EA SPORTS Complex Now Live in PlayStation Home

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The day has finally come! Phase one of the EA SPORTS Complex has been unleashed and it is high time that all of you sports fanatics log in to PlayStation Home, explore this hugely interactive space, try your hand at the available mini-games, and check out all the teasers and trailers that await your prying eyes.

Out of the proverbial box, EA has two casual multiplayer mini-games for you to challenge your friends to: A whole floor of poker tables and the new EA SPORTS Racing game. The former allows for up to 8 players per table to indulge in high stakes tournament-style Texas Hold ‘Em and the latter lets you put the pedal to the metal and compete for the best time against 3 other users in a formula-style race.

The Complex – much like the PlayStation Home platform – will evolve over time. Currently scheduled updates include the EA SPORTS Golf mini-game (where users can test their stick skills at an indoor driving range) leaderboards, poker bracelets and a rewards system. As new titles are announced, content within the space and additional game-specific achievement rewards will be added.

To start, the EA SPORTS Complex will be available to the North American and European PlayStation Home communities. Future rollout of the space to other territories will be coming soon. So if you are one of those users lucky enough to live in the aforementioned territories, be sure to head over to the space and give it a test drive (pun intended). Home Community Specialist BuggieTechnica and I will be in the space throughout today challenging users to the Racing mini-game (and throwing cards at the Texas Hold ‘Em tables). Come up and say hi if you see us, and tell us what you think the next phase of the Complex should bring.

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  • Is there any cost to “unlock” poker?

  • Just as I wanted to try it out, I get an error code. Can’t install an update. Formatting my PS3 atm, hopefully it will work properly afterwards.

    Looking forward to this new space and glad they did a simultaneous release with the SCEE region.

  • This is extremely impressive. I didn’t think that EA would be an awesome benefactor to HOME…Cool.

  • Will there be some form of communication possible in the poker tables this time?

    The one problem I have with poker in the Godfather 2 space is the lack of ability to talk to the rest of the table.

  • I think is a great addition to the Home Area. I think the comments left have some great point too a Casino even if it didnt include real money would be really cool.

    My two questions.

    1. Is there a major update coming soon in reference to more Home items i.e. Furniture for space, more clothing, and other stuff that you can buy? Also I think it would be nice if some of this stuff was free as well as pay items.
    2. This is more of a suggestion. I think you should be able to see above the characters heads or something indicating the amount of money the player has when playing poker in the godfather room or EA spot. I think this would create more of an atmosphere when people are watching the poker games.

    Thanks for the hard work.

  • Are there any plans on incorporating your EA Avatar (and outfits) for use on Home, or vice-versa?

    It would also be cool to have or purchase a new home, similar to the “Summer House” that is sports oriented like the EA layout.

    Also, are there any plans for HOME to allow you to have, or (ugh) purchase these minigames for use in your own Home? This way people can always play and not have to wait. Plus they can invite their friends over to play some poker, or pool…

  • hmm this looks pretty cool.

  • This is one of my happiest days!!! I’ve been drooling and googling about HOME once I saw that this EA Complex would be coming out.. and now it is!!! I’m glad the racing works for I can wait for golf. I just need to learn how to play poker to take full use of this early version of the space.

    I said this would be the hangout spot and this will be my hangout spot once I get home. Beer, wings, and Sports Complex… tonight will be a good night :)

  • sweet! =]

  • Lets see the e3 booth replicated in home like they did last year at the tgs!!! With Game launching of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. That would be awesome

  • Perfecto! Glad to see Playstation Home expanding :)

  • Another area to mess around in. Cool.

  • Off topic,

    Did anyone see the new Playstation youtube video? Apparently something big will happen on 4-27-2009. Search up Playstation’s Youtube and see for yourself!

  • Hey locust… my Chun-Li avatar demands thicker legs. Make it happen!

  • @36 The correct statement is that in 3 yrs you be play your PS3 slim ;)

  • Hey Loc haven’t seen you on the forums in awhile (unless I’m blind). Glad to finally see the EA complex in Home. You guys keep up the good work.

  • The Poker system in HOME is terrible. I wish there could be home money to be earned in home and you use that to play. People just go all in everytime in the poker games and it is just a quick lousy game. Also when a game for poker is beginning to launch there is not a adequate symbol above the table to tell other users around that there is 60 seconds for the game to begin. The cards are hard to see even with my HD tv. The setup and design of the table on your screen looks terrible, and there isnt even a dealer at the table. Poker is a great idea and fun, but once something that has great potential enters home it is ruined with moch’d up versions and everything seems to need an update to make it any fun. Home is just not worth my time.

  • Please make a currency system in HOME. For example: You start poker and get 2000 home dollars. Every person starts off with 5000 when they create a character. The Mall has small items in there that you can buy with home money, and then bigger items (pool tables, houses etc. that you buy with real money). You should also be able to buy home money with real money. Money could be used for custom bowling balls, buying items from friends that they bought, poker/games with a casino involved etc. It should also be possible to be earned in mini games so that it will keep flowing. It would make home more interesting and actually have some kind of goal system to keep people using it, which i know that none of my friends or i ever go in it.

  • Pretty soon there is going to be many many spaces on the map. Is it possible to have a custom folder, or a organizer in the world map?

    Can we please see a Casino? Making it part of the Central Plaza? Please?

  • @ Locust_Star

    You guys are doing a great job with the Home updates! The world is really expanding dramatically this year.

