Xi is Growing in PlayStation Home!

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Xi – the world’s first console-based ARG, exclusive to PlayStation Home – just got bigger.

The eagerly-awaited second Alpha Zone has opened up today, and there’s plenty of fun stuff awaiting you. Can you escape the Fish Tanks of Good & Evil…?

There are a few numbered screens on the walls, promising more games and puzzles to come. The yin-yang symbol on the floor suggests there’s a “light’n’dark, good’n’evil” theme to this place. But is everything as black and white as it seems? We’re guessing not.

Given that this game has already included a giant jigsaw puzzle on billboards across Europe, a shiatsu massage game, flying cows, and a pair of classic text adventures, we’re not quite sure what to expect next.

If you want to find out for yourself, fire up PlayStation Home and head for the Xi logo tagged on the wall in Central Plaza.

Xi in PlayStation Home shot 2

Xi in PlayStation Home shot 1 Xi in PlayStation Home shot 3

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  • Nice Playstation HOME team :D

    Btw can somebody tell me when Eu will recieve the updated Resident evil 5 space? And uncharted/warhawk space?

    Keep up the good work

  • 27/4/09 ???

  • Nice, I was wondering when the second alpha zone would open. I’ve been following Xi since day one and I’m really enjoying it.

    Locust_Star, would you happen to know if we’re ever gonna get a Final Fantasy/Square-Enix themed space?

  • Excellent work!!!! Xi is the best thing to hit home honestly…
    I love the theme of the new space. Can’t wait to go back home and try it out!!! =D

  • Awesome. Great job Home team!! Have to go check it out A.S.A.P

  • Keep up the cool stuff coming! I have a lot of fun with Xi, mainly because it’s free. :D

    Can we expect any more Home spaces this month?

  • @Cody_L (#3),

    Don’t think we will get anything Square Enix related on HOME, because from my knowledge, out of like 20 companies, SE was the only one not to participate in PlayStation Home.

  • HOME is getting better and better ;) Nice 1.
    I would still LOVE a Trophy Room tho? :-(
    Love to see my Trophies erm in my HOME;)

  • Microsoft probably paid Square Enix not to develop for Home hahaha…

  • Booted up Home this weekend and checked out the EA space, pretty nice and has tons of potential there. I will check out the Xi.

    I did find it annoying to try and play the racing game. I couldn’t play once, is there a way we can make it easier to join these games. I did see the option of race but when i selected it, it was full. Fine but when i waited for it to be empty I had trouble finding the race menu appear before it was full again.

    Is there an easier way???

  • Add some background music to Home, some ambient beats or something. The place is too quiet, bland and sterile. Also Home devs need to co-ordinate and roll out features across all regions to maintain parity. The disparity between the different Home spaces is ridiculous, a big glaring example of Sony’s inablilty to provide a global service.

  • Where’s the trophy room? :)

  • Home is GROWING.

  • When will we receive our SingStar trophy items?

  • Will it ever be possible to hop online and play without your friends seeing your online?

    Basically will we get a feature to block our online status so we don’t get flooded with messages the second we jump online.

  • Xi is a wonderful little experiment. Glad to see you’re pushing such cool content!

  • nice.

    I still haven’t been able to do the old Xi stuff yet though. It never acknowledged that I picked up all of the papers on the floor in the hub (it seems to think I only got two and gave me the “I’m two third impressed” response when I got the third) but since I have actually collected them all I cant pick them up again so I’m stuck with it still asking me to collect them.

  • em.. how about adding more regions for home like Malta so 1 day i could actually PLAY HOME!!!!!!!! -_-

  • things that i want to see in home

    interface that shown in GDC (when home first announced ) this interface menu styles and all thing r soo bad …

    Virtual PSP

    More mini games moore and moore

  • @SomeOtherPerson

    The same thing happened to me. You need to go to the little box on the wall to your left as you enter the Hub, and de-register from Xi and leave the Hub. Then go back in, and you get re-registered and you can collect all 3 pieces and carry on with the puzzles :)

  • Awesome guys. I walked about Home for the first time in a long time last night, and it feels like it has changed. It’s feeling like it’s starting to live up to its potential.

  • Xi is pretty cool

  • I LOVE IT!

    I haven’t been able to get on Home for the past 4 days (Been away from my house) so I have some catching up to do with the the other update for Xi and the EA Space!

    I can’t wait to check out all of the new content in Home as well as this new alpha zone! It looks really cool!

    Thanks for all of your continued extravagant efforts to further innovate and revolutionize Playstaiton Home! It truly is a unique thing exclusive to the Playstation Network, and I have faith that it will further impress and inspire! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! :)

  • Xi stands for Cross Interactions and that is what it is. It will be the convergence of Sony Gaming Platforms taking on a new meaning in the world of PlayStation at E3.

  • Can we go fishing?

