Killzone 2 Patch 1.24 – Fewer Bugs, More Features!

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Hey Killzone fans!

In a continuing effort to provide support for Killzone 2 Online, and to show you day-1 fans of Killzone that we mean business, we are very happy to announce the upcoming 1.24 patch. This patch is the biggest one yet, and addresses a large number of reported issues, exploits and bugs – but it also adds new functionality to the game for you to enjoy! I would like to highlight the fact that we are adding 3 new ranks to the game, reached at 5000, 10000 and 100000 points respectively. These ranks do not give any rewards but it allows the real hardcore players to show off their hard work to everyone in-game! Other highlights include a new 17-24 player search game filter, enlarged HUD radar distance and a much requested “Join Clan Member” tab in the join game screen. The patch also allows you to play against the next batch of contenders: Japan, who will be able to buy their copies of Killzone 2 on the 23rd of April and will be joining the community online.

Allow me to clarify on these new features a little: The new ranks we’ve added are basically a reward to all the players out there that have massive amounts of points, and we hope that it inspires other players to keep on playing. The 17-24 player filter was a direct request from the community because a lot of people think the ‘sweet spot’ of the multiplayer levels is around 24 players instead of 32 and are creating custom games accordingly. The Join Clan Member tab was also a direct community request, allowing players to join clan members when they are playing regular non-clan related games.

There has been a lot of discussion on the forums about the lack of a ‘party system’ in Killzone 2 and rest assured, we are working hard on creating features that will make it easier for you to play with your friends online. These features include being able to join the same faction of a friend already in-game directly from the join game menus, manually being able to switch faction during gameplay and making existing squads consistent over multiple rounds; no more need to create a new squad every single round. These features will be coming to a patch near you soon!

To read more details about the 1.24 patch specifics, please visit the Killzone 2 FAQ section.

We hope this patch shows how dedicated we are to the game, and that it will allow you to enjoy Killzone 2 Online just that little bit more! Of course, we will continuously keep looking for more bug and exploit fixes, as well as keep an eye out for other additions we can add to the game. So please keep reporting on the forums! And last but definitely not least, a big thank you from the entire Killzone 2 team to all the Killzone players out there for their continuing support!

Keep on fraggin’!

P.S.: I almost forgot to mention: The patch also adds DLC support! … So you know what that means… ;)

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  • Eric and the rest of GG…

    Thank you so much for the continued support for KZ2. This is the defining FPS for me.

    So much fun, great maps, awesome weapons… and so many ribbons/medals! Thank you!!

  • I vote for offline multiplayer!

    What other FPS on the PS3 has that? Resistance, but I’m not going to pay $60 for another game just for the offline multiplayer. Killzone 2 is a much better game that would be even greater If I could play it with my cousins when they come over. I heard that you’ve thought about it, but it didn’t happen because online was the main focus, but now you can make offline the next main focus.

  • Thank you mister Eric and GG for showing us your AWESOME support for K2.As for the party system that’s awesome!my friends are anxious of the Patches’ arrival and the next patch that will hopefully have the PARTY SYSTEM!!!WOOOOO!!!

  • KingCobra1971 is a troll

  • “These features include being able to join the same faction of a friend already in-game directly from the join game menus, manually being able to switch faction during gameplay and making existing squads consistent over multiple rounds; no more need to create a new squad every single round. These features will be coming to a patch near you soon!”

    Fantastic news. I hope these sorts of things will be implemented from the word go in KZ3. Not sure about the switching faction during gameplay though, this is easily abused as people will just switch to the winning team especially if team balancing is off. Please tread carefully with this feature. I have my gripes but play KZ2 pretty much everyday, loving it.

  • i want this game so baddd!!!!

  • I’ve had the game freeze on me twice online so I hope that is fixed.

