Exclusive Wolverine Clip in PlayStation Home

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Locust_Star here just dropping you cats a quick line to hip you to some cool going-ons scheduled to occur in PlayStation Home over the next couple days. See, we pulled some strings and got our hands on an exclusive clip from the eagerly-anticipated new X-Men Origins: Wolverine film, and we’re putting it up in our Theater come this evening at 8:00pm Pacific Time. You heard me right – the only place to see this sneak peek is in PlayStation Home, so make sure you log-in and peep this footage a week before it hits the streets. Stuff is hot, for sure.

See you in the Theater this weekend!

Wolverine Trailer in PlayStation Home

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  • Thanks LS…saw the ad in Home Plaza last night…thanks for the EA and Xi spaces…lots of fun.

    Too bad we don’t have a demo of the game too.

  • awesome! I am very interested in other things like this happening in Home! keep up the great work guys! (and gals)

  • I love X-Men and I’m glad you guys were able to pull strings to get the exclusive trailer! Can’t wait to see it :o)

  • but didn’t the movie just come out today?

  • @4…no the release date is May 1st. Maybe you were looking at a .torrent that you should not have been?

  • Guess I’ll go check it out now.

    • By all means, go into Home now – there\’s tons of cool stuff awaiting you. However, this clip will not be up until ~ 8:00pm PT this evening.

  • This is a new exclusive clip/trailer right? I just seen the trailer tuesday on the Notorious BD, so I’m hoping its not the same trailer. In any case the trailer does now have me psyched about this the movie :D.

  • Sweet!

  • There has been alot going on in Home as of late.

  • Bummer, I have no interest in Home – it’s not my thing.

  • Thanks for Reaffirming Locust_Star :). Much appreciated. So this means I’ll be in Home to check it out

  • Hello Locust_Star,

    Really looking forward to watching this clip when it goes live! I’ll be there at 12AM EST! This is the kind of things that draws me in to Home more; These kinds of exclusive deals!

    Thanks a lot! :)

  • This home thing just keeps getting better & better ;)

  • how long is this clip going to be in Home for? i have plans this evening I wont be around my PS3 :( ….

  • Looks like I’ll be going Home tonight.

  • My only real complaint about Home is that I have a friend in France, among others, that I’m unable to meet up with. Even using his US account we weren’t placed in the same space… Anyway, just venting a little. I may very well go check this out, though I can’t say I’m terribly excited for either the movie or the game (movie-games being what they are). (Though I don’t really watch movies much anyway, so really the entire statment lacked purpose. So was that, by extension… And that. And that. And that… And that.)

    • If you\’re in the same region, you can use the Go To or Send Invite functions to meet up with your friends. Just press Start to access your Menu Pad > Friends List > tab for your friend > Go To or Send Invite.

  • Locust! Will we be getting the Disgaea Home space in the future?

  • One thing that is the only critique i have against Home is the region lock.

    What’s the idea of bringing people together “internationally”, when there is a regional lock?

    I have tons of friends outside of my region that i can’t enjoy my time with inside of Home, and the content is different aswell… Alot of things that are in US Home are nowhere to be found in EU Home, and vice versa.

    Bring us together Sony :P
    That’s all i gotta say, bring us together.

    It’s getting really annoying with this ununified community inside of PSN.

  • Hey Locust_Star, any chance of getting new films simultaneously released in Home for a price? The Home Theater needs this badly, although exclusive trailers are cool its time to up the ante! Thanx!

  • Now this gives plenty of motivation for people to be in Home……. now just start giving EXCLUSIVE game announcements and information in Home……. like the announcements this blog makes… BUT ONLY ANNOUNCE THE STUFF IN HOME… you need a community blog – like set up in Home, once again… make the people on this blog need Home more than the blog!

  • I dream that one day We would be able to see the full movie from the confort of Home. Dont get me wrong… a clip is awsome, but a full movie would be mindblowing.

  • Maybe if it was easier to make an avatar that looks like me or even resembles me, I’d go in Home

  • Does this trailer do anything to help the comic book fans not feel like Wolverine has had his backstory ruined? Things like, who on Earth is the weird pasty white guy shooting stuff out of his eyes, or why does Sabretooth look like a vampire?

