
    Soul Calibur IV doesn’t have a Weapon Master characer (as the previous games: Charade in SCII or Olcadan in SCIII), will Soul Calibur Broken Destiny have a Weapon Master character?

  • Here’s a question that should be asked at E3:

    How deep, if any, will the character customization be?

  • My PSP won’t know what to do with all the gaming goodness coming its way.

    And since it is a PSP post:
    GPS? Any word?

  • Another excellent addition to an already solid line-up this yr for the PSP!

  • Hmmmmm not bad but i have a question is it worth it it better be because i have seen worset games already i dont think having a psp is starting two burn some cash off my pocket i can’t trust a psp system anymore i should have bought a ps3 when i had the chance psp has let me down

  • Thanks for the yet more PSP game support! PSP FTW!

  • Secret Character > Kratos

  • Awesome, I love fighting games on portables. Perfect to play for a few minutes without having to fire up the entertainment center.

  • PSP Games are just keep getting better and better each year goes by…..


  • All these new games are all very well and fine but, Is not a the next generation PSP also being released this year? And if the rumors are indeed true and it has no UMD Drive, then why should I purchase these new games for an obsolete system? Will SONY have some type voucher system that will offer discounts for digital version of the same games purchased? Or will these new games be offered as downloads or on memory sticks?

  • WHY MAKE A NEW PSP?! They just made a 3000 and I bought one. I don’t want to have 20 friends with the newest version when I thought I just did. =(.

    Wow tons of big games coming to PSP! I hope to see more info on Motorstorm and LBP! =D
    Trying to imagine th features and looks of them are killing me! @_@ I MUST HAVE LBP!

  • Chris, if you could maybe ask someone from Namco Bandai or even better, Project Soul:

    1. Is Soul Calibur IV going to receive any updates/patches/additional DLC, or are they done over the project?

    2. Will SC:BD feature PS3 interaction with SCIV somehow?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I know it’s late to be posting this, but I just saw this Blog the other day. I’m with Albator356 on this. Will they be adding any Updates/Patches/DLC for SCIV? If so, could you ask if they can have Trophy Support? I know it’s possible for an older game to have Trophy Support cause Uncharted was one of the first games to hit the shelves WITH the PS3, and it now has Trophy Support,so there is NO excuse. If you can find a way to drop the bomb on them, please do. Thanks.

  • since…………..they did not add kratos to sc4 then maybe…………they should add him in this one!

  • as a guest character..

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