  • KOOL PATCH!!! :P

  • Are we going to see any patches for Legacy controls on the game? I know it might be a bit tricky to implement because of the cover system but just curious…..haven’t played the game that much because I’m so used to Legacy controls, and I’ve got 2 friends who were waiting for this game to buy a PS3 but opted against it because they wanted Legacy controls. Instead they now wait for a pricedrop.

    Brilliant, brilliant game but a bit of support for fans of the genre from the Goldeneye days would go a very long way.

  • Good job GG!!! Now just give me that party system soon! :D

  • Good to see GG is improving Killzone 2. I’m just glad a party system is in the works.

  • Regarding trying to play in games with friends, you have to find or create rooms now that are non-auto balancing but the down side to that is that everyone seems to end up on one side. We do it so we can play on the same side as our friends but what we get is 75% of the people on one side and a massacre. Will it be fixed so there can only be half the room total allowed on one side but still be able to choose your side if a space is available. That would be nice.
    As far as switching factions during game play, that sounds like a way people will pad their wins. If their side is losing just switch side to get the win and the 1.5x bonus. Does not sound like a good idea to me. Leave that out please, there’s enough score padding going on.

  • Another question off topic, what is the point on allowing friendly fire on or off it doesn’t affect getting points but what it does is penalize you for playing it by giving you minus points, so why even have it available. Almost all will pick it off so they don’t get minus points and can just shoot blindly in a crowd to hit an enemy with no skill. There should be some reward for playing hardcore games with friendly fire on since it does up the stakes. No reward to play hardcore friendly fire games, so why even have it there?

  • For KZ2 NOT to have a Party/Lobby system at launch was a huge disappointment and made me realize how 2nd rate Sloppy KZ2 was going to be. At least you fixed the Button Response time which made a lot of people not buy the game because of that problem being in the Demo.

    5k,10k, & 100k points…. come on you guys can do better then this.

    Everyone expected so much from KZ2 and we got 50% of what we expected. I really did like the campaign becuase it was just fun. I have already Maxed out the mp execpt for the dumb Air Bots and now KZ2 is just Boring.

    Only good thing right now about KZ2 mp is the Region Servers, which I love lag (almost)free games. That is something COD4 and COD5 does not have.

  • Patch sound great. Making killzone 2 about the best $60 I spent on a game this year. I hope to see this “PARTY SYSTEM” very soon its well needed. I would hope that the air support would be improved with better Ai in the next patch.

    Keep up the great work Killzone Team, cant wait to try out the DLC.

  • I for some reason believe that the game is cool but I haven’t played it in a while but when I did it took ages just to kill a person even while they were in front of you. If it hasn’t been fix this needs fixing.

  • Sweet.

    This should shut up all the clowns who complain that there’s no point in play KZ2 once they reached general… i remember the days when people played games for fun..

  • Sounds excellent, I just got KZ2 yesterday but haven’t gotten a chance to really get into the multiplayer yet. Looking foward to it!

  • Downloaded and installed the 1.24 patch, but haven’t been able to connect for a multiplayer game since I’ve updated. (“Network error code: 10002”)

  • so does this mean those 5021 errors will be a thing of the past?
    finaly i will be able to play some killzone 2 online.
    the cruser lvl on elite is starting to drive me up the wall its IMPOSSIABLE.
    how some people finished the game on elite is beyond me.

  • Can I buy the DLC and see if it works with the K2 version I have? If it doesn’t, can I get a refund (or will it not allow me to download at all?)?

    Please help.

  • War almost Perfected! Evolve the Combat.

  • D/Led the patch… sounds good =)
    Error 10002…
    is the server down STILL or should i look further into my internet connection?

  • I want to Save/Back-up my ‘KillZone 2’ save to memory card?
    i.e Back it up, but it is Copy Protected?
    Any chance of changing that PLEASE :)
    They changed it on the MotorStorm:Pacific Rift game with a Patch.
    AMAZING game KZ2 is, keep up the good work guys ;)

  • awesome! you guys do a fantastic job supporting this game. can’t wait for the new ranks. and i can’t wait for the map packs. an i can’t wait for the next update. you guys rock!

