PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe – The Biggest Version Yet is Portable

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Phew… it’s a busy week… after teasing everyone about the new you-name-it PixelJunk game, it’s also time to release specific information about the new version of PixelJunk Monsters that we have prepared meticulously for the PSP. When I came up with the idea of having this on the PSP, there was some debate about whether or not people will be as receptive. So I’ll need your help to prove me right, please!

We pulled out all the stops and decided to make this the ultimate version of PJ Monsters, so we didn’t just add a new island, we’ve gone through and added new monsters, new towers, and a whole new island. On top of that we’ve added loads of goodies, concept art, and a bunch of new tunes and even some art videos from Otograph. We’ve basically gone and packed it with everything we could possibly think of, so we are calling the game PixelJunk Monsters DELUXE!

The original islands are also in there but they have been “remixed” to include the newer types of monsters and get you to use the newer towers. I’ll write another blog entry in a short while where I’ll go through the new towers and their abilities, but they are a lot of fun to use and add a whole new layer of strategy to the game.

Oh… on a final note, we’ll be supporting WiFi multiplayer, so you can play with other people on their PSPs. There are some cool ideas in this and a fun little icon language to let you talk to each other while playing but just this alone requires an entire blog entry so I’ll come back later with more details and pictures of how it will all work.

Thanks to all the PixelJunk fans for their support, it keeps us motivated!

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  • ahhh dang HUGE monsters fan but don’t own a PSP and don’t plan on getting one. come on ps3 version :D

  • Cheers Dylan.

    I have a few comments that I would like your team to consider for this product (if possible), but also, certainly future products.

    1. Voice Chat: is there a technical limitation that prevents the inclusion of this feature in PJM:D? While it would be ideal for Sony to allow us to stay logged in to Skype while accessing PSP games, it would be nice to at least have game-specific voice chat.

    2. Downloadable games that play on both the PSP and PS3 (so, for example: you buy one version of a PJ game that plays on both systems). Would it be at all possible to ship such a product that can be ‘downscaled’ to function on the PSP as well? I would gladly pay a premium for the luxury of only having to manage a single game. Perhaps that’s totally Sony’s decision to make (and problematic considering the different firmware functions).

    3. Online co-op patched into older PJ PS3 games. Is there any chance of us seeing this?

    That said, I’m a huge fan of Q-Games. Keep up the great work.

  • Jess, Its now working :)

  • ^ Sorry I meant Jeff

  • I hope its a PSN download. I like that its easier to switch from game to game.

  • heres hoping for more psp support

  • Pixel Junk Monsters is my favorte downloadable game!! This not only belongs on PSP but POPCAP games like Peggle and Bejewled etc….. should all be on the PSP. Keep the ball rolling!!!

  • Nice! Maybe I’ll pick up the PSP version! :D

  • This is fantastic! I ADORE my PSP and I’m a fan of PJMonsters. I will DEFINITELY be buying this one as soon as it’s available. Thanks for working so hard on it!

  • holy shiit…psp is getting a lot of freaking awesome games this year..thanks sony

  • ah, this will be a good game to have on the psp, will this be a downloadable game or UMD?

  • Not too thrilled about it having the levels from PS3. I played that one to death. So if I get it, it will only be for the new island.

  • So are we ever going to get a Blu-Ray Pixel Junk package like Asia has?

  • gamesharing feature? where you can play multiplayer off of 1 copy of the game?

  • This is very good news. I’m very excited for the new island, new monsters, and new towers. Keep up the great work, Q-Games!

  • awesome!!! used to think the psp version would have anything new for us who have rainbowed everything on normal and encore (yes i’m bragging… it wasn’t easy!!)

    i need this game!!!! I’m still addicted to it but didn’t like the secret island on the middle of the other two that much.

    don’t know if it’s going to be good on the online multiplayer side, you need to be communicating with your teammate constantly and fastly enough for them not to let coins go or build a specific tower over a specific tree! online multiplayer should involve microphone, there’s no other way, is it? (i’m guessing Dylan’s next blog post could amaze me around this topic)

  • This game is great and anything more in Monsters will just further the already great game play. Never fear Pixel junk is here. This game will due fine on PSP especially if you make it downloadable.

  • Thanks for including multiplayer. I loved PJM for the PS3, but only as a co-op game (still bummed the achievements are for single-player mode only).

    Any chance on any more updates to the PS3 version? I’d even be happy with another paid update.

  • awesome! day one!

  • I would love to see this eventually come to PSN so I can play CO-OP with the family.

  • THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!! Seriously, I could not stop this game until I had every rainbow and every trophy.
    My friend who has only a PSP keeps asking me when its coming out, so this is good news!

  • This is AWESOME news i prolly spended over 100 hours to PJM and encore :D.

  • Wonderful news ! Very excited to try out this new version of PJM ! This has been by far the game running the most on our PS3 ^^

    We are really hoping these extra features will also be made available as an addon for PS3 version.

    Big thanks to Q-Games for programming such an addictive soft !

    My partner and myself simply love this game !

  • Just to throw some dream world features that would be nice to have:

    Online Cross-Play between PSP and PS3!

    Game Save Sharing, so we can take our PJM to go, and once we’re home, we boot it back up to resume!

    And finally, to make the above two possible, a patch to the PS3 version including all the new PSP content!

    I know it probably won’t happen, but figured I’d throw it out there. That’s what the internet is for.

  • ARGH! i’m glad your bringing PJM to PSP, but please release it for PS3… i’ve played this game to death…but a new island would rock.

  • is this going to be d/l only? i would really hope so but it sounds like its going to be on UMD. if the next PSP goes digital only then i really hope it gets a d/l version because i love the pixeljunk game and monsters is my current fav but the next one in the series looks mighty enticing!


  • i hate it when this happens!

    now i’m gonna have to steal my brothers psp and scrounge up some more money to get a game that i already have xD

  • So, is this coming to the PS3 as well or just the PSP?

  • Is it coming out on UMD?

  • Honestly with the success of all the PJ games maybe except for Racers, They should all be making their way to the PSP. These are fun games that bode well to picking up for 10 minutes or holy crap gotta find my ac adapter. Nice work and PJ 1-4 (otherwise known as PJ Fluid, hee hee I named it for you)looks like another hit to me.

  • Is the wifi ad-hoc, infrastructure, or both. I really hop it is both.

  • Hey Dylan, any chance way down the road we might see the deluxe version on the ps3 for people who don’t wanna drop $200 dollars for a psp?

  • She looks like a fun person!

  • im gonna buy a psp just for this….and patapon i guess, but this just made my mind up for sure. AWESOME!

  • i still dont have a PS3 (hopefully that will change for me ater E3) but i do have a PSP and im really happy this is coming to PSP so now i’ll finally have a chance to see what pixel junk is all about. yay for more PSP support!!

  • I hope the new updated Monsters will be available for the PS3 also. Monsters is one of my Favorite games.

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