What do you want to know about… inFAMOUS and MAG?

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The pre-E3 PlayStation press tour continues, now from sunny Seattle. And so we want to know: What do you want us to ask Sucker Punch and Zipper Interactive about, respectively, inFAMOUS and MAG? Just ask away in the comments area below the post.

We were able to get dozens of your previous questions answered yesterday – can’t wait to share those videos with you beginning next week.


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  • MAG:
    – Is “MAG” the final title?
    – How realistic will this game be? (gore, blood, quick dying etc.)
    – Any vehicles?

    – Will being good/evil give you different power?
    – Any customizations?
    – Any plans for DLC or is this game the whole package?

  • My question is how are you guys gonna have 256 players on screen at once from all over the world with no lag?..and will it have a beta coming soon?

  • The only thing that concerns me of MAG is if it will have a monthly fee or will it be free to play online.

  • Ask SuckerPunch if they are planning on coming back to the Sly Series after they finish inFamous. (yes, it IS related to inFamous, so you can ask =])

  • Well there are quite a lot of good questions…
    I have this burning one though… Will inFAMOUS have any form of multiplayer? Cause everytime they (Sucker Punch) were asked they avoided the question…
    Plus, is there any reason to the naming or style of naming of inFAMOUS, as in having lower-case i and n, and upper-case F A M O U S…
    And MAG will it have subscription fees?
    And how will players be contributing to the environment of MAG? As in air strikes, artillery, etc…

  • M.A.G:
    – Do maps automatically adjust to the numbers of players (cut some sections off for smaller games etc)?
    – Is it quick kills?
    – Are there any vehicles in the game?
    – And are you really calling the game M.A.G?

  • @zipper Interactive

    is MAG supporting 1080p upscale please? :-)

  • About inFamous:
    – is it possible to add more missions or extend single player gameplay via DLC?
    – what about adding a multiplayer/coop feature in the future?

  • MAG –

    Will it feature splitscreen, if so will it also have multiple PSN sign ins?

    What is the final name for it?

    Will it be released by the end of this calender year?

    What kind of ranking system will this feature? Can we expect it to be more extent than the Call of Duty series?

    How do the graphics compare to other fps titles? Can we expect them to be hopefully as good as Call of Duty? (I know this might be a stretch)

    Finally is there a BETA going on currently and will you be willing to host a public BETA before release?

  • Sucker Punch, how difficult was it making a game on the PS3 for the first time, in comparison with the PS2, all while making an even bigger game?

  • Hi I have a couple of question on M.A.G. :

    Are you going to do Beta test it, if yes is there any way to apply to become tester?

    How are you going to menage 256 online playing, is there any chance to have LAG problem for too many characters?

  • Will both games run on 1080p?

  • I have a few questions:
    inFamous: I want to know if there are any bonus costumes that can be unlocked for the game. I think I heard a rumor that there is a Sly Cooper costume for Cole. If so, will there be a classic superhero/supervillan costume, complete with spandex and a cape?

    MAG: I was wondering if there will be a large amount of customization with the character you play and the weapons you use. Will there be options to change a lot of aspects like paint jobs, scopes, silencers, and other things like in COD4:MW?

    P.S. Oh will there be DLC packs for inFamous, like small story arcs with new villians or maybe a superhero team up? *Wink wink*

  • how long is infamous?

  • will mag incorporate a party system where 10 of your friends can stay together and become their own squad, or will the game select the best players and give them the appropriate rank?

  • MAG
    Will the weapons be like unreal laser beams and plasma grenades or real Army guns that are used today?

    How does the ranking system work?

    Since there are so many players, how do you avoid lag?

  • Will there be a “Commander” role, where you can look at the battlefield from above and…
    1. Reinforce your troops with artillery fire on whatever position you’d like or have your troops call in artillery positions for you to bomb,
    2. Send in reinforcements in the form of ammo, med kits, etc

    I’m thinking along the lines of Battlefield 2142.



