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Hi Everyone – It’s Liz, manager for the video store. Tomorrow on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22, we’re very excited to announce an opportunity for you to team up with PlayStation Network and help save the planet, one digital download at a time! Go to the video store tomorrow and help support Conservation International, a nonprofit organization that seeks to protect Earth’s high-biodiversity wilderness areas and important marine regions around the globe.

Then don’t forget to also visit our Featured Collections category for a special “Save Our Earth” selection of titles made up of science-fiction, action movies, anime and other films which showcase planet earth, and our effort to defend it from forces who attempt to destroy it. We’ve included such titles as Cloverfield, Hancock, The Abyss and The Day After Tomorrow for your viewing pleasure.

So, this Earth Day you can download your favorite movies and TV shows from PlayStation Store and feel good about helping our planet earth!

Also, as a reminder, video files you’ve purchased from the PlayStation Store can be backed up to an external storage device and then restored to PS3’s internal hard drive for playback – so you can clear up space on your hard drive and then restore the video anytime in the future. Try it.

And we are also pleased to reveal that one of the most environmentally friendly video games will indeed becoming to PlayStation Network North America. Trash Panic (Gomibako in Japan) will becoming to PSN this Spring… more details to come here on the blog.

Trash Panic

Trash Panic


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  • I certainly hope Trash Panic (Gomibako in Japan) will have custom soundtrax.

  • I’m from US but from all the complaints about not having the store in Canada is just pretty dumb. Come on Sony give them the video store so they can stop complaining and you guys can take the pressure off of you every time you come on the blog. No matter what you do there will always be complaints but this has gone on for too long. Get it done Sony!

  • sweet! I cannot WAIT to hear more about Gomibako, er, Trash Panic coming to America!

  • ……just a dollar for the first 10,000? I think Sony can do better than that.

    Plus, I’d rather help feed the children or Holocaust survivors.

    However, I’m looking forward to the new games. :)

  • Guys again read the post the donation only applies to video content ao buy the games anyway if u want it. this is just an attempt by sony to get people to buy more lame content that they dont want cuz “it will help the enviroment.” if sony wants to help the enviroment they should bring ffvii, resident evil, and metal gear to the psn and do this same promotion with just those games and grant it to the first million buyers. i guarantee conservation international will have amillion dollar donation in about 20 minutes of these games hitting the psn and it will be for content that the ps fans actually want to buy( i know thats kind of rare lately).

  • Thanks to whomever decided to bring Gomibako to the US! I will buy it day 1.

  • I’ve been tracking Trash Panic down since it was shown at the Tokyo Game Show last year. Another great PSN title to buy. Thanks.

  • Yeah Gomibako!

  • Gomibako is coming to the store!

    Color me excited!

  • 10 000? How many transactions approximately does this do normally? Is this going to be like “Sony Donated $5 of the $200 000 they made off of online sales!”?
    That’s actually really, really lame. How disappointing.

  • Oh wait, I get it. “For each of the first” I thought it was every $10 000. Ok. That’s better then.

  • I’ll do my bit by leaving my PS3 on all day and not buying anything from the store.

    No need to thank me

  • ahh. I wish Trash Panic came out this month ;(

  • Well, I do agree that the percentage actually being donated is quite poor, but I have to ask: for all those claiming that it would be better to simply donate the money directly, how many of you are ACTUALLY going to do it?

    If I estimated it at 0, I’m betting I wouldn’t be far off. This will most certainly help them without having to give yet another site your credit card number, and get a movie out of it at the same time. Would more generosity on Sony’s part make it more worthwhile? Absolutely. But the prices remain the same for us, and I’m guessing the reason for the low figure may be because of relatively poor sales on the video store. Hell, most of the time I don’t take notice of the fact that it’s there.

    If it’s really that big of a deal, pick something that’s really cheap. I think I’ll grab an episode of Family Guy or something just for the hell of it.

    (Oh, and to 48: “man-made global-warming a hoax” ? What a republican statement.)

  • Does everybody just see a wall of text and only look at the pictures. Reading comprehension for the loss.

    They are not donating $1 for every 10K transaction. They are donating $1 for every transaction made on earth day up to the 10,00th transaction. In other words they are donating up to $10,000. It will go far in conservation.

    Oh, and Gomibako coming soon to the US store :)

  • This is pretty bull. How is it celebrating earth values if you’re encouraging people to use extra power to buy irrelevant movies. Maybe throw on something relevant to the cause like a special documentary focused on spreading awareness and knowledge about some of the f****n crap that’s happening around the world, deforestation, chemical dumps, f**** man, so I can download cloverfield? CLOVERFIELD?! Oh well, at least Sony ranks over Nintendo on this, or so I hear. I’m just sayin you can’t sell the solution. It’s not at all about throwing money at the problem. What else are you doing to spread awareness throughout the year? as a multinational company with so much reach, Sony, there’s a lot of responsibility on your side. What are YOUR policies surrounding sustainable production and research practices, and recycling? Would you make a blog post with some information/links on how and where to get informed?