  • Creating a Party system or Matchmaking system is not as easy for GG as it is for you to type it out.

    Doesn’t Warhawk still not have a Party system?

  • I may have to come back to this game! I loved the SP but the lack of a decent lobby/party system in MP was a big downer. Much of the fun in games like COD, etc… was had being able to play with and talk to your friends (clan or not) while playing.

    Although I’m still not a fan of the controls. I know they were going for “realism” but I simply prefer 1:1 controls in my videogames. A joystick controller simply does not provide the feedback most people need to aim the “weighty” guns with any accuracy.

    A “hardcore” mode wouldn’t be bad either, as sometimes it seems to take way too many bullets to drop an opponent (hiding the lag maybe?) Anyway – great job on the updates – keep it up!

  • It’s been a minute since I’ve played KZ 2 but I will have to comeback to it.

  • Sorry for the delayed comment but I really want to know this most important question:

    When you “join clan member” to join a game. Will you be autobalanced?

    The entire point of playing with a teammate is to play WITH them…so while I understand autobalancing, it really needs to be implemented in such a way that teammates/friends can wind up on the same team, etc.

  • why there is now button that would shot-down the global microphone ????????????????????

  • will the patch fix the network error 985 because it wont let me login to warzone

  • 1st time leaving a comment. YES ! im in the blog.

  • * Thanks, more ranks are always a good incentive :-)

    But could have more weapons and special powers too.

  • Good job I love playing this game man like i love MGS4.

  • Have the controls been fixed since 1.00 Killzone 2? The aiming was wonky. :/

  • Um, I understand that you guys fixed some bugs, but for me and many others still cannot log onto Warzone on Killzone 2. All ports are unblocked, and media is disabled. The error code I’m getting is -985. Please Help and solve this issue. I used to be able to play online, but now I can’t. Please reply, and help. I did’nt pay 60 bucks to play just the single player. My online id is kmsrj2004. Thanks…

  • I can’t figure out how to do the Invite a friend from friends list. Did this not go live with the update?

  • Just got the game and love playing it. Like it has been said before glad to see patches coming out and DLC already…SUPER!!!!

  • still no co-op. why not?!!!

  • Still no co-op

  • yess cant wait for the map pack, gotta go get myself a psn card, i cant beleive i wasted money on re5 versus -.-

  • Hey is their going to be killzone vehicles added into maps?? it would be awesome to customise maps to have vehicles or not!for smaller maps their should be some of those exo robots walkers like in the campaign . and in largers maps their should be some isa and helghast tanks. like 1 or 2 vehicles per faction! it would be great. their could be a mix like 1 exo and 1 tank per faction!please, i love kz2!cant wait for kz3! thanks xA_s_h_t_3_r-

  • that -985 error is becasue 1 of ur psn friends it stopping u from logging in! this happened to me for kz2 and BFBC! i cant play with 1 of my gud kz2 friends now since he is stopping me from logging in! i hope sony fix this error or the kz2 crew hopefully fix it

  • hey KZ2 crew there should be party making to a limit of 9 people or u should make a squad based party like BFBC which llows 4 people 2 join nd this way people can already be in squads b4 the game .,,,…

  • also is it possible to make a patch that allows us to scroll down faster when searching for a clan to battle??plz this irritates me becasue it takes ages to get to the bottom of the clan list. plus u have to push the directional button again once u get to the bottom of the page to get to the next page….also can u make clan regions so we can choose to battle clans that are in our region

  • Finally i think that more weapons are needed in the game! the LMG guns should be included in their own unique class with their own special ablities.i use LMG all the time. i think that the turrets that the engineer deploys should be abit more stronger AND FASTER because they are so easy to destroy. thanks for having a look at my ideas and opinions


  • I am having issues with starting the game after updating to 1.24. I have found that I have to restart the controller to skip the opening cinematic. Is there ans thing any one would suggest?

  • The new update is pretty sick

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