  • inFAMOUS:

    Platforming is important to the game as a whole but are there any extra challenging platforming missions?


    What types of vehicles should we expect to see player-controlled? Land, sea, air..?

  • InFamous:
    When is the European release? (I’m Dutch)

    When can we expect to see some ingame footage?
    When can we expect to play MAG?
    Will there be a demo?

  • Will MAG be subscription based? or free to play?

  • I’ve got a lot of questions

    – Will there be a beta? If so, any chance we can get a time frame?
    – What kind of weapons are we looking at here? Should we simply expect realistic weapons in a future setting or will we be venturing into some more sci-fi weapons this time around that are similar to Resistance or Unreal weapons.
    -Favorite weapon so far?
    – What kind of weapon damage model can we expect? Super Realistic (One shot kill), Realistic or Sponge (takes a lot of bullets to put someone down)?
    – Regenerative health, med packs or no health recovery system at all?
    – The Game Informer article mentioned that different factions have their own themes (brute force, special tactics, etc.) What kind of changes can we expect when playing different factions with respect to weapons and other perks?
    -Favorite faction?
    – How is the ranking system going to work? Will it be a “you unlock more weapon kits as you rank” system?
    – What would say is the average time so far in testing for a 256 player match? 128 player match? 64 player match?
    – Can we expect a stat tracking website similar to Killzone 2 or Resistance 2?
    – What features do you hope will be fan favorites when players get their hands on the game?

  • Will there be an option for 3rd person view? If not i think there should be for those who want it.

    Will we be able to do Split screen, cause i could see it hard to get that many players for certain rooms.

  • In inFAMOUS, will there be ANY type of multiplayer? (most likely not) And will you be able to customize Cole physically in any way?

    In MAG, will there be offline splitscreen to play with your friends sitting next to you? What kinds of vehicles and guns will there be?

  • Will MAG play like Battlefield 2?

    If so, big PLUS! I have been long for a game that can come close to the enjoyment I have had with that game.

  • Oh gosh, about MAG? Everything xD Of course you can’t ask them that, but I’m always pleased with the interviews on PS Blog so I’ll just wait and see what you come back with ^_^

  • Does Infamouse have alternative ending based on what choices you make?

    Approximitly how manny buidings in the game can we go into? (just woundering)

    Will any Multipling be in the game. splitscreen/online


    Is there an estimated time frame for release you guys can give us

    can we online splitscreen 2-4 people with multiple sign in of psn?

    What is the setting? Modern? Future?

    How many maps?


    what types of lobby is it?

    How big can a Clan be?

    DLC? (probaly)

  • Ok first I want to know about some inFamous(my most anticipated game right now :D)
    -about how many abilities will IF boast in total?
    -Are some of these moves exclusive to good or bad players?

    for Mag….
    -Will it have the option for TPS view?(Others, as well as myself, are tired of FPS view .)
    -Will it have a singleplayer?(as great as some games are, I refuse to buy them unless they offer me a gaming experience while I am alone.)
    -I hear this is being aimed for an actual war simulator. Can you get wounded/hurt in battle where you would need a medic? What is this game doing new about games like this?

  • How MAG is going to organize the match is by round or a never ending war ?

  • For inFamous: Will there be multiple endings to the game depending on where you lie on the karma scale?

  • MAG – will it have mouse support?

  • ** MAG **

    – Could you elaborate about how the respawn system works (if any)?

    – How does the chain of command system actually works? (ie: Does the commander overlook the battlefield from an “RTS” perspective? What if a given squad doesn’t comply to commander orders?)

    – Party system?

  • Will mag have a party systom? i feel thats whats killing killzone no partys:(

  • In reference to Socom, Zipper are you guys still going to make Socom 4, our is M.A.G the a new venture you guys are going to stick with, like M.A.G. 2 and so on, also is that the actual final name for the game or is it still undecided. P.S. even though it has been asked over and over again, will there be a monthly fee, if we all ask this question should be a priority to answer.