  • Xi has made me get on Home more than anything else in the past…. Keep up with the updates and keep giving me a reason to keep coming back.

    Great job Sony

  • This is the best of playstation HOME for me. It keeps me returning to find more and more puzzles.

    If we can turn this to videogames, aworld of resident evil or metal gear, maybe??. Just imagine that!!.

    But the way it is now, it’s ok for me.

    Oh and another thing, I’m still waiting my plasma tv for my virtual apartment!!!

  • As I knew from before I got into Home, it would be s continuously growing world. With the Xi update (and the rest), Home has become a very exciting place to :”hang out” in.

    Sadly, my PS3 stopped working a few days ago just as I “discovered” a clue. ARG! Hahaha! I’ll be back once I get my baby repaired. Looking forward to a whole lot more on that day. keep up the great work!

    Be seeing you. Ciao!

  • Cripes I’ve fallen behind in Xi

  • Any update on the Singstar item rewards, Locust?

    This new Xi space looks awesome, btw! :)

  • Can I get to this space without doing all the other quests first?

  • I LOVE Xi, I’ve had a ton of fun with it. Keep up the great work, you’ve made Home worthwhile. :)

  • Great job, Sony!

  • I’m gonna have to agree w/ the Viva la Resistance- it seems as if there’s little challenge when people spoil and share butterfly and shard codes, but it’s even worse when Home Managers spoil finding out that new areas that open up for Xi by shouting them out to as many ears that can hear that might not even play Xi. I love going through it- I’ve gone on Xi EVERY SINGLE WEEKDAY SINCE IT OPENED ON March 23rd, and I just wish that people that have done these challenges fairly and cooperatively since Day 1 get more respect.

  • Any consideration of having HOME accessed via Remote Play on PSP?

  • Haven’t checked out the new spot in Xi yet, but I will shortly…

    As far as the quantity of content being distributed…Well done dev team!
    It’s good to see that you’re continually working toward a better experience.
    For this I thank you.

    Now, on a lower note now… :( sorry, but I’m sure you knew it was coming.

    Lol but it’s not that bad…just wanted to ensure you’re working on a way to improve the quality of user friendly interaction. Currently it’s difficult to join areas. Whether it is due to some tool placing a bubble machine in the path, or too many users and not enough spots to join…either way something should be done.

  • And, be sure not to forget to incorporate a way to watch a match/race in progress. Until now, this has been completely ignored. I must ask why??? You guys/gals really have some innovative material, but tend to miss the simplest needs. Please try not to forget the basics in the future and revise the areas that missed them in the past.

    Watching a match/race while waiting on a priority list would greatly improve our entertainment value during lengthy wait periods. We should be able to watch and be prompted to join the game when your turn comes up (if still watching)…or simply return to waiting at any time.

    I know firsthand that you could fairly easily add a feature like this, especially with studio resources at your disposal.

    Any way thanks again and please remember…if you ever need any ideas, I am most definitely the guy for the job. I constantly have an extreme abundance of ideas that could potentially be beneficial to future development and past repair.

    Good luck and thanks again for keeping us in mind when producing this wonderful and most important free (mostly) service.

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

  • I hate the fact that if you P33 goes dead for, all your HOME save date is lost. I was into the Xi thing until I had to get a new PS3 and lost all my HOME stuff :(

  • Agree with TheHater2…

    Save data for Home should be saved in two places. Backing up data all the time can be annoying on the PS3 for some, not to mention costly (additional HDD cost).

    A copy of all data (for Home) should be saved on the server to prevent loss in the event of a system failure.
    I realize that this would take up much more resources, so…just present the “option” at a cost. Some may decide that it’s worth it to pay a small onetime fee for this. I for one would be among those to say “I”.

    Perhaps even give the option to back up the entire PS3 drive to a Sony server as well for a slightly larger (monthly) fee… hmmm not a bad idea.

  • The flickr pics above are still set to “private.” Can you guys unlock them, please?

  • Oh, my PS3 cant get fixed soon enough. I’m nearly 3 weeks behind.

  • You guys are on a roll, I look forward to Home and Xi now. Thank-you.

  • i think ive fallen a little behind on this, its quite fun actually

  • Starting up my PlayStation with crust still in my eyes ! I love it !

  • Looks good. But I am not that interested into home now. The clothing prices are insane. $2 for 1 shirt? But anyways looks good guys.

  • Can HOME deliver something it promised long ago? Game launching?

    I would do anything if my friends in life could all meet up in HOME, set up a clan match, bowling league, LBP levels. And just kick it right from our personal space? Or after dancing in front of Listen@HOME.

    Come on Sony, give us system wide game launching already. Make HOME not only enjoyable, but USEFUL too!

  • Dang it, this is just one of the many reasons I hate not having a PS3 right now. ( ;_; )

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