What do you want to know about… inFAMOUS and MAG?

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The pre-E3 PlayStation press tour continues, now from sunny Seattle. And so we want to know: What do you want us to ask Sucker Punch and Zipper Interactive about, respectively, inFAMOUS and MAG? Just ask away in the comments area below the post.

We were able to get dozens of your previous questions answered yesterday – can’t wait to share those videos with you beginning next week.


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  • Does MAG have a set release date yet?

  • how big are the maps,command structure,release date for mag

  • Is MAG going to have a monthly cost? or will it just be a one-time fee?

    And will Infamous have any connectivity to PlayStation Home, or PSN?

  • how long is inFamous? are there any plans for DLC?

  • Will there be a New Game+ mode in InFamous allowing you to start the game with the full powers you had amassed when you beat it?

    Also, any sort of DLC plans for InFamous?

  • Will MAG be a 60$ game or 30$ like SOCOM and Warhawk ? Will it have any single player ?

  • Will MAG have an optional 3rd Person View?

  • How long have MAG been in develop?

  • Will there be a beta for MAG ?? If so I want in !!!!!!!!!!

  • Are there certain people you cant harm in infamous (i.e. your girlfriend) or can you be a true lone wolf and get rid of everyone?

  • I’m wondering if there is a release date for MAG and if I will have to pay a monthly fee to play it. I’m hoping not since what I’ve seen and read about it so far, it looks pretty epic. Infamous is already a day 1 purchase for me, but will the exclusive dlc offered with the gamestop preorder be available to dl off psn at a later date?

  • How many weapons will be available in MAG ??

  • When can we see a preview build of MAG running and details on how the design will work?

    What is Suckerpunch most proud of in what they achieved in Infamous? What kinds of things is the team wanting to work on next? (multi-player, new genre, etc.)

  • MAG: Will it have a fee to play online?
    Infamous: Is there going to be a lot of DLC?

  • Not to bash but Zipper’s SOCOM Confrontation did not get good reviews. Are they using the same engine & mechanics for MAG or has there been an upgrade to them?

  • Hey dear guys,

    is there anything known about inFamous’ classification in Germany?

  • butlersp, zipper didn’t do socom: confrontation. Socom: confrontation was done by slant six.

    My question: Will there be a subscription fee for MAG?

  • M.A.G. –

    1. Will there be split screen co-op playable with each PSN ID?

    2. What kind of weapons can we expect to see?

    3. Home space/launching available at release?

    inFamous –

    1. The game seems to have a comic book feel from the trailers, so are there plans to release a graphic novel?

    2. Home space/launching available at release?

  • Infamous : Are our choices ( good or bad guy ) really important ? How ?

    Thanks. :)

  • For InFamous, what’s the length of the game look like? The one thing holding me back from putting in a preorder is a comment attributed to the dev team a while back that said that the team was focusing on making a very good game, not a long game. While that doesn’t mean it’s a 5 hour game, it still raises the concern that it’s a very short game. Also, what’s the replay value look like? Is there anything to motivate you to really explore the city, similar to the orbs in Crackdown?

  • Oh wow– you’re in my hometown Seattle! nice weather lately, eh?

    Infamous- in game music support? how about multiplayer? and DLC?

  • @15 Zipper didn’t do Confrontation. It was Slant Six.

    As for my questions:

    1. MAG isn’t REALLY a First Person Shooter is it? That would be a massive disappointment.

    2. Does MAG feature vehicles similar to Warhawk?

  • will infamous have online multiplayer perhaps at a later date with DLC

  • @buttlersp:

    Socom Confrontation was developed by Slant Six ;)

    Zipper developed the old PS2 Socoms

  • Is MAG the new socom?

  • inFamous: how long does the story line take to complete (hrs)

  • I’m happy that there’s already so much info about Infamous: I know I’ll want to get it as soon as it’s released. MAG? I’d love some gameplay footage: can we expect something soon?

  • Is there going to be a Home room for these games?