  • Infamous
    -Percentage wise how much will consist of side quests.
    -How many abilities in total.
    -How many square KM is empire city.
    -How many different types of enemies.
    -Any plans for DLC?
    -If they can give examples of vaired missions.
    -Are the interiors to buildings that one can explore(outside missions)
    -Are there any collectibles.

  • In reference to Socom, Zipper are you guys still going to make Socom 4, or is M.A.G the a new venture you guys are going to stick with, like M.A.G. 2 and so on, also is that the actual final name for the game or is it still undecided. P.S. even though it has been asked over and over again, will there be a monthly fee, if we all ask this question should be a priority to answer.

  • PS.
    Just as many others in this blog have posted I too want to know…
    -does inFamous have alternate costumes? That would kick butt!!!!
    -Does mag support vehicles, Environmental damage?
    -Will inFamous have different story archs in game/DLC? What I mean is stories(maybe with it’s own main villain) beside the main story arch.
    -What are the inFamous Trophies? or at least some that SuckerPunch find the most unique?

  • Sorry for double post!! Typo, you guys should add an comment edit feature for this blog, just a thought.

  • Will there be full interaction of the 256 possible players online, or will everything be sectioned off?

  • MAG:

    – Will the game feature a persistent stat/reward system similar to Call of Duty 4 and Killzone 2?

    – How much emphasis is being placed on connectivity features? Specifically parties, skill-based matchmaking, clans, squads, etc?

    – Are maps designed around specific campaigns as in Enemy Territory, or more general-purpose as in Killzone 2, Battlefield, etc?

    – Besides the huge player count, what is Zipper doing to differentiate MAG from other online shooters?

    – Will it be free to play online?


    – Besides NPC reaction, physical appearance, and abilities, how will the game change around the morality system? Will the story/missions differ significantly?

    – All the footage I’ve seen shows Cole on foot. Can Cole operate vehicles?

    – Is Infamous meant to stand alone, or are we likely to see new story content via download?

    – My favorite parts of open-world games like Oblivion are the NPC side quests separate from the main story. Does Infamous contain any of these?

  • Will MAG be a realistic shooter or ‘arcady’?

  • How integral will vehicles be?

  • When can we see the first game play video of MAG? I don’t even know how it plays yet….

  • Is there multiplayer for inFamous?

  • With Zipper Interactive being one of my favorite publishers, ala Socom franchise, I would like to know if MAG will have a 3rd person POV option for us die hard fans of 3rd person games. I mean first person is ok but if you “Want to Immerse us in the game” 3rd Person is really where it’s at.

    As for inFamous, are they going to push up the demo date(preorder demo) since they pushed up the release of the actual game itself.

  • Oh yeah, is Mag pay to play?

  • inFAMOUS:
    Is there going to be any DLC? If so then what are the plans?

    Is it just 128 vs. 128, or will there be different modes where we can do 32 vs. 32? If so, then the map sizes will decrease as the number of players decrease or how will it work? Is there going to be a lot of gore, and weapons like special knives and chainsaws?

    Thanks in advance and can’t wait to see the interview. Great job and keep up the good work SONY! That’s all for me.

  • Question about MAG.

    1:What character classes will there be?

    2:Can we customize our character/Clan uniforms?

  • Sucker Punch:
    -In terms of side quests will InFAMOUS have a lot of variety. Will they be comparable to that of Wind Waker?

    -Will there be a New Game+ option or something along those lines when you complete the game, or will you be allowed to continue doing side missions in a GTA fashion?

  • I have one question regarding M. A. G. Shadow War…
    -Any chance to see the game support mouse and keyboard functionality?

    And I have one request regarding M. A. G. Shadow War…
    -PLEASE! Tell Sony/Zipper not to release the game close to Modern Warfare 2 release date.


  • MAG
    how exactly will you spawn? since obviously in 256 person games search and destroy would be dreadfully boring, waiting for the last 2 people in a 10 mile radius to die.

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