EA SPORTS Complex Now Live in PlayStation Home

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The day has finally come! Phase one of the EA SPORTS Complex has been unleashed and it is high time that all of you sports fanatics log in to PlayStation Home, explore this hugely interactive space, try your hand at the available mini-games, and check out all the teasers and trailers that await your prying eyes.

Out of the proverbial box, EA has two casual multiplayer mini-games for you to challenge your friends to: A whole floor of poker tables and the new EA SPORTS Racing game. The former allows for up to 8 players per table to indulge in high stakes tournament-style Texas Hold ‘Em and the latter lets you put the pedal to the metal and compete for the best time against 3 other users in a formula-style race.

The Complex – much like the PlayStation Home platform – will evolve over time. Currently scheduled updates include the EA SPORTS Golf mini-game (where users can test their stick skills at an indoor driving range) leaderboards, poker bracelets and a rewards system. As new titles are announced, content within the space and additional game-specific achievement rewards will be added.

To start, the EA SPORTS Complex will be available to the North American and European PlayStation Home communities. Future rollout of the space to other territories will be coming soon. So if you are one of those users lucky enough to live in the aforementioned territories, be sure to head over to the space and give it a test drive (pun intended). Home Community Specialist BuggieTechnica and I will be in the space throughout today challenging users to the Racing mini-game (and throwing cards at the Texas Hold ‘Em tables). Come up and say hi if you see us, and tell us what you think the next phase of the Complex should bring.

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  • Okay, actually going up to the Poker table in the EA space, it isn’t terribly redudant. It has a Poker game status (in terms of chips/seat) which is neat and it shows if a game is starting or not. It also LETS YOU TALK IN GAME (hint: Having a keyboard is better than the vert keyboard), which is nice for “I call your bluff” etc. etc. etc.

    I REALLY wish this would hit the Godfather 2 space (the additions), since it would make that space a good “personal” feel for “weekend/annual” pokernights instead of having to go the EA Space.

    Locust/Cydon: PLEASE GET WITH EA to update the Godfather 2 space with the additions the EA Sports Poker table brought. PLEASE. If this happened, despite being redundant a little there wouldn’t be a huge need (minus if ALL the poker tables got full/problems getting 8 personal players into a table with public people) to sell a private Poker table. Seriously.

  • I’m digging this edition. I just wish more Home Spaces would come out sort-of faster (but they’re coming out a LOT faster than they were from closed-to-open beta)

    One last thing: PLEASE GIVE MORE FREE STUFF THAN SHIRTS in the PS home store. I’d like new Jean designs (having character art/embroidered)/shoes/whatever and not have to pay for them. Shirts are nice and all, but I have so many free shirts that I don’t use. (The EA Sports Racing one is kinda terrible, IMO, but the Poker one is pretty neat if a little “cheaply made”) I’m still using the default pants/shoes that I got from that “Free before open” beta spree.

  • The EA Sports Complex is great! I only ask that there be more poker tables put in as there seems to be a lot of empty spaces on that floor. Or, is that the plan for later on?

    Playing Texas Hol’em in the Godfather ™ 2 space has paid off for me. I won my first big pot tonightin the Complex. Exciting!

    Looking forward to Phas 2. Should be awesome. I hope that there will be a Phase 3 and 4.

    Great job EA! Great job Home Team! And, great job SCE and SCEA!

  • keep this up and Home will become big in no time, i hope you guys force everyone to integrate Home with their games.

  • i also hope that this EA home space constantly expands little by little with every new EA sports game that releases.

  • The ugliest, most non-fluid, POS in Home. It’s like having the land Disney World has and only having one ride.

  • ok im going to sound like a bit of a prick here but its realy not fair what sonys doing so here i go.

    with M$ whats available in US, is available in europe, is available in OZ.
    sony quite the opposite.

    were still getting ripped of with consoles, games EVERYTHING.
    exapmple ps3 game brand new US $60 AU $120 last time i checked US $60 DOES NOT= AU $120.
    more like 82
    last time i checked 1 ps3 80GB console in US is US $400 here in AU $700.
    last time i checked USD $400 DOES NOT= AUD$700.
    more like $558.
    so that means were paying $38 more than the US for games hows that fair?
    and were paying $142 more than the US for a PS3 hows that fair?
    this is why i HATE sony they ripp me off just because of where i live.
    on top of that we get 90% of the games later than the US.
    we miss out on some stuff like PSN content or DEAMON SOULS.
    and we miss out on Collectors editions for some reason.
    sony why do you refuse to release collectors editions for games you publish R2 KZ2 Uncharted i would of loved a CE for those games.
    i know insomniac and GG wanted to release a CE but YOU SAID NO WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY?????
    continued bellow

  • o and we dont get guides either.
    Australia remains the only country where i cant buy the KZ2 guide why why why why ?????
    so let me get this stright.
    we pay more but we get less.
    thats real fair.
    yous have to get your priorities stright.
    now i understand why Australia is xbox country even though we HATE microsoft.
    stop treating us like second class citizens otherwise you will loose us as customers and you WILL NEVER beat MS in sales.
    i now know why the ps3 is in third place FIX IT.

  • I deleted HOME cus it was boring but I play a lot of poker and look forward to pwning anyone in texas hold,em.

  • I was hoping to see the new NCAA or Madden, but no luck when I toured the complex. SHOW ME THE FOOTBALL! Go Niners!

  • i tried to play the racing game today more than a couple of times and i never got to play once. Plus as i was walking it was choppy like the space couldnt keep up, with all the people there. I would like to see some arcade there, with old sport games or something like punch out. It would also be great to have games where you could win tokens that you could redeem at a counter for prizes.

  • Alright, the original vision of Home is coming to fruition! I’m hyped.

  • Wasted space..Where is the stuff for Adults?? This is it? But theres those annoying people in there as well Zzzz.
    Yeah I agree bring back Public HOME chat!.. Otherwise HOME is boring..And SONY don’t say something that you can’t keep your promise on
    2008 E3 they showed off XMB in HOME and Chat whenever you wanted to!..I have not seen this feature as of yet..Zzzzz

  • I don’t really care for Gambling..It brought my brother in Debt..And SCEA your sad training kids to become Gambling freaks nice going..Zzz HOME is nothing what Sony showed off at the last E3 now its stupid.Zzzz Where is a snowboarding game like SSX or Black and Freedom Fighters? EA?..Gambling a sin by the way..=(

  • home is great and this is an awesome addition but i must admit that you can create more interest by adding a reward system such as trophies maybe medals or sumn!!!

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