PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe – The Biggest Version Yet is Portable

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Phew… it’s a busy week… after teasing everyone about the new you-name-it PixelJunk game, it’s also time to release specific information about the new version of PixelJunk Monsters that we have prepared meticulously for the PSP. When I came up with the idea of having this on the PSP, there was some debate about whether or not people will be as receptive. So I’ll need your help to prove me right, please!

We pulled out all the stops and decided to make this the ultimate version of PJ Monsters, so we didn’t just add a new island, we’ve gone through and added new monsters, new towers, and a whole new island. On top of that we’ve added loads of goodies, concept art, and a bunch of new tunes and even some art videos from Otograph. We’ve basically gone and packed it with everything we could possibly think of, so we are calling the game PixelJunk Monsters DELUXE!

The original islands are also in there but they have been “remixed” to include the newer types of monsters and get you to use the newer towers. I’ll write another blog entry in a short while where I’ll go through the new towers and their abilities, but they are a lot of fun to use and add a whole new layer of strategy to the game.

Oh… on a final note, we’ll be supporting WiFi multiplayer, so you can play with other people on their PSPs. There are some cool ideas in this and a fun little icon language to let you talk to each other while playing but just this alone requires an entire blog entry so I’ll come back later with more details and pictures of how it will all work.

Thanks to all the PixelJunk fans for their support, it keeps us motivated!

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  • Awesome, I didn’t try PJM yet, so I’m buying PSP version for sure ;)

  • When can we expect a release date announced?

  • BTW. Please, make the best PSN game ever (Eden) available on PSP too ;)

  • Video isn’t working

  • I really enjoyed PJM on the PS3. I’ll definitely get it for the psp.

    I assume the psp version via digital distribution only?

  • Jeff, I get “Video not Available”. Please fix. Thank you.

  • My screen is saying video not avaiable. Is this just me? :\

  • Wow, hit refresh like 5 different times. Make a comment and now it works. Sorry.

  • @9

    Same here :P

  • is this going to be a full stand alone game, or will it also be like ultimate ghosts and goblins and we can use our previous saves.

  • Cool. Not my kind of game, but still cool.

    The interviewer seemed super nervous, glancing around everywhere though. lol

  • PJE needs to be on PSP. As much as I love playing it on my PS3.. it really is made for the portable platform. I hope this port is in the works,, not too many games i’d rebuy but this is one of them.

    Im not really into RTS games, so this game isnt really my cup of tea but glad for fans of the game

  • oh and by WiFi, you DO mean infrastructure, right?

  • Good to see Chris get some screen time. Is this a sign of things to come as coverage, inevitably, expands? Not that seeing you in every video is a bad thing Jeff… :)

    • Can\’t be everywhere at once, you know. Chris knows his way around the industry, and you\’ll see plenty of him.

  • I think this has just pushed me over the edge, and am now a guaranteed buy for the PSP that I’ve managed to put off purchasing for so long. And hey, if that new PSP model comes out soon, then count me in!

  • Year of the PSP… and of course Year of PixelJunk

  • Awesome work once again Dylan. Man you guys rock. Will certainly be buying this for my PSP even though i am rubbish at it. It’s a good fun tower defence game and perfect for portable gaming in my opinion.

    That and you totally deserve the money. Nice one Q-Games!

  • Love PJM, this will be a must buy for my PSP which I have recently started playing a lot on.

  • @14 Why does all Wifi have to be infrastructure?

    I’m debating on purchasing this game but will probably get it depending on the timing between this, Class of Heroes, and Pangya: Fantasy Golf. Having a game like this to play on the go sounds great, but I’m not sure how much new there will be to convince me to move off the PS3.

  • Anyone know how long till E3?

  • Wow can’t wait for this! This will keep me on my PSP long into the night i’m sure!

  • any chance of bringing this new island to PS3 version?

  • SO GREAT! Buying this one day one for sure!

  • Will this be a UMD title or will it be a PSN title like the other PixelJunk games?

  • @ 21: E3 starts on June 2nd and ends the 4th.

  • Dylan,

    I don’t think anyone will have to prove you right. If you ask me this game was made to be on the PSP….it’s going to be a HUGE success :-) Can’t wait.

  • Is that local or actually online wifi?

  • holy ****! After this, please make a Super PixelJunk Monsters II Turbo Deluxe Ultra Edition +.

    Seriously though.. a PJM 2 would be amazing. Can’t wait for the PSP version.

  • Now where is sNsKid… I bet he will love this.

  • I hope this game becomes a breakthrough success, why? Because it deserves it, the PIXEL JUNK SERIES is by far my favorite PSN franchise.

    Im sure it will be big in japan, but idk about everywhere else, lets hope its advertised!

  • omg omg! Definite buy for me! BTW to the Pixel Junk guys: Are you planning on being exclusive to Sony from now on? You guys rock and I hope all your future games are Sony exclusive!!



  • heheh by from now on I meant from Pixel Junk Racers on.

  • @23: +1!

  • Will you update the original Pixeljunk Monsters with the new towers and monsters? Also will you be releasing another expansion for it?

  • It’s pretty much been asked already, but my question is a slight variation: any word on whether this title will be released through the store? I don’t care if it’s done alongside a UMD release but I would definitely buy this if I could download it from the store.

  • Bad A$$!!! Love Monsters! This type of game definately works on PSP. Day 1 purchase. Nice video.

    1: UMD? PSN download only?
    2: IN-game soundtracks? Much as I love the the original soundtrack.

  • Hm, Dylan Cuthbert, any chance your related to Elisha Cuthbert? ;)

  • Awesome, I’ve wanted to get this game for a while, and a definitive version sounds quite nice.

    But I have a dialup-connection–please, make it available on UMD too!

  • Woot Woot 1st day along with pixel junk eden and maybe mosters

  • oops i met for 1-4 but this is also sweet

  • Questions either get asked by Herman Munster’s illegitimate son or the caricature model for every boy in JRPG’s.

    Hey look it’s Link! No that aint Link, that’s the one dude from Final Fantasy. :P

  • Dylan

    you and q games are amazing. keep it up!

  • Good to see this game out there, never would have purchased for PS3. PSP on the other hand something to look forward too. In game music?

    In light of all the PSP love we’ve been getting (PJMD, Tekken 6, Soul Calibur, etc) it’s unfortunate this little rumor is out there about a PSP GO! Kind of discouraging my support of the PSP, I don’t believe in a DLC only system.


  • NEED THIS FOR MY PS3 :( argh!

  • Shh.. don’t tell anyone but I secretly dance like the turtle thinigs.

    Any chance this video will be up on the store this thursday?

  • When is the PSP going to get trophy support?

  • I hope this will be available for download on the PSN store…

  • Does anyone know if this is a UMD release or some kind of new downloadable game? I bet the entire thing is probably under 150mbytes :/

  • I want it, and as much as I would like it immediately, I don’t see that happening… Hopefully it comes out soonish. Summer would be nice.

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