Xi is Growing in PlayStation Home!

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Xi – the world’s first console-based ARG, exclusive to PlayStation Home – just got bigger.

The eagerly-awaited second Alpha Zone has opened up today, and there’s plenty of fun stuff awaiting you. Can you escape the Fish Tanks of Good & Evil…?

There are a few numbered screens on the walls, promising more games and puzzles to come. The yin-yang symbol on the floor suggests there’s a “light’n’dark, good’n’evil” theme to this place. But is everything as black and white as it seems? We’re guessing not.

Given that this game has already included a giant jigsaw puzzle on billboards across Europe, a shiatsu massage game, flying cows, and a pair of classic text adventures, we’re not quite sure what to expect next.

If you want to find out for yourself, fire up PlayStation Home and head for the Xi logo tagged on the wall in Central Plaza.

Xi in PlayStation Home shot 2

Xi in PlayStation Home shot 1 Xi in PlayStation Home shot 3

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  • No Socom or Warhawk vouchers showed up in my email yet?

  • xi is the only good thing about home. please keep things like this going

  • A Home trophy room would be cool. And integration with Killzone 2, Socom, or whatever.

    Or better yet just stop working on Home all together until you can deliver cross game VOICE chat

  • @53
    I agree about the integration of KZ2 and some more games…

    About your trophy room and CROSS GAME VOICE CHAT you should shove it up your rear, that’s a better place for it.
    WE DON”T NEED IT!!!!!!!!!

  • Cross Game voice chat not needed?

    It must be painful to be you. So alone in this world.

  • Once again Locust_Star, the Home Dev team continues to amazes me with new updates. At this rate Home is going to be so huge it will take me months to explore it all at once.

  • This is pretty cool, thanks for the support

  • do you like fish sticks?

  • when can we get more wacky home costumes… something along the lines of a ratchet costume or sackboy, spyro etc. somethat will make people go wtf.

  • i love this guys! you’ve got continued support from me.


  • I liked the fish tank music. <_<

  • Hey guys,Did you scrap the virtual PSP completely? And also can we have Killzone 2 and LittleBigPlanet rooms/Gamelaunching?

  • For whatever reason, I have been unable to connect to the Playstation Home servers since XI even began. I would very much like to check this out, but I have no idea how to fix it. Has anyone else had any problems like this? I can still connect to the Playstation Network and use the PS Store, just not Home!

  • @ MeltTech

    THANK YOU!!! Sony needs to stop wasting their time making pointless little games that get old after a few hours. Their strategy of keeping Home fresh is REALLY time/money consuming for them. All they need to do is get load-times down, party-system, and game-launching working correctly (maybe even media sharing), and the users will create their OWN fun.

    Sony c’mon. Work with game developers to get party-system and game launching working with all multiplayer games, and we won’t need to get constant Xi updates just to stay interested in Home.

    PSN ID: ShadowPelican

  • Big update this week?

  • Keep it comin, keep it comin. Yah are really rollin out with new stuff on a regular basis. So proud, thankful and happy for yah. So, when does it become the full version of Home? When all the promised stuff comes out? Hmm, hmm?

  • Home is GROWING .Love The EA room and keep up the good work …Still laughing at Home Haters though …BUMS

  • People still log on to home?(Or ever did for that matter). Guess im too busy playing all the sweet games the system has to offer to bother with the lame free crap. If you like it you like it i guess, id rather see this money put elsewhere though.

  • Cool, I’ll have to check this out if I can get my wife to stop playing poker in EA’s new space.

  • @eatstatic

    Thanks :) I’m going to go try that right now.

  • We need Weather Elements in Home..etc and more real stuff like real Arcades! NAMCO. Import stores from Japan where you can buy stuff!. Or Europe why not SCEA?..And travel tunnels through out Home perhaps?…And faster load times ..Oh yeah by the way Maxium Tilt sucks especaily on Hard!..Add more Interaction Sony..

  • Just checked out Xi, first really cool thing in PS Home (besides bowling and chess).

    Xi is the first thing that should have trophies in PS Home. Would get tons more people in there playing too!

  • Hey Xi creators, why the hell doesn’t The Great Pyramid not work? THATS WHAT IT IS? I tried everything!!

  • Is there any word on the Star Trek uniforms? I received a note they were to be in Threads on April 29th.

  • Home avater have nothing to do with your gamercard SONY needs to give you the option to add a face pic of your Home avater on your gamercard this is the only way people will get into Home and build their intrests.

  • COME ON THIS IS STUPID LMAO!.CAN’T YOU PEOPLE COME OUT WITH SOMETHING BETTER THEN THIS..ITS UNIORIGINAL.AND SORRY HOME IS GETTING VERY BORING NOW.ZZzzzz H-I-N-T H*I*N*T Arcades from the 80’s like if we get a high score we earn a Butterfly Perhaps?..Because you people are getting stupid..An Example would be Screw that stupid game on Hard MAXIUM TILT! Dumb!

  • Man, I gotta get on the Home forum to catch up on this stuff.

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