  • For the Sucker Punch guys:

    A lot of the gameplay videos shown so far seem to feature a lot of shooting electricity from a distance. What is the balance between ranged and melee combat in the game? Will I have to use ranged attacks to avoid being shot to death or will I have options to run up and pummel people with electric fists?


    Can you describe in a bit more detail how you will manage the chaos that is sure to ensue on a team of 128 people, even with squads? How will your approach be different than games such as Killzone 2 and Resistance 2, both of which include squads as well?

  • What I want to know about MAG- EVERYTHING.

  • MAG.

    Will it be lag free?

    Will the game run smoothly?

    Is it a first-person shooter or a third-person shooter, or you can choose either one?

    How much will the game cost?

    What is the launch date?

    How are the graphics?

    Is it realistic?

  • How will the Players Met feature work for MAG since it’s 256 players online? The current limit to the list is 50.

  • For MAG
    What is the third PMC unit?
    Is their going to be a monthly fee or a one time fee?
    How frequent will they push out DLC?
    When we’ll get a trailer with gameplay?

  • How are you going to have the 256 player teams sorted out. Will there be squads with assigned duties to keep it from becoming chaos?

  • also can i get in the MAG beta?

    *slips bribe*

  • If you have a beta. I want in!

  • Will there be short loading times?

  • oh my gosh so many questions to ask :)
    ok ok just 3 umm…

    1.Will MAG be first person or third person?
    (I’m not sure but I heard it was first person.)

    2.What can we expect for visuals with MAG, anything kinda revolutionary being worked on for it?

    3. Is MAG going to be a socom game mechanic based game or is this something entirely new?

  • I understand this would be kinda (extremely) early to ask, but is there DLC planned for M.A.G. and Infamous?

    If so what would be your estimate for how long we would have to wait for the DLC for both games?

  • I’d like to know how difficult it is to “stay the course” and NOT do a Sly 4 or new Socom. Every fanperson in the world who plays games thinks they can make them, so how difficult has it been to say “We want to try something new.”?

  • MAG:

    My Question:

    Is there ever a chance that Zipper will work after MAg on a new Socom game????????????

  • For the MAG boys:
    Which kind of vehicles will we be able to drive in the game and will there be airborne fights (like several helicopters/airplanes versus several helicopters/airplanes)?

    Also, why can´t we log in to this site on our ps3´s`?

  • Oh and one more question is it going to run smoothly and be lag free?

  • MAG:
    – Is “MAG” the final title?
    – How large are the maps (compared to a different game)
    – Vehicles? (Tanks, Helicopters, Planes, etc.)
    – Monthly fee?

    – How many different endings?

    Both games look amazing, really interested to see what happens.

  • Sorry I forgot this, but will MAG have splitscreen?

  • MAG.

    Is the game fast paced?

  • I would like to know what community features MAG will have. Can you organize a 128 person army? What about a squad of 8 that other teams could hire for an important match? Info like this would be nice.

  • Re: inFamous

    Are there any plans to add new content to the game that would allow players to play as a hero with a different elemental source of power (fire, earth, ice, etc.)? If not, are there any plans to expand on the type of powers one can gain in the possible sequel to the game outside of just lightning?

  • SuckerPunch:

    Having [almost] completed inFAMOUS, and still being synonymous with Sly, what do you think you like in an art direction? Dark and desaturated? Colourful and cel-shaded? Or some other aesthetic style in another game?


    Can we have some awesome numbers on how many: vehicles, weapons, character upgrades you are aiming to squeeze onto the Bluray, to make sure that we are kept playing for ages?

  • inFamous
    – Is the game going to have optional and required missions, and work similar to GTA?
    – Will there be any sort of multiplayer? Co-op or otherwise?

    – FPS or TPS, or Both?
    – Are the maps very large like Warhawk, or slightly smaller?
    – What type of weapons can we expect in the game? Any unrealistic plasma guns, or just the real-life stuff
    – Will the game have clan support?

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