    Also, really excited for the E3 news coming up! Heavy Rain has me so incredibly intrigued.

  • I don’t jump on band wagons full eco friendly morons. So anyone not falling for Al Snore’s global warming myth add me to your PSN as a friend I need more friends with common sense. Seanscythe

  • @64
    (Oh, and to 48: “man-made global-warming a hoax” ? What a republican statement.)

    What a brainwashed Kool-aid drinker statement. Seriously you think humans are causing Global warming? You belive that fat people, cows and all the other lame brain reasons are causing it then? Not the big giant ball of fire in the sky that normal people like me call the sun? You think it’s Fat People and cows….. lets see which one sould more logical? Big Fire Ball or fat people and cows?

    So if you are right that also means that cavemen cooking dinosaurs also caused the first Iceage since us burning fossil fuels seems to be causing global warming ir is it climate change now? I get so confussed they keep changing the name so often.

  • Lol, I saw a vid of that game from the JP PSN store…. those crazy japanese….

  • I plan on spending earth week driving my wife’s car around that gets a whopping 11 mpg (my SUV gets 16 so her’s wins). Then I plan to light my house up like the fourth of July so that I can celebrate human achievement week.

    @64 No one mentioned anything about political parties. We just aren’t sheep that believe everything force fed to us by Al Gore. Go do research instead of watching a film based off of a slide show.

  • Too bad Sony will not go out and Donate $10k on its OWN. They need to munipulate their Consumers just to make a Donation for themselves(Sony).

  • Cloverfield is awesome.

  • Earth day? Is this a joke?

  • Gomibako YES. Full of win right there.
    Can’t wait.

  • Video Store in Canada please.

  • “becoming” adj.
    1. Appropriate, suitable, or proper.
    2. Pleasing or attractive to the eye.

    “will be coming” v. future tense, passive voice
    1. arriving at some time in the future

    As for Earth Day, I’ve got nothing against trying to preserve the planet we all live on. I do, however, have a beef against undue panic and misspent effort in tilting the “global warming” windmill.

  • Great news about Trash Panic! I was hoping for a NA release. Now where’s Dark Mist? ;)

  • Better late than never.
    Thanks,guys. :)

  • LOL Trash Panic looks fun. Trophies? I want to contribute!

  • @ SeanScythe and GordaoPreguicoso

    I love you both. People with common sense :D Add me.

  • Oh oh…more ignoring important questions…Jeff…where are you?

  • Shoot, I seriously thought this was why PSN was gonna be down when I read this :p

    Good thing it’s still up!

  • -_-
    really dudes? Starting a fight on a f’in BLOG?!?!

    Seriously, how lame are you guys? I got 3 words
    You guys have no friends and yet people starting a fight on a blog.
    How sad ………… really….

  • Yeah, somehow I don’t think this whole “green” trend is going to work for encouraging buying of software or video files.. the whole nature of using electronics to help “save the earth” seems.. contradictory.

  • When is the store going to start selling HD stuff? I’m not paying for an HD rental.

  • nice i might help out the planet, one anime at a time lol

  • now that i can back up purchased movies i think i’ll support a good cause and buy a few movies tomorrow! that and i hope theres a demo for trash panic. looks interesting.


  • “nn% will be donated to [organization] for every purchase” only really works for things that you need.

    If you don’t need the item, you can just as easily donate more of your money to the said organization, and keep the rest :P

    and as previously said, if you really want those movies, buy them somewhere else, cheaper, and donate what you saved :P

  • Needs some ABC, CBS, Animal Planet, etc support

    Needs more current seasons of shows (Ultimate Gamer, The Ultimate Fighter, Gangland, Mythbusters, etc)

    Need store front for other movies studios (Weisntein, New Line, Dreamworks, etc) and TV Stations.

    DRM need to be tied to the PSN not the machine.

  • I’m in new zealand, using the nz psn store.. will my purchases make a contribution to the earthday total..? if so, will i need to purchasse today (being 22nd here) or tomorow (22nd in USA)?
    thanks in advance :)

  • ..ok, so games won’t contibute.. only movies.. which we don’t have.. i’ll give them some of my own money.. ;)

  • I would love to buy some downloadble games and support the cause, but the PSN never wants to accept my credit card and sony support doesn’t seem to want to help :( Oh well…

  • omg, i am soooo excited abbout getting Gomibako, i even jumped around at school, lmao, when is it coming SCEA?!!!

  • I also want to support the cause too:)

  • I’m going to buy some videos then…oh wait I can’t. I’m in Canada.

  • Dennie got it right we really love to help but sorry no video store no donation!

  • this almost sounds like a good thing…atleast sony’s doing something unlike microsoft and nintendo

  • I think it is cool how everyone is going crazy with the whole green thing. But even if we all walked, never used electricity, etc the Earth would still change. A lot of people are getting frightened by all this.

    I do think it is good to conserve, recycle, etc though.

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