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Hi Everyone – It’s Liz, manager for the video store. Tomorrow on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22, we’re very excited to announce an opportunity for you to team up with PlayStation Network and help save the planet, one digital download at a time! Go to the video store tomorrow and help support Conservation International, a nonprofit organization that seeks to protect Earth’s high-biodiversity wilderness areas and important marine regions around the globe.

Then don’t forget to also visit our Featured Collections category for a special “Save Our Earth” selection of titles made up of science-fiction, action movies, anime and other films which showcase planet earth, and our effort to defend it from forces who attempt to destroy it. We’ve included such titles as Cloverfield, Hancock, The Abyss and The Day After Tomorrow for your viewing pleasure.

So, this Earth Day you can download your favorite movies and TV shows from PlayStation Store and feel good about helping our planet earth!

Also, as a reminder, video files you’ve purchased from the PlayStation Store can be backed up to an external storage device and then restored to PS3’s internal hard drive for playback – so you can clear up space on your hard drive and then restore the video anytime in the future. Try it.

And we are also pleased to reveal that one of the most environmentally friendly video games will indeed becoming to PlayStation Network North America. Trash Panic (Gomibako in Japan) will becoming to PSN this Spring… more details to come here on the blog.

Trash Panic

Trash Panic


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  • I do my best to avoid rabid mobs of environmentalist loons at every turn. Unless they are on a bicycle and I’m in my SUV… Regardless, I am doing my part as an “evil” consumer and avoiding buying anything that remotely promotes this far left agenda. As I am refraining from patronizing companies that try to cash in on it.

    This environmental mindset has led to inhumane knee jerk laws like the banning of DDT, regardless of how many Africans die of malaria each year. But the eco Marxists mean well don’t they?

    Change you can believe in. Enjoy Earf day.

  • Once, just ONCE, I’d like to see a company have the stones to stand up and say “Enough of this self-important, self-indulgent, ignorant nonsense!”

    Everybody wants to be a chest-thumper “saving the Earth” when in reality it needs to be saved from greedy, power-mad politicians who are eagerly taking advantage of young, easily-brainwashed minds that have had little to no training in science or critical thinking.

    You want to clean up pollution? Go talk to China – they’re just foul! We’ve done our part, so stop the nonsensical nattering about how Westerners are raping the land and killing the planet. We couldn’t destroy this planet if we tried to; it’s a pretty tough big ball of dirt.

    Stop the brainwashing, Sony! Or, if you really mean it, go out of business. For you produce energy-consuming products after all, so you must be killing Mother Earth.

    Just stop the illiterate nonsense. Please.

  • This Earth Day I’ll just flip on my PS3, surround-sound amp and plasma display to heat my living room. That’s good for your business, right?

    Get back to us when you do a fundraiser for the National Rifle Association, Sony. And tell Algore to cut back on the burritos; the parasitic clown has become a whale in need of saving.

  • If Sony wants to help save the planet, Sony should just donate a nice big chunk of change to an environmental group without tying it into purchases made by us … and Sony could, and should do better than $10,000.

    And I’m more than sick already of everybody trying to make us buy stuff to celebrate Earth Day. Buy this, we’ll plant a tree. Buy that and we’ll donate money. How about let’s not buy anything on Earth Day so that this one day a year we won’t have any trash to throw away.

    And speaking of trash, if Sony wants to help save the planet, they could start packaging everything they make in 100% post-consumer recycled materials that are recyclable by the consumer. Yesterday I got a new dualshock 3 controller that was packed in one of those non-recyclable plastic clamshells. So instead of being able to bring it to my town’s recycling center (we recycle pretty much everything, including plastics 1-7), I had to throw it in the garbage instead.

  • Happy Earth Day!

    Time to view the PSN store…

  • Wasn’t “Forbidden Kingdom” discounted for earth day? Now it’s not even listed under the Save the earth catagory. Where is the anime for earth day?! Sony you have lied to me for the last time! Get it together!

  • so the key to saving the planet is……giving sony money. never wouldve thought of that. so for every $10 – $15 purchase made sony will donate $1. I could save $9 – $14 and not buy some of the crap u guys pass for content instead of listening to your loyal supportes and just donate $1 myself to Conserve interantional. Maybe when sony listens to us about what content we want on the store we’ll listen to them and their crappy promotions.

  • Final Fantasy VII was released on the Japanese Store, I was just wondering if there were any plans on releasing it in North America?

  • yeah, this seems like a scam to me. Sony probably gets 10,000 transactions on a normal day so how is this any different? not to mention the video store is pretty terrible.

    i think i will make a point to NOT buy anything from the store today and directly donate a couple bucks myself instead….

    seriously sony, $10,000 is the best you could do?

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