    I seriously wanted to like this movie, but once I started seeing trailers I started to dread it.

    I’ll still see it in theaters, but it I am not optimistic.

  • When are we ever gonna get a multiplexer? EU/JP/HK Homes already have a multiplexer….

    • We\’re developing a new multiplex Theater now. We\’ll let you all know when its ready to be deployed, but rest assured that you will get a 10-screen Theater.

  • This is a great way to take advantage of Home. Great Job.
    Hopefully we also get some live video streaming from E3 in June. I have a feeling that SONY is going to steel the show this year.

    Make it happen for us Locust_Star

    Thanks for the update


  • Already saw the movie few weeks ago. It was pretty decent. But I’m most likely going to go see it in theaters again when it’s out because I’m a huge X-men fan :O.

  • This is exactly what HOME needs. Keep all this new content coming. Perhaps having some more exclusive movie trailers in the theater would be a great way to draw more people into HOME.

  • I’m guessing it’s only in the american Home?

  • You know, the Playstation HOME Theater should run weekly new Movie trailers and in between trailers from Sony Pictures Movies that have been released.

    Why doesnt HOME have any Sony Pictures and Sony Music Entertainment support/cross brand promotion?

  • or you could just save us the wasted time of logging into Home and post it here… Me= Home Hater

  • home is really crappy, just post the vid here. who cares about exclusivity? and please drop the stupid yo-dog slang.

  • Sounds like you’ve been watching Mad Men.

  • this is pretty cool, to bad I won’t be able to log in home today :(

  • ok so i bought the do-rag and the headphones on ps home yesterday and i tried to put them on and they werent in my inventory. What do i do?

  • I’ve heard a mixed bag about this flick. I don’t understand why some are getting so stoked about a trailer…but I’m looking forward to it to say the least.

  • That’s very cool and all but…Why didn’t we get the demo for X-men Origins: Wolverine on the PSN? The game will be released next week, and the demo is already available on Live. I really wanted to try this game before buying it, even though i’ll certainly buy it anyway. But a demo would’ve been nice.

  • So sounds like Jakinov should at a torrenting function to his list of PSN/XMB demands.

    Just sayin.

  • On topic, as always – Thank you for sharing this with us, Locust_Star. I saw a second of the other trailer the other day, and so didn’t really see anything. I was busy in the kitchen, forgive me! Looking forward to the trailer. Thank you for sharing with us and keep up with great work that you are doing!


  • This is nice a REAL REASON for me to go to home, the race cars, I kick major butts at that. Undisputed king of the track I am. Socom and Warhawk Vouchers have still not arrived in my email. Chop Chop now git to it.

  • Thanks for the heads up Locust_Star.

    Was in Home yesterday and couldn’t believe all the great changes and updates that have happened in only a week !

    Keep up this great support of Home..

  • @37
    Like I’ve said I don’t like stuff. :).

  • Screw clips lol. Put up Casino Royal in the theater and see how many people show up to watch it. It’s a Sony movie, pull some strings :) .

  • Just thought I would let everyone who doesn’t know already know now along with the people who run the blog, you’re April 27th electrifying event has been revealed on kotaku. The event is if you pre-order Infamous from at least Best Buy, you can get the demo for the game early along with a voucher for the Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta. So I guess it has finally been confirmed. Uncharted 2 does have multiplayer and it will have co-op. Here’s hoping for custom soundtrax and story based co-op.

  • When will the movie theater be redone? I think its pretty weak at this stage….it has potential though

  • hmm thats cool i cant w8 for this movie comes out

  • Home is becoming the place to be for sure!!!
    by the way, is home profitable to sony? if so how much? just curious?

  • @23
    LOL, i totally agree with you, they(FOX)messed up the origins of some characters *cough Deadpool* Nearly all films based on comics do this, but not to this extent. i am happy the Home team is doing this though, nice.

  • I want a Wolverine’s claw for HOME XD

  • @47

    Even the comics mess up the origin, like Wolverine having bone claws? WTF!?

  • @tirminyl
    there’s always a debate about that, but if you read Wolverine Origins comics you’ll see that he’s always had claws.

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