    Not to detract from these string of amazing new space releases, but is there any kind of update or info on the Trophy rooms???

    Thanks again!

  • Where are the Trophy rooms? What about the 18+ rooms? Tv’s and music played off HD in your home anyone? Video chat being able to be accessed in home?

  • when is PS Home going to be out of Beta

  • can you chat while playing poker?

  • Home team….i thing you know that the first things we will ask is in home game launching(anyone for fifa through HOME?)and in home game trophies(i want to place my fifa trophie cup to my home and show it to my friends).And of course music player in home and tvs with our videos…….PLEASE RESPOND THAT WE ARE GETTING CLOSER TO THEESE!

  • First let me start off by saying that this new EA spot rocks!

    Any news on when the EA store will oppen up?

    Also any news on when this big update is going to happen?

  • Is there any soccer spots? that would be bad ass.

  • Will there be a Madden space for gamelaunching?

  • nice, this is probably the best area in home

  • Is there text chat while playing Poker? The godfather 2 space would have been fun to be able to chat while playing cards. text or better yet voice chat is what poker needs because its all about the community atmosphere.

  • Why aren’t there more PS1 games on the PSN?

  • Thanks for the heads up Locust_Star.

    Been waiting for this space a while now and it’s finally here.

    Keep up the great work and support !

  • Cool i’ll have to check it out :)

  • I like to play Poker but unfortunetly I deleted HOME.

  • Simply amazing! I can’t wait!!!!

    I think that the next “phase” of the EA Sports Complex should include a basketball court where home users can compete against others in 4 vs. 4 games! (Using their home avatars of course!)

    I also think that the EA Sports Complex could possibly be the FIRST home space to have trophies! Much like an actual video game, the sports complex can have trophies awarded for winning X amount of races/texas hold ’em games, etc… With every trophy you unlock, not only would users get a trophy added to their PSN profiles, but a 3D version of the trophy to display in their home spaces!

    ALSO (I’m on a roll!) I think that the people in charge of the EA Sports Complex should try to get some all star sports players to go into the home space and hang out with some home users! (Like a live interview or something, but more casual) Like, they could challenge them to some games, talk to them, maybe even add them to their friends list! :) It would be a great way to promote the space, EA, and even the all star!

    Okay, I think that’s enough for now! Here’s hoping you guys consider my suggestions!

  • Locust_Star replied on April 23, 2009 at 10:04 am

    We are, indeed, planning some events to coincide with E3. Details will be coming soon.

    Locust, are any of the 3rd parties getting involved?

  • Hi Locust_Star and all EA sports members qho worked in this incredible complex place,

    I am big fan of Poker Texas Hold’em, i was wonderina anddd…… Are you going to make any tournament of poker? If yes, what would be the reward of winning? (I hope its a good one jeje)

    Thanks for Answering!!!! See you at Playtation Home!

  • I have a huge gripe with Home that prevents me from ever really using.

    I get how you have to download a space to view it … but it’s pretty damn lame that I have to redownload that same space the next time I load up home. It keep me from using the service… im not gonna wait that long to view everything

  • Locust_Star N’ Team:

    Excellent…good to see that this is out now.

    In the trailers, I noticed that there are arenas, courts, fields in the distance.

    My questions/ideas (if not already in production) are these:

    1. – Add Basketball, Hockey, Football, Baseball, Soccer etc. arenas that have the balls already just lying around the court/field/ice. This way users can get friends together and head over, interact with a ball and start a game. In the case of Hockey, skates would be needed somehow…perhaps just have them mighty morph on when stepping onto the ice.

    Certain games have this ability already…can’t remember the names of them, but they’re basketball, soccer etc. and they have the option available just prior to setting up an actual game. Not sure if you know the ones I’m referring to.

    Anyway, it would be cool to have in the Sports Centre.

    2. – Add a boxing or brawl cage…I’m sure everyone would love to sock another HOME member that’s been constantly bothering them. :)

    Thanks…if ya need any more ideas, let me know. As always, I have many.


  • Please patch previous EA Sports titles (specifically 3 on 3 NHL Arcade) to allow home game-launching!

  • dam this is cool!

  • this is great thanks!

  • sweet :D

  • VEERY COOL! good job guys keep it coming!
    thank u!

  • just a question for you playstation. people were expecting the ea space after the delay and everything to have something finally fun to play on home but you leave us with a washed down version of ea complex. my question is why did u do this and when are we getting the stuff that should’ve been in to actually want us to play to unlock stuff? thanks

  • Good job on bringing psn home back to life might play some games with my friends once im bored of my games

  • But… we already have Poker Spaces THOUSANDS (/exaggeration) of them that are able to be filled by a full instance… in the Godfather 2 space.

    Having them again (and not for sale for private poker games)… seems redundant. Unless these ones let you talk while playing the game.

    Meh, I may try it for the racing mini-game and then delete it since sports games are double-meh for me.

  • woww.. nice really like it.

  • Hey Locust; Good work.
    What would be the reason for somewhat longer than normal load times for the EA space? When more content comes to the space, like golf, will this further increase the load time and resulting lag expierenced now?

    Can i use the PS Blog to communicate with you instead of the forums? Send my thanx to the team and an appology to Cyd. Thanx again

  • I wish you’d let us change our PSN names.

  • I wish you’d let us change our PSN names.
    im 100

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