Exclusive Wolverine Clip in PlayStation Home

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Locust_Star here just dropping you cats a quick line to hip you to some cool going-ons scheduled to occur in PlayStation Home over the next couple days. See, we pulled some strings and got our hands on an exclusive clip from the eagerly-anticipated new X-Men Origins: Wolverine film, and we’re putting it up in our Theater come this evening at 8:00pm Pacific Time. You heard me right – the only place to see this sneak peek is in PlayStation Home, so make sure you log-in and peep this footage a week before it hits the streets. Stuff is hot, for sure.

See you in the Theater this weekend!

Wolverine Trailer in PlayStation Home

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  • Cool

  • Thats pretty cool sneak peak

  • i read somewhere that we would be able to put pictures off are HDD on to the walls of are apartments. That would be great add a little touch of home to are space. Plus i love the arcade game for prizes idea, more please.

  • whats hapening with the demo for this game?
    its going to be released in 4 days and still no demo, i herd it was supose to be live on the 16th of april.

    and also when are we getting infamous here in australia?
    US has a release date Europe has a release date.
    why are we allways the last to recieve everything?

  • The one thing I hate about Home is that I have to completely download a video before it even starts playing. Plus, videos download really slow. With as long as some of the videos are in the theater, it means I’m sitting there waiting and doing nothing for a long time. Haven’t the Home devs ever heard of a little thing called a buffer? You don’t even need a streaming file format and transfer protocol to start playback while downloading. Quicktime and WMP have been doing it for ages with plain old HTTP.

  • @Locust_Star
    Thanks! im off to see it right now!

  • Pretty freaken sweet! I love all this support for Home. Must be generating some huge profit.

    Anyways, can’t wait to log on to see this.

  • Speaking Of Exclusive. How about that exclusive freaking commercial when Gamestop sold out with Xbox and Wii for the commercial to preorder the game. It completely didn’t say anything about the PS3!!?? A matter of fact they didn’t even say it was available on the PS3, didn’t show a logo for PS3, & only showed boxes for Wii and 360. Wow Sony do you guys really think this is a good business partnership isn’t this movie/game a Sony picture promotion?? Ohh well we got dissed again? That stuff makes me mad as a PS3 owner.

  • I’m a little late on this blog post, but Home….. seriously? Low Quality streamed video when I can get a 1080p preview on the PlayStation Store?

    HOME = Glorified Chatroom for people with nothing better to do with their time.

    HOME = The Anti Existence of the XMB

    HOME = A step backwards in user interaction.

  • Home’s great, bur it wont bring Playstation to the top, this however, from the Edge article of PS1 history would do it:

    “Steve Race went up to the microphone, just said ‘299’, and sat back down again. The room erupted.”


  • Kazeeternal….why complain? You aren’t paying for it?

  • well it would be better if there were a wolverine costume and others will there and by the way nice preview!

  • what is up with the racing game in EA, ive tried for the past two days and it always says the same thing “game unavailable. waiting for server”. What the heck is going on.

  • i havent seen the movie but all i know is that,is not corrcet if your going by the comics,but is cool or w.e

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